15:00:39 <cverna> #startmeeting Infrastructure (2020-01-30)
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15:00:39 <cverna> #meetingname infrastructure
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15:00:39 <cverna> #chair nirik pingou relrod smooge tflink cverna mizdebsk mkonecny abompard bowlofeggs
15:00:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard bowlofeggs cverna mizdebsk mkonecny nirik pingou relrod smooge tflink
15:00:39 <cverna> #info Agenda is at: https://board.net/p/fedora-infra
15:00:39 <cverna> #topic aloha
15:00:47 <tflink> morning
15:00:48 <mkonecny> .hello zlopez
15:00:49 <zodbot> mkonecny: zlopez 'Michal Konečný' <michal.konecny@packetseekers.eu>
15:00:49 <nils> .hello nphilipp
15:00:52 <zodbot> nils: nphilipp 'Nils Philippsen' <nphilipp@redhat.com>
15:00:59 <cverna> hello all
15:02:07 <cverna> #topic Next chair
15:02:07 <cverna> #info magic eight ball says:
15:02:08 <cverna> #info  2020-02-06 - mkonecny
15:02:08 <cverna> #info 2020-02-13 - ????
15:02:33 <cverna> any volunteers for the 02-13 ?
15:03:07 <smooge> morning
15:03:21 <cverna> smooge: o/
15:03:43 <cverna> ok we can find someone next week :)
15:04:00 <cverna> #topic New folks introductions
15:04:00 <cverna> #info This is a place where people who are interested in Fedora Infrastructure can introduce themselves
15:04:00 <cverna> #info Getting Started Guide: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/GettingStarted
15:04:16 <cverna> any new people around ?
15:05:00 <smooge> i believe there was an introduction on list earlier
15:05:09 <smooge> but not sure.. been stuck in meetings
15:05:18 <mkonecny> I saw one reply to agenda
15:05:57 <cverna> ok we can reply on the list then :), moving to next topic
15:06:14 <cverna> #topic announcements and information
15:06:14 <cverna> #info ops folks are trying a 30min ticket triage every day at 19UTC in #fedora-admin
15:06:14 <cverna> #info the following people will be AFK for FOSDEM: pingou, mboddu
15:06:14 <cverna> #info https://xkcd.com/2261/
15:06:14 <cverna> #info most of staff has been in Brno at DevConf
15:06:50 * cverna thinks that we should have an xkcd every week :)
15:07:48 <mkonecny> Nice idea, but I think it will be better on Open Floor :-)
15:08:01 <bowlofeggs> .hello2
15:08:02 <zodbot> bowlofeggs: bowlofeggs 'Randy Barlow' <rbarlow@redhat.com>
15:08:04 <cverna> any other informations that we would like to share ?
15:08:10 <cverna> bowlofeggs: o/
15:08:56 <cverna> ok moving on
15:09:02 <cverna> #topic Oncall
15:09:02 <cverna> #info https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Oncall
15:09:02 <cverna> #info cverna is oncall 2020-01-23 -> 2020-01-30
15:09:02 <cverna> #info bowlofeggs is oncall 2020-01-30 -> 2020-02-06
15:09:14 <cverna> #info ???? is oncall 2020-02-06 -> 2020-02-13
15:09:31 <smooge> put me down for that ???
15:09:39 <cverna> ok thanks smooge
15:09:53 <smooge> i will probably run the meeting also on the 13th
15:10:04 <cverna> sure
15:10:06 <smooge> i find that makes for a good bookend
15:10:23 <cverna> #info Summary of last week: (from current oncall )
15:10:42 <smooge> .oncall
15:10:42 <zodbot> cverna is oncall. My normal hours are 0700 UTC to 1600 UTC Monday through Friday. If I do not answer or it is outside those hours, please file a ticket (https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issues)
15:10:54 <smooge> huh who was it last week?
15:11:05 <cverna> It was me :)
15:11:18 <cverna> bowlofeggs is taking over
15:11:22 <smooge> oh. dur
15:11:42 <cverna> I saw a few pings last week but people ended up filing tickets which is nice :)
15:12:19 <cverna> bodhi composes are failing due to a pungi bug, so I am trying to bruteforce it (pungi fails 9 times out of 10 )
15:12:47 <cverna> bug is https://pagure.io/pungi/issue/1335
15:13:18 <cverna> nothing else on my plate, but I was not online much with devconf + training in Brno
15:14:09 <bowlofeggs> .oncalltakeus
15:14:09 <zodbot> bowlofeggs: Kneel before zod!
15:14:29 <cverna> #topic Monitoring discussion [nirik]
15:14:29 <cverna> #info https://nagios.fedoraproject.org/nagios
15:14:29 <cverna> #info Go over existing out items and fix
15:15:20 <cverna> I don't see anything new in nagios, so I guess we can move on
15:15:25 <smooge> the only one I don't understand is
15:15:32 <smooge> busgateway01.phx2.fedoraproject.org Check datanommer for recent fas messages
15:15:55 <cverna> I think since we moved fas to openshift the fedmsg have been broken
15:16:04 <smooge> yeah sorry I meant the next one down
15:16:11 <smooge> but I think that is probably the same
15:16:28 <smooge> moving on
15:16:29 <cverna> ha yes I don't now much about planet
15:17:32 <cverna> #topic ResultsDB Ownership Going Forward
15:17:33 <cverna> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/8415 (revist post DevConf)
15:18:25 <cverna> so I think tflink mentioned that the current host of resultsdb are running out of warranty in march
15:18:55 <cverna> the plan is to deploy it to our Openshift instance
15:19:03 <tflink> I'm not sure when they're running out of warranty but I believe they were scheduled to be disposed of during the new datacenter move
15:19:40 <cverna> tflink: ha ok, that gives us a little more time but still :)
15:19:58 <tflink> yeah, it would be good to get it figured out sooner than later
15:20:57 <tflink> the current resultsdb machine should be running F31 so EOL won't be a problem for a while yet
15:21:08 <cverna> tflink: I think we can move on with using our OpenShift instance to run the service, would you be able to do that ?
15:22:06 <tflink> I've been explicitly told that I'm not supposed to work on infrastructure things any more
15:22:19 <smooge> whee
15:22:35 <tflink> I might be able to help with the migration but It's not something I can be responsible for going forward
15:22:42 <smooge> so is the rrequest that we are supposed to run it/
15:22:48 <cverna> ok thanks for making it clear :)
15:22:58 <smooge> so is the request that we (CPE) are supposed to run and migrate it?
15:23:12 <smooge> sorry .. using smaller keyboard than usual
15:23:13 <tflink> I'm just raising the point that it's a critical part of the release process and it needs to move somewhere
15:23:33 <tflink> I don't care a whole lot who ends up with it, honestly. CPE made the most logical sense to me
15:23:56 <cverna> smooge: my thoughts is that we are ok to run it, but we are not taking over the development maintenance etc
15:24:04 <tflink> AFAIK, pnt devops runs the instances inside the firewall
15:24:34 <tflink> jskladan has said he's fine with keeping up with code maintenance
15:25:12 <cverna> tflink: would he be ok to be pinged to help look at outage ?
15:25:17 <smooge> ok running it and maintaining it are very tied together. it is where these sorts of arrangements fall apart
15:25:46 <tflink> cverna: you'd have to ask him but he's AFK at the moment
15:26:13 <bowlofeggs> i don't know that we should agree to formally admin it without a team discussion
15:26:29 <cverna> ok I ll update the ticket, and see if we can find an agreement
15:26:34 <cverna> bowlofeggs: yes
15:26:38 <bowlofeggs> we don't admin it today, correct? we just provide virtualization hosts for VMs, but don't maintain the VMs themselves?
15:26:49 <tflink> correct
15:26:57 <tflink> it's part of taskotron so QA has been responsible for it
15:26:59 <cverna> we don't provide host
15:27:02 <cverna> do we ?
15:27:08 <smooge> we provide the host
15:27:20 <cverna> ah ok, tho it is in the qa network ?
15:27:48 <cverna> so moving to openshift would be the same, we provide the host
15:28:01 <smooge> it is on virthost-comm03 and virthost-commo4
15:28:19 <bowlofeggs> who would do the migration into openshift, and who would be responsible for keeping it running there?
15:28:26 <smooge> same with taskotron
15:28:41 <smooge> and which openshift
15:28:54 <smooge> this is a big project which needs to be scoped out and clarified
15:29:09 <cverna> bowlofeggs: my idea would be is not us
15:29:10 <bowlofeggs> yeah that too - communshift vs… infrashift? what do we call the one bodhi is in?
15:29:15 <tflink> taskotron is going away, the only bits that will survive will be resultsdb
15:29:47 <bowlofeggs> cverna: that's my leaning as well
15:30:09 <cverna> although we could help with the migration since we have the knowledge of our setup
15:31:00 <cverna> I ll update the ticket and let's see how that goes
15:31:01 <tflink> all I know is that someone needs to take it on - it can't be any RH folk in QA going forward
15:32:27 <cverna> ok thanks for the info tflink
15:32:39 <tflink> np
15:32:49 <tflink> sorry for dumping this in your lap
15:33:27 <cverna> np :)
15:33:49 <cverna> moving to Open Floor
15:34:02 <cverna> #topic Open Floor
15:34:11 <cverna> anything to discuss ?
15:37:04 <smooge> not me
15:37:09 <cverna> ok closing the meeting in 3 mins
15:37:13 <smooge> thanks cverna
15:37:24 <mkonecny> thanks for running it cverna
15:37:34 <cverna> thanks all for coming
15:43:15 <cverna> #endmeeting