15:00:58 <number80> #startmeeting RDO packaging meeting (2015-06-10)
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15:01:00 <derekh> here
15:01:25 <number80> #chairs jpena derekh jruzicka gchamoul mburns xaeth
15:01:33 <number80> #topic roll call
15:01:35 <number80> o/
15:01:37 <xaeth> o/
15:01:40 <jpena> o/
15:01:55 <derekh> o/
15:01:57 <xaeth> explains why i keep missing the meetings. 10amcst now :)
15:02:08 <number80> today, apevec and rbowen are excused :)
15:02:25 <number80> xaeth: no problem, update the agenda and feel free to reach one of us
15:02:55 <number80> #chairs chandankumar
15:03:02 <number80> hi!
15:03:11 <chandankumar> number80, Hello
15:03:20 <number80> you're in time for the meeting
15:03:28 <number80> agenda
15:03:36 <number80> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Packaging
15:03:39 <mburned> o/
15:03:46 <number80> RDO trello
15:03:51 <number80> #link https://trello.com/b/HhXlqdiu/rdo
15:03:56 <number80> #chairs mburned
15:04:18 <number80> great let's start
15:04:41 <trown> o/
15:04:51 <number80> #chairs trown
15:05:05 <number80> #topic oslo releases without namespace
15:05:16 <number80> #halp
15:05:21 <number80> #undo
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15:05:41 <number80> ok zodbot is still alive
15:06:07 <number80> oslo is now dropping the namespace thing, jpena and gchamoul already started fixing the packages on rpm-master
15:06:55 <number80> we should start paying attention and fix FTBFS on delorean
15:07:00 <number80> anything else ?
15:08:18 <trown> FTBFS?
15:08:36 <number80> Fail To Build From Sources
15:08:52 * derekh googled it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FTBFS
15:08:52 <trown> ah, thanks
15:09:15 <number80> common acronym but it's good to remind it ;)
15:09:28 <number80> well, let's move to the next topic
15:10:00 <number80> #topic RDO manager & Operational Toolchain for RDO
15:10:07 <number80> mburned ?
15:10:50 <mburned> number80: any particular question?
15:11:10 <mburned> status is basically that rdo-manager is going to be delorean only for the short term
15:11:13 <number80> mburned: apevec wrote that we needed your input on that topic
15:11:32 <mburned> we probably want to setup separate tags in CBS for it
15:11:48 <mburned> but i'm probably at least a month away from doing any work there
15:11:53 <number80> #info RDO manager is going to be delorean only for the short term
15:12:09 <number80> #info RDO manager will have separate tags in CBS
15:12:37 <mburned> As for Ops tools, i think we're still really early in that process
15:12:48 <mburned> there is a thread on rdo-list talking about it
15:12:50 <number80> fine with me, for tags, ping alphacc. You'd need approval from CentOS Cloud SIG (either rbowen and I but consider it granted)
15:13:21 <mburned> IMHO, ops tools could very easily be a separate sig completely
15:13:28 <number80> the only thing bothering me is that it will be difficult to ggillies to join the meeting
15:13:46 <mburned> right, i can cover a bit for him and lon can as well
15:13:54 <number80> mburned: thanks :)
15:13:54 <mburned> but probably mostly email in reality
15:14:22 <mburned> if we can't get a separate sig for ops, then common is the most logical place
15:14:32 <mburned> most of the packages are in fedora already
15:14:54 <number80> oh the tag, completely different from SIG
15:15:02 <number80> we can have as many tags as needed
15:15:32 <number80> if we need to package different ops toolchains, then it makes sense to have separate tags
15:15:39 <number80> *versions
15:15:54 <mburned> number80: i'd suggest a complete sig for ops in general
15:16:05 <mburned> it's useful outside just RDO/OpenStack
15:16:22 <number80> mburned: then, we should discuss this with KB
15:16:36 <mburned> but if we don't have/want that, then we could do it by shipping in the common location
15:16:49 <mburned> i don't think we'd have/support different versions of the tool chain
15:16:54 <number80> #action hguemar start discussion for a CentOS ops tool SIG
15:17:23 <mburned> number80: i'll reply to the email on rdo-list and we can add kb to that
15:17:28 <number80> +1
15:17:33 <number80> #undo
15:17:33 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by number80 at 15:16:54 : hguemar start discussion for a CentOS ops tool SIG
15:17:49 <number80> #action mburned add KB to the ops tool discussion on RDO list
15:18:08 <number80> I think we covered that point?
15:18:14 <mburned> number80: i think so
15:18:19 <number80> great
15:18:31 <number80> #topic pulling RDO packaging upstream
15:18:37 <number80> now derekh's turn :)
15:18:47 <derekh> Yup, I stuck that there
15:18:54 <number80> yup
15:18:55 <derekh> I just wanted to point that thread out to people
15:18:55 <derekh> which is a discussion about packaging upstream and includes a discussion about getting the RDO master packaging into the openstack gerrit (out of gerrithub)
15:18:55 <derekh> This could (hopefully) include collaborating with others (Suse people for example)
15:18:55 <derekh> Anyways I don't have anything specific to say on the topic expect to make people aware of it
15:18:55 <derekh> and chime in on the list if you have any opinions etc...
15:19:20 <number80> #info discussion on pulling RDO packaging upstream
15:19:44 <derekh> I think its a great opportunity to start collaborating on our packaging upstream
15:19:50 <number80> #action all give your feedback and participate to that discussion
15:20:00 <number80> +2
15:20:05 <derekh> and eventually maybe CI it along with the upstream projects etc...
15:20:20 <number80> moreover, that's proof that we have been working in the right direction ;)
15:20:57 <derekh> yup it is, we could make that switch now and our process wouldn't change much
15:21:12 <derekh> but we'll have some problems to work on in order to collaborate with others
15:21:42 <derekh> thats all from me
15:21:47 <number80> thanks :)
15:21:57 <number80> #topic Big Tent!
15:22:24 <number80> there's a thread about raising awareness about big tent projects in RDO
15:22:57 <number80> https://www.rdoproject.org/ProjectsInRDO
15:23:10 <number80> I encourage everyone to complete that page started by ggillies
15:23:23 <number80> #action all complete the ProjectsInRDO page
15:23:37 <number80> xaeth: I hope to see your name for Barbican ;)
15:24:12 <xaeth> i need to get back on that. the 'how do i run it' seems to be the final hurdle
15:24:57 <number80> for the record, I had a chat with elmiko about it and it's getting fixed upstream
15:24:58 <trown> number80: where is the "big tent" list upstream?
15:25:12 <number80> personnally, I'm fine with the paste script at first time
15:25:20 <trown> number80: I am thinking ironic-discoverd soon to be renamed to inspector will go there too
15:25:34 <trown> it is getting moved to openstack namespace
15:25:39 <xaeth> i'm not sure who elmiko is. I was talking to redrobot and he said he might be able to get that on this or next sprint
15:25:47 <number80> trown: RDO list sorry, I was speaking about the following thread "Packaging the big tent (or at least part of it)"
15:26:09 <number80> xaeth: Mike Mcccune
15:26:26 <xaeth> kewl
15:27:01 <number80> xaeth: needinfo or ping me when you're ready
15:27:36 <number80> anything else on that topic ?
15:28:01 <number80> we have various offer of helps, I hope we will get many more projects packaged for L release
15:28:36 <chandankumar> is someone working on magnum packaging? if not i am happy to take it
15:28:49 <xaeth> thanks number80
15:29:02 <dtantsur> trown, yeah, I believe we should bring inspector and ipa to (non-manager) RDO as well
15:29:10 <number80> chandankumar: check with sdake
15:29:35 <trown> dtantsur: cool
15:29:43 <chandankumar> number80, sure :)
15:29:47 <number80> great
15:29:58 <number80> #topic openfloor
15:30:13 <number80> do you have any other topics you want to bring on?
15:30:26 <number80> or I'll end the meeting in few minutes :)
15:31:16 <number80> #info jruzicka is working on rdopkg reqquery (it's awesome now)
15:31:46 <number80> #info jruzicka is sketching our new process workflow (feedback welcome)
15:33:09 <gchamoul> dddd
15:33:58 <number80> gchamoul: anything ?
15:35:26 <gchamoul> nope sorry ...
15:35:49 <number80> ok then
15:35:53 <number80> #endmeeting