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15:00:34 <number80> #topic roll call
15:00:37 <number80> o/
15:00:39 <jpena> o/
15:00:54 <jruzicka> \o/
15:00:55 <leifmadsen> \o\
15:01:00 <chandankumar> \o/
15:01:06 <number80> #chair jpena leifmadsen jruzicka chandankumar dmsimard
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15:01:08 <apevec> /o/
15:01:22 <number80> #chair apevec
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15:01:47 <number80> let's give few more minutes to the DST confused people :)
15:01:50 <number80> rbowen: ^
15:02:04 <rbowen> Hi. Here. :-)
15:02:06 <leifmadsen> about 60 mins? :D
15:02:24 <EmilienM> hello
15:02:56 <number80> #chair rbowen EmilienM
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15:03:08 <apevec> well, we have meeting time in UTC, that didn't change :)
15:03:18 <number80> let's start
15:03:19 <jruzicka> UTC, the only true time!
15:03:27 <number80> #topic vitrage packaging
15:03:52 <number80> so https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1342987
15:04:02 <rdogerrit> Javier Peña proposed rdoinfo: Implement update-puppet-uc  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/3349
15:04:12 <number80> so mrunge and leifmadsen will be helping to the review (and me in backup)
15:04:12 <leifmadsen> so yesterday I got some changes I had to make to the spec file to get it building in dlrn merged upstream
15:04:25 <number80> excellent
15:04:27 <leifmadsen> mrunge seemed to indicate they looked sane
15:04:56 <leifmadsen> I haven't had a chance to try again -- there was some discussion around the vitrageclient being needed for tests, but I didn't totally follow what was happening there
15:05:23 <number80> there's another review for the client opened
15:05:38 <leifmadsen> yea I noticed the client and the horizon plugin were both separate BZs
15:06:32 <leifmadsen> not entirely sure what next steps are -- make sure everything can build with dlrn?
15:06:38 <apevec> yes
15:06:54 <apevec> we can verify that with the initial gerrit review
15:06:55 <leifmadsen> ok, then after that submit reviews to review.r.o ?
15:07:17 <leifmadsen> just want to understand the workflow here so I can help push along if need be
15:08:02 <apevec> afaict it is ready for the initial gerrit review
15:08:12 <imcsk8> o/
15:08:31 <leifmadsen> ok cool, I can work on that then
15:08:39 <apevec> https://www.rdoproject.org/documentation/rdo-packaging/#how-to-add-a-new-package-to-rdo-trunk
15:08:55 <jruzicka> behold, documentation :)
15:09:00 <leifmadsen> right ok, so I've tested that locally at least
15:09:26 <leifmadsen> I'll get a review up probably this afternoon then
15:09:39 <leifmadsen> anything else I should be aware of around this before we move to next topic?
15:09:43 <apevec> so step 2. is to merge https://review.rdoproject.org/r/1504
15:09:54 <apevec> then 3. initial spec import review
15:10:30 <apevec> just one thing mentioned in rdo-list thread, about sensu support:
15:10:53 <apevec> I don't think this is a blocker for rdo import, but is anyone planning to work on it?
15:10:58 <apevec> mrunge, ^ ?
15:11:43 <number80> that is supposed to be discussed by mrunge with upstream
15:12:03 <apevec> yeah, we can continue that discussion on the list
15:12:09 <apevec> that's all
15:12:10 <leifmadsen> +1
15:12:28 <number80> #topic Rename centos-ocata user in DLRN instance to simplify future stable branch creations
15:12:35 <jpena> that's mine
15:13:02 <jpena> if you remember when we branched Newton on RC, we had some issues because we broke continuity between master and newton
15:13:35 <jpena> the fix is easy, but it requires that we do some changes in the DLRN instance (rename a user and update files accordingly)
15:13:43 <jpena> #link https://trello.com/c/ws1EPmwp/390-improve-master-and-stable-branch-handling-in-dlrn-repos
15:14:19 <jpena> I'd expect ~1h downtime (probably less) for the centos-master repo, and the need to check that all promotion jobs have been updated after that
15:14:37 <number80> looks good :)
15:14:53 <jpena> so, when would it be a good moment to do it? I'd say it's good to do it early in the cycle
15:15:15 <rdogerrit> Merged openstack/networking-ovn-distgit: Add python-tenacity package in Requires  http://review.rdoproject.org/r/3401
15:16:19 <apevec> yes, I'd say we should do it before first milestone
15:16:22 <apevec> i.e. next week
15:16:34 <number80> if you need CentOS folks, next week is not good idea as they'll be travelling
15:17:01 <jpena> number80, not really, it's all user stuff and update some files
15:17:08 <number80> then, +1 for next week
15:17:20 <jpena> Would Nov 10 (next Thursday) be ok? During the European morning
15:17:25 <apevec> yeah, we are not changing anything on the public (buildlogs) side
15:17:28 <apevec> +1
15:17:30 <number80> good
15:18:01 <jpena> ok, I'll prepare the communication then
15:18:23 <number80> #info jpena to prepare DLRN update on Nov, 10 + communication
15:18:24 <jpena> #action jpena to coordinate and communicate change
15:18:32 <number80> :)
15:18:47 <number80> then, next topic?
15:19:00 <jpena> yep
15:19:03 <number80> #topic Ocata RDO testdays proposal
15:19:06 <number80> apevec: ?
15:20:51 <apevec> oh that's actually rbowen's proposal, I'm just advertising it
15:21:01 <rbowen> Oh, sorry. Yeah. I posted tentative test dates
15:21:01 <apevec> looks like we might have holidays conflict
15:21:10 <rbowen> I have had one recommended change, and haven't done that yet.
15:21:18 <rbowen> Also, the one in December will likely be a conflict for some people.
15:21:35 <leifmadsen> all of December is generally a write off ;)
15:21:35 <number80> ah ok
15:21:39 <rbowen> I will update the Thanksgiving one asap.
15:21:43 <rbowen> http://rdoproject.org/testday
15:21:54 <apevec> so I'd say move ocata1 +1 week later ?
15:21:57 <rbowen> Yes.
15:22:03 <apevec> and drop ocata2
15:22:15 <apevec> it's short cycle something got to give
15:22:19 <rbowen> I also need to pull some of the stuff that happened in etherpads last time, into the website, for a more permanent record.
15:22:28 <rbowen> Oh, drop #2?
15:22:31 <number80> if possible, I'd like to have one before M3
15:22:31 <rbowen> ok, sure.
15:23:13 <apevec> number80, when?
15:23:29 <number80> before mid-january
15:23:33 <apevec> ocata3 is already Feb2
15:23:44 <number80> yeah, but too close for GA :)
15:24:01 <apevec> it is short cycle
15:24:14 <number80> let's try dropping it then
15:25:14 <rbowen> So, ocata1 moves a week later
15:25:20 <rbowen> Drop ocata2
15:25:30 <rbowen> and drop ocata 3 as well?
15:26:10 <apevec> no
15:26:29 <apevec> milestone3 is important (feature freeze)
15:26:31 <number80> well, no for Ocata3
15:26:50 <rbowen> So, three test days: December 1,2, February 2,3, and March 2,3
15:26:56 <rbowen> Yes?
15:27:00 <number80> ack for me
15:27:06 <apevec> +1
15:27:08 <myoung> o/
15:27:21 * number80 encourage people to advertise feature before dec, 31
15:27:28 <number80> *new
15:27:37 <rbowen> Sorry, picked that moment to fall out of IRC.
15:27:49 <rbowen> So, three test days: December 1,2, February 2,3, and March 2,3
15:27:51 <rbowen> Yes?
15:27:53 <number80> yes
15:27:55 <rbowen> Did I miss a response?
15:27:57 <imcsk8> +1
15:27:57 <jpena> +1
15:27:59 <rbowen> ok, thanks.
15:27:59 <weshay> dmsimard, adarazs did we loose that jjb test job when we moved to rdoproject?
15:28:01 <apevec> +1 again
15:28:05 <rbowen> I've updated the web page accordingly.
15:28:17 <jruzicka> +1
15:28:36 <weshay> +1
15:28:41 <dmsimard> weshay: jjb test job ?
15:28:45 <weshay> sry mtg
15:29:23 <apevec> rbowen, also change release schedule link to /ocata/
15:29:46 <openstackgerrit> Merged openstack/packstack: Fixed puppetfile install step  https://review.openstack.org/392574
15:29:58 <number80> #info test days: dec 1/2, feb 2/3, March 2/3 (skipping M2 test days)
15:30:13 <rbowen> apevec: Thanks.
15:31:37 <number80> next topic then
15:31:51 <number80> #topic Alternate arch status
15:31:58 <number80> I'll provide some status
15:32:19 <number80> we have few minor deps that need to be updated like gdal
15:33:14 <number80> boost159 is a new package to support mongodb 3.2 (required for telemetry altarch support) and facter3 (continuation of unrelated puppet4 effort)
15:33:56 <number80> boost159 review will be published today, please pay some attention as it's a blocker for many features
15:33:59 <apevec> sounds like insta||able fun
15:34:20 <number80> yeah, I had to do it from scratch since EPEL has only boost148 which is too old
15:34:55 <mengxd> i would remind that we need to pay attention to ceph for altarch too
15:35:09 <mengxd> Since ceph also have a dependency on boost
15:35:35 <apevec> ceph on aarch64 is done, is that ppe only issue w/ boost?
15:35:43 <number80> I think it requires a lower version of boost
15:36:19 <number80> I had no feedback for ceph on ppc64le
15:36:25 <mengxd> yes, ceph with lower version of boost should work. But if we install ceph and mongodb on same node, there will be conflicts
15:36:59 <number80> mengxd: actually, boost159 is installable in parallel of regular boost, so it should be fine
15:37:14 <number80> that's also one of the thing that needs to be tested in the review
15:37:43 <number80> I absolutely don't want to override system's boost package
15:37:46 <mengxd> number80: ok, if both version can co-exist, that will be good.
15:37:54 <number80> *nods*
15:38:19 <number80> otherwise, I plan to bootstrap ppc64le in two weeks, after CentOS Interlock
15:39:57 <number80> any questions?
15:41:04 <mengxd> ceph jewel need  to be bootstrapped for ppc64le as well
15:41:25 <mengxd> current available version is firefly on ppc64le
15:41:31 <number80> ack, I'll look into that after RDO bootstrap
15:41:54 <number80> #action look at ceph/ppc64le with fcami and kdreyer
15:42:00 <number80> #unco
15:42:02 <number80> #undo
15:42:02 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by number80 at 15:41:54 : look at ceph/ppc64le with fcami and kdreyer
15:42:08 <number80> #action number80 look at ceph/ppc64le with fcami and kdreyer
15:42:17 <number80> next topic
15:42:24 <number80> #topic next week chair
15:42:37 <number80> next week, I'm travelling again so who's up for it?
15:43:49 <imcsk8> i can
15:43:53 <jpena> Next Wed is a bank holiday in Madrid, so I won't be around
15:44:04 <number80> #action imcsk8 is chairing next week
15:44:07 <number80> thanks Ivan!
15:44:15 <imcsk8> np :)
15:44:25 <number80> #topic open floor
15:44:34 <number80> anything before we close the meeting?
15:44:59 <jruzicka> just wanted to say it was great to meet (most of) RDO team in Barcelona - thanks for the great time guys!
15:45:06 <rbowen> +1
15:45:12 <rbowen> Thanks so much for everyone's help in the booth.
15:45:21 <jruzicka> I have the duck with me ;)
15:45:54 <jschlueter> o/
15:46:32 <number80> yup, it was great :)
15:47:21 <bkero> dmsimard: around now?
15:49:11 <number80> ok, let's end it here
15:49:16 <number80> see you next week!
15:49:20 <number80> #endmeeting