14:03:38 <DrBacchus> #startmeeting
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14:03:46 <DrBacchus> #chair mburned
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14:03:52 <DrBacchus> #chair kashyap
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14:03:55 <DrBacchus> OK ...
14:04:02 <DrBacchus> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo_community_manager_sync
14:04:10 <mburned> #topic agenda
14:04:13 <DrBacchus> Been buried in FOSDEM, so I've not made much progress this week.
14:04:16 <mburned> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo_community_manager_sync
14:04:23 <mburned> #info RDO Test Day
14:04:27 <mburned> #info Next hangout
14:04:36 <mburned> #info February newsletter
14:04:45 <mburned> #info FOSDEM and other Conferences
14:04:55 <mburned> #info CentOS Cloud SIG
14:05:03 <mburned> #info Bug Triage
14:05:10 <mburned> #info RDO forum questions
14:05:16 <mburned> #topic RDO test day
14:06:10 <DrBacchus> In the coming few days, we need to get the wiki content set up for the test day.
14:06:29 <mburned> #info to be held Feb 4-5
14:06:34 <DrBacchus> I have a holder page at http://openstack.redhat.com/RDO_test_day_Icehouse_milestone_2
14:06:37 <mburned> #link http://openstack.redhat.com/RDO_test_day_Icehouse_milestone_2
14:06:53 <mburned> #info need to update the wiki content for the test day in the next few days
14:07:35 <DrBacchus> So, the biggest task there is to get the test matrix set up, and figure out what we need to add from last time.
14:07:39 <larsks> Should we check the existing workarounds page to see which if any are still necessary?
14:07:44 <DrBacchus> Anybody know what the status of the packages is so far?
14:08:10 <DrBacchus> larsks: Yes, I guess that should be an ongoing thing that we do as those issues are resolved.
14:08:36 <mburned> DrBacchus: i know el7 packaging is ongoing but being worked on actively
14:08:50 <DrBacchus> That's easier when the workaround have ticket IDs on them.
14:09:35 <larsks> DrBacchus: I can go through the workarounds page today and follow up on ones that have ticket IDs...and maybe move them to a "resolved" section if fixes have been released.
14:09:47 <DrBacchus> we made a new workarounds page for Icehouse, but I presume we want to use the same one this time.
14:09:54 <DrBacchus> I expect that some of them are still relevant, right?
14:10:02 <larsks> I assume so, yeah.
14:10:23 <DrBacchus> Will we have F20 packages this time?
14:10:25 <mburned> #info need to review workarounds to see what is still relevant
14:10:55 <mburned> #action larsks to go through workarounds page today and follow up/update/mark resolved
14:11:17 <DrBacchus> Hmm. The new test day wiki page links to a new workaround page. I need to fix that to point to the one from last time.
14:11:30 <DrBacchus> ok, anything else on test day?
14:11:40 <mburned> #action DrBacchus to update link in test day wiki page to point to the existing workarounds page
14:11:59 <mburned> DrBacchus: you asked about f20 packages...
14:12:16 <mburned> pixelb: are these planned for the test day next week? (f20 packages)
14:12:29 * mburned knows el7 and assumes el6 will be there
14:13:00 <pixelb> test day next week is for icehouse 2 on el6, el7, f20
14:13:16 <mburned> #info packages will be available for el6 el7 and f20
14:13:19 <mburned> pixelb: excellent, thanks
14:13:34 <DrBacchus> Thanks.
14:13:42 <DrBacchus> Ok, Hangouts.
14:14:05 <mburned> #topic Hangouts
14:14:20 <DrBacchus> So, I asked on the list for hangout content, and got enough volunteers to do a hangout twice a month for the next 6 months. I need to go through the list and actually schedule them.
14:14:38 <DrBacchus> Ther'es a lot of people who want to either do a hangout, or do a short-format interview kind of thing that we can put on youtube.
14:15:01 <mburned> #info request for content resulted in enough volunteers for 2 hangouts per month for 6 months
14:15:11 <DrBacchus> So, no shortage of content. Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some folks actually lined up with dates.
14:15:18 <mburned> #action DrBacchus to review volunteers and schedule hangouts
14:15:19 <DrBacchus> I guess the quesiton is whether we *want* to do them twice a month.
14:15:37 <DrBacchus> Or if we want to stick with once a month for hangouts, and do the rest of them as just video interviews or whatever.
14:15:44 <mburned> #info first one likely during the week of Feb 17
14:16:09 <mburned> DrBacchus: maybe do one in feb, then see what the turnout/response is
14:16:18 <mburned> and then decide on 1 or 2 per month based on that?
14:16:18 <DrBacchus> This is a great way to promote the project, and Openstack in general, so I want to be sure that we don't lose the volunteers that have stepped up.
14:16:23 * eggmaster tries to see a downside to twice a month
14:16:27 <DrBacchus> Sounds good.
14:16:39 <DrBacchus> eggmaster: The only one that comes to mind is setting an expectation and then running out of content.
14:16:40 <mburned> eggmaster: only one i can come up with is overload...
14:16:56 <mburned> but 2/month probably isn't that bad
14:17:07 <eggmaster> yeah I thought maybe it might make them less exciting/salient...
14:17:26 <larsks> I don't think frequency is going to make them less exciting :).
14:17:27 <mburned> #info also a number of topics that could be done as recorded interviews and posted to youtube
14:17:34 <eggmaster> but if people are volunteering probably good to give them a channel
14:17:35 <larsks> I think that *content* will be the determining factor.
14:17:46 <DrBacchus> ok, I'll get the list of topics/speakers out there and we can make a further decision at that point.
14:17:52 <DrBacchus> Of course, half of them are larsks ;-)
14:18:08 <DrBacchus> Just kidding. We had a lot of volunteers step up. But larsks was particularly generous.
14:18:09 <larsks> Yeah, make sure not to schedule a *person* too frequently :)
14:18:28 <eggmaster> 'exciting' in the sense of 'oh, another hangout, wasn't there just one of these two weeks ago? /shrug'
14:18:44 <DrBacchus> yeah, that's a good point.
14:19:07 <DrBacchus> ok, next topic. Newsletter.
14:19:25 <mburned> #info plan will be finalized once DrBacchus organizes the volunteers
14:19:34 <mburned> #topic Newsletter (February)
14:19:41 <mburned> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo_feb_2014_newsletter
14:19:59 <DrBacchus> Not much to say. I ran a draft past several of you and I have some edits suggested. Hoping to send it by the end of the week so I don't have to think about it while I'm traveling.
14:20:13 <DrBacchus> On the stats side we currently have 2000+ subscribers.
14:20:27 <larsks> DrBacchus: ...to the mailing list?
14:20:38 <mburned> #info draft sent to some people for review, comments received, few edits to make
14:20:42 <DrBacchus> 2197 as of last week. To the newsletter mailing list.
14:20:46 <DrBacchus> The rdo-list is much smaller.
14:20:48 <larsks> DrBacchus: Ah, okay.
14:20:48 <mburned> #info DrBacchus to send out (probably by end of week)
14:20:49 <DrBacchus> 248
14:21:17 <mburned> #info newsletter mailing list currently has 3000+ subscribers
14:21:20 <mburned> oops
14:21:22 <mburned> #undo
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14:21:26 <mburned> #info newsletter mailing list currently has 2000+ subscribers
14:21:41 <mburned> #info side note -- rdo-list has ~250
14:22:11 <DrBacchus> FOSDEM
14:22:19 <DrBacchus> Looking up a url ... one moment.
14:22:20 <mburned> #topic FOSDEM (and other Conferences)
14:22:33 <mburned> #info FOSDEM is this weekend (Feb 1-2)
14:22:41 <mburned> #info Infrastructure.Next follows next week
14:23:02 <DrBacchus> http://fnords.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/openstack-fosdem-14/ <--- that's all the openstack content at FOSDEM
14:23:19 <mburned> #link http://fnords.wordpress.com/2014/01/09/openstack-fosdem-14/
14:23:40 <DrBacchus> And I spent the last two weeks getting a ceilometer demo working for my presentation at Infrastructure.next
14:24:22 <mburned> #info DrBacchus to present on/demo ceilometer at Infrastructure.next
14:24:33 <mburned> DrBacchus: isn't there another conference/meetup in between the 2?
14:24:43 <DrBacchus> Configuration Management Camp
14:25:05 <DrBacchus> I frankly don't know much about it. I'll be there, but mostly standing in a booth promoting RDO and Gluster and oVirt
14:25:15 <DrBacchus> I haven't looked at the schedule. I should do that.
14:25:30 <DrBacchus> http://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/
14:25:33 <mburned> #info Configuration Management Camp also will take place between FOSDEM and Infrastructure.Next
14:25:42 <mburned> #info DrBacchus will man an RDO booth there
14:25:51 <mburned> #link http://cfgmgmtcamp.eu/
14:26:36 <DrBacchus> Nothing to add beyond what we already said last week.
14:26:56 <mburned> #topic CentOS Cloud SIG
14:27:07 <DrBacchus> Last week we had the Cloud SIG "Office Hours"
14:27:16 <DrBacchus> mburned represented OpenStack and RDO
14:27:19 <mburned> #info google hangout held last week during CentOS Office Hours
14:27:36 <DrBacchus> There was a great discussion of how the SIG might be handled, from a technical side and from a governance side.
14:27:47 <mburned> #info more work is following through email
14:28:04 <mburned> #info great discussion of how the SIG will be handled from technical and governance side
14:28:05 <DrBacchus> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKKYY_5SOWw
14:28:14 * mburned doesn't want to link the youtube...
14:28:24 <DrBacchus> oh, ok. Sorry. :(
14:28:25 <mburned> the camera was stuck on mburned for the first 15 min...
14:28:28 <DrBacchus> hehe
14:28:34 <mburned> #link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKKYY_5SOWw
14:28:59 <DrBacchus> And, as mburned says, the conversation is ongoing on the centos-devel mailing list
14:29:26 <DrBacchus> And Karanbir will be talking about that, along with other aspects of CentOS SIGs, at FOSDEM next week.
14:29:27 <mburned> #info also note that there are 2 cloud sigs, one for providing the infrastructure side and another for providing guest images to run in a cloud
14:29:56 <mburned> #info CentOS SIGs will be a topic at FOSDEM as well
14:30:08 <mburned> #info conversations are happening on centos-devel mailing list
14:30:40 <mburned> #info mburned is tracking both cloud sig groups to make sure our needs are going to be met in both
14:30:46 <DrBacchus> Anything you want to say about the progress of those conversations? I'm a day or so behind on that.
14:31:00 <mburned> nothing real new at the moment
14:31:04 <DrBacchus> ok.
14:31:09 <mburned> i'll follow up on rdo-list with breaking news
14:31:24 <DrBacchus> Nothing to say about bug triage meeting - that isn't an every week thing.
14:31:36 <DrBacchus> Unless we have a date for the next one?
14:31:48 <mburned> #topic bug triage
14:31:57 <mburned> #info nothing new here
14:32:09 <mburned> #action mburned to follow up on some bugzilla changes that are needed
14:32:17 <mburned> #info look for an update at the next meeting...
14:32:19 <DrBacchus> I had an action last week to create a Google Calendar, and I linked to that on rdo-list, so that will contain the date when there is one.
14:32:48 <mburned> #info next bug triage meeting not scheduled at the moment, but i expect it would be in 2 weeks
14:33:03 <mburned> #info given test day and conferences next week
14:33:08 <DrBacchus> Having that after the test day makes a lot of sense, yes
14:33:21 <DrBacchus> ok, finally, ask.openstack questions.
14:33:26 <mburned> #info the next meeting will show up on the shared google calendar when it's set
14:33:31 <mburned> #topic Forum questions
14:33:51 <mburned> #info there were some technical issues with the forum
14:33:54 <DrBacchus> There was a bug for the last two weeks that made ask.openstack questions unreadable. That has been fixed now.
14:34:05 <DrBacchus> So we're effectively two weeks behind on ask.openstack questions.
14:34:05 <larsks> Yay!
14:34:16 <mburned> #info bug was resolved very recently
14:34:23 <mburned> #info 28 unanswered questions
14:34:31 <DrBacchus> At least it looked to me this morning that it was fixed.
14:34:32 <sgordon> there was also a doozy to answer i saw last night
14:34:49 <sgordon> https://ask.openstack.org/en/question/11043/openstack-rdo-stabilty/
14:35:26 <larsks> DrBacchus: Bug was fixed on 1/24; https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-community/+bug/1271200
14:35:28 <DrBacchus> So I can certainly use some help triaging those and drawing folks' attention to the right ones - although people seem to be doing this on their own without prompting, so I'm not terribly concerned.
14:35:33 <mburned> oh, we need to respond to that quickly...
14:35:40 <mburned> the only comment so far is to use ubuntu...
14:36:22 <DrBacchus> Which is kind of a non-answer ... he already said that what he has is stable.
14:36:30 <DrBacchus> I totally misread that.
14:36:32 <DrBacchus> Ignore me.
14:36:41 <DrBacchus> I read "without" where he said "with"
14:36:43 <sgordon> it's still kind of a non-answer
14:36:50 <DrBacchus> Yes.
14:36:50 <sgordon> as it appears the issues he has are with deploy/config
14:37:34 <DrBacchus> Anyways, it would be great to catch up on as much of the backlog as we can.
14:37:48 <mburned> DrBacchus: do you have a link that shows all the unanswered posts?
14:38:07 <DrBacchus> https://ask.openstack.org/en/questions/scope:unanswered/sort:age-asc/page:1/query:rdo/
14:38:24 <mburned> #link open questions
14:38:29 <mburned> #link https://ask.openstack.org/en/questions/scope:unanswered/sort:age-asc/page:1/query:rdo/
14:38:35 <mburned> #undo
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14:38:37 <mburned> #undo
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14:38:44 * kashyap is here
14:38:45 <mburned> #info open questions:
14:38:48 <mburned> #link https://ask.openstack.org/en/questions/scope:unanswered/sort:age-asc/page:1/query:rdo/
14:39:13 <DrBacchus> That's all I have. Anybody have anything they'd like to add?
14:39:27 <mburned> #topic Other Topics
14:39:38 <mburned> DrBacchus: do we want to cancel/skip next weeks meeting?
14:39:48 <mburned> due to test day and conferences?
14:40:00 <DrBacchus> Yes, that would be a good idea.
14:40:02 <kashyap> Sure, I think it allows people to focus
14:40:11 <kashyap> on getting test. env ready
14:40:15 <kashyap> Fixing any collateral issues, etc. . .
14:40:23 <larsks> Do we have instructions for installing RDO via Foreman on Fedora?
14:40:29 <mburned> #info we will be cancelling next week's meeting due to test day and conferences
14:41:08 <kashyap> larsks, Good question, that needs to be answered by Foreman devs or whoever is keeping on top of it
14:41:22 <kashyap> Last I knew, no Foreman rpms for F20
14:41:48 <larsks> kashyap: Oh, poo.  Thanks.
14:41:48 <kashyap> Let's ping pixelb, Anything changed here^ or you have any new info?
14:43:13 <DrBacchus> ok, I guess he's not available. Will you ping him via email?
14:43:26 <kashyap> DrBacchus, Sure.
14:43:40 <DrBacchus> Any other business, anyone?
14:43:48 <kashyap> Just an info. . .
14:44:28 <kashyap> #info Bz 1049391 has fix available; this (Compute service fails to start on IceHouse) was blocking multiple projects.
14:44:35 <kashyap> (Sent a note to rdo-list)
14:44:40 <DrBacchus> good deal
14:45:19 <mburned> ok, anything else?
14:45:24 <DrBacchus> going...
14:45:38 <kashyap> (Nothing from me.)
14:45:38 <DrBacchus> ok, thanks folks. :)
14:46:12 <DrBacchus> #endmeeting