16:54:58 <nb> #startmeeting mindshare
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16:55:07 <nb> #topic roll call
16:55:13 <nb> .hello2
16:55:13 <zodbot> nb: nb 'Nick Bebout' <nick@bebout.net>
16:55:22 <tg-fedmindshare> <x​3mboy> .hello x3mboy
16:55:22 <nb> #chair bexelbie jsmith relrod
16:55:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: bexelbie jsmith nb relrod
16:55:39 <relrod> hi
16:55:46 <jsmith> .hello2
16:55:47 <zodbot> jsmith: jsmith 'Jared Smith' <jsmith.fedora@gmail.com>
16:55:52 <nb> #topic session topics for flock
16:56:54 <nb> We should probably have a session or two on mindshare at flock
16:56:55 <nb> ideas?
16:57:07 <jsmith> I'd love to have us do a session at Flock around the improvements to the Release Party and small events.
16:57:23 <jsmith> We could also call out the improvements to the swag shipping as well
16:57:27 <nb> maybe a hackfest/workshop where we work on things, and a session where we talk about what we've done in the last year (what jsmith said)
16:58:30 <jsmith> Sounds good to me...
16:58:46 <bexelbie> .hello bex
16:58:47 <zodbot> bexelbie: bex 'Brian (bex) Exelbierd' <bexelbie@redhat.com>
16:58:48 <jsmith> Do you want to propose the hackfest/workshop, and I'll propose the "Mindshare Review"?
16:58:49 * bexelbie is finishing a call
16:58:57 <nb> jsmith, sure
16:59:10 <bexelbie> do we need to wait for the meeting time at 7:30?
16:59:19 <nb> OH!
16:59:21 <nb> SORRY
16:59:30 <nb> I was reading the clock wrong apparently
16:59:41 * nb feels like idiot
17:00:03 <tg-fedmindshare> <x​3mboy> Don't worry, it happens all the time
17:00:35 <nb> bexelbie, should i #endmeeting until meeting time?
17:00:40 <nb> or keep meeting going? or idk what to do
17:00:53 <tg-fedmindshare> <x​3mboy> Just keep it
17:00:59 <bexelbie> I suspect we leave the meeting open, but barring everyone else feeling differently
17:01:01 <bexelbie> wait on folks
17:01:02 <tg-fedmindshare> <x​3mboy> So we had only one log
17:01:05 <bexelbie> ahh wait x3mboy is here
17:01:05 <nb> sounds good to me
17:01:08 <tg-fedmindshare> <j​aredsmith> WORKSFORME
17:01:12 <bexelbie> I was thinking about likely to be missing folks
17:01:18 <bexelbie> relrod, was/is here?
17:01:35 <bexelbie> we are missing likely to attend person bt0dotninja
17:01:47 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> I'm here
17:02:28 <tg-fedmindshare> <x​3mboy> So, we have everyone
17:02:43 <bexelbie> ahh, then I say we keep going unless everyone has stepped away for coffee
17:02:48 * nb is still here
17:02:56 * jsmith is still here...
17:03:32 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> bt0 is still here but not has the cool feature of the third voice od irc
17:03:43 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> third person voice
17:03:54 <nb> so our idea was to havea a workshop at flock  and a mindshare review
17:04:00 * relrod is here, yes. Just dealing with a few things at once
17:04:28 <nb> which reminds me, i need to get off my butt and write the Emeriti proposal
17:05:09 <nb> have we had anyone become advocates yet?
17:05:14 <nb> .members advocates
17:05:15 <zodbot> nb: Members of advocates: amitosh @nb @robyduck
17:06:11 <nb> what do we want to work on at our workshop?
17:06:20 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> sounds like we need more advocates
17:06:37 <bexelbie> we really aren't adding folks to the advocates FAS
17:06:44 <bexelbie> there doesn't seem to be a reason to do it
17:07:10 <bexelbie> and no one has asked, other htan ambassadors which makes me think the advocates themselves don't see the FAS group as a needed thing
17:07:27 <bexelbie> on the other hand, people are creating events and making requests
17:07:31 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> good point
17:07:36 <bexelbie> it seems titles are not what we needed to motivate them
17:07:37 <nb> true
17:07:48 <bexelbie> and that removing some of hte gatekeeping and writing down our policies was what helped
17:07:49 <nb> I think the advocates FAS is only really needed if it is someone who is not CLA+1
17:07:52 <bexelbie> but this is just my supposition
17:08:07 <nb> since advocates could serve as their +1
17:08:12 <bexelbie> true
17:08:22 * bexelbie would prefer to not let that be a +1 as a general rule though
17:08:30 <nb> bexelbie, I agree, i think making the process simpler is what has helped
17:08:34 <bexelbie> I'd rather see these be folks active in the project and using that for an event/etc.
17:08:40 <nb> i agree
17:08:42 <bexelbie> not showing up just to do an event about a project they aren't active in
17:09:06 <bexelbie> I do, howver recognize that not all activity comes with a fas group - and that a few things need it
17:09:15 <bexelbie> though it seems nothing we do requires CLA+1
17:10:03 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> sounds good for me
17:10:09 <bexelbie> quasi-related, I finally updated https://budget.fedoraproject.org/budget/docs/reimbursement.html with the reimbursement process mechanics
17:10:22 <bexelbie> not a directly mindshare thing - but more about documenting the process
17:10:53 <jsmith> Yay for documentation... thanks bexelbie
17:11:31 <nb> nice
17:12:50 <nb> #action nb to propose Mindshare Workshop @ Flock
17:12:59 <nb> #action jsmith to propose Mindshare Review at Flock
17:14:03 <nb> anything else?
17:14:17 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> not from me
17:14:45 <bexelbie> I'm good
17:14:49 <bexelbie> ty for running hte meeting nb
17:15:17 <nb> #endmeeting