22:59:08 <echevemaster> #startmeeting Ambassadors Latam meeting
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22:59:16 <echevemaster> #topic Roll Call
22:59:26 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:59:28 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <echevemaster@gmail.com>
22:59:34 <itamarjp> .fas itamarjp
22:59:34 <zodbot> itamarjp: itamarjp 'Itamar Reis Peixoto' <itamar@ispbrasil.com.br>
22:59:44 * echevemaster Venezuela, Colombia
22:59:58 * itamarjp Brazil-free-of-dil-má.
23:01:19 <echevemaster> hehehe
23:01:37 <echevemaster> jmlaya: Roll Call
23:02:01 <echevemaster> first use .fas jmlaya
23:02:10 <jmlaya> .fas jmlaya
23:02:11 <zodbot> jmlaya: jmlaya 'Jose Laya' <jmlaya@gmail.com>
23:02:18 <echevemaster> and after that, /me and your country.
23:02:20 <srkraken> .fas srkraken
23:02:21 <zodbot> srkraken: srkraken 'Efren Antonio Robledo Moreno' <efren.a.rm@gmail.com>
23:02:31 <jmlaya> thanks /me Venezuela, Colombia
23:02:32 * srkraken from Mexico
23:02:39 * jmlaya Venezuela, Colombia
23:03:00 <echevemaster> waiting for more people to start
23:03:01 <dalmine> ./fas villadalmine
23:03:11 <dalmine> .fas villadalmine
23:03:12 <zodbot> dalmine: villadalmine 'Rino Rondan' <villadalmine@gmail.com>
23:03:25 <echevemaster> dalmine: it is not a sh command, hehehe
23:03:37 * dalmine Argentina, Chile
23:03:39 <dalmine> jajaaj
23:04:55 * srkraken buenas tardes
23:05:10 <echevemaster> I'm still here?
23:05:48 <athos> hello :)
23:05:53 <athos> .fas ribeiro
23:05:54 <zodbot> athos: everlin 'Everlin Ribeiro' <everlin.ribeiro@hotmail.com> - davydvinicius 'Davyd Vinicius Gonçalves Ribeiro' <davyd.vinicius@r7.com> - sanmendes16 'Sander Mendes' <sandermribeiro@yahoo.com.br> - robsonrsilva 'Robson Ribeiro' <robsont36@gmail.com> - vilmar 'Vilmar Pereira Ribeiro Filho' <vilmar109@gmail.com> - raulhigino 'Raul Higino Ribeiro Silva' <raulhigino@hotmail.com.br> - crpcris1 'Cristian Ribeiro Paines' (6 more messages)
23:06:00 <echevemaster> ok, who wants a chair?
23:07:54 <echevemaster> I saw a topic in the list, anyone remember?
23:08:40 <itamarjp> about new budget  ?
23:08:48 <echevemaster> yeah.
23:09:00 <x3mboy> .fas x3mboy
23:09:02 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
23:10:03 <echevemaster> potty I summon you
23:10:21 <athos> .fas athoscribeiro
23:10:22 <zodbot> athos: ribeiro 'Athos Ribeiro' <athoscribeiro@gmail.com>
23:10:29 <athos> better :)
23:10:46 <echevemaster> athos: are you new on the team?
23:11:12 <echevemaster> #topic  Funding request for Chino Soliard (Asoliard) to assist AndSec
23:11:23 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/348
23:12:10 <echevemaster> I saw on the Telegran Chanell, chino won't be able to join us today
23:12:28 <itamarjp> echevemaster, athos is a packager from Brazil.
23:12:33 <echevemaster> so, please read the ticket and give us your comments.
23:12:45 <echevemaster> welcome aboard athos.
23:12:50 <echevemaster> :thumbsup
23:12:59 <dalmine> athos: :)
23:13:16 <dalmine> i talked with hi
23:13:18 <dalmine> about 5min
23:13:22 <dalmine> internet is not working
23:13:26 <wolnei> .fas wolnei
23:13:27 <zodbot> wolnei: wolnei 'Wolnei Cândido Tomazelli Junior' <e@wolnei.com.br>
23:13:31 <dalmine> or not very well
23:13:42 <echevemaster> yeah, I saw their message dalmine
23:13:56 <dalmine> but please vote it, he need it :/
23:13:59 <echevemaster> please, read the ticket.
23:14:30 <dalmine> ok i read :)
23:15:48 <echevemaster> after this ticket we'll talk about our budget.
23:16:01 <dalmine> i have another 333 :(
23:16:41 <echevemaster> ok dalmine
23:17:15 <echevemaster> anyone have comments about the ticket?
23:18:25 <echevemaster> USD $149, sounds reasonable.
23:18:32 <echevemaster> from me +1
23:19:22 <dalmine> +1
23:19:26 <srkraken> +1
23:19:27 <echevemaster> dalmine: jmlaya x3mboy athos srkraken ?
23:19:34 <x3mboy> +1
23:19:35 <itamarjp> +1
23:19:41 <wolnei> +1
23:19:48 <athos> +1
23:19:52 <jmlaya> +1
23:20:06 <echevemaster> #agreed ticket 348
23:20:13 <echevemaster> ok next ticket?
23:20:14 <athos> Question, shouldn't he describe what he will be doing in the event?
23:20:58 <itamarjp> another question, who is the guy that are asking for $ and it's not attending this meeting ?
23:21:02 <echevemaster> he described => As you can see on the event's page [0], Fedora Project is a supporting community of the event, and we want to put a stand, and give some flashtalks. (SELinux in Fedora, Security Labs spin, and more if it's possible)
23:21:36 <chinosoliard> hi
23:21:48 <yosef7> .fas josereyesjdi
23:21:51 <zodbot> yosef7: josereyesjdi 'Jose Reyes' <josereyes.jdi@gmail.com>
23:21:55 <chinosoliard> bad conection
23:22:00 <echevemaster> ok chinosoliard go ahead, athos is asking about what you will do at the event
23:22:03 <chinosoliard> .fas chinosoliard
23:22:03 <zodbot> chinosoliard: asoliard 'Soliard, Adrian D.' <a.soliard@gmail.com>
23:22:09 <echevemaster> so, explain us, please.
23:22:43 <chinosoliard> right
23:22:47 <echevemaster> I'm seeing your description, but may better that you explain us.
23:23:04 <echevemaster> if you want in Spanish
23:23:13 <chinosoliard> Ok
23:23:30 <chinosoliard> AndSec es una conferencia bastante linda, ésta es la 4ta vez que se realiza
23:23:53 <dalmine> itamarjp: you know him
23:24:17 <echevemaster> no worries dalmine itamarjp sometimes don't remember me (just kidding)
23:24:44 <chinosoliard> hasta hace unos días, rino no sabía si podía asistir, pero el organizador puso a Fedora Project como comunidad colaboradora
23:25:01 <williamjmorenor> .fas williamjmorenor
23:25:02 <zodbot> williamjmorenor: williamjmorenor 'William Moreno' <williamjmorenor@gmail.com>
23:25:07 <williamjmorenor> Hola
23:25:17 <echevemaster> ok, chinosoliard thanks, already approved. but we wanted a better explanation.
23:25:26 * srkraken Hola williamjmorenor
23:25:40 <chinosoliard> Desgraciadamente no llegué a presentar nada en el CFP, pero tampoco soy un experto en seguridad informática, así que vamos a dar charlas sobre SELinux, Security Labs, y otras cosas si se da.
23:25:57 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor: please contact to jmlaya in private, he wants help you with the new blog
23:26:03 <chinosoliard> Tenemos la posibilidad de poner stand, que suma mucho en un evento de seguridad
23:26:26 <echevemaster> jmlaya: /query chinosoliard
23:26:30 <dalmine> vamos a dar un taller, yo me vengo de chile y me pago todo el costo
23:26:31 <williamjmorenor> Copiado echevemaster
23:26:32 <echevemaster> wrong
23:26:34 <chinosoliard> Creo que SELinux es algo que Fedora impulsa mucho, so, que mejor que insistir por ese lado
23:26:37 <echevemaster> jmlaya: /query williamjmorenor
23:27:00 <dalmine> asi tenemos stand y damos un taller y nos conocen ya que nos vienen buscando para que estemos
23:27:02 <echevemaster> thanks dalmine :)
23:27:04 * chinosoliard está contento porque encontró el lugar justo para que el celular conecte bien
23:27:04 <jmlaya> thanks echevemaster
23:27:12 <echevemaster> dalmine: what's your tickt?
23:27:46 <chinosoliard> echevemaster, estoy viendo si consigo un hotel más cercano, que tiene el mismo precio, aparentemente
23:27:58 <dalmine> 333
23:27:58 <i90rr> hola!
23:28:08 <dalmine> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/333
23:28:13 <echevemaster> ok chinosoliard USD 149, right
23:29:01 <echevemaster> #topic Funding Request for FISL Buenos Aires - Porto Alegre
23:29:10 <echevemaster> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/333
23:29:38 <echevemaster> this one was discussed before, but dalmine is asking a extra sponsoring
23:30:20 <echevemaster> he needs USD 100 extra, because its travel is not by bus anymore.
23:30:51 <echevemaster> so, read the ticket and vote.
23:31:09 <itamarjp> I need an extra too , because I would like to change my flight to first class
23:31:32 <dalmine> yes, finally i used another method
23:31:44 <dalmine> ohh you are awesome come with me!
23:31:57 <dalmine> i have an extra place
23:32:40 <echevemaster> itamar: stop sarcasm, if you disagree, please -1
23:32:49 <x3mboy> +1
23:33:40 <dalmine> yes please do real comment it is to difficutl read sarcasm in aother language
23:33:44 <athos> Well, itamarjp and some other guys received me very well when I looked for some Fedora people asking for help last year during FISL
23:34:25 <itamarjp> -1 tickets for fisl already voted,
23:34:32 <dalmine> i just only to add, if you another people need found cancel all my found in the ticket and give 100% found that you give me to itamarjp
23:34:44 <dalmine> i prefer money to new people like itamarjp
23:35:01 <dalmine> friend of him i said
23:35:09 <dalmine> we need to s ponsor new people
23:35:15 <dalmine> i have sponsored several ti me
23:35:39 <dalmine> please i want to cancel my ticket and give to people that itamarjp have
23:35:58 <echevemaster> ok, if you want cancel your travel, who do you prefer give your own opoortunity?
23:36:12 <williamjmorenor> ???
23:36:12 <dalmine> no i paid it from myself
23:36:22 <dalmine> fisl17 and adnsec with itamar
23:36:35 <dalmine> fisl17 with you guys
23:36:40 <dalmine> andsec with ch ino
23:36:46 <potty> hola
23:36:51 <dalmine> i prefer use money for new people
23:36:58 <dalmine> thats all. no more to said
23:37:06 <williamjmorenor> Eso es bueno
23:37:08 <potty> hello people sorry for being late
23:37:14 <echevemaster> ok, from me +1
23:37:16 <potty> was sleeping my baby
23:37:29 <echevemaster> potty: thanks for attend bro, next ticket is yours
23:37:34 <williamjmorenor> potty ++
23:37:40 <echevemaster> please vote the ticket for dalmine
23:37:41 <potty> :)
23:37:55 <williamjmorenor> I am +1
23:37:57 <potty> why is not using bus?
23:38:11 <potty> remember we are short on budget
23:38:26 <dalmine> i do not want anymore
23:38:35 <dalmine> please delete ticket and use it for new peopel from brazil
23:38:39 <williamjmorenor> So I am -1
23:38:48 <williamjmorenor> :)
23:38:48 <potty> sure dalmine ?
23:38:50 <dalmine> im in chile
23:39:03 <potty> that is very generous movement
23:39:05 <dalmine> chile . bs .as  colonia  - montevideo porto alegre
23:39:10 <potty> -1 then
23:39:18 <dalmine> so i wanted only montevideo porto alegre
23:39:21 <dalmine> but forget all
23:39:27 <dalmine> i was sponsored several time
23:39:35 <dalmine> and i said thanks!!
23:39:42 <chinosoliard> I'm really confused
23:39:46 <dalmine> so it is time to give opportunity to new people
23:39:54 <echevemaster> ok people, one thing, these kinds of issues, causes conflict.
23:40:11 <potty> to make this clear: dalmine is declining his ticket to make new brazilians contributors able to participate
23:40:17 <potty> so this ticket is -1
23:40:19 <dalmine> please use it to sponsor new people thats all
23:40:30 <dalmine> yes potty that is
23:40:34 <x3mboy> Ok, being that said, -1
23:40:38 <dalmine> -1
23:40:52 <echevemaster> ok. got it.
23:40:55 <potty> :)
23:41:06 <yosef7> respect dalmine
23:41:06 <echevemaster> I will be neutral with this one.
23:41:08 <chinosoliard> as I understand, dalmine is not asking for a full airplane travel...
23:41:33 <echevemaster> yes. chinosoliard but if is his decision, go ahead.
23:42:19 <dalmine> guys declined ticket use our budget for other ticket thats all
23:42:24 <echevemaster> these kind of issues causes conflicts, and a many times, this cause that the contributor goes away
23:42:37 <echevemaster> but for now, we will respect his decision
23:42:39 <echevemaster> next toic
23:42:42 <chinosoliard> Personally, I justified the ticket, but well... dalmine decide
23:42:48 <echevemaster> #topic Latam Budget
23:42:55 <potty> thank you echevemaster
23:43:00 <potty> chair me please
23:43:10 <potty> i'm an old man tired of being standed-up
23:43:24 <echevemaster> no please, be standing
23:43:36 <echevemaster> #chair potty
23:43:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: echevemaster potty
23:43:37 <potty> :( ok
23:43:42 <potty> thank you echevemaster
23:43:59 <potty> Council is in the process of approving budget.
23:44:34 <potty> #info LATAM have beena signed with $10950 for the whole FY17
23:44:51 <potty> #info LATAM asked for $23180 for the whole FY17
23:45:27 <chinosoliard> 4kU$S is a big difference
23:45:39 <potty> #info Christoph Wickert is appealing to the Council to approve us $1000 more, making a total of $11950
23:46:00 <itamarjp> potty, do you know how much money we have used last year ?
23:46:06 <potty> The difference is $12,230.
23:46:16 <echevemaster> obviously this is caused for the lack of execution of the complete budget
23:46:28 <potty> #info tatica is appealing to the Council to approve us more budget.
23:46:55 <potty> #info I communicate to the Council that we have a lesson learned here. We underspent what we overasked.
23:47:30 <chinosoliard> Last year, for me, was very difficult, and this one is being too, but I think next month I will get more involved (when I finish building, and get an internet connection)
23:47:30 <athos> So the cut is a good thing, looking at the big picture, no?
23:47:43 <potty> So, to have more budget on next FY, we have to spent what we ask for and organize/participate on more important local events.
23:47:55 <potty> The cut is a natural response for the situation we had.
23:48:00 <potty> The cut was made in general, for all regions
23:48:26 <potty> tatica mentioned that the main problem in LATAM is the reimbursement... It is difficult for many countries.
23:48:58 <potty> #link http://pagure.io/fedora-budget
23:49:09 <potty> #link https://budget.fedoraproject.org
23:50:30 <echevemaster> potty: ?
23:50:33 <echevemaster> EOF?
23:50:36 <potty> not yet
23:50:40 <echevemaster> ok
23:50:41 <potty> The action plan is
23:50:43 <itamarjp> potty, reimbursements are taking alot of time
23:50:55 <potty> itamarjp: give me a minute
23:50:56 <itamarjp> paypal reimbursements are expensive (paypal fees)
23:51:18 * srkraken itamarjp +1
23:51:19 <itamarjp> for latam, I think we should try bitcoins
23:51:29 <potty> 1. Participate on the events we mentioned in the budget.
23:51:37 <potty> 2. Create our reports
23:51:52 <dalmine> itamarjp: bitcoin is dead.. manye coutnries do not use it
23:52:03 <potty> 3. Upload the receipts for the expenses (clear pictures) with the specific detail
23:52:08 <echevemaster> please stop the noise
23:52:11 <itamarjp> dalmine, you said thats dead based on what ?
23:52:28 <itamarjp> dalmine, you don't know about you're talking for.
23:52:28 <potty> 4. Be on time, re-imbursement will be done but please upload things on time
23:52:34 <dalmine> i can not use it in market, taxes normal life
23:52:47 <echevemaster> dalmine: itamarjp please.
23:53:03 <potty> These 4 things are the most important from the contributor point-of-view
23:53:18 <potty> In an administrative (council, famsco) point-of-view
23:53:33 <potty> LATAM should make a campaign (me, lbazan, tatica can make the proposal)
23:53:42 <potty> Of having better reimbursements channels
23:53:58 <potty> 1. Paypal is not as fully wonderful as they think
23:54:07 <potty> 2. Bitcoins are a viable option for some countries
23:54:24 <potty> 3. <Please_insert_other_proposals_here>
23:55:04 <potty> Resuming... Please participate on events you mentioned in budget, be serious with the LATAM Trac, upload receipts, make reports and PLEASE be patient on re-imbursement
23:55:06 <potty> EOF
23:55:20 <williamjmorenor> Info?
23:55:22 <echevemaster> Any commets, guys?
23:55:33 <echevemaster> comments*
23:55:44 <echevemaster> dalmine: itamarjp go ahead now
23:55:51 <dalmine> argentina is not good example oto use paypal or bitcoins
23:55:52 <williamjmorenor> Remenber to send a report of your events
23:55:54 <x3mboy> I think bitcoins is not a better option than paypal
23:56:04 * srkraken yo estoy deacuerdo con la propuesta de potty
23:56:10 <x3mboy> even when paypal maybe is not wonderful
23:56:11 <chinosoliard> potty, there is a big difference between Panamá and Arg, for example... Dolar here change price every day... If reimbursement comes lates, I lose money
23:56:21 <williamjmorenor> Current guidelines say than you send a report to the planet
23:56:21 <dalmine> if i put my money i want to get it back in my pocket not in virtual way
23:56:33 <itamarjp> please ask at least $12.000 usd, this means $1000 usd per month
23:56:34 <dalmine> but i know that argentina it is very difficutl and very special cas
23:56:37 * potty wants to know each country specific situation... To make a better proposal...
23:56:50 <williamjmorenor> Will be my job keep track than people send reports in time
23:57:05 <echevemaster> lack of time on reimbursements is because the lack of reports and upload receipts
23:57:30 <potty> echevemaster: +1 FULLY TRUE
23:57:42 <williamjmorenor> In Nicaragua most of the time Neville can pay in place
23:57:59 <williamjmorenor> echevemaster ++
23:58:00 <echevemaster> so, we have to improve the way of we do the paperwork.
23:58:03 <potty> In Panama Alejandro is the reimbursement gateway
23:58:36 <dalmine> I do not know chile, but one time i recieved my money back in event ramilton change from paypal and give me money
23:58:36 <echevemaster> when I was in Venezuela, I was reimbursed always in time
23:58:49 <dalmine> maybe someone of other country can do it in the event
23:59:36 <echevemaster> so, please when you do an event, upload your receipts, and I'm sure you will be reimbursed always on time
00:00:11 <x3mboy> The situation about losing money can work backwards too
00:00:24 <echevemaster> and please DO NOT cut the possibility of the people to attend to a event
00:00:27 <x3mboy> So i don't think that should be a problem
00:00:45 <x3mboy> I have a question o/
00:00:46 <athos> can't a card holder make the reimbursments during the events?
00:00:47 <potty> Some ideas: 1. Cardholder per country (very complex, not feasible but an option) 2. Bitcoins (mediumly complex, not applicable in all countries) 3. Paypal (currently used, not working on many countries)
00:00:57 <echevemaster> x3mboy: go ahead
00:01:28 <echevemaster> potty: an USA account could be solve the problem?
00:01:41 <x3mboy> If i attend an event on my own (without sponsorship), i still can use the fedora team name, brands, logo and everything???
00:01:42 <potty> echevemaster: please explain your idea
00:01:43 <dalmine> if some country cand use bitcoins or paypal can extract and give money in the event
00:02:27 <xmrbrz> potty, I might have another suggestion
00:02:31 <xmrbrz> https://www.quora.com/How-does-TransferWise-compare-to-PayPal-and-other-money-transfer-services
00:02:32 <echevemaster> example for wired transactions
00:02:51 <potty> xmrbrz: go ahead after echevemaster
00:02:52 <williamjmorenor> Yes xmrbrz
00:02:54 <echevemaster> x3mboy: yes you can
00:03:30 <echevemaster> go ahead xmrbrz I can explain after this
00:04:03 <xmrbrz> ok, I was just searching for another option to transfer money and I found this TransferWise
00:04:15 <xmrbrz> seems better than paypal because of the fees
00:04:27 <xmrbrz> especially, just to consider
00:05:12 <echevemaster> there are a lot of transfer services, but should be one that Redhat be willing to use,
00:05:21 <xmrbrz> not sure if is better or not, personally I never use this service.
00:05:39 <x3mboy> Payoneer cards????
00:05:41 <echevemaster> for example my question is, if I have an USA account, I can be reimbursed there?
00:05:42 <potty> every idea is welcomed... just throw them
00:05:52 <potty> x3mboy: i just tought of that too
00:06:26 <potty> x3mboy: that is actually having a card holder per country but is not direct related to red hat
00:06:31 <potty> they can just deposit there
00:06:38 <potty> and people per country can use them
00:06:48 <potty> In fact a country could have more than one
00:06:52 <itamarjp> dalmine, https://www.satoshitango.com/home is one of the biggest bitcoins exchanges in the world from argentina and you're saying that bitcoin is dead
00:07:10 <x3mboy> I think maybe some country can have problems, but is a good idea to take into account
00:07:40 <dalmine> yes itamarjp
00:07:46 <potty> For those who don't know about Payoneer... It is a pre-paid Master Card which have the account on the US, but you have the plastic in your country.
00:07:48 <dalmine> i want my money in my hand
00:07:49 <athos> echevemaster: but how would everybody get an account in the US? Also, the person being reimbursed would have to pay for the costs of transfering the money for his/her own contry....
00:07:55 <dalmine> no doing a lot of trickies things
00:07:57 <dalmine> to get money
00:08:04 <dalmine> my salary is in pesos no bitcoins
00:08:05 <potty> dalmine: true fact but still a good proposal
00:08:16 <dalmine> my taxes is pesos not bitcoins
00:08:34 <itamarjp> dalmine, just ask satoshitango to transfer to your bank account.
00:08:35 <dalmine> so where bitcoins is?? which country use bitoins to use as money?
00:08:38 <potty> Payoneer can make you use it at the ATM, but on the report you have to include the taxes for the withdraw
00:08:50 <dalmine> but itamarjp Argentina is not an example
00:08:57 <dalmine> in other places bitcoins rules
00:09:23 <echevemaster> ok, please make a list of services and send to the list.
00:09:24 <dalmine> and this is the reason why i apply bitcoins because other contry do not have limitation for banks transaction
00:09:27 <echevemaster> agree?
00:09:48 <dalmine> payoneer is good option too
00:10:02 <potty> +1
00:10:10 <x3mboy> +1
00:10:13 <potty> but i'm very positive with the payoneer option
00:10:28 <potty> actually my wife just mentioned that option to me too
00:10:35 <williamjmorenor> A wiki page with info about the best wau can help
00:10:45 <dalmine> someone link payoneer with paypal
00:10:52 <dalmine> if you are from argentina you can no
00:10:54 <echevemaster> potty: only one thing, payoneer card, it takes much time to arrive some countries
00:11:12 <williamjmorenor> If you send the info i can help witj the wiki
00:11:40 <potty> we can try it... I got a Payoneer card
00:11:52 <dalmine> i have one too
00:11:52 <potty> And I may receive the reimbursement there and see if it is feasible
00:12:31 <potty> what do you think
00:12:34 <echevemaster> me too, if someone needs a wired transaction
00:12:39 <echevemaster> sounds good
00:12:42 <itamarjp> dalmine, list of banks supported by satoshitango https://paste.fedoraproject.org/366619/71090146/raw/
00:13:02 <dalmine> itamarjp: i like bitcoins but in argentina you can not use to live
00:13:05 <potty> so the three proposals are
00:13:10 <potty> 1. Bitcoins
00:13:12 <potty> 2. Payoneer
00:13:25 <potty> 3. Red Hat Credit Card Holder per country (not feasible)
00:13:30 <potty> 4. Paypal
00:13:34 <potty> 5. Other services
00:13:56 <echevemaster> well, seems we have a plan.
00:14:08 <williamjmorenor> Looks good
00:14:11 <echevemaster> give ideas if you have one, and add to the wiki page.
00:14:26 <williamjmorenor> +1
00:14:28 <potty> #action potty to create a wiki page for the new reimbursement proposals
00:14:39 <potty> or... do we have one wiki page?
00:14:43 <dalmine> itamarjp:i never see that an employer pay you bitcoins or recieve in those banks
00:14:49 * srkraken +1
00:14:54 <dalmine> +1
00:15:12 <dalmine> you do not understand the situation of argentina it is very different that said web pages
00:15:12 <potty> Just one more idea about the Payoneer thing
00:15:14 <echevemaster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Reimbursement
00:15:20 <potty> Thank you echevemaster
00:15:23 <potty> #unndo
00:15:24 <potty> #undo
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00:15:36 <potty> #action potty to add the proposals on the wiki page
00:15:50 <echevemaster> ok.
00:16:07 <potty> Just one more idea on the Payoneer thing
00:16:35 <echevemaster> to end the meeting: thanks for attend.
00:16:39 <potty> Maybe the countries were is difficult to receive the plastic, you can send it to a country where is easy to receive
00:16:59 <echevemaster> great potty :)
00:17:01 <potty> and on FUDCon, a person from the other country
00:17:08 <potty> can take the card to the person
00:17:20 <potty> so each and every country can have a Payoneer plastic
00:17:39 <echevemaster> please, guys ask for the payoneer plastic
00:17:43 <potty> eof
00:17:57 <echevemaster> I'll close this one. thanks for attend
00:17:59 <echevemaster> 5
00:18:01 <echevemaster> 4
00:18:03 <echevemaster> 3
00:18:05 <echevemaster> 2
00:18:07 <echevemaster> 1
00:18:09 <echevemaster> #endmeeting