14:28:13 <potty> #startmeeting FAmSCo Meeting
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14:28:35 <potty> #topic Roll Call
14:28:45 * lbazan here
14:28:47 <potty> .fas potty
14:28:48 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
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14:28:57 * potty Panama
14:29:21 <gnokii> .fas gnokii
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14:29:30 <potty> #chair mailga lbazan giannisk gnokii
14:29:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: giannisk gnokii lbazan mailga potty
14:30:00 <potty> Welcome to the first FAmSCo meeting
14:30:13 <mailga> welcome to you (all of you).
14:30:48 <lbazan> :-)
14:31:00 <potty> I think the first topic should be about our communication methods (meetings, mailing list)
14:31:34 <potty> Do you agree?
14:31:49 <giannisk> potty: Go ahead
14:32:12 <potty> #topic Communication Methods
14:32:34 <potty> As far I know the mailing list is active again
14:32:56 <potty> cwickert add us and some other people
14:33:10 <potty> From FAMA and CommOps
14:34:11 <potty> And we voted on a whenisgood about the meeting dates which is Wednesday this time
14:34:53 <potty> My question is: which is going to be our workflow? How are we going to develop the meeting agenda?
14:35:33 <mailga> the starting poing should be this page IMHO https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassadors_Steering_Committee?rd=FAMSCO
14:35:38 <giannisk> potty: I didn't take part in the voting (was not part of the initial conversation), but the day and time chosen works for me.
14:36:39 <potty> mailga: what do you suggest?
14:36:45 <potty> giannisk: good :)
14:37:18 <giannisk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_meetings
14:37:28 <mailga> well there's a page that expalain the first steps https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
14:38:28 <mailga> We have also to switch to FOSCo
14:39:02 <mailga> so the agenda is reading previous meetings and edit some new istances. IMHO
14:39:05 <potty> mailga: you are right!
14:39:06 <mailga> eof
14:39:35 * mailga thanks giannisk for linking meetinings page
14:39:46 <potty> mailga: lets do that then
14:40:06 * lbazan looking for a coffee!
14:40:31 * giannisk is updating the FAmSCo meetings page with the new day and time.
14:40:38 <mailga> well I can take vare of edits on our wiki page and set up an agenda.
14:40:48 <potty> giannisk: thanks
14:40:51 <mailga> s/vare/care
14:41:19 <potty> ok
14:41:19 <mailga> meeting time seems going well for all of us.
14:41:53 <gnokii> !
14:42:04 <mailga> I'll shoot a mail in ML when work is done to check your approval.
14:42:09 <potty> gnokii: go ahead
14:42:57 <gnokii> we have to do one thing first do ur job and our job normally was electing a chair and if I remember right we are already over time with that
14:43:17 <mailga> gnokii: right!
14:43:20 <potty> gnokii: yes
14:44:00 <giannisk> gnokii: agreed, though we can't elect a chair during today's meeting; not everyone is present
14:44:34 <potty> Maybe send an email on the ml and on next meeting elect that chair
14:44:37 * lbazan here
14:44:52 <gnokii> giannisk: we have a quorum do we not? To be honest, tuanta made no meeting during last period....
14:44:52 <giannisk> potty: +1
14:44:53 <lbazan> meeting time for me is OK
14:45:03 <lbazan> potty: +1
14:45:45 <potty> I will send that email after the meeting
14:45:49 <lbazan> ok
14:45:59 <mailga> gnokii giannisk voting just now would be correct, but I'm for a ML discussion.
14:46:13 <giannisk> gnokii: Still, we have to communicate with everyone regarding the appointment of the chair. It's the right thing to do.
14:46:36 <gnokii> yeah but thats not a problem
14:46:39 <potty> #action potty will send an email to the mailing list about the chair elections
14:47:09 <giannisk> potty++
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14:49:26 <gnokii> hello?
14:49:33 <lbazan> gnokii: hello
14:49:51 <gnokii> aah just wanted to know if I am still connected
14:50:07 <mailga> yes you are gnokii :-D
14:50:15 <lbazan> the budgets are ready? each region? (other topic)
14:50:20 <giannisk> Moving on? :)
14:50:48 <giannisk> To the next topic, that is.
14:50:59 <lbazan> giannisk: ok
14:51:27 <potty> Thanks lbazan
14:51:44 <potty> #topic Budget per Region
14:52:08 <mailga> giannisk: if I recall correctly there will be an EMEA FAD outside devconf, is it right?
14:52:27 <lbazan> links!
14:52:30 <lbazan> let me see....
14:52:32 <giannisk> mailga: There will be a mini-FAD, yes.
14:52:36 * giannisk is looking for the link.
14:52:56 <giannisk> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DevConf_2016
14:53:23 <giannisk> So basically, EMEA ambassadors are going to hold that mini-FAD during the last day of DevConf.
14:53:36 <mailga> and also there are some new rules about budgeting
14:53:49 <mailga> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Budget.next
14:53:49 <giannisk> To plan our general activities for this year and also for the budget.
14:55:07 <gnokii> makes nt sense to speak of year then anymore
14:56:05 <giannisk> gnokii: To some extent yes, but considering that the traditional EMEA FAD which was supposed to be held last November/December was canceled...
14:56:22 <giannisk> ... we still need to co-ordinate regarding activities within the region.
14:56:24 <lbazan> Treasurers of each region should have this updated Latam aeperezt emea jiri apac tuanta NA ruth
14:56:50 <giannisk> lbazan: mitzie is now the treasurer for EMEA.
14:56:51 <gnokii> you should use the mini-fad more to put into place the necesssary changes for the new budget schedule and plan for a FAD in june/july
14:57:19 <lbazan> giannisk: ok
14:57:31 <giannisk> gnokii: Feel free to suggest that on the ML :) I'm not planning the mini-FAD btw.
14:58:44 <potty> Good
15:00:02 * potty is looking for LATAM info
15:00:21 <mailga> gnokii: are you still involved in EMEA stuff or can we consider you as APAC?
15:00:28 <lbazan> potty: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget:2016 ?
15:00:59 <gnokii> mailga: you can consider me as APAC, just request the info from FAS I am Ambassador in Cambodia right now
15:01:24 <giannisk> lbazan: that's for the previous fiscal year :)
15:01:26 <mailga> gnokii: have a nice work there as you had here!
15:01:34 <giannisk> lbazan: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget:2017 this, maybe?
15:02:13 <potty> giannisk: +1
15:03:12 <lbazan> giannisk: tks! :-)
15:04:03 <mailga> potty and lbazan can you check budgeting for the next meeting? IMO we should give a glance to all budget.
15:04:08 <potty> giannisk++
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15:04:16 <lbazan> giannisk++
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15:04:23 <lbazan> potty++
15:04:25 <lbazan> mailga++
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15:04:46 <lbazan> mailga: ok
15:05:04 <gnokii> can we go on, its late
15:05:06 <potty> To be clear: are we going to review these budgets on a next meeting?
15:05:16 <lbazan> potty: yes
15:05:27 <potty> Ok
15:05:44 <potty> Do we have any other topic?
15:05:51 <lbazan> for me nope!
15:05:54 <mailga> nope.
15:06:00 <lbazan> gnokii giannisk
15:06:00 <lbazan> ?
15:06:20 <gnokii> well, nobody asked for APAC budget plan ;)
15:06:23 <lbazan> mailga gnokii giannisk potty you have access to famsco trac?
15:06:37 <potty> lbazan: i dont have
15:06:41 <mailga> lbazan let me check
15:06:43 <giannisk> lbazan: Should have.
15:06:48 <lbazan> ok
15:06:52 <gnokii> lbazan: it looks so and I find before we talk about FOSCo we have to clean that thing
15:06:57 <lbazan> ok
15:07:47 <lbazan> openfloor?
15:07:50 <mailga> gnokii: I'd like you and tuanta taking care of APAC bgt. But I want to hear from tuanta if he did yet. I don't know APAC way to do.
15:07:59 * giannisk mumbles "Lots of tickets on the trac that need to be taken care of."
15:08:28 <gnokii> mailga if he did what?
15:08:56 <mailga> gnokii if he managed the APAC budget yet.
15:09:08 <gnokii> mailga: why he?
15:09:11 <lbazan> send topics of the next meeting to have the list in the next meeting (new topics)
15:09:25 <lbazan> mailga: tuanta manage apac budget?
15:09:28 <gnokii> mailga: APAC had his planning FAD
15:10:21 <mailga> gnokii: I said I don't know APAC workflow, that's why I was waiting to ask to him. Are you involved in there yet?
15:10:41 <gnokii> mailga: its since lasst year same as in EMEA
15:10:49 <lbazan> mailga: ask tuanta about the budget
15:10:57 <gnokii> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Singapore_2015/Events?rd=Ambassadors/APAC/Budget:2016-2017
15:11:57 <mailga> gnokii: ok! thanks for the update. ;-)
15:13:28 * mailga checking the trac.
15:14:43 <mailga> any other topic?
15:15:29 <lbazan> mailga: openfloor
15:15:30 <mailga> endmeeting in 5
15:15:31 <lbazan> :-)
15:15:34 <lbazan> 4
15:15:35 <lbazan> 3
15:15:36 <lbazan> 2
15:15:37 <lbazan> 1
15:15:52 <lbazan> #endmeeting