15:01:06 <chandankumar> #startmeeting RDO Packaging Meeting (2015-08-19)
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15:01:14 <chandankumar> #topic Roll Call
15:01:16 <chandankumar> o/
15:01:18 <elmiko> o/
15:01:22 <eggmaster> o/
15:01:26 <number80> o/
15:01:26 <chandankumar> #chair elmiko eggmaster
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15:01:30 <jpena> o/
15:01:35 <chandankumar> #chair number80 jpena
15:01:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar eggmaster elmiko jpena number80
15:02:04 <chandankumar> #info RDO bug traige day is on 27th and 28th Aug, 2015
15:02:07 <ihrachyshka> jlibosva, https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/243607/ that one is for correct kilo branch
15:02:17 <chandankumar> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/rdo-list/2015-August/msg00102.html
15:02:34 <chandankumar> #chair ihrachyshka
15:02:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar eggmaster elmiko ihrachyshka jpena number80
15:02:57 <chandankumar> #topic openstack-cinder test package
15:02:57 <jruzicka> o/
15:03:04 <ihrachyshka> ouch, I got in the middle of a meeting.
15:03:06 * ihrachyshka hides
15:03:09 <chandankumar> #chair jruzicka
15:03:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar eggmaster elmiko ihrachyshka jpena jruzicka number80
15:03:41 <chandankumar> I have created a openstack-cinder test package review
15:03:49 <chandankumar> #link https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/243507/
15:04:09 <chandankumar> Please have a look, comments and feedback are welcome.
15:05:26 <chandankumar> Since all the test packages are in review, so i have commented the BuildRequires in the gerrit review.
15:05:56 <chandankumar> next topic
15:06:23 <chandankumar> #topic python-bandit package new confusion
15:06:30 <chandankumar> number80, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1217857
15:07:04 <number80> i'll check with misc who's currently abroad
15:07:07 <social> oh forgot about this meeting o/
15:07:35 <elmiko> number80: theoretically we was travelling back to emea last night
15:07:56 <chandankumar> since bandit is already available in koji, since it is a python package and it having executables
15:07:58 <elmiko> s/we/he
15:08:05 <chandankumar> #chair social
15:08:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: chandankumar eggmaster elmiko ihrachyshka jpena jruzicka number80 social
15:08:10 <number80> still abroad for a while
15:08:14 <elmiko> ah, cool
15:08:16 <chandankumar> number80, ok
15:08:39 <number80> i'll fix it if required anyway
15:08:45 <chandankumar> thanks number80 :)
15:08:52 <chandankumar> next topic
15:09:05 * number80 still feverish today
15:09:23 <chandankumar> #topic Python3 support
15:09:31 <xaeth> o/ but with janky wifi
15:10:00 <chandankumar> Since Python-3 is now mandatory
15:10:09 <chandankumar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Python#Python_Version_Support
15:10:52 <chandankumar> we need to update the spec file of all packages so that i can work with both python-2 and python-3
15:11:39 <chandankumar> and also we need to update all current Fedora reviews to python 3.
15:12:03 <chandankumar> number80, can i get a list of packages which requires to update to Python3?
15:12:35 <number80> it's complicated, it requires building them in the right order in some cases
15:13:31 <chandankumar> Apevec had a proposal :  import all under review specs as-is into github/openstack-packages distgit branch: rdo-liberty
15:13:37 <chandankumar> for example:
15:13:44 <chandankumar> #link https://github.com/openstack-packages/python-futurist/commits/rdo-liberty
15:15:21 <chandankumar> i will update my owned packages to python 3 based on the proposal
15:15:33 <chandankumar> i am adding it as a action items
15:16:14 <chandankumar> #action chandankumar to update packages to python3 based on https://github.com/openstack-packages/python-futurist/commits/rdo-liberty
15:17:14 <chandankumar> one more thing EPEL 7 has python 34 support, but %python_provide doesn't seem to work in CBS
15:17:27 <chandankumar> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1243052#c9
15:17:55 <jruzicka> Need to fix CBS then :)
15:18:30 <chandankumar> :)
15:18:37 <chandankumar> yes
15:18:51 <chandankumar> jruzicka, can you look into that?
15:19:37 <jruzicka> chandankumar, I don't feel qalified... I guess it will be about asking the CentOS guys
15:19:53 <jruzicka> got some tips on that, number80? ^
15:21:02 <number80> chandankumar: the macro just don't exist in EL7, you'd have to provide a fallback
15:21:26 <number80> the other alternative would be fixing the python subpackage providing this macros but it's not recommended
15:22:33 <number80> it would break every package in RDO downstream distros if we did the latter
15:23:06 <number80> and I'd keep the python3 subpackage optional for the same reason
15:23:40 <chandankumar> ok
15:25:06 <chandankumar> moving to next topic
15:25:21 <chandankumar> #topic upstream rpm-packaging
15:25:37 <chandankumar> number80, can you take on this topic?
15:25:57 <number80> we have MOS packaging team from Mirantis who want to join (which is a good thing)
15:26:17 <number80> and we're evaluating Anvil and maybe leverage it for the project
15:27:34 <chandankumar> more info regarding anvil usage is here: https://github.com/openstack-dev/pbr/commit/826380603382e4aa2d1eb57649da91dd3ba4e0a5
15:27:37 <chandankumar> #link https://github.com/openstack-dev/pbr/commit/826380603382e4aa2d1eb57649da91dd3ba4e0a5
15:28:04 <chandankumar> that's great :)
15:28:49 <chandankumar> #info Evaluate Anvil for packaging
15:28:59 <chandankumar> moving to next topic
15:29:25 <chandankumar> #topic new package review from big switch
15:30:02 <eggmaster> Yeah so there are a couple issues listed in the bullet points there.
15:30:16 <eggmaster> First is, do we still need to get in Fedora for new packages at this point?
15:30:28 <chandankumar> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1254828
15:30:40 <number80> I'm waiting for feedback about this
15:31:05 * eggmaster waves at xinwu_ from bigswitch who did the packaging for this
15:31:14 <chandankumar> number80, can i add this bug in Liberty review tracker?
15:31:17 <xinwu_> hi, this is xin from big switch. I'm the packaging guy. nice to talk to you
15:31:28 <number80> nice to meet you
15:31:28 <chandankumar> xinwu_, welcome :)
15:31:49 <number80> chandankumar: yes, but we need to review them to know if it's worth or not to have them in fedora
15:33:55 <jruzicka> xinwu_, o/
15:34:09 <chandankumar> number80, i think ihrachyshka is our networking guy, he can look into this package review
15:34:25 <eggmaster> I may be speaking out of turn, but I think the goal is to get this downstream (osp) so fedora builds are probably non-essential.
15:34:35 <eggmaster> just throwing that out there.
15:34:42 <eggmaster> xinwu_: ^ seem right?
15:34:47 <xinwu_> sure, thanks a lot. I'm following cisco's example http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/cgit/python-networking-cisco.git
15:35:33 <ihrachyshka> xinwu_, do we have the package in delorean?
15:35:33 <number80> chandankumar: ihrachyshka is quite busy these days, I'd rather call him when we'd need his expertise for specific points
15:35:38 <number80> yes
15:36:01 <number80> xinwu_: I'd fix the configuration files location and please use the sysconfigdir macros
15:36:01 <chandankumar> sure
15:36:05 <xinwu_> Yes, the goal is to make it into rhosp. my understanding is that it has to go to rdo first
15:36:24 <ihrachyshka> well it would be better to make reviews for delorean first. I don't remember I saw pings on that matter.
15:36:24 <xinwu_> no, we don't have any package in delorean
15:36:47 <ihrachyshka> ok, so no delorean
15:37:15 <ihrachyshka> may I ask then why not there :) I think it's the real upstream we should start from. but I may miss smth.
15:39:56 <number80> since I'm sick, I don't expect that I'll be able to move forward this week on big switch but i'll prepare my planning for next week or this week-end
15:40:35 <number80> xinwu_: if you have any questions, just ping me (my mail is hguemar AT redhat.com)
15:41:09 <xinwu_> I'm sorry. But I got a little confused here. what is the suggested route to merge this rpm to rhosp? I'm following this page https://www.rdoproject.org/packaging/rdo-packaging.html, and got the impression that fedora first, then delorean, then rhosp. Is that right?
15:41:18 <ihrachyshka> xinwu_, ok, I posted some comments there.
15:41:57 <eggmaster> xinwu_: yeah I'm sorry I missed you yesterday evening, those docs don't reflect all of recent discussion around packaging strategy iiuc.
15:42:27 <ihrachyshka> xinwu_, I think the arrow from delorean to fedora on the image suggests the order
15:42:30 <number80> yes, this is a long story, but if you could do two informal reviews and link them back to your ticket
15:42:38 <ihrachyshka> of course it can go in parallel
15:42:41 <number80> preferably taken from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1243533
15:42:45 <xinwu_> thanks a lot number80 :)
15:42:57 <ihrachyshka> but note that delorean should be the source of updates in the end, and fedora is a mere consumer
15:43:26 <number80> yes, I still need to figure out an important detail with Red Hat Legal to change the process
15:43:33 <ihrachyshka> number80, is it common to ask newcomers to do reviews?
15:43:56 <number80> ihrachyshka: yes, moreover, it helps decreasing the reviews queue
15:44:07 <ihrachyshka> number80, but how good are those reviews?
15:44:36 * chandankumar silently looks at the liberty review queue.
15:44:39 <number80> ihrachyshka: depends, but they often catch some issues or are good enough for me to approve the packages
15:44:44 <ihrachyshka> I still don't feel like I may do complete formal reviews, and I am with RDO for 1+ year
15:45:05 <xinwu_> I see, it is delorean -> fedora -> rhosp. got it
15:45:09 <ihrachyshka> ok, whatever. I just think it's a wrong answer to correct question
15:45:18 <ihrachyshka> xinwu_, yeap
15:45:21 <jruzicka> ihrachyshka, but then again, something is better than nothing.
15:45:34 <number80> moreover reading other spec is a good practice to learn packaging
15:45:43 <ihrachyshka> number80, if that spec is a good one ;)
15:45:46 <jruzicka> It's easier to fix something suboptimal than create perfect solution from nothing, no?
15:45:54 <number80> agreed
15:46:05 <ihrachyshka> jruzicka, well, sometimes we allow things that are not just imperfect, but bad
15:46:17 * ihrachyshka mumbles about octavia
15:46:18 <jruzicka> ihrachyshka, is it better to have no package at all?
15:46:36 <ihrachyshka> jruzicka, sometimes it is better, f.e. if it just does not work.
15:46:40 <jruzicka> I mean, we do have limited resources relative to the sheer amount of packages
15:47:23 <ihrachyshka> jruzicka, or like that bigswitch package I just looked at that attempts to override neutron policy.json file
15:48:34 <jruzicka> Glad you looked and made it better, then ;)
15:48:51 <ihrachyshka> well, that's because I am afraid since octavia was allowed in!
15:49:10 <ihrachyshka> anyway, I am happy to check neutron related stuff, ping me guys
15:49:30 <number80> ihrachyshka: thanks!
15:49:32 <xinwu_> I see, i think both ml2/restproxy.ini  and  neutron/policy.json should not be there
15:49:43 * chandankumar silently adds action item for ihrachyshka :)
15:49:52 <ihrachyshka> chandankumar, I am better with pings
15:50:05 * number80 gonna take some rest and let medication taking effects
15:50:07 <ihrachyshka> I use a paper action item list ;)
15:50:20 <jruzicka> ihrachyshka, ah, so you too practice PDD?
15:50:26 <jruzicka> (Poke Driven Development)
15:50:40 * jruzicka winks
15:50:41 <chandankumar> #action ihrachyshka to review python-networking-bigswitch :)
15:50:46 <ihrachyshka> jruzicka, right.
15:50:51 <number80> #action number80 sprint on reviews
15:51:03 <ihrachyshka> chandankumar, I think I did? Or is there a formal process behind reviewing apart from leaving comments?
15:51:16 <ihrachyshka> also, let's make it for delorean first
15:51:41 <chandankumar> #undo
15:51:41 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by number80 at 15:50:51 : number80 sprint on reviews
15:51:51 <chandankumar> ihrachyshka, Thanks :)
15:51:51 <jruzicka> yeah, delorean is our review tool :)
15:52:07 <chandankumar> number80, sorry
15:52:10 <ihrachyshka> and should be the only tool, now and for all
15:52:19 <chandankumar> #action number80 sprint on reviews
15:52:36 <chandankumar> moving to next topic
15:52:40 <number80> problem with delorean only packages is that you need to request RH Legal clearance for packages not in fedora
15:52:48 * number80 trying to get a RDO exception
15:52:59 <jruzicka> oh that would be nice
15:53:15 <jruzicka> if something go wrong, we can always blame upstream :)
15:53:18 <number80> yes, that's one of the blocker currently
15:53:39 <mrunge> remind me, why we would have a reason for delorean only packages?
15:53:55 <jruzicka> mrunge, missing deps
15:54:00 <mrunge> so?
15:54:05 <jruzicka> mrunge, it's an incubator
15:54:25 <mrunge> and why don't we use fedora rawhide as incubator?
15:54:32 <jruzicka> mrunge, missing dependencies
15:54:37 <mrunge> so?
15:54:41 <jruzicka> so?
15:54:57 <mrunge> missing dep is just an excuse for missing review, right?
15:55:04 <number80> rawhide is not suitable for continuous delivery
15:55:07 <jruzicka> This has been discussed so many times I'm just not gonna repeat.
15:55:23 <mrunge> oh, nice turn
15:55:33 <number80> we can't rebuild every commit upstream in rawhide
15:55:51 <mrunge> wasn't this about missing packages?
15:55:52 <jruzicka> mrunge, as always, you start criticizing stuff few months after the time it would be valuable feedback.
15:56:18 <mrunge> jruzicka, I start, once they are reaching me
15:56:29 <mrunge> and it's not the first time I voiced my concerns
15:56:40 <number80> mrunge: AFAIK, even moving out of fedora won't be an excuse for dropping the reviewing step or sloppy reviews
15:56:41 <jruzicka> that's for sure
15:57:02 <number80> mrunge: if you want, we can discuss this privately when i'll feel better
15:57:22 <mrunge> number80, right. let's defer it
15:57:28 <chandankumar> #topic rdopkg in Fedora
15:57:36 <chandankumar> jruzicka, now your turn :)
15:57:56 <jruzicka> nothing to say, just informing the masses it's in progress since it's been requested multiple times
15:58:15 <jruzicka> pymod2pkg is ready for SCM request, rdopkg should follow soon.
15:58:53 <chandankumar> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1246192
15:59:16 <number80> jruzicka++
15:59:27 <chandankumar> #info pymod2pkg is ready for SCM request
15:59:29 <jruzicka> mrunge, see, I'm getting packages to fedora even though I don't have to. After I incubated it in my own distig in copr and now it's ready for Fedora.
15:59:48 <jruzicka> *distgit
16:00:02 <chandankumar> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1246199
16:00:07 <mrunge> jruzicka, great
16:00:13 <jruzicka> And that's what delorean is for, basically
16:00:23 <jruzicka> well, one of things ;)
16:00:28 <mrunge> well
16:00:57 <chandankumar> moving to next topic
16:01:12 <chandankumar> #topic open floor
16:01:48 <elmiko> i'm curious if there has been any activity on the barbican bz?
16:02:50 <chandankumar> elmiko, are you referring to this https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1190269 ?
16:03:02 <elmiko> yes
16:03:57 <chandankumar> i will take look into it
16:04:02 <elmiko> thanks!
16:04:13 <number80> I had a quick chat with Nathan last week about it, I'm waiting that the init scripts are fixed
16:04:19 <chandankumar> #action chandankumar to look in barbican review https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1190269
16:04:44 <chandankumar> ah! there is a needinfo already there.
16:05:11 <elmiko> number80: what needs changing in the init scripts?
16:05:38 <number80> elmiko: can't remember right now, but i'll ping you
16:05:45 * number80 starting to be dizzy
16:05:45 <elmiko> cool, thanks =)
16:06:03 <social> do we still support icehouse in rdo?
16:06:03 <elmiko> but, wait till you feel better number80!
16:06:15 <chandankumar> number80, get well soon :)
16:06:38 <number80> (one advice, prefer delta over air france for long flights)
16:06:49 <jruzicka> FYI for the time being I'd like to focus on spliting the general functionality provided by rdopkg into pwnpkg (https://github.com/yac/pwnpkg) with the grand goal of rewriting fedpkg in the bright future. If you know/meet a person interested in that, let me know.
16:07:35 <number80> jruzicka: check with Pavol, the patch mgmt feature is interesting a lot of people
16:07:54 <jruzicka> indeed, distgit manipulation will have it's own module
16:08:07 <number80> +1
16:08:13 <jruzicka> I hope to set a new minimal standard for packaging.
16:08:23 <jruzicka> let's see if that's just dreaming or not.
16:09:14 <chandankumar> any more topic left to discuss? if not we can close the meeting on a countdown of 5.
16:09:25 <jruzicka> 4
16:09:27 <jruzicka> 3
16:09:29 <jruzicka> 2
16:09:30 <jruzicka> 1
16:09:36 <chandankumar> #endmeeting