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15:01:02 <bcotton> #meetingname council
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15:01:03 <bcotton> #chair jonatoni riecatnor contyk dgilmore dperpeet langdon mattdm sumantrom tyll bcotton pbrobinson asamalik
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15:01:05 <bcotton> #topic Introductions, Welcomes
15:01:12 <bcotton> hey mattdm, vamp for a few while i look at the tickets :-)
15:01:21 <mattdm> Good morning everyone!
15:01:35 <mattdm> who do we have this fine morning?
15:01:44 * mattdm strikes a pose
15:02:07 <pingou> wait for it...
15:02:16 <langdon> .hello2
15:02:17 <zodbot> langdon: langdon 'Langdon White' <langdon@redhat.com>
15:02:18 <riecatnor_> hullo!
15:02:19 <contyk> .hello psabata
15:02:23 <zodbot> contyk: psabata 'Petr Ĺ abata' <psabata@redhat.com>
15:02:35 <mattdm> so many people!
15:02:38 <bcotton> #chair riecatnor_
15:02:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: asamalik bcotton contyk dgilmore dperpeet jonatoni langdon mattdm pbrobinson riecatnor riecatnor_ sumantrom tyll
15:03:38 <bcotton> #topic Agenda
15:03:48 <mattdm> How's those tickets look, Ben?
15:03:57 <bcotton> They look great, Matthew
15:04:00 <dperpeet> .hello2
15:04:02 <zodbot> dperpeet: dperpeet 'None' <dperpeet@redhat.com>
15:04:12 <langdon> issue-y?
15:04:22 <bcotton> We don't have anything open that isn't either long-term zombie or just waiting for a certain FPL to publish a Hackfest readout ;-)
15:04:58 <mattdm> Yes, working on it. Thank you for your help bcotton :)
15:05:09 <mattdm> pingou: did you have an agenda item?
15:05:33 <pingou> mattdm: nope, was just trying to make you not feel entirely alone :)
15:05:39 <mattdm> pingou: appreciated!
15:05:55 <mattdm> In that case, _the_ agenda item is introducing riecatnor_
15:05:58 <pingou> happy to help :)
15:06:00 <bcotton> pingou++
15:06:15 <mattdm> #topic Welcome to our new Fedora Council Action and Impact Coordinator, Marie Nordin!
15:06:20 <bcotton> riecatnor++
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15:06:25 <contyk> welcome!
15:06:26 <pingou> riecatnor++
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15:06:30 <dperpeet> welcome!
15:06:33 <riecatnor_> mattdm: thank you for the welcome!
15:06:55 <mattdm> riecatnor_: would you like to say a few words? :)
15:08:27 <riecatnor_> Sure :) Happy to be here, and looking forward to getting more involved and learning about what all the council does and how I can help to continue its success
15:08:38 <mattdm> Spoiler: Ben, Marie, and I are all sitting in a room in Rochester typing at each other.
15:08:51 <langdon> is there snow?
15:08:52 <contyk> cute
15:09:19 <riecatnor_> If you for some reason don't know who I am, I have worked on Fedora Badges since 2013, beginning with an Outreachy internship and continuing on to become involved in Fedora Design
15:09:45 <bcotton> langdon: yes
15:09:48 * pingou happy to see riecatnor_ here
15:09:53 <riecatnor_> Since then, attending Flocks, leading the badges design charge :)
15:10:14 <langdon> bcotton: then i believe you
15:10:36 <riecatnor_> pingou: thanks!
15:10:37 <mattdm> We are trying to help riecatnor_ hit the ground running -- so good so far.
15:11:20 <mattdm> We went through the Council Hackfest notes and stuff
15:11:52 <langdon> maybe you should make riecatnor_ write the readout ;)
15:12:01 <mattdm> That seems a little cruel :)
15:12:05 <bcotton> langdon: it's a good test of how well riecatnor_ understands what we told her :-)
15:12:11 <langdon> right?
15:12:17 <bcotton> langdon++
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15:12:43 <riecatnor_> ... thanks, y'all :p
15:13:07 <mattdm> So, seriously, I think everything else depends on me finishing the write up.
15:13:16 <mattdm> Ben and I went over it and it looks like it's about 4 blog posts.
15:13:38 <langdon> should we publish the vision independently?
15:13:49 <mattdm> Publishing those right before Christmas seems like... easy to get lost and forgotten. So I think we'll plan to queue them up for early January
15:13:54 <contyk> will it also cover the modularity discussion we had?
15:13:58 <mattdm> langdon: yes that's one of them
15:14:02 <mattdm> contyk: and that's another :)
15:14:11 <contyk> I'd like it if we could scommunicate the next steps somehow
15:14:27 <contyk> we can do that separately but if it could be part of the hackfest writeup, it would be nice
15:14:36 <mattdm> If it'd be helpful we could do the modularity part first, before Christmas
15:14:44 <contyk> +1
15:15:03 <contyk> do you want me or langdon help with that?
15:15:28 <mattdm> Okay, I'll prioritize that, and then when we get back to the rest of the read-out I can refer back to it so no one misses it
15:15:29 <mattdm> (hah)
15:15:33 <mattdm> contyk: yes. yes i do.
15:15:48 <dgilmore> Sorry I'm late, my daughter left her lunch and glasses at home so I had to run them to the school
15:16:08 <mattdm> possibly langdon and I can meet in person next week to hack on something and then we can share with you?
15:16:10 <contyk> mattdm: okay, let's talk after the meeting
15:16:17 <contyk> or that
15:16:33 <mattdm> welcome dgilmore!
15:16:49 <langdon> mattdm: im limited in availability next week.. have to go to a wedding in FL
15:16:51 <dgilmore> mattdm: was my feedback taken into account on the vision statement?
15:17:00 <bcotton> hi dgilmore
15:17:11 <mattdm> dgilmore: yes, we talked about it. sorry for not responding to your email in real-time there
15:17:25 <mattdm> the vision statement plan is to post this as a working draft not a final statement
15:18:18 <dgilmore> Okay
15:18:39 <mattdm> so we can work more on the wording there and fix the parts of the wording that you don't like
15:19:09 <mattdm> and make sure it hits the points you (and everyone!) feel are important
15:19:47 <dgilmore> Great, I just hadn't seen anything after I commented
15:20:03 <mattdm> dgilmore: yes I said in the room that I would respond and then I got distracted
15:20:24 <dgilmore> Life happens
15:21:02 <mattdm> and really it seems like it'd be good to have some of that discussion in public anyway. we want to make sure we have very wide community buy in on the final result
15:22:41 <bcotton> any other business we need to cover this time around? this is our last meeting until 8 January
15:22:50 <mattdm> I was going to ask about the next meeting
15:22:54 <mattdm> but I see you are on it :)
15:23:05 <bcotton> #info The next Council meeting is 8 January
15:23:13 <mattdm> ok. thanks bcotton!
15:23:18 <bcotton> last call
15:23:29 * mattdm slams glass on bar, walks out
15:23:56 <langdon> mattdm: are you refusing to do a jan. 8 meeting?
15:24:39 <mattdm> langdon: no no, see you then :)
15:24:45 <langdon> or you just against januaries in general?
15:24:52 <langdon> month-ist!
15:24:55 <mattdm> well, that too. January is the worst month.
15:25:00 <mattdm> Or maybe March
15:25:09 <mattdm> it would be February, but at least it's short.
15:25:14 <bcotton> okay well in that case....
15:25:14 <contyk> the Monday of months?
15:25:18 <mattdm> contyk: YES
15:25:20 <dgilmore> I love January, because February and March come after it and bring warmth with them
15:25:26 <langdon> well.. you (mattdm) have an empty mailbox in jan
15:25:29 * bcotton bangs gavel
15:25:33 <bcotton> #endmeeting