04:30:34 <pravin_s> #startmeeting g11n
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04:30:51 <pravin_s> #meetingname g11n
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04:30:59 <pravin_s> #topic agenda and roll call
04:31:16 <pravin_s> Hi all
04:31:21 <apeter> hi :)
04:31:22 <mkim> hi
04:31:25 <tagoh_> hi
04:31:27 <pravin_s> who are available todays for meeting?
04:31:34 <pravin_s> hi apahim mkim tagoh_ :)
04:31:35 <aeng_> hi
04:31:46 <epico> hi
04:31:46 <pravin_s> #chair apeter mkim tagoh_ aeng
04:31:46 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter mkim pravin_s tagoh_
04:31:53 <pravin_s> hi aeng epico :)
04:32:06 <paragan> hi
04:32:07 <apeter> hi all ..
04:32:11 <pravin_s> #chair epico paragan
04:32:11 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico mkim paragan pravin_s tagoh_
04:32:19 <pravin_s> hi paragan :)
04:32:29 <pravin_s> lets quickly go through last meeting action items.
04:32:44 <fujiwarat> hi
04:32:56 <pravin_s> #link #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/G11N/Meetings/2015-06-17
04:33:08 <pravin_s> #chair fujiwarat
04:33:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico fujiwarat mkim paragan pravin_s tagoh_
04:33:25 <pravin_s> mkim and apeter followup with lukebrooker for Zanata survey
04:33:41 <pravin_s> apeter  to draft sprint proposal and send on mailing list for discussion
04:33:43 <apeter> first action time listed :  Zanata feedback survey - I have not done anything on this..
04:33:54 <pravin_s> noriko to prepare draft for extending Translation deadline and send to mailing list.
04:34:00 <pravin_s> pravins to create g11n mailing list.
04:34:17 <apeter> since we have time for the survey and luke will be busy with the release, thought will ping him a bit later :)
04:34:30 <aeng_> apeter, let me know if you need help
04:34:35 <aeng_> on the survey
04:34:43 <pravin_s> apeter: sure. lets do keep this in track :)
04:35:02 <apeter> hey alex.. ofcourse sure.. maybe by next meeting we will have something pravin_s
04:35:16 <mkim> apeter, thanks ani.  sorry I wasn't able to help much , please ping luke and alex to gather some ideas on survey :)
04:35:23 * juhp is here too
04:35:31 <pravin_s> #chair juhp
04:35:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: aeng apeter epico fujiwarat juhp mkim paragan pravin_s tagoh_
04:35:35 <apeter> and regarding the Fedora L10n sprint : please have a look here: http://piratepad.net/Fedora23-Localization-Sprint-Proposal
04:35:49 <apeter> mkim, no worries.. yes we will followup maybe next week :)
04:36:00 <pravin_s> mkim: nice. I think we should have some meeting to plan for Zanata survey. This meeting definitely will not give much time for same.
04:36:25 <aeng_> agree
04:36:29 <apeter> cool  +1
04:36:33 <mkim> +1
04:36:48 <pravin_s> apeter: can you plan meeting for this?
04:37:04 <apeter> pravin_s, sure.. will plan a meeting for next week :0
04:37:05 <apeter> :)
04:37:41 <pravin_s> #action apeter to plan meeting with aeng pravins mkim + other interested members for Fedora Zanata survey.
04:37:51 <apeter> okies :)
04:38:36 <pravin_s> i think good to discuss action items in respective topic else we will end meeting with action items itself ;)
04:38:43 <pravin_s> #topic Upcoming schedule
04:38:48 <pravin_s> No change in schedule yet
04:38:49 <lukebrooker> apeter, I can come up with some question during the week and send them to you for review?
04:38:58 <apeter> lukebrooker, sounds good
04:39:24 <pravin_s> #undo
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04:39:39 <pravin_s> #action apeter to plan meeting with aeng pravins mkim lukebrooker  + other interested members for Fedora Zanata survey.
04:39:50 <pravin_s> #info https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/23/Schedule
04:39:51 <pravin_s> #info 2015-06-23 Change Checkpoint: Proposal submission deadline (System Wide Changes)
04:39:51 <pravin_s> #info not scheduled yet Side Tag Builds Deadline
04:39:51 <pravin_s> #info 2015-06-16 Mass Rebuild
04:39:51 <pravin_s> #info 2015-07-14 Branch Fedora 23 from Rawhide (Rawhide becomes future F24)
04:39:51 <pravin_s> #info 2015-07-28 Alpha Freeze (*), Software String Freeze, Change Checkpoint: Completion deadline (testable), Bodhi activation point
04:40:08 <pravin_s> just 6 days remaining for submitting change proposal.
04:40:21 <pravin_s> Lets go through new topics we did not discussed last time.
04:40:24 <pravin_s> #topic FLTG revive plan for Fedora 23 - Ani
04:40:40 <apeter> thanks pravin_s
04:41:02 <apeter> FLTG (Fedora Language Testing Group) has been started from Fedora 17 release coordinating and taking care of the Fedora L10n test days. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FLTG
04:41:10 <apeter> During the last release, was not able to concentrate much on the test day, other than scheduling the test day and getting wiki ready. So we need to revive the activities and make things more active for F23.
04:41:19 <apeter> We need more members and with the formation of fedora g11n team am sure things will be different and good this time.
04:41:48 <pravin_s> apeter: definitely.
04:41:57 <apeter> This time was wondering if we can add maybe 4-5 usability test cases for Zanata for the l10n test day. This will help us to have more interaction with the fedora translators. mkim aeng lukebrooker what do you guys say ?
04:42:11 <pravin_s> same time i also feel FLTG should act as a umbrella for i18n and l10n+zanata testing
04:42:32 <apeter> pravin_s, yes thats also possible..
04:42:49 <aeng_> apeter, do we have enough resource now to perform the test?
04:42:52 <apeter> if all these test days come under FLTG.. its nice
04:42:55 <pravin_s> for F22 tagoh_ handled i18n test very excellently with the usage of test day app from Fedora.
04:42:55 <lukebrooker> apeter, I can look into that
04:43:28 <mkim> apeter, do you have particular test cases in mind?
04:43:29 <apeter> aeng, this is just to start with (kind of getting more into the community, for them to get a hang of it)
04:43:34 <apeter> nothign in mind yet..
04:43:48 <lukebrooker> apeter, to clarify this is to test Zanata?
04:43:49 <pravin_s> #idea Add around 4-5 test cases for Zanata in l10n test day.
04:44:26 <apeter> of course we have inhouse translators
04:44:59 <apeter> lukebrooker, some first level usability testing ? not too deep testing
04:45:05 <apeter> its just a thought  :)
04:45:25 <pravin_s> dunno whether Zanata testing we can combine with Fedora testing?  bit doubtful.
04:45:28 <lukebrooker> apeter, that would be great. I can write some test cases.
04:45:29 <aeng_> just be aware not to over commit with tasks if we got not enough resources to perform, especially with community. Don't want to overload them
04:45:32 <mkim> apeter, encouraging community to test Zanata is a good idea
04:45:48 <pravin_s> mkim: +1
04:45:51 <apeter> yup thats the idea :)
04:46:02 <lukebrooker> I've mostly only done internal testing
04:46:42 <lukebrooker> Who would run the usability test?
04:46:50 <apeter> some simple test cases maybe thats all - maybe major features or something like that.. its just a thought. If all agree we can look more into it
04:47:02 <apeter> translator perspective testing it would be
04:47:15 <pravin_s> lukebrooker: its will be Fedora localization and may be other package maintainers using Zanata.
04:47:33 <aeng_> even with internal translators, I think its best to understand how their priority works in terms of workload
04:48:22 <pravin_s> aeng: your point is well taken but Fedora is mostly volunteer stuff and we expect to get more testing results from community people.
04:48:38 <pravin_s> may be at first stage it will be not much, may be couple but it can definitely help.
04:49:00 <pravin_s> at least lets start creating awareness :)
04:49:03 <apeter> and it is not mandatory too.. if anyone would like to try it, its fine.. else they dont have to
04:49:11 <aeng_> pravin_s, agreed.
04:49:19 <apeter> even the l10n test cases, not all people do all test cases
04:50:19 <pravin_s> looks most people agree with adding few Zanata test cases in l10n test day.
04:50:35 <pravin_s> #agreed Add few Zanata test cases in Fedora l10n testing.
04:50:44 <lukebrooker> Sounds good. I'll come up with a few test cases for both translators and maintainers if that sounds good
04:51:00 <apeter> cool.. nice :)
04:51:00 <juhp> should they be run before the main fedora translation period?
04:51:01 <pravin_s> lukebrooker: excellent.
04:51:18 <pravin_s> juhp: good question. Me too thinking when those should get executed.
04:51:25 <aeng_> juhp, thats what i was thinking
04:51:43 <juhp> ah or it's more about feedback from QA per se perhaps?
04:51:50 <aeng_> if the purpose is to ensure translation can be done, it should be before
04:51:55 <apeter> l10n test days happen after alpha release and 10 days before the translation deadline
04:51:57 <juhp> right
04:52:19 <juhp> s/from QA/than QA/
04:52:35 <juhp> okay
04:52:40 <apeter> so can we club the zanata test cases for translation here with this l10n test day ?
04:53:11 <pravin_s> For now i think lets try to do this with L10n test day.
04:53:18 <juhp> okay
04:53:25 <pravin_s> May be for F24 we can do it just after F23 release something.
04:53:47 <juhp> yeah may be good to review for f24
04:53:52 <aeng_> L10n test is to ensure all appropriate text can be translated? sorry im just a little confused
04:53:53 <pravin_s> +1
04:54:33 <juhp> aeng_, l10n testing is usually to test translations in next Fedora release
04:54:49 <aeng_> ah
04:54:53 <apeter> aeng, L10n test day is basically to check if the translations for fedora applications is translation 100%, check those translations and short cut keys
04:54:58 <pravin_s> We can take F23 l10n+zanata test days as a learning.
04:55:13 <apeter> * translated 100%
04:55:13 <aeng_> alright.. so QA on zanata then l10N QA
04:56:10 <pravin_s> #agreed l10n+zanata test day together for F23, evaluate plan again for F24.
04:56:21 <pravin_s> Great.
04:56:26 <pravin_s> Lets move to next topic.
04:56:28 <pravin_s> #topic UTRRS - Satyabrata
04:56:46 <pravin_s> This one also related to i18n rendering testing.
04:57:31 <pravin_s> I talked with Satya on his idea yesterday.
04:57:57 <pravin_s> basically he wants to point presently UTRRS only supports Indian languages. He planning to add more APAC languages into it.
04:58:12 <pravin_s> #link http://utrrs-testing.rhcloud.com/
04:58:34 <pravin_s> in that case it can truly become rendering testing platform for global languages.
04:58:45 <juhp> great!
04:58:56 <tagoh_> how is it difficult to add more language coverage on UTRRS?
04:59:07 <pravin_s> #action satya to provide detail plan for adding more languages in UTRRS.
04:59:25 <pravin_s> tagoh_: they do have scripts to generate test cases.
04:59:44 <pravin_s> script generates "images" based on test file.
05:00:01 <pravin_s> those images gets used as a reference images against actual rendering.
05:00:31 <pravin_s> Generating images + updating Website infra for new languages.
05:00:57 <tagoh_> is it required someone to check if the reference images are really correct?
05:01:27 <pravin_s> yeah, its good to verify it once. Since it gets used as a reference.
05:01:43 <aeng_> sounds like alot of manual work for QA
05:02:28 <pravin_s> aeng: agree.
05:02:45 <pravin_s> may be satya can provide more update on this in next meeting.
05:02:46 <aeng_> but thats the way it is now, until some tools can do that
05:03:15 <pravin_s> yes.
05:03:37 <pravin_s> Lets go through follow up topics from last week.
05:03:47 <pravin_s> #topic Zanata feedback survey - Ani
05:03:51 <pravin_s> we discussed this just before.
05:03:58 <pravin_s> lets move ahead.
05:04:06 <pravin_s> #topic L10N sprints based on F23 - apeter
05:04:27 <pravin_s> action item from last meeeting
05:04:30 <pravin_s> s/meeting
05:04:32 <pravin_s> apeter to draft sprint proposal and send on mailing list for discussion
05:04:40 <pravin_s> apeter: any update on this?
05:04:49 <apeter> this is the draft: http://piratepad.net/Fedora23-Localization-Sprint-Proposal
05:05:05 <pravin_s> #link http://piratepad.net/Fedora23-Localization-Sprint-Proposal
05:05:06 <apeter> and I need feedback from all before sending this across to the mailing list
05:06:09 <pravin_s> apeter: excellent draft !!
05:06:18 <aeng_> apeter, very detailed
05:06:43 <pravin_s> apeter: we can definitely plan one for Fedora.
05:06:49 <pravin_s> but need more planning for this.
05:07:13 <pravin_s> apeter: please drop this on mailing list and see how other people feels about it.
05:07:45 <apeter> okay pravin_s will send it to g11n mailing list
05:07:49 <apeter> aeng, pravin_s thanks
05:08:08 <juhp> apeter, looks nice
05:08:20 <pravin_s> #action apeter to send Fedora sprint draft on g11n mailing list for feedback.
05:08:33 <pravin_s> i think wiki is good.
05:08:41 <pravin_s> apeter: is it fine if i move draft to wiki?
05:08:49 <apeter> ah okay.. will move the draft to wiki.. cool
05:09:13 <aeng_> do we have g11 mailing list?
05:09:18 <pravin_s> aeng: yes :)
05:09:30 <pravin_s> will come to infrastructure topic soon.
05:09:40 <aeng_> ok
05:09:44 <pravin_s> thanks apeter for draft.
05:09:45 <pravin_s> #topic  Translation deadline around Beta - Noriko
05:10:13 <pravin_s> noriko is not around today and i also did not found any draft for same.
05:10:32 <pravin_s> lets skip for today and talk again in next meeting.
05:10:41 <pravin_s> #topic  G11N Infrastructure (IRC, Wiki and Ticket etc.) - Pravin
05:11:14 <pravin_s> We do have g11n mailing list now.
05:11:32 <pravin_s> In fact if you have observed yesterday meeting reminder email it was on g11n list :)
05:11:40 <apeter> :)
05:11:59 <aeng_> pravin_s, well done!
05:12:25 <pravin_s> juhp: as you suggested subscribed trans, i18n and fltg into it.
05:12:33 <pravin_s> only remaining one is zanata users.
05:12:39 <juhp> pravin_s, ah right - good
05:13:05 <pravin_s> mkim: aeng lukebrooker is it fine if i add zanata users list also in it?
05:13:11 <juhp> I just subscribed anyway
05:13:30 <aeng_> pravin_s, i think zanata-users is more for product based
05:13:30 <pravin_s> aeng: thanks :)
05:13:40 <juhp> https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/g11n
05:13:49 <pravin_s> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/g11n
05:14:14 <pravin_s> aeng: right. question is do zanata users list want emails from g11n list?
05:14:24 <apeter> pravin_s, thank you :)
05:14:31 <aeng_> Personally, i dont think so
05:14:32 <mkim> pravin_s, I would say maybe not?
05:14:52 <juhp> probably l10n is enough then
05:14:57 <pravin_s> mkim: sure. even i was bit doubtful. :)
05:15:00 <mkim> pravin_s, maybe only interested users from zanata can subscribe to the g11n list, so you can maybe send an email to invite people to join in to zanata-users
05:15:02 <aeng_> yup.
05:15:10 <pravin_s> mkim: +1
05:15:16 <juhp> mkim, yes
05:15:19 <aeng_> mkim,  +1
05:15:50 <pravin_s> second query i have is regarding #fedora-g11n
05:16:16 <pravin_s> i am in bit dilemma, since only adding new irc channel is not going to help much.
05:16:29 <pravin_s> since we do have #fedora-i18n and #fedora;l10n
05:16:48 <juhp> how busy is #fedora-l10n ?
05:16:53 <pravin_s> if we decide to shutdown those to channel and keep one for all discussion it can help to make #fedora-g11n very active.
05:17:03 <juhp> pravin_s, true
05:17:08 <aeng_> pravin_s, true
05:17:22 <juhp> frankly #fedora-i18n is rather quiet those days
05:17:36 <apeter> agree
05:17:37 <aeng_> action: deprecate i18n and l10n and move to g11n?
05:17:44 <pravin_s> i am not seeing much discussion on #fedora-l10n as well.
05:17:58 <pravin_s> aeng: yes, i think we should try that.
05:18:01 <aeng_> its very quite, all discussion is mainly on email
05:18:08 <aeng_> mailing list
05:18:16 <pravin_s> can we take vote on this?
05:18:17 <juhp> dunno if people looking for #fedora-i18n or #fedora-l10n would think to look for #fedora-g11n
05:18:34 <juhp> pravin_s, I think it needs more discussion probably
05:18:51 <pravin_s> juhp: i ado agree.
05:18:58 <pravin_s> s/ado/do
05:19:02 <juhp> probably should be discussed in fedora i18n and l10n group meetings
05:19:10 <apeter> +1
05:19:12 <aeng_> +1
05:19:14 <paragan> Maybe if we decide to implement this then
05:19:17 <juhp> s/group/project/
05:19:30 <pravin_s> juhp: sounds good, i can drop email for smae.
05:19:34 <pravin_s> s/same.
05:19:38 <paragan> we can redirect people joining #fedora-i18n and #fedora-l10n to #fedora-g11n
05:19:47 <tagoh_> just note we sometimes see some question about translations on #fedora-i18n. maybe good to unify them perhaps.
05:19:49 <aeng_> paragan +1
05:19:54 <juhp> but I think it is good idea and might generate more activity in the long run
05:20:01 <juhp> tagoh_, true
05:20:03 <pravin_s> #action pravins to drop email on i18n and l10n channel for idea of migrating to #fedora-g11n.
05:20:15 <juhp> good
05:20:18 <aeng_> can always start by putting header in the channel to redirect to g11n
05:20:30 <juhp> aeng_, yes
05:20:30 <paragan> sure
05:20:42 <pravin_s> aeng: +1
05:21:02 <juhp> aeng_, we already do that in #fedora-i18n for #fedora-l10n ...
05:21:14 <pravin_s> excellent. I think most of us on same side.
05:21:38 <pravin_s> can anyone help into setup of this channel?
05:21:45 <paragan> I can do that :)
05:21:49 <pravin_s> i can try and send email on mailing list for its use.
05:22:15 <pravin_s> paragan: nice, we coordinate with you for this. :)
05:22:31 <pravin_s> #action paragan will setup #fedora-g11n channel.
05:22:44 <pravin_s> #topic G11N FAD - proposal Pravin
05:22:57 <pravin_s> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_G11N_2015
05:23:06 <juhp> currently for the record 6 people in #fedora-g11n and 23/21 respectively in #fedora-{i18n,l10n}
05:23:40 <pravin_s> in last i18n meeting we decided to take final decision whether its happening or not by 31 june.
05:23:54 <paragan> has anyone registered it? if not I will do that
05:24:30 <juhp> paragan, I guess not since no chanserv - go for it
05:24:30 <pravin_s> paragan: i think no one.
05:24:43 <paragan> sure I will do that
05:24:52 <pravin_s> i started working on budget for same.
05:24:56 <pravin_s> #link https://ethercalc.org/2benkd7zwl
05:25:16 <pravin_s> please all check whether calculated airfare is correct.
05:25:29 <pravin_s> We are already over budget.
05:25:54 <pravin_s> AFAIK OSAS approves around USD 5000 for FAD
05:26:11 <pravin_s> so if someone has any other resources for fund please go ahead :)
05:26:16 <pravin_s> also one important thing
05:26:44 <pravin_s> Carlos mentioned last time that OpenStack summit is happening in Toyko from 27-30 Oct
05:26:56 <paragan> https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/
05:27:01 <pravin_s> thanks paragan :)
05:27:07 <pravin_s> #link https://www.openstack.org/summit/tokyo-2015/
05:27:25 <pravin_s> keeping that in mind i think we should move our proposed date to nearby OS summit.
05:27:31 <pravin_s> tagoh_: what do you think about it?
05:27:44 <pravin_s> may be 2-4 Nov?
05:28:06 <pravin_s> are these dates fine for us?
05:28:16 <mkim> +1
05:28:21 <aeng_> +1
05:28:36 <apeter> +1
05:28:44 <juhp> I think weekend if good - though hotel availability might be somewhat harder
05:28:46 <mfabian> The date is fine for me.
05:28:55 <juhp> s/if/is/ !
05:29:31 <juhp> but good time still
05:29:50 <tagoh_> juhp: indeed. so if we do, we need to decide earlier ASAP
05:29:55 <juhp> right
05:30:14 <pravin_s> juhp: so you mean 31, 1 and 2 Nov?
05:30:29 <aeng_> 2-4
05:30:37 <pravin_s> but it may be hectic for people attending OS summit. back to back activities.
05:30:47 <juhp> ah sorry I was confused - so it is not a weekend
05:30:55 <pravin_s> juhp: yeah.
05:30:59 <pravin_s> 2 is Monday
05:31:13 <aeng_> pravin_s, but it will be beneficial for people that are travelling
05:31:22 <pravin_s> we will take 15 minutes more today.
05:31:28 <pravin_s> aeng: agree.
05:31:50 <aeng_> which most of the attendees for FAD will be..
05:31:52 <juhp> (3rd is Public Holiday btw)
05:31:59 <pravin_s> aeng: so which dates?
05:32:13 <aeng_> im fine with 2-4...
05:32:35 <juhp> one advantage of weekend though is that the office would be empty
05:33:05 <pravin_s> juhp: yeah.
05:33:05 <juhp> but I guess if we are in good time we can reserve a public meeting-room
05:33:10 <pravin_s> sure.
05:33:16 <aeng_> works better for us
05:33:17 <pravin_s> lets go with 2-4 then for now.
05:33:18 <juhp> or try to anyway ;)
05:33:32 <tagoh_> juhp: plus easier to attend for people outside Red Hat maybe.
05:33:38 <juhp> right
05:33:41 <pravin_s> please all check the approximate budget against airfare is fine.
05:33:56 <pravin_s> I am going to propose this to council by Friday.
05:34:00 <juhp> so overall weekend might be more attractive/traditional ?
05:34:25 <pravin_s> at least we should keep 1 days gap.
05:34:31 <pravin_s> OS summit ending on Friday.
05:34:37 <pravin_s> so may be we can start by Sunday
05:34:42 <juhp> yes
05:34:45 <pravin_s> Sunday is 1,2 and 3
05:34:47 <juhp> Sunday - Tue might be good
05:34:53 <pravin_s> yes.
05:34:53 <juhp> that is two holidays anyway
05:35:02 <pravin_s> yes
05:35:05 <aeng_> +1
05:35:16 <juhp> might a good compromise
05:35:19 <juhp> be
05:35:21 <pravin_s> also i will need your help to answers questions from Fedora council.
05:35:37 <juhp> right
05:35:55 <pravin_s> they might ask us how important is this, impact to Fedora and do you have any other activity. how it affects to community.
05:36:04 <pravin_s> will need your help may be. :)
05:36:12 <pravin_s> so please join fedora council mailing list.
05:36:21 <pravin_s> and hope for the best :)
05:36:27 <pravin_s> #topic Feature/Change planning for Fedora 23
05:36:29 <aeng_> pravin_s, whats the url?
05:36:32 <pravin_s> #link https://fedorahosted.org/i18n/ticket/50
05:36:36 <aeng_> for the mailing list
05:37:15 <pravin_s> #link https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/council-discuss
05:37:20 <juhp> yes
05:37:26 <aeng_> thanks
05:37:49 <pravin_s> next topic is change proposals for Fedora 23
05:38:35 <pravin_s> deadline is 23rd June, next Tuesday before our planned meeting, so we thought good to discuss change here.
05:38:54 <pravin_s> same time other will get idea of changes and we can get some more input. :)
05:39:01 <pravin_s> will go through action items
05:39:05 <pravin_s> epico to submit change proposal for "switch default Traditional Chinese IME to ibus-libzhuyin"
05:39:15 <pravin_s> mfabian to discuss glibc sub-packaging idea with carlos.
05:39:34 <pravin_s> I missed pining ueno for update on Wayland IM for F23 change proposal.  :(
05:39:40 <pravin_s> pravins to draft change proposal for Audit for default fonts in Fedora.
05:39:45 <pravin_s> fujiwarat do draft change IBus improvement plans for KDE in wiki for F23.
05:39:52 <epico> sure
05:39:54 <pravin_s> pravins do draft change proposal for Unicode 8.0 update for glibc.
05:40:12 <pravin_s> i will draft both proposals today. Unicode 8.0 and Default fonts audit.
05:40:42 <pravin_s> fujiwarat: any chance to draft IBus improvement plan for KDE?
05:41:15 <fujiwarat> pravin_s: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/IBus1.6
05:41:24 <pravin_s> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/IBus1.6
05:41:31 <pravin_s> thanks fujiwarat :)
05:41:52 <pravin_s> mfabian_: did you drafted Glibc locale split proposal?
05:42:37 <ueno> pravin_s, isn't it sufficient to make it as a subtask of https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/WaylandByDefault ("input methods" is already listed there)
05:43:03 <juhp> fujiwarat, it might be considered a system-wide change
05:43:16 <pravin_s> ueno: agree.
05:43:27 <epico> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ibus-libzhuyin
05:43:37 <pravin_s> We are tracking is somewhere, so that is good :)
05:43:46 <pravin_s> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/WaylandByDefault
05:43:46 <juhp> ueno, aha, onscreen keyboard is also there
05:43:58 <pravin_s> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ibus-libzhuyin
05:44:59 <fujiwarat> juhp: agree
05:45:27 <pravin_s> thanks ueno epico :)
05:46:03 <pravin_s> We done with all the topics.
05:46:05 <pravin_s> #topic Open Floor
05:46:13 <pravin_s> anything we missed?
05:46:39 <fujiwarat> will submit https://fujiwara.fedorapeople.org/purple-line/ later.
05:46:45 <aeng_> all topics covered
05:46:57 <apeter> :D
05:47:07 <pravin_s> fujiwarat: nice.
05:47:36 <pravin_s> #info new package https://fujiwara.fedorapeople.org/purple-line/
05:47:54 <pravin_s> lets close the meeting
05:48:01 <pravin_s> thanks everyone for meeting :)
05:48:06 <pravin_s> #endmeeting