15:01:32 <decathorpe> #startmeeting Stewardship SIG Meeting (2020-03-31)
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15:01:37 <decathorpe> #meetingname stewardship-sig
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15:01:41 <decathorpe> #topic Roll Call
15:03:24 <x3mboy> .hello2
15:03:26 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
15:03:29 <decathorpe> .nextmeetings
15:03:32 <zodbot> decathorpe: One moment, please...  Looking up the channel list.
15:03:35 <zodbot> decathorpe: In #fedora-meeting-1 is Fedora Cloud Workgroup (starting in 26 minutes)
15:03:38 <zodbot> decathorpe: In #fedora-admin is Fedora Infra Ops Daily Standup (starting in 2 hours)
15:03:41 <zodbot> decathorpe: In #fedora-meeting-1 is Server SIG (starting in 4 hours)
15:03:44 <zodbot> decathorpe: In #fedora-meeting is Magazine editorial board (starting in 20 hours)
15:03:46 <zodbot> decathorpe: In #fedora-meeting-1 is FPgM office hours (starting in 21 hours)
15:04:45 <decathorpe> cipherboy, sillebille: meeting?
15:04:55 <sillebille> hello \o
15:05:18 <decathorpe> hello!
15:05:21 <decathorpe> #chair sillebille
15:05:21 <zodbot> Current chairs: decathorpe sillebille
15:06:32 <decathorpe> I'm going to start, cipherboy can join us later. the next meeting in this channel is scheduled to start at :30 so we're going to make this a quick one :)
15:06:44 <decathorpe> #link https://pagure.io/stewardship-sig/issue/82 Agenda
15:06:59 <decathorpe> #topic Review Open RHBZs
15:07:12 <decathorpe> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=__open__&email1=stewardship-sig%40lists.fedoraproject.org&emailassigned_to1=1&emailcc1=1&emailtype1=substring&list_id=10955519&product=Fedora&query_format=advanced
15:07:56 <decathorpe> I've fixed release-monitoring for projects that had version tracking broken by maven central switching off HTTP, so everythign should work again, but this generated a few new "new version available" bugs
15:09:35 <decathorpe> sillebille: any bugs that seem important to you?
15:10:15 <sillebille> TBH, i haven't looked at the list yet. I was pulled into stuff due to sprint ending..
15:10:16 * cipherboy is here.
15:10:24 <decathorpe> no problem
15:10:28 <decathorpe> hello cipherboy o/
15:10:31 <decathorpe> #chair cipherboy
15:10:31 <zodbot> Current chairs: cipherboy decathorpe sillebille
15:10:43 <cipherboy> I closed two more CVEs that we already fixed.
15:10:54 <decathorpe> any bug comments from you? I just now closed one jackson-databind bug you missed
15:11:08 <cipherboy> Ah, thanks! I missed one earlier too.
15:11:22 <decathorpe> no problem. that's what the bug list link is for
15:11:24 <cipherboy> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1810950 -- can we close this wontfix?
15:11:58 <decathorpe> I think so.
15:12:14 <decathorpe> according to the maven packaging, usage of the default system JDK is intended
15:13:16 <cipherboy> ACK, I'll close it.
15:13:21 <decathorpe> thanks!
15:13:24 <decathorpe> moving on.
15:13:31 <decathorpe> #topic Review Open Pull Requests
15:13:38 <decathorpe> #link https://fedora-stewardship.github.io/pr-report/
15:14:42 <cipherboy> I still need to take a look at this, but it looks like we've been getting a few external contributors.
15:14:45 <cipherboy> But the list seems short? :-)
15:15:05 <decathorpe> yes! that's not a good thing though. the update backlog is still long
15:15:18 <decathorpe> jerboaa has helped me with the maven-plugin-tools 3.6.0 update
15:15:26 <cipherboy> The new contributors is good, but the PR backlog is long ;-)
15:15:54 <decathorpe> yeah
15:16:01 <decathorpe> any comments regarding PRs?
15:16:17 <cipherboy> I haven't reviewed the content, but Miro said to ship one, so that gives us only one. :)
15:16:32 <decathorpe> 🛳️
15:16:48 <decathorpe> then moving on
15:16:55 <decathorpe> #topic Review Leaf Packages
15:17:03 <decathorpe> #link https://fedora-stewardship.github.io/report/#total-leaves
15:17:15 <decathorpe> #link https://pagure.io/stewardship-sig/issue/81
15:17:40 <decathorpe> any objections to orphaning guava20 and jetty-parent?
15:17:48 <cipherboy> Do we want to wait two seconds until you merge your PR and the check re-runs and then orphan / drop everything?
15:18:05 <cipherboy> Otherwise, can do this now, doesn't matter to me.
15:18:16 <decathorpe> uh that will take some days to propagate ... so I'd rather not wait
15:18:23 <cipherboy> Cool, let's do it now then.
15:18:31 <decathorpe> also no harm in keeping 1-2 packages a few days longer
15:18:40 <decathorpe> great.
15:18:57 <cipherboy> I +1'd it.
15:19:23 <decathorpe> woohoo
15:19:27 <cipherboy> Disappointed there's no guava emoji tho.
15:19:33 <decathorpe> #topic Open Floor
15:19:51 <cipherboy> Git Forge impact?
15:20:08 <cipherboy> Hope our issues get migrated and if not, move to GH and pretend this problem doesn't exist?
15:20:15 <decathorpe> uh
15:20:28 <decathorpe> interesting question. pagure.io should keep on living
15:20:46 <cipherboy> Ah ok. I thought pagure.io was run by CPE though?
15:20:55 <cipherboy> Maybe not. :)
15:21:07 <decathorpe> yes. but they're going to keep it running for at least 12 months IIUC
15:21:27 <cipherboy> So, wait for the fire to burn and then fix it? Works for me!
15:21:47 <decathorpe> should it go away, we can move tickets to the github project.
15:21:57 <decathorpe> "move" means "manually move"
15:22:25 <decathorpe> at least you can download pagure issues + their history as git repos
15:22:45 <decathorpe> anything else?
15:24:17 <cipherboy> sillebille: has a script to move Pagure -> GitHub actually, but yeah, keep in Pagure for now.
15:24:23 <cipherboy> decathorpe: Nothing else from me.
15:24:28 <decathorpe> great great
15:24:40 <sillebille> https://github.com/SilleBille/pagure2github/
15:24:58 <decathorpe> sillebille++
15:25:07 <sillebille> i did not include instructions coz, I honestly thought no one else was gonna use it. LOL
15:25:14 <decathorpe> well that's everything from my side
15:25:24 <sillebille> nothing from me
15:26:14 <cipherboy> Ship it!
15:26:29 <cipherboy> Thanks all!
15:26:37 <cipherboy> decathorpe++ for running the meeting.
15:27:03 <decathorpe> sure. no problem. it's not like I can leave the house or anything
15:27:36 * decathorpe hands the mic to dustymabe
15:27:42 <decathorpe> #endmeeting