15:02:32 <apevec> #startmeeting RDO packaging meeting (2015-07-15)
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15:02:39 <apevec> #chair number80
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15:02:44 <apevec> #topic roll call
15:02:46 <chandankumar> \o/
15:02:47 <rbowen> o/
15:02:49 <apevec> o/
15:02:55 <apevec> #chair chandankumar rbowen
15:02:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: apevec chandankumar number80 rbowen
15:03:11 <number80> o/
15:03:32 <alphacc> o/
15:03:58 <number80> good
15:03:59 <apevec> PTO season started so I'd expect lower participation :)
15:04:21 <apevec> as rbowen says, EU has that July-Aug holiday
15:04:22 <derekh> o/
15:04:25 <rbowen> :)
15:04:35 <apevec> #topic liberty reviews
15:04:50 <apevec> we need better tracking of those
15:04:52 <number80> F23 has been branched now :)
15:05:11 <apevec> we have links in etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Trunk
15:05:29 <apevec> but maybe we could add some keyword to query / create BZ whine easily
15:05:40 <apevec> any suggestions for the keyword>
15:05:45 <number80> apevec: create a tracker bug?
15:05:48 <apevec> or that
15:06:10 <apevec> #action number80 to create tracker bug for openstack reviews
15:06:11 <apevec> :)
15:06:16 <number80> ack \o/
15:06:20 <apevec> number80, one per release  ?
15:06:26 <apevec> or just one for all
15:06:32 <number80> It make sense to have one per release
15:06:36 <apevec> ok
15:06:47 <number80> allows finer-grained triaging
15:07:15 <apevec> I'm personally slacking on some reviews, I just forgot about them and BZ whine would help me
15:07:59 <number80> yeah
15:08:11 <jschlueter> o/
15:08:14 <apevec> also, while the package is under review, I think we can import it to Delorean temporarily, even if it is general python-*
15:08:15 <alphacc> I can help on reviews
15:08:40 <number80> anyone is free to do so ;)
15:08:50 <apevec> alphacc, thanks! We have a list in RDO-Trunk etherpad
15:08:58 <apevec> and BZ query soon
15:09:34 <alphacc> apevec: yes adding few urls
15:09:46 <apevec> #info f23 has branched so Liberty work, can be imported to Fedora master
15:10:01 <apevec> this obsoletes my temporary rpm-liberty-1 branches
15:10:10 <apevec> which I'll start merging to Fedora master now
15:11:06 <apevec> related is question what are we doing with F24, but let's make that a separate topic:
15:11:11 <apevec> #topic make a decision on https://trello.com/c/wzdl1IlZ/52-openstack-in-fedora
15:11:19 <apevec> proposal is:
15:11:21 <apevec> * drop openstack-* services in F24
15:11:29 <apevec> * keep Oslo and clients (and general python-* deps)
15:11:38 <number80> +1
15:11:42 <apevec> question is, where do we keep dist-git for openstack-* ?
15:11:55 <apevec> git.centos is not ready yet for SIGs, is it?
15:12:14 <apevec> Also we need a buildsystem for Fedora RDO builds
15:12:17 <number80> alphacc: ^
15:12:27 <apevec> alternatively, we drop Fedora RDO repos and point users to Delorean repos
15:12:44 <number80> apevec: delorean could be a solution for fedora users
15:12:52 <apevec> that was conclusion from openstack meetups at summits afaict
15:12:52 <rbowen> I thought that was the consensus in Vancouver.
15:12:54 <alphacc> I'll update you later for the dist-git because I don't have the latest info
15:12:54 <apevec> rbowen, ^
15:13:01 <number80> I don't think anyone runs production on Fedora
15:13:05 <apevec> number80, yeah
15:13:22 <apevec> and we have Delorean for stable branches (kilo for now)
15:14:11 <number80> temporarily, dist-git could be in github but git.centos.org would have my favor when it's ready
15:14:55 <apevec> number80, I think we have still time before we need to retire openstack-* in Rawhide/F24 so let's keep openstack-* dist-git there for now
15:15:05 <apevec> and retire/move to git.centos when ready
15:15:52 <apevec> but we can conclude now that F24 will not have openstack-*
15:16:01 <apevec> ack?
15:16:08 <number80> agreed
15:16:20 <rbowen> Yes, I believe that is what we agreed to in Vancouver.
15:16:24 <apevec> do we have tentative F24 schedule?
15:16:50 <number80> not yet
15:17:10 <number80> F23 will be release in early november
15:17:11 <apevec> yeah, it's too early, f23 just branched
15:17:37 <apevec> ok, so f24 branching would be ~ EOY ?
15:17:50 <apevec> and we need to retire before that
15:18:36 <number80> yes
15:18:49 <number80> we still have 6 months before us easy peasy
15:19:04 <apevec> #agreed  F24 will not have openstack-*
15:19:33 <apevec> #action retire openstack-* in Rawhide before EOY 2015
15:20:10 <apevec> ok, next topic
15:20:28 <apevec> #topic rpm packaging as an upstream project
15:20:46 <apevec> it is there:  https://review.openstack.org/191587 was merged!
15:21:05 <ryansb> \o/
15:21:10 <apevec> #info rpm-packaging upstream meetings https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/openstack-rpm-packaging
15:21:15 <number80> yes
15:21:27 <number80> we started later but finished the race 1st :o)
15:21:34 <apevec> it's us RDO and Suse guys
15:21:55 <apevec> number80, deb has quit the race...
15:21:57 <alphacc> nice
15:22:01 <xaeth> :clap:
15:22:25 <apevec> anyway, there's room in that project to import RDO packaging
15:22:29 <number80> +1
15:22:34 <apevec> as number80 suggested offlist
15:22:41 <apevec> number80, please explain
15:22:59 <rbowen> Is there a good summary of the upstream packaging effort somewhere.
15:23:02 <apevec> number80, it would be subfolder per rdo package?
15:23:16 <rbowen> I know if Mark's blog post, but beyond that I haven't seen much coherent in one place.
15:23:17 <number80> currently, it happened during our discussion with suse folks but we could import our own packaging into the rpm-packaging namespace
15:23:19 <apevec> rbowen, etherpad link is all we have know
15:23:27 * derekh I was under the impression rpm-packaging would be greenfield...
15:23:28 <apevec> s/know/now/
15:23:39 <number80> apevec: yes
15:23:51 <apevec> derekh, yes, but if we make it with prefix it should be clear
15:24:04 <apevec> of course TBD at upstream meeting tomorrow
15:24:10 <derekh> apevec: ack
15:24:14 <apevec> we just need to clarify number80's  idea
15:24:32 <mrunge> apevec, debian guys are still trying to get packaging integrated as a project
15:24:43 <apevec> mrunge, link?
15:24:48 <mrunge> I just saw a -1 on the spec
15:25:15 <apevec> number80, maybe be best if you push an example to your github?
15:25:24 <apevec> for few rdo packages
15:25:26 <number80> apevec: ack
15:25:30 <apevec> s/rdo/rdo delorean/
15:25:49 <mrunge> apevec, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/185187/7
15:25:52 <number80> #action number80 push an example of organization for rdo packaging
15:26:43 <apevec> mrunge, that was abandoned by zigo afaik
15:27:09 <mrunge> apevec, last comment from Sean Dague yesterday
15:27:40 <apevec> mrunge, see Ubuntu's review ( James Page on Jun 15)
15:28:01 <mrunge> it was discussed in upstream mailing list: yes
15:28:41 <mrunge> doesn't really matter here
15:29:04 <apevec> mrunge, yeah, let's leave that to Ubuntu/Debian to sort out, we'll try collaboration in RPM space w/ Suse and see what comes out of it
15:29:31 <mrunge> yes! let's keep this here going
15:29:43 <apevec> that's all topics we had on agenda
15:29:47 <apevec> #topic open floor
15:30:28 <apevec> re. pbr - I'm updating Fedora master to 1.3.0 now
15:30:46 <apevec> anything else urgently needed for Delorean, let me know
15:31:11 <alphacc> I found an additional volonteer^Wcolleague to help package ec2-api
15:32:50 <apevec> ok
15:33:16 <apevec> anything else?
15:34:44 <apevec> thanks everyone for coming!
15:34:49 <apevec> #endmeeting