13:00:48 <bcotton> #startmeeting FPgM office hours
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13:00:50 <bcotton> #info This is an open floor meeting to discuss anything program management related (elections, changes, schedule, etc)
13:00:58 <bcotton> #topic Announcements
13:01:11 <bcotton> #info The Fedora Social Hour is tomorrow: https://element.io/app/#/room/#fedora-social-hour:matrix.org
13:01:19 <bcotton> #info The Beta Freeze is underway
13:01:27 <bcotton> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-33/f-33-key-tasks.html
13:01:28 <bcotton> #help Update your team's release readiness status: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Readiness
13:01:37 <bcotton> #info The Fedora Council meeting has moved to #fedora-meeting. It will still be on Thursdays at 1pm US/Eastern.
13:01:41 <bcotton> #topic Open floor
13:16:17 <King_InuYasha> .hello ngompa
13:16:18 <zodbot> King_InuYasha: ngompa 'Neal Gompa' <ngompa13@gmail.com>
13:16:20 * King_InuYasha waves
13:16:50 <King_InuYasha> bcotton: dunno if anything has been said yet, but congrats on getting the initial Nest videos up!
13:17:04 <bcotton> King_InuYasha: thanks! 7 down, 39 more to go :-)
13:17:27 * bcotton still doesn't have access to the account, so it may be a bit before the next batch go up
13:18:06 <King_InuYasha> bcotton: do you know the timeframe for that?
13:18:12 <bcotton> nope
13:18:12 <King_InuYasha> or is that completely out of your realm?
13:18:15 <King_InuYasha> ah
13:18:38 <bcotton> nobody seems to know who has the password for the main account that can add me
13:18:41 * bcotton shrugs
13:19:12 <King_InuYasha> uhh
13:19:49 <bcotton> i try not to think about it too much. it will just make me sad
13:19:57 <King_InuYasha> fair
13:20:18 <King_InuYasha> well, it was appreciated that the datto and lenovo ones went up in the first batch :)
13:21:01 <King_InuYasha> though I hope there's some feedback going in for how hopin records streams
13:21:08 <King_InuYasha> because that form is... very surprising
13:23:52 <bcotton> yeah, that's among the feedback i gave riecatnor
13:24:18 <bcotton> and sponsors go to the front of the line. it's just good business sense ;-)
13:26:33 <King_InuYasha> hehe
13:30:36 <King_InuYasha> bcotton: oh yeah, unrelated, the upcoming btrfs test day got a spotlight mention on Linux Unplugged yesterday
13:31:32 <bcotton> awesome!
13:31:45 <King_InuYasha> https://linuxunplugged.com/368
13:32:28 <King_InuYasha> meanwhile, arm images are cursed...
13:32:31 <King_InuYasha> anyway...
13:33:03 <King_InuYasha> I'm hoping we can get the badge in place before the event starts
13:37:28 <bcotton> ah, badges :-)
13:56:40 <bcotton> alright, time to wrap up for my next meeting
13:56:44 <bcotton> #endmeeting