15:00:36 <trown> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2016-12-07
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15:00:50 <trown> #topic roll call
15:00:51 <rbowen> Yo
15:00:55 <leifmadsen> \o
15:00:56 <trown> o/
15:00:57 <amoralej> o/
15:01:06 <trown> #chair rbowen
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15:01:06 <jpena> o/
15:01:09 <rbowen> Didn't we just have the last one of these meetings yesterday?
15:01:16 <rbowen> The last week has gone way too fast.
15:01:16 <jruzicka> o/
15:01:24 <trown> #chair leifmadsen amoralej jruzicka
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15:01:26 <mengxd> o/
15:01:38 <trown> #chair number80 mengxd
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15:01:50 <trown> #chair jpena
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15:02:05 <jruzicka> rbowen, heh, feels like nearly infinite amount of time passed since then to me :)
15:02:33 <number80> let's start
15:03:43 <trown> #topic New namespace for networking packages (VPP, OVS, OVS+DPDK, OVN, etc)
15:03:47 <trown> leifmadsen
15:03:50 <leifmadsen> hey!
15:03:51 <leifmadsen> I'm here
15:04:07 <leifmadsen> so basically this had come up previously about getting OVS into RDO, but it didn't seem to make sense to use it in the same openstack namespace
15:04:19 <leifmadsen> there was some work blocking this in dlrn, but I believe it has been complete for some time now?
15:04:29 <rdogerrit> Attila Darazs proposed config: tripleo-quickstart job: enable log collection output  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/4023
15:04:42 <leifmadsen> so I was talking to Feng Pan, and he is interested in getting VPP packaged, so it seemed natural to maybe have a new namespace, and for us to work together on that
15:04:47 <number80> I'm fine with a separate namespace
15:05:09 <leifmadsen> I'm happy for it to be in the existing namespace too, but it just seemed to be suggested previously (not sure by who) to have it separate
15:05:23 <leifmadsen> I'm not interested in a make work project for the team if it doesn't seem necessary
15:05:27 <myoung> o/
15:05:48 <jpena> when we discuss namespaces, we're talking about them in the review.rdoproject.org sense, right?
15:05:52 <leifmadsen> also, I'm still not entirely clear the relationship between getting packages in RDO vs in CentOS, and what the right workflow is for that.
15:05:59 <leifmadsen> jpena: I believe so
15:06:00 <trown> #chair myoung
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15:06:02 <flepied> leifmadsen: is it a new centos sig?
15:06:09 <leifmadsen> flepied: no
15:06:10 <trown> #chair flepied
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15:06:11 <eggmaster> o/
15:06:16 <trown> #chair eggmaster
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15:06:19 <leifmadsen> I don't *think* this has anything to do with CentOS SIG?
15:06:52 <amoralej> are those packages useful out of openstack leifmadsen?
15:06:53 <leifmadsen> jpena: I believe namespace == review.rdoproject.org, and /maybe/ package repo?
15:06:57 <leifmadsen> amoralej: maybe
15:07:04 <flepied> leifmadsen: I'm asking this because that's what we did for opstools
15:07:06 <leifmadsen> but our interest is within openstack
15:07:10 <number80> leifmadsen: it possibly intersect with existing CentOS SIG though
15:07:21 <number80> dpdk is built by NFV SIG
15:07:25 <leifmadsen> number80: absolutely, and i'm in contact with Thomas Herbert who is kind of "leading" that
15:07:50 <number80> ack
15:07:51 <fpan> there is a plan to package VPP packages in NFV SIG, but I'm not sure what their time line is lke
15:08:02 <leifmadsen> basically, I want to help with packaging in the networking area, and RDO seems natural, but maybe there is further work to push up into a SIG as well?
15:08:10 <leifmadsen> would that workflow seem natural?
15:09:01 <trown> hmm seems like VPP should be owned by only one SIG
15:09:02 <leifmadsen> packaging in both a SIG and in RDO makes sense though right? I picture RDO as kind of the tip of packaging, and the SIGs as the longer term, stable, operating system package location?
15:09:29 <leifmadsen> this may be a topic that I really just need to talk to someone about offline (out of this meeting)
15:09:30 <trown> leifmadsen: RDO is a SIG
15:09:32 <flepied> not really RDO is the Cloud SIG
15:09:33 <leifmadsen> ah ok
15:09:36 <leifmadsen> ahhhh ok
15:09:43 <leifmadsen> ok thanks, that clears up a lot of my confusion
15:09:54 <rbowen> Unfortunately, since there's nobody else in that SIG, we don't really operate like the other SIGs do.
15:10:07 <leifmadsen> I'm not sure there is any work on the OVS side of things right now for it to be packaged by any other particular SIG
15:10:08 <rbowen> Our weekly SIG meeting is kind of this one, instead of being on centos-devel
15:10:15 <rbowen> where it was just a rehash of what we'd talked about here.
15:10:19 <leifmadsen> right right, I had read that
15:10:30 <leifmadsen> and makes sense to not have a meeting to talk about a previous meeting :)
15:10:34 <trown> I thought NFV SIG might merge with Cloud SIG?
15:10:42 <leifmadsen> I had heard / understood that as well
15:10:47 <rbowen> THat was one of the only non-RDO things taht ever got discussed in the Cloud SIG meeting.
15:10:54 <rbowen> So, now that we're not having those any more, that kind of stalled.
15:11:03 <number80> Well, it didn't happen, since NFV SIG got rebooted
15:11:03 <rbowen> So that's worth picking up again, and talking more with them to see how we can do that.
15:11:10 <rbowen> Oh, I missed that part.
15:11:13 <leifmadsen> same.
15:11:35 <leifmadsen> ok so maybe we need to answer this question first:  Does it make sense for VPP, OVS, OVS+DPDK, etc to be packaged in RDO at all?
15:11:44 <leifmadsen> or am I talking to the wrong SIG for this? :)
15:11:58 <number80> leifmadsen: technically, we can host them on the same platform but it won't be in RDO
15:12:13 <number80> (off course, we can help)
15:12:15 <leifmadsen> ok, so same technical process, different meeting space
15:12:19 <number80> yep
15:12:36 <rdogerrit> Merged config: tripleo-quickstart job: enable log collection output  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/4023
15:12:50 <leifmadsen> ok, so maybe fpan and I need to talk to therbert and really have our own SIG to work in, and then cooperate with RDO for the technical aspects (packaging, hosting, etc?)
15:13:09 <leifmadsen> for the NFV related network packaging aspects I mean
15:13:16 <leifmadsen> fpan: am I off my rocker here?
15:13:30 <rbowen> That sounds right.
15:13:34 <fpan> so a question I have is, if something is already packed in NFV sig (or fedora even), what else do we need to do to reference those in RDO
15:13:37 <number80> *nods*
15:13:39 <fpan> leifmadsen: yeah that makes sense
15:14:12 <leifmadsen> fpan: thanks
15:14:19 <leifmadsen> and yea, the question fpan asked :)
15:15:18 <amoralej> leifmadsen, fpan, for example, we use the kvm package provided by VirtSIG
15:15:36 <leifmadsen> right right, that sounds like a natural example
15:15:41 <amoralej> just by adding the repo as a requirement for RDO release repo rpm
15:15:44 <leifmadsen> ah ok
15:16:01 <leifmadsen> and based on what number80 said, we could potentially use the same infrastructure as RDO for the package building / hosting?
15:16:07 <leifmadsen> if I understood that correctly
15:16:37 <rbowen> Yes.
15:16:40 <amoralej> yes, it sounds reasonable to me
15:16:55 <fpan> amoralej: got it, thanks
15:16:56 <flepied> leifmadsen: yes could discuss that with the software factory guys as there are discussions to host something for other clouds
15:17:06 <number80> *nods*
15:17:08 <flepied> for other sigs
15:17:17 <leifmadsen> do we really want to spin up a whole other set of infra?
15:17:22 <leifmadsen> that sounds heavy handed...
15:17:37 <leifmadsen> of course, I mean the royal we
15:17:53 <flepied> leifmadsen: yes but we have the opposite problems: some sigs don't want to be seen as part of RDO
15:18:15 <leifmadsen> gotcha
15:18:20 <leifmadsen> anyways, that's a detail
15:18:35 <leifmadsen> for my case, I'm happy for the path of least resistance and to piggy back on RDO
15:19:24 <leifmadsen> but I'll talk with fpan etc and bring it up in whatever SIG this work is going to happen in (NFV SIG perhaps?) and then we can come to a real conclusion
15:19:29 <leifmadsen> ok -- so to close this out
15:19:33 <number80> We can work it out, we don't want to own everything
15:19:50 <leifmadsen> basically we *could* create a new namespace in the existing infra to host NFV related networking packages without significant effort?
15:19:56 <leifmadsen> number80: +1
15:19:57 <number80> Yes
15:20:24 <leifmadsen> ok, and then we can always decide to migrate to another set of infra or whatever if it comes down to it in the future, but lets go with the path of least resistance as an initial first step
15:20:34 <leifmadsen> fpan: anything else? I'm satisfied with this info for now
15:20:48 <leifmadsen> rbowen: I might reach out to you at some point for some guidance etc
15:20:56 <rbowen> ok
15:20:56 <leifmadsen> if that's ok
15:21:07 <rbowen> Yep.
15:21:11 <leifmadsen> awesome thanks
15:21:30 <leifmadsen> ok, I guess I'm done on this topic unless there is something else I should be aware of
15:21:36 <leifmadsen> much obliged
15:22:25 <fpan> leifmadsen: all good, thanks
15:22:41 <leifmadsen> should I add some #info tags around this discussion? :)
15:23:01 <rbowen> Yeah, that would be good.
15:23:07 <leifmadsen> it's #info right?
15:23:09 <rbowen> Yes
15:23:14 <leifmadsen> ok, let me do that quick
15:23:17 <rbowen> And #action if any
15:23:22 <leifmadsen> +1
15:23:54 <leifmadsen> #info leif asks about namespace in RDO, number80 says it's ok for NFV network packaging to piggy back on RDO infra
15:24:13 <leifmadsen> #info conclusion seems to be that NFV SIG should handle the actual discussion / work for NFV related packaging (not RDO meetings)
15:24:37 <leifmadsen> #action leifmadsen to follow up with fpan and therbert about moving NFV packaging to NFV SIG
15:24:59 <Duck> quack
15:25:01 <leifmadsen> #action leifmadsen to follow up with rbowen and others about whether a Cloud SIG / NFV SIG merger needs to happen (should happen)
15:25:15 <trown> #chair Duck
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15:25:15 <leifmadsen> I think that's mostly it?
15:25:26 <trown> cool next topic?
15:25:29 <leifmadsen> one more thing
15:25:38 <trown> #chair fpan
15:25:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: Duck amoralej eggmaster flepied fpan jpena jruzicka leifmadsen mengxd myoung number80 rbowen trown
15:26:00 <leifmadsen> #info fleipid discussed that software factory guys might be interested in discussion other SIGs hosting their own infra (and not RDO owning everything infra wise)
15:26:02 <leifmadsen> ok I'm done
15:26:05 <leifmadsen> next!
15:26:39 <trown> cool thanks leifmadsen
15:26:48 <leifmadsen> np
15:26:56 <trown> #topic announcements
15:27:06 <trown> rbowen: those are yours?
15:27:09 <rbowen> So, CentOS dojos don't do traditional CFPs, but if you're going to be at FOSDEM, and have something to share, please consider speaking at the CentOS Dojo there.
15:27:12 <rbowen> Yeah, this is me.
15:27:33 <rbowen> And if you put something on that etherpad, I'll make sure the right people at CentOS see it.
15:27:39 <rbowen> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/fosdem-dojo-2017
15:28:00 <rbowen> Also, if you're planning to be at DevConf.cz, ping emalikov and tell her, and she might put you to work.
15:28:14 <rbowen> We (RDO) will have a table there like last year, and she's coordinating that.
15:28:29 <rbowen> And we'll have snazzy tshirts, looks like, for those of you that show up to help. :-)
15:28:46 <rbowen> Oh, one other thing.
15:29:02 <rbowen> ccamacho is working on TripleO bookmarks, like the RDO one
15:29:02 <rbowen> https://github.com/ccamacho/tripleo-cheatsheet
15:29:10 <trown> nice
15:29:11 * number80 skipping devconf.cz
15:29:21 <rbowen> If you are wise in the ways of tripleO, have a look, and see if you have suggestions, so that we can get them to print a week from now.
15:29:38 <rbowen> They're really very cool, and I hope to have them for the OpenStack table at FOSDEM.
15:29:47 <rbowen> I think that's all.
15:29:48 <trown> ccamacho++
15:29:48 <zodbot> trown: Karma for ccamacho changed to 1 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
15:29:50 <dmsimard> I'm late \o
15:30:01 <trown> #chair dmsimard
15:30:01 <zodbot> Current chairs: Duck amoralej dmsimard eggmaster flepied fpan jpena jruzicka leifmadsen mengxd myoung number80 rbowen trown
15:30:18 <trown> dmsimard: just in time for open discussion
15:30:26 <trown> #topic open discussion
15:31:29 <number80> I'm looking at untagged builds, if you find some, just let me know
15:31:34 <number80> *in testing
15:32:29 <ccamacho> Hey trown would be awesome if you can give some feedback with the cheatsheets, also we might create a new one with the OOOQ steps. Just wanted to people give as much feedback as possible.
15:33:11 <trown> ccamacho: ya, I will give them a look
15:33:41 <rbowen> Someone asked on ask.openstack.org last week for some general OpenStack CLI cheatsheets, and I think there's a lot of room to expand the one we already have into several sub-cheat-sheets.
15:33:57 <rbowen> Not necessarily on paper, but also as electronic forms.
15:34:28 <trown> isnt OpenStack CLI cheatsheet just <TAB> :p
15:34:38 <rbowen> https://www.rdoproject.org/community/brochures/rdo_bookmark.pdf
15:34:50 <rbowen> Well, I suppose, if you know what you're looking for.
15:35:01 <trown> ya, I jest :)
15:35:19 <Duck> and now the links work ;-P
15:36:06 <trown> anything else for today? or should we pick a chair for next week and end early?
15:36:49 <trown> 3
15:36:55 <trown> 2
15:37:03 <trown> 1
15:37:09 <trown> #topic chair for next meeting
15:37:50 <trown> Bueller...
15:37:52 * number80 in vacations next week
15:37:55 <jpena> I can do it
15:38:07 <trown> #action jpena to chair next meeting
15:38:09 <trown> thanks jpena
15:38:31 <trown> #endmeeting