15:03:30 <PagliaccisCloud> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2018-10-03
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15:03:36 <number80> PagliaccisCloud: no worries
15:03:38 <PagliaccisCloud> thar we go
15:04:03 <mwhahaha> time for round 2
15:04:14 <PagliaccisCloud> #chair jpena mjturek number80 amoralej baha mwhahaha
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15:04:39 <PagliaccisCloud> lol just triggered a spambot warning
15:06:39 <PagliaccisCloud> #topic RDOinfo reorganization proposal
15:07:01 <amoralej> that's mine
15:07:17 <amoralej> so, historically rdoinfo has been problematic in terms of rebases
15:07:26 <amoralej> and gating
15:07:37 <amoralej> to make sure we only run relevant jobs for a change
15:07:43 <amoralej> as it's a branchless project
15:07:48 <ykarel> o/
15:07:55 <amoralej> and all metadata is in a couple of files
15:07:55 <PagliaccisCloud> #chair ykarel
15:07:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej baha jpena mjturek mwhahaha number80 ykarel
15:07:56 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej baha jpena mjturek mwhahaha number80 ykarel
15:08:19 <amoralej> i think we could improve that by spliting rdoinfo in more files
15:08:46 <amoralej> rdo.yml and deps.yml would have basic packages info, all but tags and buildsys-tags
15:09:08 <amoralej> and then create a file per tag, i.e. stein-uc, stein-py3-uc, rocky, etc...
15:09:19 <amoralej> with only the info related to each tag
15:09:30 <amoralej> and one file per CBS tag
15:09:40 <amoralej> with the list of builds in the tag
15:10:03 <amoralej> that'd avoid much of the unnecessary rebases we need to do today
15:10:30 <amoralej> and would make very easy to identify the jobs to run on each job
15:10:36 <amoralej> based on modified files
15:10:49 <amoralej> zuul allows that easily, right?
15:10:56 <amoralej> jpena, ^ correct me if i wrong
15:11:15 <jpena> let me check.
15:11:34 <amoralej> so only files modifying cloud7-openstack-queens-testing would trigger oooq job for queens-testing release
15:11:37 <amoralej> and so on
15:11:55 <amoralej> currently we have a script to identify when a job is required, create a flag file
15:12:16 <jpena> yes, we can use "files" in the zuul definition to define which files should trigger a job
15:12:23 <amoralej> and have logic in oooq jobs to exit if the file exist, but that's done once the job is started
15:12:24 <amoralej> ok
15:12:37 <amoralej> other option would be to use branches
15:12:51 <amoralej> that also could help
15:13:10 <amoralej> but personally, i think keeping it branchless and use diferent files is better
15:13:42 <amoralej> or we would have to read all branches to get all the info for a package, which is ugly, imo
15:13:59 <amoralej> wdyt?
15:14:29 <amoralej> if you are ok with this change, we can discuss all impacted things by it
15:14:46 <jpena> I wouldn't use branches, it would make rdopkg life very hard
15:15:08 <amoralej> yeah, exactly
15:15:22 <number80> +1 for splitting rdoinfo into different files
15:15:33 <PagliaccisCloud> +1
15:15:44 <number80> jruzicka: are you around? ^
15:15:54 <amoralej> let me add some info here for the record
15:16:22 <amoralej> #info goal of the proposal: optimize rebases and CI jobs assignment in rdoinfo repo
15:16:25 <ykarel> +1
15:16:45 <amoralej> #info proposal: reorganize rdo.yml and deps.yml in more files
15:17:29 <amoralej> #info rdo.yml and deps.yml would keep all existing info but tags and buildsys-tags which would go into separated fies per tag and buildsys-tag
15:17:50 <amoralej> in order to implement that we need several things
15:18:21 <amoralej> #action amoralej check if current distroinfo supports this proposed reorganization in parsing methods
15:18:40 <amoralej> as per jruzicka it may be the case
15:18:54 <jruzicka> o/
15:18:55 <amoralej> we also need to check that rdopkg keeps working fine
15:19:15 <amoralej> jruzicka, topic is what we discussed yesterday about rdoinfo reorganization
15:19:22 <PagliaccisCloud> #chair jruzicka
15:19:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej baha jpena jruzicka mjturek mwhahaha number80 ykarel
15:19:22 <openstack> Current chairs: PagliaccisCloud amoralej baha jpena jruzicka mjturek mwhahaha number80 ykarel
15:19:53 <jruzicka> #info distroinfo supports packages and releases inheritance so it's possible to split rdoinfo into multiple files
15:20:05 <amoralej> i'm concerned with the diff-tags commands in rdoinfo, as part of the feature is in the rdopkg itself
15:20:10 <amoralej> i need to check that
15:20:41 <amoralej> #action amoralej check if rdopkg comands as diff-tags keep working fine or need fixes
15:20:44 <jruzicka> while multiple patches branches support is possible, vector instead of scalar is a rise in complexity so one patches branch for one distgit is preferred
15:21:13 <amoralej> jruzicka, when i mentioned of using branches i meant in rdoinfo itself
15:21:22 <amoralej> one branch for rocky, for example
15:21:29 <amoralej> one for queens and so on
15:21:39 <amoralej> but i think it's much worst
15:21:51 <amoralej> that keeping it branchless and distributing in files
15:22:08 <amoralej> the other thing that we need is to adjust all jobs we have
15:22:17 <amoralej> which propose automatically reviews to rdoinfo
15:22:30 <jruzicka> current structure is insufficient for maintaining multiple releases?
15:22:35 <amoralej> we will have to fix all of that
15:22:43 <amoralej> jruzicka, it has some problems
15:22:43 <jruzicka> maintaining stuff across branches is much harder than just files
15:22:49 <amoralej> yeah
15:23:17 <amoralej> current structure has a couple of issues, rebases and CI jobs
15:23:40 <amoralej> i think it's worthy to invest some time in improving it
15:24:14 <jruzicka> it would be nice to make draft of all the problems and proposed solutions before changing mostly working system
15:24:27 <number80> Yup, I guess it's worth working on requirements during the next weeks
15:24:30 <amoralej> ok
15:24:34 <amoralej> makes sense
15:24:39 <amoralej> an etherpad is ok?
15:24:52 <jruzicka> yeah let's collect exact requirements, current problems, things that simply could be better
15:24:55 <rdogerrit> Merged config master: Create rocky-rdo branch for glare  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/16719
15:25:02 <jruzicka> etherpad came to mind first, yeah
15:25:25 <amoralej> #action amoralej to create an etherpad about the topic, with current issues, requirements and proposal
15:25:37 <amoralej> i'll send a mail to the mail list when ready
15:25:44 <amoralej> and we can discuss there
15:25:49 <jruzicka> great and then we can discuss the individual points here
15:26:03 <jruzicka> ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ
15:26:18 <PagliaccisCloud> :D
15:26:29 * jruzicka stole that from PagliaccisCloud
15:26:35 <amoralej> ok
15:26:54 <amoralej> ok, then i think it's enough for the topic today
15:27:03 <amoralej> thanks for your inputs
15:27:25 <PagliaccisCloud> ok, starting next topic
15:27:46 <PagliaccisCloud> #topic Looking for booth volunteers & demos for OpenStack Summit Berlin
15:27:58 <PagliaccisCloud> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/berlin-summit-community-pod
15:29:12 <PagliaccisCloud> Still lots of room for signups & demos if anyone is interested (pokes mjturek)
15:30:07 <mjturek> PagliaccisCloud: unfortunately won't be in Berlin :(
15:30:22 <number80> 3 shifts and you get a nice hoodie from Rain
15:30:27 <number80> collector hoodie
15:30:32 <PagliaccisCloud> aw, well n/m then. we'll miss you :(
15:30:48 <number80> And you get to play with RDO ducks all day long
15:31:16 <PagliaccisCloud> Those ducks are pretty fun... Great conversation starters
15:31:28 <PagliaccisCloud> i mean, with people. not conversations with the ducks lol
15:33:05 <weshay> anyone seen rain?
15:33:39 <PagliaccisCloud> I think she's at a conference atm?
15:34:30 <PagliaccisCloud> #info collectible RDO hoodies will be sent to any booth volunteers who do 3 or more shifts
15:35:17 <PagliaccisCloud> alright, next topic
15:35:27 <PagliaccisCloud> #topic Next week's chair
15:35:33 <PagliaccisCloud> any volunteers?
15:35:40 <rdogerrit> Yatin Karel created rdoinfo master: Add some more python3 compatible packages to stein-py3-uc  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/16763
15:35:42 <rdogerrit> Jon Schlueter created puppet/puppet-ntp-distgit rocky-rdo: Update to reflect that we are building exact tag  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/16764
15:37:09 <PagliaccisCloud> Going once, going twice...
15:37:36 <amoralej> i'll take it
15:37:54 <PagliaccisCloud> cool
15:38:10 <PagliaccisCloud> #action amoralej is next week's chair
15:38:29 <PagliaccisCloud> ok open floor time
15:38:39 <PagliaccisCloud> #topic Open floor
15:40:28 <PagliaccisCloud> Anything not on the agenda that you all would like to discuss?
15:46:39 <PagliaccisCloud> Alright, giving everyone ~15 minutes back. Thanks for attending!
15:46:45 <PagliaccisCloud> #endmeeting