15:02:06 <number80> #startmeeting RDO packaging meeting (2015-03-11)
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15:02:13 <number80> #topic roll call
15:02:38 <number80> you'll find the agenda here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Packaging
15:02:38 <rbowen> o/
15:03:02 <gchamoul> gchamoul: o/
15:03:15 <chandankumar> chandankumar
15:03:15 <ryansb> \o
15:03:21 <number80> alphacc, xaeth_afk ?
15:03:55 <number80> apevec won't be present today but he left me his notes
15:05:45 <alphacc> I am around.
15:06:11 <number80> #topic EL6/Juno status
15:06:22 <number80> #info alphacc has sent to the list his nova patches
15:06:37 <number80> #info EL6 clients are done
15:07:01 <number80> #chairs alphacc rbowen gchamoul chandankumar ryansb
15:07:13 <number80> #chair alphacc rbowen gchamoul chandankumar ryansb
15:07:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: alphacc chandankumar gchamoul number80 rbowen ryansb
15:07:33 <number80> I started building deps for nova and ceilometer too in CBS
15:07:38 <number80> anything else ?
15:07:53 <alphacc> no, neutron in progress hope to finish htis week
15:08:03 <gchamoul> number80: only you and apevec are able to build in cbs, right ?
15:09:03 <number80> gchamoul: atm, yes (+jruzicka)
15:09:13 <gchamoul> number80: ack
15:09:22 <number80> we can add more packagers though
15:10:00 <number80> let's move to the next topic then
15:10:09 <number80> #topic CBS tag hierarchy
15:10:53 <number80> I opened a ticket but we need to clarify how to handle the update cycle and repo generation
15:11:41 <number80> http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=8289
15:11:56 <number80> since apevec isn't here, I suggest that we continue this discussion on list
15:12:21 <alphacc> number80: ok, ping me if it doesn't move in the right direction.
15:12:31 <number80> ack
15:12:50 <number80> #topic RDO update CI
15:13:21 <number80> from apevec:  "my updates for RDO update CI (2014.2.2 update) is that CI job is stuck and I'll be pushing pending updates manually to stage repo"
15:13:57 <number80> maybe CI folks have some news ?
15:14:54 <number80> #info RDO CI job is stuck, apevec will push pending updates manually to stage repo for 2014.2.2
15:14:54 <gchamoul> weshay ^^^
15:15:25 <number80> eggs isn't here today too
15:16:16 <weshay> gchamoul, ya I've tried to fix it, so far unsuccessful
15:16:38 <number80> ok
15:17:00 <number80> are we speaking of the new CI or legacy ?
15:19:45 <number80> ok, let's move to the next topic
15:19:50 <number80> #topic Delorean
15:20:17 <number80> from apevec: "delorean snapshot - CI job is not fully ready yet, Wes is looking at tempest config issue, I did manual verification and hit some missing deps on EL7"
15:20:51 <number80> apparently this is blocking all the other delorean cards in trello
15:21:17 <number80> I'll probably help apevec missing deps on EL7
15:21:25 <number80> *with
15:22:18 <number80> anything else ?
15:23:33 <gchamoul> me
15:24:00 <number80> gchamoul: ?
15:24:55 <gchamoul> number80: oops, I've read ' anyone else to help you for the missing deps
15:25:08 <gchamoul> but was anything ... anyone ...
15:25:11 <number80> ok :)
15:25:13 <gchamoul> sorry about that !
15:25:14 <number80> next topic
15:25:24 <number80> #topic RDO installer
15:25:29 <number80> gchamoul: any update ?
15:26:22 <gchamoul> number80: should be working right now
15:26:39 <number80> \o/
15:26:50 <rbowen> Can you provide a link for that?
15:26:51 <gchamoul> gchamoul: with the work jpena have made last week when I was on PTO ;-)
15:27:09 <number80> #info new #rdo-puppet channel on freenode about puppet modules & installers
15:27:39 <gchamoul> rbowen: nothing official for the moment, it was test with packstack/opm from git
15:27:53 <gchamoul> against delorean kilo repo
15:28:14 <rbowen> Ok. My perennial question is whether we'll soon want to replace the Quickstart with something else.
15:28:31 <rbowen> That's always my question when folks start working on yet another installer option. :-)
15:29:09 <number80> good question
15:30:19 <rbowen> I suppose that's really a question for the larger RDO community, but if there are significant advances on an installer, we should always look for what's the easiest way to get started.
15:31:27 <rbowen> No action there. Please feel free to move on. :-)
15:31:32 <number80> ack
15:31:51 <number80> #topic open dicussion
15:31:53 <number80> #undo
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15:31:58 <number80> #topic open discussion
15:32:10 <number80> any topic you want to raise before we close this meeting ?
15:32:44 <gchamoul> not from me
15:33:00 <number80> ok, today is a short meeting :)
15:33:35 <number80> then, thank you gentlemen for joining and see you next week !
15:33:39 <number80> #stopmeeting
15:33:44 <gchamoul> o/
15:33:46 <number80> #endmeeting