17:35:47 <nb> #startmeeting mindshare committee
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17:35:55 <nb> #meetingname mindshare committee
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17:36:03 <bexelbie> actually epel isn't supposed to be in fedora-meeting
17:36:05 <nb> #topic roll call
17:36:15 * jsmith is here... for various definitions of "here"
17:36:17 <nb> bexelbie, oh, do we want to ask them to move? or just continue here?
17:37:00 <nb> it doesn't look like we were on the channel's calendar, i don't think
17:37:08 <bexelbie> .hello bex
17:37:09 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
17:37:09 <nb> I think https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/location/fedora-meeting%40irc.freenode.net%20/ is where it is listed
17:37:10 <nb> .hello2
17:37:11 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
17:37:17 <nb> sumantro, ping
17:37:17 <zodbot> nb: Ping with data, please: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/No_naked_pings
17:37:17 <bexelbie> nb, they aren't on the calendar
17:37:21 * sumantro is here!
17:37:22 <bexelbie> let's move us to a new room and let them keep it
17:37:29 <bexelbie> I've asked them to fix their cal
17:37:36 <bexelbie> I'll move us to #fedora-meeting-3
17:37:37 <bexelbie> ok?
17:37:50 <nb> that works
17:37:52 <sumantro> sure!
17:37:59 <nb> #endmeeting