21:01:32 <sijis> #startmeeting
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21:01:43 <sijis> #topic Who is here?
21:02:04 * sijis thinks it will be low turnout, since there was no reminder sent
21:02:50 * gbinns 
21:03:27 <gbinns> Should I set a reminder to email the website mailing list from now on every Thursday?
21:04:11 <sijis> yeah, that would be awesome.
21:04:15 <sijis> i tend to forget sometimes.
21:04:26 <gbinns> Ok, no worries, done - you do a ton of stuff.
21:04:35 <sijis> i think after a few times, folks who are interested will remember.
21:04:52 <sijis> at least that's what i'd hope.
21:05:26 <gbinns> #action gbinns will send a reminder on thursday each week so that people will have an extra 'heads up' about weekly website meetings
21:05:53 <sijis> #topic get.fp.o
21:06:13 <sijis> so, get stuff is coming along just fine.
21:06:35 <sijis> there are still a few tasks to be completed and 1 problem noted
21:07:23 <sijis> things to do: images (xfce, lxde mini icons), overall testing if it works with multiple browsers
21:07:49 <sijis> #action sijis will send a list of tasks left for get.fp.o
21:08:46 <sijis> the 1 problem is that somehow ${Markup(_('text is var: %s') % 'variable')} doesn't get added in pot file
21:09:06 <gbinns> k
21:09:14 <sijis> i may have to rewrite a few things in order to make that translatable.
21:09:29 * sijis has no clue why that doens't work
21:09:39 <sijis> other than that, we are on target.
21:10:04 <sijis> #topic spins.fp.o - how to handle (long term)
21:10:11 <sijis> gwerra: ping - you awake?
21:10:42 <sijis> he's probably sleeping
21:10:53 <gbinns> i liked your idea last week about setting up a different branch
21:11:27 <sijis> either way he brought up a concern that the new spins aren't showing up on the main pages
21:11:48 <sijis> the reason for that is because those spins do not have a f12 release torrent
21:11:58 <sijis> and the site is filtering out based on that data
21:12:24 <gbinns> ok
21:12:36 <sijis> so gwerra's proposing we do this manually and we can add/remove spins where necessary.
21:13:28 <sijis> i'm not completely opposed to that, since we'd have more flexibility on what' is out there but the site building will have to be reworked
21:14:28 <sijis> that's all.. we'll bring this up next week when he's awake.
21:15:16 <sijis> #topic other project (blogs, seo, start-*, etc)
21:15:45 <gbinns> #topic seo
21:15:56 <sijis> go for it.
21:16:23 * sijis notes he broke /topic ...
21:16:44 <gbinns> #info the standard operating procedure is being finalized and will be added to the wiki this afternoon (may 7, 2010)
21:17:10 <gbinns> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Keyword_optimization
21:17:40 <gbinns> from there i'd like to look at optimized the home page for the word linux where we can
21:17:47 <gbinns> optimizing*
21:18:03 <sijis> the idea is to start working on this after f13 is released, correct?
21:18:12 <sijis> working as in.. making changes and things
21:18:50 <gbinns> you read my mind - i was just getting ready to ask, what branch will be pertinent to ensuring the changes are implemented in the right place and not overwritten by future updates?
21:19:53 <sijis> gbinns: about 1 day after the release, we can start making changes without any concern
21:20:06 <sijis> i would just use the 'master' branch
21:20:17 <sijis> i don't think creating a seperate branch for this will make sense.
21:20:28 <sijis> as the only way to test it would be for it to be live
21:20:55 <gbinns> ok, great
21:22:16 <gbinns> #action gbinns will work on the core pages (e.g. index.php, get, join, etc.) and seek approval via the mailing lists so we can make efficient progress once f13 is released
21:22:50 <gbinns> ok, that's all
21:23:07 <sijis> on a related note, i saw this the other day: http://piwik.org/
21:23:19 <gbinns> oh yeah, good point!
21:23:32 <sijis> it seems to be a good alternative for Google Analytics
21:23:44 <gbinns> yes, agreed
21:23:48 <sijis> i brought it up with mmcgrath on infra and he doesn't hink it'll be a problem.
21:24:00 <sijis> in fact, he's interested in the progress of this.
21:24:19 <gbinns> awesome
21:24:24 * nb is kind of around
21:24:26 <sijis> so i'll create a RFR later today and get some publictest space to get this started
21:24:28 <nb> but has to leave very soon
21:24:55 <sijis> #action sijis will create RFR in Infrastructure to test/demo Piwik
21:25:06 <gbinns> cool, great idea to get that going
21:25:17 <sijis> nb: welcome :)
21:25:22 <gbinns> nb: hey man, happy friday
21:26:22 <sijis> that's all for that.. hopefully it would be compliment to awstats.
21:26:46 <gbinns> yeah
21:26:50 <sijis> #open floor
21:26:57 <sijis> #topic open floor
21:27:01 <sijis> whoops.
21:27:27 <sijis> nb: how'd that docs git repo stuff go?
21:29:16 <sijis> anyhow.. if nothing else.. close in 30
21:29:54 <nb> it came up good
21:30:05 <nb> the website is in /git/docs/web.git now
21:30:30 <sijis> i assume docs is the access group for it
21:30:37 <nb> for now
21:30:44 <nb> that is still being discussed
21:30:55 <sijis> yeah, i've been half following that discussion
21:31:26 <sijis> i like option #3 - docs = tracking, gitdocs = all docs access
21:33:03 <sijis> #endmeeting