15:04:08 <apevec> #startmeeting RDO packaging meeting (2015-05-13)
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15:04:14 <apevec> #chair rbowen jruzicka number80
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15:04:19 <apevec> #topic roll call
15:04:20 <apevec> o/
15:04:23 <chandankumar> o/
15:04:26 <jruzicka> o/
15:04:35 <aortega> o/
15:04:44 <mburned> o/
15:04:50 <number80> o/
15:04:56 <apevec> #topic RDO Kilo GA
15:04:58 <jpena> o/
15:05:12 <eggmaster> o/
15:05:13 <apevec> #info EL7 is GA, Fedora coming (incomplete repo)
15:05:34 <apevec> #action apevec complete RDO Kilo Fedora repo
15:06:07 <rbowen> https://rdoproject.org/repos/rdo-release.rpm points to kilo now. I need to update the Quickstart page.
15:06:18 <apevec> rbowen, yep
15:06:39 <number80> FYI, some bits are pending reviews (ie: gnocchi & other stuff) but non-critical for GA
15:06:43 <apevec> #action apevec and eggmaster to get rdo update CI working for Kilo
15:07:05 <eggmaster> ack
15:07:07 <apevec> number80, yeah, can we create a page with all related pending Fedora pkg reviews?
15:07:35 <ryansb> that'd be handy
15:07:36 <number80> #action number80 list pending Fedora pkg reviews
15:08:19 <apevec> #topic RDO Manager test day
15:08:34 <apevec> mburned, jcoufal ^ should we try one tomorrow?
15:08:54 <mburned> apevec: there is a plan to do an informal one tomorrow with core devs and some qe folks
15:09:04 <rbowen> My understanding is that we're planning to put this off until after Summit. We haven't had time to publicize anything, and participation would be low.
15:09:05 <mburned> and a more general community one i think after summit
15:09:05 <jcoufal> apevec: yes, I am just writing wiki page an announcement e-mail
15:09:11 <rbowen> Right. What mburned said.
15:09:20 <apevec> sounds good
15:09:21 <jcoufal> mburned: sofrt of formal, anybody from community can participate really
15:09:45 <apevec> yep, we'll just repeat it after summit
15:09:51 <jcoufal> rbowen: nope, we should have one regular tomorrow, on CentOS, but with late announcement, we don't wanna do big deal out of it now
15:09:57 <apevec> hopefully in much better state
15:10:05 <jcoufal> after summit there will be bigger event
15:10:07 <jcoufal> ack
15:10:13 <rbowen> Ok, so I should go ahead and announce that immediately to rdo-list, then?
15:10:25 <rbowen> Or did someone already do that and I haven't seen it yet?
15:10:32 <jcoufal> rbowen: I have already a draft of e-mail for it
15:10:32 <apevec> I didn't see it
15:10:42 <jcoufal> rbowen: I was just creating wiki first
15:10:47 <rbowen> Oh, I see that you said that above. Sorry.
15:10:52 <jcoufal> np
15:10:54 <apevec> so tmorrow is Test Days, Part 1
15:11:19 <apevec> "Out Of The Woods"
15:11:26 <jcoufal> search for e-mail announcement in about 30 min
15:11:41 <kashyap> Tomm is local holiday here, but should be around later half of CET :-)
15:11:59 <apevec> #action jcoufal to post rdo manager testday announcement on rdo-list
15:12:05 <rbowen> Sweeet
15:12:34 <apevec> #topic RDO Meetup at Summit
15:12:36 <apevec> rbowen, ^
15:12:48 <rbowen> Thursday, 9:50 am
15:12:55 <apevec> link to sched?
15:12:57 <rbowen> We have a room and a mic. And the agenda is here:
15:13:10 <rbowen> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO_Vancouver
15:13:21 <rbowen> The sched link is in there - http://sched.co/3HRs
15:13:27 <apevec> rbowen, no recording equipment, for us not at summit?
15:13:43 <rbowen> I will be recording the meetup. I'm bringing my mic.
15:13:56 <rbowen> Hopefully I can plug into the sound board, but otherwise, we'll just do our best.
15:14:19 <apevec> ok, thanks
15:14:34 <rbowen> We have just 40 minutes, and there's a lot on the agenda
15:14:36 <number80> rbowen++
15:14:43 <rbowen> So we'll be prioritizing as we go, and hope to fit it all in.
15:15:26 <rbowen> That's all.
15:15:31 <apevec> yeah, agenda is pretty packed
15:15:50 <apevec> but some of that should actually be started on rdo-list
15:15:53 <apevec> e.g. py3
15:16:13 <number80> I'm very interested in feedback on our new process
15:17:02 <apevec> number80, yeah, also RDO/Fedora relationship...
15:17:10 <number80> +1
15:17:20 <apevec> I don't want to start this topic now, I'll restart the thread on rdo-list
15:17:33 <apevec> #action apevec to restart RDO/Fedora thread on rdo-list
15:18:02 <apevec> hmm, I see proposed topic "Should RDO == Delorean?"
15:18:19 <apevec> I
15:18:24 <apevec> 'm not sure about that
15:18:32 <rbowen> Yeah, the notion there was brought up by pmyers and was, should Delorean packages just be RDO packages.
15:18:47 <apevec> we need reproducible builds and Delorean are currently not
15:18:53 <rbowen> I thought that was the direction we were eventually heading though?
15:19:06 <number80> apevec: yes, that was discussed with pmyers yesterday and +2 for reproducible builds
15:19:21 <apevec> well, I see delorean more like developer tool
15:19:33 <apevec> and I wouldn't ever sign Delorean rpms
15:19:35 <kashyap> number80: Such a topic should be brought up on the list
15:19:43 <apevec> kashyap, ack
15:19:45 <number80> kashyap: agreed
15:19:49 <eggmaster> kashyap: +1
15:20:08 <number80> That's just a talking point
15:20:12 <apevec> #action apevec to start "Should RDO == Delorean? on rdo-list
15:20:13 <ryansb> +1
15:20:21 <kashyap> number80: First of all, I've heard from other packagers Delorean itself is very very sparsely documented, if at all
15:20:36 <apevec> number80, when was that discussion w/ pmyers, on IRC? Are there logs?
15:20:47 <number80> kashyap: true
15:20:54 <number80> apevec: I'll send you logs offline
15:20:55 <kashyap> If RH engineers who're closely involved in this complain about documentation, how can we expect community contributions?
15:21:03 <apevec> number80, thanks
15:21:26 <apevec> kashyap, RTFS is docs :)
15:21:35 <rbowen> apevec: I believe it was not on this channel. I'll need to find it.
15:21:38 <number80> (no decision or action taken, just pmyers sharing an idea and people giving opinions)
15:21:41 <apevec> but yeah, we have some in rdo-packaging, not enough
15:21:43 <rbowen> Or number80 can. :-)
15:21:50 <kashyap> apevec: Yeah, I am taking some (a large) leaf from you, among many others, in that regard :-)
15:21:57 <number80> rbowen: yes
15:23:02 <apevec> also interesting topic at the top, about custom packages
15:23:41 <apevec> well, our specs are all in the open, but if you fork, you're on your own...
15:24:22 <apevec> I like "make our packages more extensible without patching"
15:24:23 <kashyap> rbowen: On the topics, would be nice whoever suggested something, a name attached.
15:24:39 <apevec> yeah, for followup clarifications
15:24:42 <rbowen> Yeah, I'll see if I can get some of that filled in before the meeting time.
15:24:48 <kashyap> So, if they don't end up showing there, it can at-least be followed on the list, instead of being buried in Etherpad.
15:24:59 <apevec> +1
15:25:30 <rbowen> ok.
15:25:55 <rbowen> #action rbowen - Follow up on Meetup agenda to attach a name to each suggested topic
15:26:03 <apevec> ok, anything else to discuss as a prep for RDO summit meetup?
15:26:12 <rbowen> We have a cool tshirt.
15:26:17 <rbowen> :)
15:26:17 <apevec> pics?
15:26:26 <number80> \o/
15:26:35 <rbowen> I'll have to hunt it down. I have a mockup pic somewhere, but haven't seen the actual shirt yet.
15:26:55 <apevec> #action rbowen to push rdo tshirt photo on rdo-list
15:26:59 <apevec> :)
15:27:05 <rbowen> :)
15:27:07 <rbowen> ok
15:27:17 <apevec> #topic open floor
15:27:28 <apevec> or is there any other more formal agenda topic?
15:27:44 <rbowen> I have a question regarding open tickets
15:27:45 <kashyap> apevec: Not to annoy you, is there some list of the 'missing' packages for Kilo for Rawhide? (I know it's not priority)
15:27:59 <rbowen> Is it safe to close tickets that refer to EOL'ed releases?
15:28:03 <apevec> kashyap, it is priority, I'm working on it
15:28:06 <number80> plenty for rdo-manager :(
15:28:10 <kashyap> I see at-least the core set of packages present.
15:28:14 <rbowen> Or is that case by case, in case they're still relevant?
15:28:29 <kashyap> apevec: Thanks! Just making sure I'm (feel like the sole Fedora tester) not being ignored :P
15:28:33 <apevec> kashyap, yes, core is fine, there are few deps still under pkg review
15:28:38 <apevec> I'll build them in copr
15:28:55 <kashyap> rbowen: Are there too many tickets?
15:29:00 <rbowen> We have some *really* old tickets out there.
15:29:06 <kashyap> You mean, but reports, right?
15:29:09 <mburned> rdo-manager is focused on centos, not fedora...
15:29:10 <apevec> kashyap, at least richm complained earlier about missing f21 packages, so you have some company :)
15:29:23 <mburned> so we likely won't have full package set in rawhide for kilo, at least
15:29:33 <rbowen> http://tm3.org/rdobugs
15:29:49 <kashyap> apevec: Ah, yeah. At this point, though I've become comfortable enough to test, and muck around w/ deployments straight from Git to diagnose bugs a bit more quicker.
15:30:03 <apevec> kashyap, rbowen, yeah, old bugs might be still relevant, but as cleanup we could just bulk-close them like in Fedora
15:30:12 <apevec> then reporter can reopen
15:30:15 <rbowen> I've been looking through some of the older ones trying to determine if they're still relevant. It looks like a lot of them are long-since resolved.
15:30:17 <kashyap> rbowen: Yeah, if a bug is for EOL, a polite message asking to reproduce on newest stable is entirely reasonable.
15:30:27 <rbowen> ok, I'll do that as I have time.
15:30:29 <kashyap> And, that's what Fedora (Kernel, Virt, etc projects) does all the time.
15:30:30 <apevec> mburned, yeah, RDO Fedora is core only
15:30:44 <rbowen> Thanks.
15:31:01 * mburned hopes to have packages in cbs for manager by formal test day
15:31:11 <kashyap> apevec: By "core", I'd assume 'official' OpenStack packages?
15:31:17 <mburned> but i'm losing a week for summit, so we'll see...
15:31:35 <apevec> kashyap, nova and friends
15:31:54 <apevec> kashyap, vs rdo manager
15:32:10 <kashyap> apevec: Yep, noted. Thanks.
15:32:34 <apevec> mburned, testday tomorrow is using trunk-mgt right?
15:33:08 <mburned> apevec: yes, but i think we're using a specific snapshot
15:33:18 <mburned> jcoufal: are you pointing to a sprint repo?
15:33:21 <mburned> or just latest stable?
15:33:26 <apevec> ok, it will be all in jcoufal's wiki I guess
15:33:46 <mburned> yes, it will be there
15:33:51 <kashyap> If tomorrow is a test day, is there annoumcement on rdo-list? (By that I don't mean, some note in a thread buried somewhere :-) )
15:34:05 <jcoufal> mburned: latest stable
15:34:08 <jcoufal> mburned: I think it should be fine for tomorrow
15:34:13 <mburned> kashyap: jcoufal is sending it shortly
15:34:14 <apevec> kashyap, see earlier topic, jcoufal will announce
15:34:17 <kashyap> Yep, there's a mail  from Jaromir
15:34:19 <jcoufal> already sent
15:34:25 <apevec> cool!
15:34:38 <apevec> one action item down, many to go
15:34:42 <jcoufal> https://www.rdoproject.org/RDO-Manager_test_day_Kilo
15:34:57 <apevec> ok, any thing else?
15:36:06 <apevec> thanks all!
15:36:09 <apevec> #endmeeting