17:31:22 <riecatnor> #startmeeting Mindshare
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17:31:23 <riecatnor> #topic Hello
17:31:31 <nb> hi
17:31:32 <pbokoc> Hi everyone
17:31:41 <riecatnor> hi team!
17:31:44 <hhlp> .hello hhlp
17:31:45 <zodbot> hhlp: hhlp 'Héctor H. Louzao P.' <louzaoh@gmail.com>
17:31:48 <bt0> Hi :)
17:32:02 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
17:32:03 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
17:32:08 <riecatnor> instead of asking how everyone is.. what is everyone drinking today?
17:32:16 <riecatnor> I am drinking pour over coffee
17:32:22 <bt0> Pepsi :(
17:32:31 <riecatnor> *and* I also have some seltzer and guava juice
17:32:38 <riecatnor> lol, why :(
17:33:09 <riecatnor> ?
17:33:28 <bt0> I have a fancy kind of tea but when i decide what drink take the quick and dirty option
17:33:59 <riecatnor> lol, I get it.
17:34:06 <x3mboy> .hello2
17:34:08 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
17:34:11 <riecatnor> I have been taking a little extra time to do the pour over coffee, and it's worth it
17:34:17 <riecatnor> .hello2
17:34:18 <zodbot> riecatnor: riecatnor 'None' <mnordin@redhat.com>
17:34:34 <riecatnor> #topic tickets
17:34:37 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/233
17:35:17 <bt0> :P
17:35:49 <riecatnor> this is a great start, bt0!
17:36:34 <bt0> I have many questions... Particularly about the Privacy and Content
17:37:21 <bt0> By example, Ask gender and/or pronouns can be good (I think)
17:37:31 <riecatnor> mhm, looks like content policy is needed
17:37:55 <riecatnor> mm, we can't ask that
17:37:56 <bt0> maybe FAS accounts can be considered as Personal Information
17:38:44 <x3mboy> Oh, we can
17:38:54 <x3mboy> But we don't want to because we are too sensitive
17:39:06 <x3mboy> Sorry, because it's not right to ask it
17:39:26 <bt0> Yeah, using the example of the gender we are limiting important questions for D&I
17:39:49 <x3mboy> This world is going to improve when you understand that there are 2 and only 2 genders, and everything else is just a particular choice or taste
17:39:49 <riecatnor> It has nothing to do with right and wrong
17:40:04 <riecatnor> It has to do with legality
17:40:08 <x3mboy> s/you/everyone/g
17:40:13 <bt0> ok, I undertand
17:40:26 <riecatnor> x3mboy, that is your opinion, and it is pretty invalidating to a lot of people.
17:40:32 <x3mboy> Ask for gender it's a legal problem where and how?
17:40:38 <riecatnor> because of GDPR
17:41:14 <bt0> .me is googling GDPR
17:41:28 <x3mboy> Ok, need to read that. I'm pretty sure that you can use data for statistical purpose without any issue, but better to hace it really clear
17:41:43 <x3mboy> If it's an issue, then we don't ask
17:42:01 <bt0> But right I was thinking about that and we need very clear policies about content and privacy :)
17:42:02 <riecatnor> In Fedora we don't question peoples gender identities, and we certainly don't make statements like "that there are 2 and only 2 genders"
17:42:24 <riecatnor> Not okay.
17:42:51 <misc> (especially since intersex people do exist)
17:43:00 <bt0> right
17:43:15 <misc> (like, wikipedia explain it a bit better than me)
17:43:16 <x3mboy> I'm talking as a Fedora rep, that's my opinion, and it's based on scientific facts.
17:43:25 <x3mboy> But that's not the point of the conversation
17:43:27 <riecatnor> It is not based in science
17:43:37 <riecatnor> yes, but that statement really offended me
17:44:03 <x3mboy> I'm sorry about that, it was not my intention
17:44:35 <riecatnor> bt0 can you chair the meeting for now? I will be back in a bit
17:44:51 <riecatnor> I need to take a break.
17:45:12 <misc> well, but that was the effect, I am also slightly distrubed to see that being said as a opinion when I heard it from far less respectable people than you :/
17:45:49 <x3mboy> We can discuss it outside the meeting
17:46:35 <bt0> Ok
17:47:27 <bt0> Well,m Any comment about the policies and the content of the ticket #233 please add it on the ticket
17:48:12 <x3mboy> Don't take me wrong, I'm not against the LGBT+ community or anything. I understand the choices and respect them, and support their rights, since I also have the opinion that everyone is the same and should be threated with the same respect, not matter what they are or beilieve
17:48:39 <x3mboy> s/beileive/beleive/g
17:49:37 <bt0> x3mboy, hhlp how do you look the ticket template for lime survey?
17:49:54 <x3mboy> bt0, yes, I read it. I think is ok
17:49:55 <x3mboy> +1
17:50:07 <bt0> maybe I can make this PR today :)
17:50:44 <x3mboy> Voting?
17:50:58 <bt0> yeah please
17:51:00 <x3mboy> Or schedule voting for next meeting?
17:51:02 <bt0> or in the ticket
17:51:07 <hhlp> not bad... good enough for beginning
17:51:11 <x3mboy> Ok, vote in the ticket
17:51:16 <bt0> :)
17:51:31 <hhlp> thx bt0 for your works
17:51:32 <bt0> #ticket https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/232
17:52:13 <bt0> I don't see Nasir recently I hope he is fine
17:52:40 <hhlp> maybe he is relaxing he is everywhere helping a lot :)
17:52:58 <bt0> yeah he is RockStar of fedora
17:53:21 <bt0> Maybe I can help with some draft
17:53:34 <bt0> until he come again to the task
17:54:33 <bt0> Another ticket you want to review? (before the ambys revamp)
17:59:15 <bt0> ok, I choose this one:
17:59:26 <bt0> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/217
18:00:40 <bt0> The release of F33 is coming so we need to define the process of multiple virtual Release parties across the globe :)
18:01:40 <hhlp> this ticket has some related with hopin that we talked the last week
18:02:40 <bt0> yes
18:03:13 <hhlp> until ticket 234 is in progress we can't do too much
18:03:29 <nb> IIRC, Marie is working on getting a hopin contract signed
18:03:40 <nb> I've offered to help people wit hthe platform after our account is created
18:04:00 <bt0> hi nb
18:04:21 <hhlp> I updated the ticket 217 blocking by 234
18:04:35 <bt0> I have a draft of how to organize virtual events
18:04:42 <bt0> thanks hhlp
18:04:47 <nb> hhlp I think you actually did it backwards
18:04:53 <nb> 234 should be blocking 217
18:05:11 <hhlp> done nb
18:05:41 <nb> 217 shows that it "blocks" 234, but it should be that 234 blocks 217
18:05:43 * nb will fix
18:06:12 <bt0> (I don't remember were was that draft) so at least we will propose a draft in the mindshare docs
18:06:28 <nb> is fixed now
18:06:37 <hhlp> thx nb
18:06:49 <bt0> nb++
18:07:05 <bt0> .thanks nb
18:07:15 <hhlp> nb++
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18:07:23 <bt0> what is the right command?
18:07:52 <nb> bt0 nb++ and .thank nb
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18:07:53 <nb> .alias add thanks thank
18:07:55 <zodbot> nb: Kneel before zod!
18:07:58 <nb> .thanks bt0
18:07:58 <zodbot> nb thinks bt0 is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please also type bt0++ since that is what gives them a cookie)
18:08:03 <bt0> .thank nb
18:08:03 <zodbot> bt0 thinks nb is awesome and is happy they are helping! (Please also type nb++ since that is what gives them a cookie)
18:08:07 <nb> bt0 now .thanks will work too :)
18:08:07 <bt0> :)
18:08:20 <bt0> amazing
18:09:45 <bt0> another ticket than you want to review?
18:09:52 <riecatnor> Hi, back!
18:10:12 <nb> wb riecatnor
18:11:40 <x3mboy> Bye guys,I will read the logs and vote on tickets where is needed
18:11:46 <bt0> ok
18:13:28 <riecatnor> It would be good to discuss the release parties in further detail
18:13:37 <bt0> cool
18:14:01 <riecatnor> I have the info we will need
18:14:11 <riecatnor> I can add that into the ticket, but lets talk dates
18:15:26 <riecatnor> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-33/f-33-key-tasks.html
18:15:56 <riecatnor> looks like final target date is october 27th 2020
18:17:19 <bt0> yeah
18:17:24 <riecatnor> lol I see an opportunity for a halloween themed release party
18:18:08 <bt0> sounds great
18:18:11 <riecatnor> Based on HopIns structure we can do a 72 hour event
18:18:22 <riecatnor> bt0, idk, I think its just a US thing?
18:18:54 <bt0> We have the "dia de muertos" in the same dates
18:19:07 <riecatnor> Oh interesting
18:19:15 <riecatnor> I think I did know that :)
18:19:34 <riecatnor> well, I think we should propose three dates, and see what organizers can do
18:19:49 <riecatnor> Can we make a list of past release party organizers
18:20:02 <bt0> sounds like a plan
18:20:05 <riecatnor> I guess we would pull that from the mindshare tickets?
18:20:12 <bt0> I have that list :P
18:20:21 <riecatnor> ok great
18:20:34 <hhlp> halowwen is an international day in this era
18:21:13 <bt0> I will put the list on the ticket
18:21:30 <riecatnor> so I will propose that weekend of oct 31st, the next of nov 7th, and next of nov 14th
18:21:57 <riecatnor> once I get more of the info together, I think we can send a direct email to past organizers to gain interest
18:22:44 <riecatnor> Also at that time, send an email to mindshare/ambassadors/announce(?) for the same
18:23:23 <riecatnor> I wondering what will be the best way to deal with cfp/scheduling/sessions for this
18:23:28 <riecatnor> for example with nest we had the flock repo
18:23:45 <riecatnor> like, we can use Mindshare repo, but don't want to clutter that :P
18:23:52 <riecatnor> and we will need to do something similar for FWD
18:24:03 <riecatnor> It might make sense to have a virtual event repo
18:24:12 <bt0> +1
18:24:37 <riecatnor> and it can have the resources specific to virtual events there
18:24:44 <riecatnor> how do we go about setting that up?
18:24:51 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Interesting. If I'm not wrong is also going to be around the time of Diwali in India
18:24:59 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Lots of fireworks!
18:25:46 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> 14th November
18:25:59 <bt0> nice
18:27:47 <riecatnor> I love seeing how different cultures traditions overlap. It is the changing of the seasons, makes sense to celebrate :D
18:28:16 <riecatnor> so, real quick, before the meeting ends
18:28:20 <riecatnor> how do we get a new repo set up?
18:28:34 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> git init?
18:28:50 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> On Pagure?
18:29:02 <bt0> let me research it, I need it to update some commops things
18:29:35 <x3mboy[m]> <riecatnor "Also at that time, send an email"> We have to sent the call for RPs, it's part of our dutties
18:30:03 <sayak> https://pagure.io/new
18:30:07 <x3mboy[m]> #link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRdeqBJATwU
18:30:46 <x3mboy[m]> Sorry, wrong ink it was on my pastebin
18:30:48 <x3mboy[m]> #undo
18:30:55 <x3mboy[m]> #link https://fedorapeople.org/groups/schedule/f-33/f-33-mindshare-tasks.html
18:30:56 <bt0> thanks sayak++
18:31:18 <riecatnor> who wants to open the new repo? :)
18:31:19 <bt0> Project namespaces :)
18:31:26 <riecatnor> virtual-events
18:31:31 <x3mboy[m]> Also, be careful, you need to create the project under the team you want to create it
18:31:37 <sayak> I dont have access to the namespace though
18:31:55 <x3mboy[m]> I create a repo called toolbox and for mistake I created it directly over the pagure root
18:31:58 <riecatnor> ah, I do
18:32:52 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Back to Telegram now. Hexchat has some theming issues fir to rich I can't set what I'm typing in! 😅
18:32:56 <riecatnor> hmm Default Branch
18:33:11 <riecatnor> what would that be
18:33:13 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Awesome!!
18:33:24 <riecatnor> the same, virtual-events?
18:33:55 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> primary or maybe virtual-events
18:34:31 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> I wouldn't recommend using the traditional "master" naming convention
18:34:38 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-mindshare/virtual-events/issues
18:35:15 <riecatnor> done :D
18:35:22 <riecatnor> needs some love, but the basis is there
18:35:48 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Awesome! It just needs a README now
18:36:00 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Ahh
18:36:07 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> I see it's already there
18:36:22 <bt0> cool :)
18:36:36 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Should we create a label for release parties?
18:36:53 <riecatnor> yes, definitely, and also fedora women's day
18:36:58 <bt0> yeah and a ticket template
18:37:09 <riecatnor> I can make the labels
18:37:53 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> How do ticket templates work on Pagure? Same as GitHub/GitLab?
18:39:10 <hhlp> @Bugsmith -> https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/ticket_templates.html
18:39:20 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Thanks!
18:39:26 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> hhlp++
18:39:29 <hhlp> you're welcome
18:39:39 <bt0> hhlp++
18:39:54 <riecatnor> bugsmith, are you going to work on a template for us? :D
18:40:06 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> Sure.
18:40:20 <tg-fedmindshare> <B​ugsmith> I'll send in a PR! ☺️
18:42:22 <riecatnor> thank you!
18:42:26 <riecatnor> ok, we are way over time
18:42:31 <riecatnor> thanks everyone! have a great day
18:42:33 <riecatnor> :D
18:42:35 <riecatnor> #endmeeting