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17:31:29 <riecatnor> #topic Hello
17:31:32 <hhlp> .hello hhlp
17:31:33 <zodbot> hhlp: hhlp 'Héctor H. Louzao P.' <louzaoh@gmail.com>
17:31:37 <x3mboy> .hello2
17:31:38 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
17:31:43 <riecatnor> .hello riecatnor[m]
17:31:44 <zodbot> riecatnor: Sorry, but you don't exist
17:31:49 <riecatnor> hello riecatnor
17:31:55 <riecatnor> .hello riecatnor
17:31:55 <zodbot> riecatnor: riecatnor 'Marie Nordin' <mnordin@redhat.com>
17:31:56 <riecatnor> LOL
17:32:05 <x3mboy> LMAO
17:32:13 <x3mboy> That happens
17:32:14 <riecatnor> so smooth haha
17:32:17 <riecatnor> how's everyone?
17:32:25 <x3mboy> Tired
17:32:27 <x3mboy> And mad
17:32:31 <riecatnor> :/
17:32:33 * hhlp good thx and you!
17:32:33 <x3mboy> But well, life happens
17:32:46 <riecatnor> Yeah, things are really tough these days
17:33:02 <riecatnor> we appreciate you being here :)
17:33:15 <pbokoc> Hi everyone
17:33:15 <riecatnor> I am hanging in! Enjoying a rainy half day
17:33:29 <x3mboy> Thanks
17:33:56 <riecatnor> #topic fedora 33 release party
17:34:12 <x3mboy> Oh, I missed 2nd day horribly
17:34:19 <x3mboy> Even my lightning talk
17:34:26 <x3mboy> The 1st day was awesome!
17:34:41 <hhlp> yes really great a lot of new stuff
17:34:49 <x3mboy> .thanks riecatnor
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17:35:01 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> Absolutely amazing
17:35:04 <riecatnor> yeah, I had a convo/feedback session on the second day- we thought it would be better suited as a one day event
17:35:11 <riecatnor> awesome :D
17:35:21 <hhlp> riecatnor++
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17:35:41 <riecatnor> And, I thought the sessions were kinda rushed. We had a couple ideas.. give each topic 1/2 hour instead of 15 minutes. maybe reduce the number of topics
17:35:51 <x3mboy> No, no. I wanted to be on the 2nd day, it was my son's classes that went out of control
17:36:03 <riecatnor> x3mboy, sure :)
17:36:09 <riecatnor> the attendance was very low generally though
17:36:32 <riecatnor> (on second dayP
17:37:17 <riecatnor> mattdm had another idea, do a lightning talk session with a bunch of quick updates.. and then have longer sessions on just a couple topics
17:37:56 <tg-fedmindshare> <b​t0dotninja> Sounds good too
17:38:34 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> .hello thunderbirdtr
17:38:50 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/217
17:39:02 <riecatnor> I will start making some notes to leave on this ticket as we discuss
17:39:07 <riecatnor> what did people think worked best
17:40:47 <riecatnor> hi thunderbirdtr!
17:40:57 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Hello
17:41:21 <bt0> hi
17:41:42 <riecatnor> Do we want to do a survey on peoples experience?
17:43:03 <bt0> why not
17:43:33 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Could be nice to have it for better stats
17:45:23 <riecatnor> bt0, bc that takes work ;)
17:45:39 <riecatnor> I haven't written one up yet, but we can translate from fwd or nest pretty easily
17:45:57 <riecatnor> how so wrt better stats?
17:46:18 <riecatnor> Should we also coordinate a blog post for the commblog?
17:46:20 <x3mboy> The question, as any survey is: Do we need that feedback? Will we use that feedback for something?
17:46:36 <riecatnor> x3mboy, yep, I have the feedback and will use it for the next event
17:47:37 <x3mboy> Then, let's go with the survey
17:47:37 <riecatnor> Idk, I am also in the mind that we have had a couple events recently, with surveys, and maybe we just need to process and implement those in the future
17:47:47 <riecatnor> are we survey saturated?
17:47:50 <x3mboy> That's true too
17:48:16 <riecatnor> I am -1 to survey, +1 to commblog post
17:48:32 <x3mboy> Me too
17:48:41 <x3mboy> +1 to commblog post
17:49:05 <pbokoc> yeah, good point about the survey saturation
17:49:20 <pbokoc> commblog post sounds good
17:49:38 <riecatnor> ok, noting that
17:49:55 <riecatnor> I can process the poll data from the actual event and make graphs like I did for Nest
17:50:41 <bt0> +1 too for the commblog post
17:50:43 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> riecatnor, you can also ask from event owners to do it. So you don't have to deal and make your workflow lighter ?
17:50:51 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> +1 for blog as well.
17:51:02 <riecatnor> I think I am the event owner....
17:51:07 <hhlp> +1
17:51:26 <riecatnor> but, I could pass the data to someone to make graphs
17:51:45 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Thats works too.
17:52:09 <riecatnor> anyone up for writing an event report?
17:52:11 <bt0> :) me I love make graphs
17:52:17 <riecatnor> oh! ok cool bt0 :)
17:52:22 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> If you need help about that I can help for graphs too
17:52:23 <x3mboy> I think we need to publish a process to host local virtual RP
17:52:29 <x3mboy> Or we can't do that?
17:53:22 <riecatnor> what would be the benefit of doing it separately?
17:56:25 <riecatnor> do we have a volunteer to write a blog post? :)
17:56:33 <bt0> me
17:56:40 <riecatnor> bt0, you can't take every action lol
17:56:49 <riecatnor> but, if you want :)
17:56:49 <bt0> ok
17:56:52 <riecatnor> lol
17:57:05 <bt0> :P
17:57:16 <riecatnor> I am leaving that one open for the moment
17:57:30 <riecatnor> We need to address video editing.. we can't constantly rely on bcotton to edit.
17:57:46 <riecatnor> Also, I haven't heard from tatica about editing the FWD videos so I think we are looking for someone to help there as well
17:58:06 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> What kind of editing required?
17:58:08 <riecatnor> who do we have in the fedora community with video editing skills? :)
17:58:55 <riecatnor> We will need each session to be clipped at the beginning and end, add a cover slide, edit out any major technical difficulties that occur during the session
17:59:28 <riecatnor> I am working on getting the release party videos into a folder. I have the FWD ones already to go in one now
18:01:10 <bt0> i don't have any skill of voice, video or image editing :(
18:01:33 <riecatnor> I was thinking about learning :P but ehhhh maybe I shouldnt LOL
18:01:45 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I have limited skills and try to handle that kind of editing.
18:02:22 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I can try to handle and send over to you. And if you think that's okay. I can finish but ofc will take some little time.
18:03:02 <riecatnor> Ok :)
18:03:41 <riecatnor> want to PM me your email address or send here
18:03:50 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Sure...
18:04:05 <riecatnor> It needs to be a gmail account or I will need to work on uploading them somewhere else
18:04:48 <riecatnor> one sec, let me share the folder now
18:04:57 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Okay
18:05:03 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I sent it
18:05:34 <riecatnor> Let me get the cover slide that bcotton made for nest
18:06:00 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Thank you
18:07:01 <riecatnor> Ok, I asked bcotton to put that in the same folder
18:07:33 <bt0> awesome
18:07:43 <riecatnor> x3mboy, do you have rights to upload videos to our youtube now?
18:07:52 <x3mboy> yes
18:07:53 <x3mboy> I have
18:08:00 <riecatnor> when we have the edited files ready, can you upload for us?
18:08:05 <bt0> me too
18:08:13 <riecatnor> cool!
18:08:21 <nb> I am not good at video editing
18:08:37 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Okay, I got the video folder and will check and send you email results and add edited versions to same folder and continue to it.
18:08:52 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Thanks Marie
18:09:13 <riecatnor> I am reaching out to another person who does video editing right now
18:09:40 <nb> cool
18:10:39 <riecatnor> So, any thing else we want to do for release party wrap up?
18:11:04 <nb> I downloaded some of the videos and will be watching them
18:11:14 <x3mboy> Sure, I can
18:11:27 <bt0> not from me
18:11:40 <x3mboy> Just give them to me and ping me that I have to upload them
18:11:49 <riecatnor> great :)
18:12:11 <riecatnor> I think it went really well overall!
18:12:15 <riecatnor> We had 171 attendees
18:12:20 <riecatnor> 229 registrations
18:12:28 <riecatnor> that is like 75% turnout which is nice
18:12:52 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> awesome !
18:13:00 <riecatnor> Python 3.9 was the largest info session with 63 attendees
18:13:38 <riecatnor> Hallway track (english) was the most popular with 86 attendees
18:14:36 <riecatnor> so... Good job everyone :D
18:14:55 <riecatnor> I think when we do the next one, we can take the time to put that in our docs as well?
18:15:03 <riecatnor> or should we work on documenting that now
18:15:22 <nb> I am looking forward to watching the AWS and BTRFS and Nano talks
18:15:26 <nb> even though vi rules
18:15:29 <nb> lol
18:15:40 <riecatnor> You know, this might be more related to generally creating a virtual event outline for people
18:15:48 <riecatnor> I think if we had that, we could allow people to propose events
18:16:03 <riecatnor> x3mboy, that might satisfy the desire to make some local events happen :)
18:16:16 <riecatnor> nb lol
18:16:19 <x3mboy> That makes sense
18:16:51 <riecatnor> there is a ticket for that too.. I have been too busy running events to work on that lol
18:16:55 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> We want more tetris :)
18:17:09 <riecatnor> oh, you are looking to get beat again,eh?? :D
18:17:24 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Oh I'm practicing... :)
18:17:31 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> We will see :)
18:18:21 <riecatnor> hahahah yes
18:18:29 <riecatnor> ok
18:18:34 <riecatnor> #topic open floor
18:18:50 <riecatnor> since we don't have time to get into tickets.. anything have something to bring up?
18:19:21 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Not from me but will talk to you later on about vide process
18:19:27 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Video*
18:19:38 <riecatnor> sure, telegram is good to reach me
18:19:49 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Sure thanks
18:20:07 <nb> anyone interested in packaging, please feel free to join our new telegram group
18:20:31 <nb> we are trying to make a CoC-compliant group to replace the old one
18:20:33 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I would like to join that too thanks
18:20:45 <hhlp> and what is it?
18:20:49 <nb> @glaucopsyche I will invite you
18:20:49 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> And want to learn more about it
18:21:07 <riecatnor> nb, curious what that means
18:21:12 <hhlp> uhmm only invite...
18:21:24 <riecatnor> coc-compliant group.. meaning it wasn't coc-compliant before? lol
18:22:13 <nb> riecatnor person who runs the other packagers group is currently suspended from Fedora
18:22:28 <riecatnor> Oh.
18:22:31 <riecatnor> Understood
18:22:54 <nb> https://t.me/FedoraPackaging
18:22:56 <bt0> x3mboy I send an email for you , maybe is in your spam si abut a commops ticket :)
18:22:57 <nb> should let you join the new group
18:23:15 <x3mboy> Ok, I will look at it after lunch
18:23:44 <riecatnor> I joined :)
18:23:57 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I'm in too tu
18:23:59 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Ty
18:25:21 <riecatnor> alright peeps
18:25:25 <riecatnor> thanks for being here :)
18:25:31 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> Thank you too
18:25:31 <hhlp> thx you i don't make too noise :)
18:25:33 <riecatnor> bt0, wanna take that blog post? I can help
18:25:48 <riecatnor> If you make a draft, I can help with edits
18:26:00 <bt0> Awesome, yes riecatnor
18:26:10 <bt0> action me :)
18:26:28 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> No, ask for more badge :)
18:27:03 <riecatnor> #action bt0 to draft commblog post for release party
18:27:18 <riecatnor> #endmeeting