16:00:51 <geppetto> #startmeeting fpc
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16:00:51 <geppetto> #meetingname fpc
16:00:51 <geppetto> #topic Roll Call
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16:01:02 <geppetto> mobrien: No problem
16:01:08 <carlwgeorge> .hello2
16:01:08 <King_InuYasha> .hello ngompa
16:01:09 <zodbot> carlwgeorge: carlwgeorge 'None' <carl@redhat.com>
16:01:12 <zodbot> King_InuYasha: ngompa 'Neal Gompa' <ngompa13@gmail.com>
16:01:13 <tibbs> Hey.
16:01:14 <geppetto> #chair carlwgeorge
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16:01:18 <geppetto> #chair King_InuYasha
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16:01:24 <geppetto> #chair tibbs
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16:01:44 * limburgher here
16:01:48 <geppetto> #chair limburgher
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16:04:24 * jsmith lurks
16:04:54 <geppetto> jsmith: Anything in particular you want to know about?
16:07:10 <geppetto> #topic Schedule
16:07:14 <geppetto> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/packaging@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/APCEJN2Y6IHEDINPD4G7UUECSRYK4QXY/
16:07:15 <jsmith> No, just lurking...
16:07:30 <geppetto> So … no real updates or Schedule this week
16:07:47 <geppetto> As I'm assuming there's been no updates on the two backlogged issues.
16:07:59 <geppetto> #topic Open Floor
16:08:07 <geppetto> Anything that any of us want to talk about?
16:08:33 <carlwgeorge> sure, i opened an issue about alternatively named epel packages
16:08:39 <carlwgeorge> #link https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/1020
16:08:48 <geppetto> .fpc 1020
16:08:49 <zodbot> geppetto: Issue #1020: Review exception for alternatively named EPEL packages - packaging-committee - Pagure.io - https://pagure.io/packaging-committee/issue/1020
16:09:36 <geppetto> Seems fine to me +1
16:09:46 <King_InuYasha> as I said in the ticket: +1 :)
16:09:50 <geppetto> That's +4 with the votes in the ticket
16:09:53 * geppetto nods
16:10:15 <limburgher> Totally. +1
16:10:28 <carlwgeorge> i guess the next step would be a pr to the guidelines to hammer out the wording?
16:10:56 <tibbs> And honestly, I have made use of this exemption a number of times already.
16:11:54 <geppetto> tibbs: so a +1 then
16:12:02 <tibbs> Yes, I voted in the ticket.
16:12:16 <geppetto> Oh, I see now
16:12:24 <geppetto> #action Review exception for alternatively named EPEL packages (+1:6, 0:0, -1:0)
16:13:07 <geppetto> carlwgeorge: Did you want to volunteer to come up with some wording?
16:13:23 <carlwgeorge> sure thing
16:13:49 <geppetto> #action carlwgeorge Will create wording PR for 1020
16:14:11 <geppetto> Ok, cool … anything else to discuss?
16:14:58 <King_InuYasha> don't think so...
16:16:46 <geppetto> Ok, enjoy your minutes back
16:16:49 <geppetto> #endmeeting