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15:00:27 <asamalik> #meetingname minimization
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15:00:27 <asamalik> #topic Roll call
15:01:20 <lorbus> .hello2
15:01:21 <zodbot> lorbus: lorbus 'Christian Glombek' <cglombek@redhat.com>
15:03:00 <asamalik> hi lorbus!
15:03:19 <ignatenkobrain> .hello2
15:03:21 <zodbot> ignatenkobrain: ignatenkobrain 'Igor Gnatenko' <i.gnatenko.brain@gmail.com>
15:03:23 * asamalik will give people a minute
15:03:26 <asamalik> hey ignatenkobrain!
15:03:30 <ignatenkobrain> Unfortunately I won't be able to attend full meeting
15:04:17 <lorbus> o/ yep let's use the first half our we have to our best :)
15:04:38 <lorbus> *half an hour
15:05:09 <asamalik> it's looks like it's just the three of us today :)
15:05:17 <asamalik> yeah, I'm for making it short
15:05:32 <asamalik> #topic === Admin ===
15:05:39 <asamalik> Anything to discuss about organisational stuff?
15:06:21 * asamalik doesn't have anything here today
15:06:32 * lorbus neither
15:07:16 <asamalik> all right!
15:07:19 <asamalik> #topic === Focus ===
15:07:24 <asamalik> What are we working on that is worth mentioning?
15:08:13 <lorbus> Lot's of discussion going on on the mailing list, which is good :)
15:08:58 <asamalik> I'm improving the 'showme' tool to show other outputs than just the graph, like a package list or a page similar to this: https://asamalik.fedorapeople.org/container-randomness/report-f30.html
15:09:09 <asamalik> and I want to generate it periodically for things we focus on
15:10:19 <asamalik> lorbus: yeah :)
15:10:53 <lorbus> that's really great!
15:11:00 <asamalik> I also want to look into what and why requires systemd and how to get rid of it — which will be useful for containers
15:12:14 <lorbus> uh yeah be nice if we can untangle that
15:13:59 <lorbus> there is https://github.com/containerbuildsystem/atomic-reactor/pull/1246
15:15:28 <asamalik> lorbus: what exactly am I looking at here?
15:15:50 <lorbus> I'm not sure it's all implemented yet, but this'll be a nice step towards building containers with Buildah
15:16:03 * asamalik is not very familiar with atomic-reactor
15:16:36 <lorbus> sorry, may have been a bit far fetched. Atomic-reactor is our container build system that is plugged into koji
15:17:15 <asamalik> oh! now I get it
15:17:43 <lorbus> if we can rip out systemd, that'll give us an advantage then for building purpose-built containers
15:17:53 <lorbus> but not in other cases
15:18:33 <asamalik> yeah, that would be just for containers
15:18:51 <lorbus> reducing the package set of the regular Fedora compose would be needed for that
15:19:26 <lorbus> I love the chart for this :)
15:20:05 <asamalik> anything specific that you think should be on that chart? :)
15:20:05 <lorbus> this one I mean:  https://asamalik.fedorapeople.org/container-randomness/report-f30.html
15:21:05 <lorbus> I wonder if we could scrape the info of not just containers, but all fedora releases
15:21:12 <asamalik> oh, also, I might need to build it using fresher data than the containers from the registry
15:21:42 <asamalik> so my thinking for input there would be that you give it a set of packages, and monitor that
15:21:51 <lorbus> package set being the info. Would be interesting comparing Server, Desktop, Silverblue, FCOS and IoT here too
15:22:08 <asamalik> so I could use the package set that's uset to build the container base, workstation, server, iot, and what not
15:22:18 <lorbus> right.
15:22:28 <asamalik> + some apps like httpd, nginx, dnf, etc... either in an empty root or on top of some of the bases
15:22:40 <asamalik> yeah
15:23:08 <asamalik> want to make it flexible so we can basically have a look at whatever we want to focus on
15:23:32 <asamalik> ideally using ignatenkobrain's script that might be able to give me data without actually installing the packages anywhere
15:23:50 <asamalik> ... hope I got it right, I still haven't got to play with it properly :)
15:24:01 <ignatenkobrain> yes, it does not install any packages
15:24:11 <asamalik> cool!
15:24:17 <ignatenkobrain> it might not calculate size correctly if you use --nodocs and such, but it is pretty accurate
15:24:26 <ignatenkobrain> let me know if some functionality needs to be added
15:24:46 <asamalik> because my script can only look at an installation that's physically somewhere... well, it at least need the rpm/dnf database
15:24:58 <asamalik> ignatenkobrain: sure, thanks!
15:25:08 <asamalik> the total size I calculate by adding individual package sizes
15:25:41 <asamalik> I should get all of that done before the next meeting
15:26:29 <asamalik> ok, since we want to call it early today...
15:26:31 <asamalik> #topic === What's next? ===
15:26:31 <asamalik> Plans for the next week? month? release?
15:26:41 <lorbus> asamalik++ =)
15:26:48 <asamalik> I plan to get the reports done and ready next week!
15:26:58 <asamalik> and ideally rebuilding every day or so
15:27:22 <asamalik> cookies!! \o/
15:28:05 <lorbus> zod is greedy today :P
15:28:44 <asamalik> zodbot: give me my cookie back!
15:28:55 <lorbus> sgtm! thank you both!
15:29:02 <lorbus> I gotta run to the next mtg.
15:29:14 * lorbus waves
15:29:21 <asamalik> thanks for coming, lorbus!
15:29:22 * asamalik waves
15:29:24 <asamalik> #topic === Open Floor ===
15:29:30 <asamalik> Anything else?
15:29:47 * asamalik counts one minute
15:30:45 <asamalik> all right!
15:30:47 <asamalik> #endmeeting