22:58:56 <echevemaster> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors Latam meeting 2016-08-13
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22:59:06 <astroo-> ok thanks
22:59:14 <echevemaster> #topic Roll Call
22:59:22 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
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22:59:26 <x3mboy> .fasinfo x3mboy
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22:59:38 * echevemaster Colombia - Venezuela
22:59:39 <itamarjp> .fas itamarjp
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22:59:52 * x3mboy Venezuela - Chile
23:00:08 <echevemaster> one question, anybody has deactivated the Google Calendar for the meeting?
23:00:26 <x3mboy> ?
23:00:41 <athos> o/
23:00:57 <fredlima> .fas fredlima
23:01:00 <xmrbrz> .fas xmrbrz
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23:01:03 <zodbot> xmrbrz: xmrbrz 'Bruno Roberto Zanuzzo' <brunorobertozanuzzo@gmail.com>
23:01:04 * xmrbrz Brazil
23:01:06 <echevemaster> if so, because I didn't received the notification, please activate again
23:01:10 <echevemaster> go ahead athos
23:01:18 * fredlima Brazil
23:01:18 <athos> .fas ribeiro
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23:01:20 <itamarjp> echevemaster, for this one I think no, for fudcon I think it must be deactivated
23:01:22 * athos Brazil
23:01:35 <athos> .hello ribeiro
23:01:36 <zodbot> athos: ribeiro 'Athos Ribeiro' <athoscribeiro@gmail.com>
23:01:49 <echevemaster> I agree itamarjp, but I didn't received the notification, can you check?
23:02:06 <athos> :) better! oh, echevemaster that was nothing, just a "I'm here for the meeting" :)
23:02:33 <echevemaster> oh ok :thumbsup athos
23:03:52 <echevemaster> ok, there are no tickets on the trac, someone wants bring a topic to the meeting?
23:04:18 <echevemaster> I read in the telegram chat, that Peru had a topic, someone from Peru?
23:04:47 <em3rson> .fas em3rson
23:04:48 <zodbot> em3rson: em3rson 'Emerson Santos' <em3rson@linuxmail.org>
23:04:55 * em3rson Brazil
23:05:23 <slavezerorj> Brazil
23:05:54 <echevemaster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Swag_LATAM_FY17
23:06:47 <echevemaster> there are missing countries on this table, remember we will deliver swag from Peru, please fill your swag
23:07:03 <echevemaster> x3mboy: you will ask swag for your location?
23:07:14 <itamarjp> echevemaster, some stuff is better to produce locally like t-shirts
23:07:33 <itamarjp> cd/dvd too
23:07:59 <echevemaster> itamarjp: I guess, but the decision was centralize the purchase in Peru.
23:08:00 <x3mboy> echevemaster, i'm still not in the position for ask for that, maybe Larry can or Roy
23:08:11 <echevemaster> x3mboy: why not?
23:08:17 <itamarjp> echevemaster, who decided that ?
23:08:27 <itamarjp> I don't remember that being voted.
23:08:40 <echevemaster> you live in Chile. x3mboy so, you can fill
23:08:45 <itamarjp> anyway I filled the table
23:09:07 <x3mboy> echevemaster, because I don't have any planning from Chile
23:09:10 <echevemaster> itamarjp: we vote for it
23:09:21 <x3mboy> echevemaster, give me a day an then i will fill
23:09:40 <x3mboy> s/an/and
23:10:25 <echevemaster> ok, I'm asking to Alex to investigate what happened with the swag.
23:10:34 <echevemaster> someone wants bring a topic?
23:10:47 <echevemaster> alexove: is here.
23:10:56 <itamarjp> alexove can you post the link with t-shirts price form Peru ?
23:11:00 <alexove> .fas alexove
23:11:01 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
23:11:02 * alexove = Peru
23:11:06 <echevemaster> #topic Swag by latam countries.
23:11:17 <echevemaster> itamarjp: react with !
23:11:28 <alexove> Hello people
23:11:48 <echevemaster> three weeks ago, we vote for centralize the delivering swag in Peru.
23:12:20 <echevemaster> bernardo, a contributor from peru have a budget.
23:12:36 <echevemaster> alexove: can you share with us, bernardo's findings
23:12:38 <echevemaster> ?
23:12:45 <alexove> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ReP8IZdeTIc-ZE7QVaT4aQjAxUqympRD8mKeROAjyNA/edit?usp=sharing
23:13:15 <echevemaster> these prices are in US dollars alexove ?
23:13:52 <alexove> The G columns shows the price in USD
23:14:00 <archerLuana> .fas archerluana
23:14:01 <archerLuana> [20:12:23]
23:14:01 <zodbot> archerLuana: archerluana 'Luana Gabriela Mitto ' <luanagmitto@gmail.com>
23:14:21 <alexove> and the H column shows the price per unit in USD
23:14:41 * archerLuana Brazil
23:15:08 <itamarjp> $5 per t-shirt looks very good.
23:15:08 <echevemaster> ok team, please check the prices and we'll discuss if those are fine to start  producing them
23:15:37 <alexove> reactivo (reagent) is a is a chemical to improve print quality and make it more durable
23:15:48 <echevemaster> alexove: please remember to the fat guys, like me :)
23:15:52 <echevemaster> hehehe
23:16:38 <echevemaster> ok, guys I'll give you five minutes to check the spreadsheet and vote.
23:16:40 <athos> echevemaster: I think we should vote this next week, I mean, if we are to really evaluate the prices, 5 minutes won't do it :)
23:16:52 <alexove> :-D
23:16:58 <athos> is a 1 week delay a bad thing here?
23:16:59 <em3rson> We must also remember cost of sending
23:17:22 <alexove> all ambasador already filled the wiki page?
23:17:35 <athos> unless we have some default table to compare the values with
23:17:38 <echevemaster> athos: we're very closer to Fudcon.
23:17:55 <echevemaster> only if alexove is agree, I can delay the vote for the next week.
23:18:06 <echevemaster> so alexove it is your decision.
23:18:14 <alexove> Ok
23:18:16 <alexove> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Swag_LATAM_FY17
23:18:29 <echevemaster> alexove: Ok for what?
23:19:10 <alexove> this wiki page was created by potty
23:19:34 <echevemaster> that wiki was created by me alexove
23:19:46 <alexove> sorry echevemaster
23:19:48 <alexove> !
23:20:03 <echevemaster> please are you agree to delay the vote? alexove
23:20:06 <echevemaster> go ahead alexove
23:20:22 <alexove> Quedamos en que todos teniamos que llenar esa pagina para saber la cantidad y el costo de todo
23:20:32 <echevemaster> yes, and the deadline is over
23:20:39 <alexove> faltan por llenar algunos paises
23:20:58 <bernardoha> .fas bernardoha
23:20:59 <zodbot> bernardoha: bernardoha 'Bernardo C. Hermitaño Atencio' <bernardoha@gmail.com>
23:21:07 <yulytas> hi guys, could you please link the Web that must be filled
23:21:10 <fredlima> !
23:21:21 <echevemaster> As an idea of one of our contributors, we have decided to use Fudcon event as central point of swag delivering, so we have created a table to fill the needed swag by country in Latam, here you go the link
23:21:22 <echevemaster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Swag_LATAM_FY17
23:21:24 <echevemaster> The deadline to fill this table will be August 8.
23:21:26 <echevemaster> Cheers
23:21:35 <echevemaster> fredlima: go ahead.
23:21:40 <fredlima> I don't understand spanish
23:21:59 <echevemaster> deadline for fill this table was August 8
23:22:04 <alexove> En todo caso, lo podemos demorar una semana más para que los que faltan llenen la pagina y totalizamos todo para saber el precio total
23:22:06 <alexove> y votar
23:22:10 <fredlima> can we type in english?
23:22:14 <fredlima> eof
23:22:34 <echevemaster> first, we have to respect the deadlines.
23:22:40 <echevemaster> only one question
23:22:45 <echevemaster> fredlima: yes, you can
23:23:02 <echevemaster> how many time we have to produce the swag
23:23:04 <echevemaster> alexove: ?
23:23:08 * jflory7 listens in
23:23:28 <alexove> aproximadamente unos 15 dias
23:23:38 <x3mboy> jflory7, o/
23:23:40 <yulytas> Thanks echevemaster, I have some that I made by my own, but it could so great to receive from the Official Fedora Project to give as a gifts in my talks :)
23:23:53 <jflory7> x3mboy: \o
23:23:54 <echevemaster> ok, sounds good, still we have 2 months for Fudcon.
23:23:59 <echevemaster> so it's fine.
23:24:07 <echevemaster> yulytas: remember react with !
23:24:20 <echevemaster> please alexove, send to the list the spreadsheet.
23:24:43 <yulytas> !
23:24:44 <alexove> Ok, hare la suma de todo y hare un ticket para la proxima semana y lo votamos
23:25:01 * alexove yulytas un toque que ya termino
23:25:03 <echevemaster> #action next week we'll vote if we are agree with the prices to produce swag in Peru and deliver them to the countries.
23:25:10 <echevemaster> go ahead yulytas
23:25:26 <alexove> EOF
23:25:34 <echevemaster> thanks alexove
23:25:46 <echevemaster> remember, we have to respect the deadlines
23:25:52 <echevemaster> so, fill the wiki page.
23:26:16 <yulytas> just to say that it is a good idea, because I have received once from Neville and I think it might be expensive. Next week I will give prices to students and professional in the CONEISC event :)
23:26:44 <echevemaster> yulytas: we are waiting for your question or your thoughts.
23:26:51 <zodiacfireworks> hi!
23:26:54 <echevemaster> so, go ahead.
23:27:19 <yulytas> I did it echevemaster: just to say that it is a good idea, because I have received once from Neville and I think it might be expensive. Next week I will give prices to students and professional in the CONEISC event :)
23:27:39 <echevemaster> thanks yulytas
23:28:36 <echevemaster> when you are referring to you will give prices to the students, what does you mean?
23:28:45 <alexove> echevemaster: +1
23:29:06 <echevemaster> yulytas: ?
23:29:23 <yulytas> some stickers, notebooks and t-shirts from my previous events related to GNOME and FEDORA
23:29:43 <echevemaster> I don't understand yulytas
23:30:02 <echevemaster> we are talking about to a vote for deliver swag from Peru, for all the Latam countries.
23:30:25 <echevemaster> taking advantage we held Fudcon there.
23:30:44 <yulytas> any time when I do workshops and install parties to install FEDORA and explain the usability of GNOME, I usually ask questions to my audience and f the have right answers, I give them stickers to their laptops
23:31:01 <yulytas> oh, OK, I agree
23:31:06 <athos> !
23:31:07 <echevemaster> ok.
23:31:17 <echevemaster> pleas athos go ahead
23:31:46 <yulytas> !
23:31:55 <echevemaster> yulytas: after athos.
23:32:19 <athos> yulytas: I think you didn't get the point: we are not selling Fedora SWAG (stickers, bottons, etc). That price is the price to produce them in peru so we can give it to ambassadors during fudcon so they can take it back to their countries and keep doing what you just said you were doing (give them to other ppl) :)
23:32:47 <echevemaster> athos: thanks for clarify
23:32:54 <athos> I am sorry if it was already clear, but it is important to clarify that
23:32:57 <athos> eof
23:33:18 <yulytas> dear echevemaster and athos, I did a mistake in saying prices instead of prizes, sorry again
23:33:34 <athos> oh, lol :) ok
23:33:36 <echevemaster> ok.
23:33:43 <yulytas> I prize people, I do not sell anything, I never done that
23:33:44 <echevemaster> somebody have a topic?
23:34:03 <echevemaster> if not, Can I close the meeting?
23:34:16 <x3mboy> Nothing from myside
23:34:30 <athos> go ahead echevemaster :)
23:34:31 <tonet666p> .fas tonet666p
23:34:36 <zodbot> tonet666p: tonet666p 'Tonet Pascualet Jallo Colquehuanca' <tonet666p@gmail.com>
23:34:37 <echevemaster> ok, thanks for attend, and remember fill the table.
23:34:38 * tonet666p from Peru
23:34:38 <yulytas> !
23:34:54 <echevemaster> and please to the Fudcon attendees fill the information about the flights
23:35:00 <echevemaster> #topic OpenFloor
23:35:04 <echevemaster> go ahead yulytas
23:35:57 <yulytas> I will give a talk about FEDORA in the CONEISC, in case somebody here is intereseted in giving a little talk online to invite new contributors would be more than welcomed
23:36:17 <echevemaster> thanks yulytas, can you send this one to the list?
23:36:30 <yulytas> yes! thank you again!
23:36:39 <echevemaster> you're welcome.
23:36:42 <echevemaster> 5
23:36:44 <echevemaster> 4
23:36:46 <echevemaster> 3
23:36:48 <echevemaster> 2
23:36:50 <echevemaster> 0.5
23:36:55 <echevemaster> thanks for attend to the meeting
23:36:59 <echevemaster> #endmeeting