17:32:24 <riecatnor> #startmeeting Mindshare
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17:32:24 <riecatnor> #meetingname Mindshare
17:32:24 <riecatnor> #chair bt0dotninja codeblock hhlp nb pbokoc riecatnor x3mboy tatica siddharthvipul1
17:32:24 <riecatnor> #info About Mindshare: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/mindshare/
17:32:24 <riecatnor> #topic Hello
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17:32:31 <riecatnor> .hello riecatnor
17:32:31 <nb> hi
17:32:31 <zodbot> riecatnor: riecatnor 'Marie Nordin' <mnordin@redhat.com>
17:32:40 <riecatnor> hiya nb
17:32:40 <x3mboy> .hello2
17:32:41 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
17:33:28 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> o/
17:33:42 <bt0> .hello bt0dotninja
17:33:43 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
17:33:52 <pbokoc> Hi everyone
17:34:06 <bt0> Hi pbokoc :)
17:34:25 <riecatnor> hiii everyone!
17:34:44 <riecatnor> how's everybody doin today??
17:35:34 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Back after 5 days loooong weekend.
17:35:34 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Doing great
17:35:39 <pbokoc> I'm good, how about you riecatnor?
17:35:50 <riecatnor> nice Vipul
17:36:06 <riecatnor> I am excited bc I have two weeks PTO coming up! next week and the week after
17:36:24 <riecatnor> Would someone like to chair the meetings in my absence or should we cancel?
17:38:37 <pbokoc> I'm fine with canceling unless there's something urgent
17:39:11 <tg-fedmindshare> <S​iddharthVipul> Too late for me, so can't chair :(
17:39:56 <bt0> Me
17:40:24 <riecatnor> ok, thanks bt0 !
17:40:29 <bt0> :)
17:40:38 <riecatnor> I only run it if there are at least 3 people :)
17:40:43 <riecatnor> (including me lol)
17:40:49 <bt0> cool
17:40:57 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> I'm coming to IRC
17:40:59 <tg-fedmindshare> <G​laucopsyche> wait :)
17:41:09 <riecatnor> lol we aren't going anywhere!
17:41:31 <riecatnor> #topic tickets
17:41:37 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/217
17:42:23 <riecatnor> bt0, cool graphic! can we adjust the colors?
17:42:30 <bt0> sure
17:43:09 <riecatnor> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Logo/UsageGuidelines#Colors
17:43:20 <thunderbirdtr> .hello thunderbirdtr
17:43:20 <zodbot> thunderbirdtr: thunderbirdtr 'Onuralp SEZER' <thunderbirdtr@gmail.com>
17:43:43 <bt0> do you have something in mind?
17:44:02 <riecatnor> if you go to the link I sent, there are 10 colors used for Fedora things. Not sure if we have polls with more than 10 answers
17:44:09 <riecatnor> (if we can exclude black, would be nicer)
17:44:15 <riecatnor> so 9 colors to use
17:45:05 <riecatnor> #3c6eb4 #294172 #db3279 #e59728 #79db32 #a07cbc #4c4c4c #8c8c8c #dedede
17:45:28 <riecatnor> #info using #3c6eb4 #294172 #db3279 #e59728 #79db32 #a07cbc #4c4c4c #8c8c8c #dedede to create poll graphics
17:45:58 <riecatnor> Can we adjust typeface as well?
17:46:28 <riecatnor> We use Open Sans or Montserrat
17:46:31 <bt0> cool
17:46:54 <bt0> I will make that changes
17:47:09 <riecatnor> Awesome!
17:48:16 <riecatnor> bt0 I shared a folder with you, can you upload the PNGs there once all the graphs are generated?
17:48:31 <bt0> sure
17:49:00 <riecatnor> cool
17:49:07 <riecatnor> thunderbirdtr, how are you?
17:49:19 <riecatnor> did you have a chance to work on the FWD videos I shared?
17:49:22 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, was busy and working on videos (almost done)
17:49:24 <riecatnor> I just shared the release party videos
17:49:29 <riecatnor> Awesome :D
17:49:54 <riecatnor> When you are finished, can you upload them to the same folder I shared with you?
17:49:59 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, I'll upload to them to you. so we can discuss, I have some questions like is there any YT friendly changes do we want or upload as it is.
17:50:16 <riecatnor> sure!
17:50:18 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, also do I need to change SVG title
17:50:27 <thunderbirdtr> for each video or leave as it is ?
17:50:35 <thunderbirdtr> for all of them.
17:51:07 <riecatnor> thunderbirdtr, is the file in there adjusted from what bcotton uploaded?
17:51:29 <riecatnor> I think I need to assist with this part :)
17:52:06 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, well, file is gone :)
17:52:18 <thunderbirdtr> oh okay, I found it.
17:52:23 <thunderbirdtr> yea there is a SVG in folder
17:52:31 <riecatnor> is that the original?
17:53:03 <thunderbirdtr> Created by Ben Cotton , I think it is the original one ?
17:53:30 <riecatnor> ok, cool! I will make the cover slides
17:54:19 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, oh, okay that will be answer then
17:54:22 <thunderbirdtr> thank you.
17:54:52 <riecatnor> bt0, any luck finding time for a blog post draft?
17:55:19 <bt0> :( sorry busy week
17:56:30 <riecatnor> absolutely no worries :)
17:56:37 <riecatnor> I didn't want you to do it anyway lol
17:57:00 <bt0> :P
17:57:06 <riecatnor> I think if I have the poll results, we have the videos up.. I can write a short paragraph to accompany that
17:57:40 <riecatnor> alright, anything else on the release party?
17:58:32 <bt0> not from me
17:58:37 <riecatnor> ok cool
17:58:39 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/244
17:58:51 <riecatnor> nothing for us to do, just awareness :)
17:59:10 <riecatnor> I have looked through the survey and it is good to go, seems like it is all set
17:59:28 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/241
17:59:57 <riecatnor> guess we need a couple more votes on this :)
18:00:05 <riecatnor> if you are happy with the proposal, please comment
18:00:56 <bt0> It's a reasonable proposal ( I think )
18:01:44 <riecatnor> if you are not, also comment and tell us why :D
18:01:51 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/236
18:02:53 <riecatnor> nothing for us to do, just awareness.. the community outreach revamp team is working on contacting sponsors or mentors to see if they want to continue participating in that role
18:03:25 <riecatnor> once we get that settled and adjusted in FAS, we will have achieved the first deliverable!
18:03:27 <bt0> super
18:04:30 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/220
18:05:37 <bt0> :P
18:05:53 <riecatnor> I just added the art files to our ticket for convenience
18:06:05 <riecatnor> is there someone who would like to get this pushed out to our docs page? :)
18:07:04 <riecatnor> you know... it would be cool to publish all these infographics in a series on the community blog
18:07:18 <bt0> Amazing artwork
18:07:32 <bt0> +1 for the commblog post
18:07:46 <riecatnor> ok, hold on, let me open a ticket for that idea :P
18:07:59 <riecatnor> does it make sense to open that on the commops repo?
18:08:04 <riecatnor> or mindshare
18:08:24 <pbokoc> I'd say commops fits better
18:08:42 <riecatnor> I think it would be nice to open a ticket on another teams repo instead of ours hahah
18:08:50 <riecatnor> :P
18:09:07 <riecatnor> meanwhile, any volunteers to push the mindshare one to our docs page?
18:09:21 <pbokoc> regarding putting the graphic into docs... when do you need it? I guess I could do it (I'm assuming you want to cut it into a bunch of separate images and make each one a link?
18:09:28 <pbokoc> buuuuuut I'm kinda on PTO the whole week... :)
18:10:01 <riecatnor> nah, I just want the one image pushed
18:10:11 <pbokoc> oh okay then, I'll do that
18:10:18 <bt0> cool
18:11:18 <riecatnor> I think we could create a new drop down menu for "Infographics"
18:11:28 <riecatnor> -> "2019-2020"
18:11:58 <riecatnor> does that make sense? I am not sure how to request what I am thinking of
18:12:07 <pbokoc> Yeah, I was just checking out where to put it. A new entry in the left sidebar sounds best
18:12:14 <riecatnor> yes, that!
18:12:16 <riecatnor> thanks :)
18:12:43 <riecatnor> I would like to get an updated one every year or so if we can
18:14:03 <riecatnor> one sec, opening commops ticket
18:14:11 <bt0> lol ok
18:14:28 <riecatnor> do we have any ideas for a title for the series
18:16:10 <riecatnor> ohhh we can add in the info from here: https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/220
18:16:23 <bt0> +1, i will comment
18:17:12 <riecatnor> still can't think of a cool title
18:18:44 <riecatnor> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/223
18:20:17 <riecatnor> cooooll
18:20:20 <riecatnor> #topic open floor
18:21:09 <riecatnor> whose got things :)
18:22:04 <pbokoc> one more thing about the infographic - is there a pair of exact(ish) dates those numbers come from? I.e. Aug 2019 - Aug 2020?
18:22:17 <pbokoc> seems useful to mention on that page, since it's not Jan-Dec
18:23:11 <riecatnor> Let's go with that!
18:23:21 <riecatnor> wait.. actually i am not sure that makes sense.
18:23:32 <riecatnor> Because if i read the info, it looks more like info from 2019
18:23:48 <riecatnor> I think we can safely label this 2019
18:23:59 <riecatnor> 2020 was not really about events or swag shipments
18:24:55 <bt0> right
18:25:01 <pbokoc> hmm, yeah, that makes sense.
18:25:52 <riecatnor> I have one thing I wanted to tell you, my friends.. Miko, my precious kitty, has passed on due to kidney disease. I think everyone of you has been forced to watch me show her off on camera lol.. She is greatly missed </3
18:26:08 <bt0> :(
18:26:19 <pbokoc> I'm sorry to hear that
18:26:37 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, :(
18:26:42 <riecatnor> she was my little furry shadow for the last ten years!
18:26:54 <riecatnor> thanks, everyone.
18:27:07 <riecatnor> Another reason I am happy to have some time off coming
18:27:44 <riecatnor> #info riecatnor will be on pto for the week of nov 22nd & nov 29th
18:27:53 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, so can we have F34 codename "Miko" :) for kitties
18:28:05 <riecatnor> thunderbirdtr, that would be so epic lol
18:28:10 <thunderbirdtr> riecatnor, yup :)
18:28:46 <riecatnor> Thanks everyone!!
18:29:11 <riecatnor> have a great couple weeks, you might see me around lol
18:29:13 <riecatnor> #endmeeting