15:06:39 <jpena> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2018-05-16
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15:06:44 <ykarel> amoralej, ack
15:06:59 <jpena> remember to add any last minute item to the agenda at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/RDO-Meeting
15:07:03 <jpena> #topic roll call
15:07:23 <amoralej> o/
15:07:28 <jpena> #chair amoralej ykarel leanderthal
15:07:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: amoralej jpena leanderthal ykarel
15:07:29 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej jpena leanderthal ykarel
15:07:36 <leanderthal> o/
15:07:39 <leanderthal> thx jpena
15:10:23 <jpena> let's move on to the agenda
15:10:29 <jpena> #topic Demos are greatly appreciated for OpenStack Summit
15:11:21 <leanderthal> thx so much, jpena - yes, we'd still love to have #ALLTHEDEMOS at openstack summit
15:11:43 <leanderthal> if you're keen, please sign up https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-vancouver-summit-booth
15:12:08 <leanderthal> i could also use people who are willing to reinstall MY hardware demo and hang around for the rest of the shift to answer questions about it.
15:12:33 <leanderthal> so it's a demo that's already THERE, you just need to do the in person bit.... and that's over here https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/rdo-hardware-demo
15:12:39 <leanderthal> it's just a tripleo quickstart install
15:12:43 <leanderthal> "just"
15:14:27 <leanderthal> any questions?
15:18:44 <jpena> I hope everyone who's going to the summit has signed up already :)
15:18:54 <jpena> so... next topic?
15:19:57 <leanderthal> sounds good!
15:20:05 <jpena> #topic python3 status update
15:20:22 <amoralej> that's mine
15:20:42 <amoralej> just for awareness, i'd like to update about the status of the python3 activities
15:21:09 <amoralej> just a reminder, during this cycle we want to run a PoC of running keystone and glance using python3
15:21:11 <amoralej> on fedora
15:21:14 <jruzicka> touche, sry
15:21:34 <amoralej> as preparation for moving to py3 only in following releases
15:21:50 <amoralej> #info     Created fedora-stabilized repo (can be configured with https://trunk.rdoproject.org/fedora/delorean-deps.repo)
15:22:17 <amoralej> we have created a new repository which is a subset of fedora packages needed to build packages
15:22:40 <amoralej> #info Repository updades can be proposed as reviews to https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/q/project:rdo-infra/fedora-stable-config
15:22:50 <amoralej> #info     Created a new DLRN builder for py3-enabled only packages https://trunk.rdoproject.org/fedora/
15:22:55 <amoralej> jpena has created a new DLRN builder
15:23:07 <amoralej> building only the packages which have py3 enabled
15:23:28 <amoralej> currently it's bootstrapped and followint u-c
15:23:38 <amoralej> and last activity
15:23:46 <amoralej> #info Creating a new image and node type in nodepool to run jobs https://review.rdoproject.org/r/#/c/13758/
15:23:52 <amoralej> i'd like to get this merged
15:23:55 <amoralej> dmsimard|off, ^
15:24:09 <amoralej> could anyone other that dmsimard|off review it?
15:24:54 <amoralej> once we have that i'll inform people about this new repo and images so that they can start working on it
15:25:00 <amoralej> specially tripleo/kolla ones
15:25:07 <amoralej> that's my summary
15:25:12 <amoralej> let me know if you have any question
15:26:00 <ykarel> amoralej, so workflow is add py3 support in spec and add rocky-py3-uc, right?
15:26:11 <amoralej> ykarel, exactly
15:26:27 <ykarel> ack
15:26:46 <amoralej> otherwise, we'll start having issues with python2 only packages that we'd have to fix to become consistent
15:26:57 <amoralej> and i want to focus the effort in py3
15:27:04 <ykarel> cool
15:27:14 <amoralej> there can be exceptions if needed ykarel
15:27:46 <ykarel> Ok
15:27:51 <amoralej> if you need any package to the repo, you can propose a review to rdoinfo and we'll discuss it there
15:28:00 <ykarel> sure
15:28:56 <jpena> amoralej: anything else to add?
15:29:10 <amoralej> i think that's it from my sid
15:29:11 <amoralej> side
15:29:14 <jpena> ok, moving on
15:29:22 <jpena> #topic next week's chair
15:29:31 <jpena> any volunteer to chair the next meeting?
15:29:43 <leanderthal> okay, but also? maybe we don't want to have a meeting next week in light of openstack summit?
15:29:54 <jpena> oh, sure
15:29:55 <leanderthal> but maybe that can wait for open floor.
15:30:05 <jpena> I don't know who's going to be around next week (I'll be)
15:30:08 <leanderthal> cause we still need a chair for 'next' meeting whenever that will be
15:30:13 <leanderthal> i'll be here, too.
15:30:36 <leanderthal> okay, so let's do a meeting, jpena and leanderthal - i'll be chair.
15:30:45 <jpena> cool :)
15:30:53 <jpena> #action leanderthal to chair the next meeting
15:30:53 <amoralej> i'll be too
15:30:57 <jpena> #topic open floor
15:30:59 <leanderthal> oh, yay!
15:31:10 <ykarel> me too
15:31:12 <leanderthal> okay, so we'll def have a meeting next week.
15:31:14 <leanderthal> yayayayay!
15:31:36 <leanderthal> does anyone have anything they'd like to add to the june newsletter?
15:34:36 <PagliaccisCloud> oh h*ck i'm late
15:34:44 <leanderthal> hiya PagliaccisCloud
15:35:36 <PagliaccisCloud> o/
15:37:46 <leanderthal> no worries, then.
15:38:58 <leanderthal> if you're keen to contribute to the june rdo newsletter, please email rain@redhat.com or ping leanderthal on irc
15:39:11 <PagliaccisCloud> what are you looking for?
15:39:53 <leanderthal> anything, really...  the newsletter covers the gamut from regional to international, openstack in general to project specific
15:40:04 <leanderthal> https://www.rdoproject.org/newsletter/
15:41:00 <leanderthal> PagliaccisCloud, for example, i'd love to do something about packstack, as i know it's your jam
15:42:17 <PagliaccisCloud> packstack is, indeed my jam :D. ok, i'll see what i can come up with.
15:42:49 <leanderthal> cool cool
15:44:09 <jpena> ok, anything else to discuss, or shall we call it a day?
15:44:11 <leanderthal> #action PagliaccisCloud to write something packstack related for rdoproject.org/newsletter/2018/june
15:44:18 <leanderthal> nothing for me, jpena - thank you!
15:44:34 <jpena> good, so we get 15 minutes back :)
15:45:01 <jpena> #endmeeting