14:03:49 <amoralej> #startmeeting RDO meeting - 2020-09-02
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14:04:13 <amoralej> #topic roll call
14:04:18 <spotz> o/
14:04:19 <amoralej> #chair spotz
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14:04:32 <jcapitao> o/
14:04:40 <amoralej> #chair jcapitao
14:04:40 <zodbot> Current chairs: amoralej jcapitao spotz
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14:04:53 <amoralej> you still have some time to add topics to https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/RDO-Meeting
14:05:26 <ykarel> o/
14:05:57 <amoralej> #chair ykarel
14:05:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: amoralej jcapitao spotz ykarel
14:05:58 <openstack> Current chairs: amoralej jcapitao spotz ykarel
14:06:11 <amoralej> let's start with first topic
14:06:28 <amoralej> #topic RDO Victoria Release Preparation
14:06:53 <amoralej> #link https://releases.openstack.org/victoria/schedule.html
14:07:10 <amoralej> one more release is coming
14:07:14 <amoralej> ykarel, all yours
14:07:23 <ykarel> \o/
14:07:32 <ykarel> Yeah so victoria release is approaching
14:07:43 <ykarel> This week no client libraries are being released
14:07:56 <ykarel> 31 Aug - 04 Sept - Final release for non-client libraries
14:08:08 <ykarel> So we need to get RDO ready for it
14:08:32 <ykarel> We created trello card and etherpad to track the work around it
14:08:37 <ykarel> #link https://review.rdoproject.org/etherpad/p/victoria-release-preparation
14:08:51 <ykarel> #link https://trello.com/c/gfYmxwO2/742-victoria-release-preparation
14:09:18 <ykarel> That's it for now, in coming days we will see progress with it
14:09:28 <ykarel> Any queries/concerns?
14:09:55 <spotz> So kinda of a cross question with events. Do we still want to try to have a test days with RC1?
14:10:31 <spotz> My concern is timing so we help the release vs take resources away
14:10:43 <ykarel> I think that can go along with release prep + test day
14:10:45 <amoralej> what would be the plan for test day?
14:11:30 <spotz> Well we could run through docs and see if we have doc bugs or find bugs which I think is the historical test days. Or we do more of a hackfest with some bugs to be targeted
14:12:02 <spotz> We finally have the hopin.to platform we can leverage
14:12:04 <amoralej> i try to understand what'd be the effort
14:12:31 <amoralej> historial tests days didn't take too much time
14:12:38 <amoralej> just to make sure repos are ready
14:12:45 <amoralej> and be available
14:12:48 <spotz> Ok that seems easy enough
14:12:57 <amoralej> if anyone asks on irc
14:13:24 <amoralej> if we want to go for hackfest, we'd need to figure out what's needed
14:14:25 <spotz> So we just need to get it up on the calendar and out to the lists, make sure we have a doc for proceedures, etc. Yeah hackfest is new territory and with not having a platform it might be better to test day and then maybe after the start of Wallaby do a hackfest with a few targeted topics
14:15:25 <spotz> Well not having had a platform until now
14:15:58 <amoralej> ok
14:16:11 <amoralej> so i'd vote for going with regular test days
14:16:27 <amoralej> and we can consider hackfest post GA
14:16:28 <amoralej> ?
14:16:31 <spotz> And we'll organize and hackfest with some goals later
14:16:44 <spotz> +1
14:16:47 <ykarel> +1
14:17:47 <jcapitao> +
14:17:53 <jcapitao> +1
14:18:39 <amoralej> we have quorum, good :)
14:18:54 <spotz> Ok so we'll need to pick a day which helps aid the release, so y'all would have a better idea of when the test day would be most beneficial and we'll get it out there asap
14:19:20 <spotz> And review the instructions:)
14:19:38 <amoralej> probalby 1-2 october will be good timing
14:20:39 <spotz> Ok just a warning 10/1 is Open Source Day at GHC though I can probably be in 2 places at once. 10/2 I'm off though
14:20:56 <amoralej> ok
14:21:02 <amoralej> no problem in moving it
14:21:09 <amoralej> 5-6
14:21:14 <amoralej> would that work?
14:21:23 <spotz> But I'm just a guider and a tester. And we could actually have a group of mentees maybe do the Test day:)
14:21:54 <spotz> 5-6 will work, let me look at the test days instructions and see if we can't combine:)
14:21:59 <amoralej> ok
14:22:26 <rdogerrit> Yatin Karel proposed rdoinfo master: Update ansible to 2.9.13 for Victoria  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/28929
14:22:36 <spotz> Cause we were planning on doing peer programming for GHC, but depending on the test day instructions we could have some mentees do that as well
14:23:34 <amoralej> how do you plan to do the peer programming?
14:23:37 <spotz> No matter what I'm off on 10/2 so GHC could maybe be some pre-test days work
14:24:30 <spotz> I think we've managed to get 6 mentors and were going to do shadowing with slack/meet/etc video sessions
14:25:05 <spotz> I'll figure out hot to add to the RDO calendar later today so we can get the 5-6 out there
14:25:13 <amoralej> ok
14:25:18 <amoralej> thx spotz
14:25:27 <amoralej> ykarel, going back to Victoria preparation
14:25:51 <amoralej> so, next week is final releases for clients
14:25:56 <ykarel> yes
14:26:05 <amoralej> so, next week we can start doing reqchecks
14:26:23 <amoralej> it'd be good to start updating deps already
14:26:27 <amoralej> i mean to match u-c
14:26:34 <ykarel> +1
14:26:37 <amoralej> i think that's current priority
14:26:39 <amoralej> jcapitao, ^
14:26:49 <amoralej> now that we have a nice report :)
14:26:57 <jcapitao> yeah !
14:27:05 <jcapitao> i'll take care of that
14:27:06 <amoralej> could we create a list of deps to be updated in some etherpad
14:27:10 <ykarel> hmm we have lists now, so just prioritize/build/promote
14:27:11 <amoralej> and start working
14:27:18 <amoralej> yep
14:27:24 <amoralej> we will need to work in parallel
14:27:32 <ykarel> yeap
14:27:34 <amoralej> and coordinate to propose promotions
14:28:38 <jcapitao> how do we get the order list ?
14:29:20 <spotz> Is there an older one we can adjust?
14:30:14 <jcapitao> i think so but i don't know if we have a tool that does this from scratch
14:30:39 <amoralej> wdym
14:30:43 <ykarel> order list?
14:31:09 <spotz> Do this then this...
14:31:22 <amoralej> so, we first need to create the full list
14:31:34 <amoralej> and then prioritize it manually
14:31:40 <amoralej> just based on previous experience
14:31:45 <amoralej> for what to do first
14:32:05 <jcapitao> ok that answer my question
14:32:18 <amoralej> i guess that's what ykarel meant
14:32:23 <ykarel> yeap right
14:33:22 <spotz> Does it make sense to start with Ussuri's list so there's some basic structure?
14:33:54 <ykarel> #link http://dashboards.rdoproject.org/report-uc
14:34:24 <ykarel> so we have report and tool created by jcapitao to create initial list
14:34:28 <amoralej> spotz, yes
14:34:42 <amoralej> current master branch is using the ussuri ones
14:34:45 <ykarel> #link https://github.com/rdo-infra/releng/blob/master/scripts/report-uc.py
14:34:45 <amoralej> that's the starting point
14:34:54 <spotz> ok cool
14:37:35 <amoralej> at the end of next week we can start working in reqcheck and branches for libs and clients
14:37:46 <amoralej> ok, i think we can move to next topic
14:37:49 <amoralej> anything else ykarel ?
14:37:57 <ykarel> nope let's move to next
14:38:09 <amoralej> #topic Events and Mascot update
14:38:20 <amoralej> we already started discussing about test days :)
14:38:25 <amoralej> spotz,
14:39:31 <spotz> Yep so test days is discussed. Jason and I have both reached out to the person is OSPO who does graphics to get us our duck mascot:) No contact back so I'll follow up again as I'd really like to have something in place for GHC and the Test days
14:40:14 <spotz> Contract for hopin.to is finally done so we can hold any workshops or events we want there
14:41:07 <amoralej> ok, nice
14:41:18 <spotz> When we reached out for Doc Days the only reply was I think beyond the scope of what we can do, aka all configuration options in TripleO but maybe we'll circle back on that after summit and ptg
14:41:39 <ykarel> nice
14:41:58 <amoralej> ok
14:42:05 <spotz> In the mean time when we do our release I'll go through installation and put up patches to keep us up to date.
14:42:36 <spotz> I think we'll have 2 weeks between test days and Summit and then the following week is PTG so October I think will be fairly busy
14:43:37 <spotz> We could maybe have a virtual happy hour type even during Summit and/or PTG if there's interest. It won't be the same as in person though
14:44:18 <amoralej> +1
14:45:04 <ykarel> +1
14:45:20 <jcapitao> could be great
14:45:37 <amoralej> what would we do in virtual happy hour? i didn't attend any :)
14:45:54 <spotz> Ok I'll see what we can do even if it's just an hour on Google Meet or something. Still waiting to hear what timezone summit will be on
14:46:42 <spotz> amoralej: Well BYOB of course:) But just hang out and chat. We do one with my team weekly just to chat and while some drink I usually have tea or something:)
14:46:59 <amoralej> ok, that's what i expected :)
14:47:10 <spotz> If we want to do more then 1 hour we could probably do oneline trivia or something
14:47:23 <spotz> With prizes.... ooh there's an idea:)
14:47:50 <amoralej> :)
14:48:14 <jcapitao> interesting :)
14:48:14 <amoralej> virtual social interactions are appreciated with covid restrictions :)
14:48:29 <spotz> amoralej: Yeah and that's why I suggested it:)
14:49:14 <spotz> Ok I'll put that on my todo list to see what we can do. And if we have our stuff in the cool stuff store we could do prizes directly from there
14:49:30 <amoralej> ok, nice
14:49:32 <spotz> That's it for me
14:49:38 <amoralej> thanks spotz!
14:49:47 <spotz> My pleasure:)
14:50:00 <amoralej> #topic New dashboard reporting U-C status!
14:50:12 <amoralej> #link https://dashboards.rdoproject.org/report-uc
14:50:20 <amoralej> thanks jcapitao for this
14:50:33 <amoralej> you want to introduce our new friend? :)
14:50:52 <jcapitao> hehe :)
14:51:14 <jcapitao> so basically, the report displays a comparison between upper constraints of the upstream development release and their associated packages in master repo
14:51:35 <amoralej> it looks really great
14:51:55 <jcapitao> this will show us a quick overview of the status of our packages in comparison to upstream
14:52:05 <amoralej> my main concern is when there is more that one line for the same module
14:52:14 <amoralej> as openstackdocstheme
14:52:19 <amoralej> it'd be good to handle that
14:52:21 <amoralej> other than that
14:52:25 <amoralej> looks really nice
14:53:14 <rdogerrit> User vakwetu proposed rdoinfo master: Unpin novajoin-tempest-plugin  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/29119
14:53:25 <jcapitao> you mean to show as a subline ?
14:53:42 <amoralej> no
14:53:46 <amoralej> to shoul only one line
14:53:49 <amoralej> with the newest
14:54:01 <amoralej> which would be the one actually installed
14:54:22 <spotz> One question on the dashboard, is there a pattern to the colors as I'm missing it:(
14:54:54 <amoralej> :)
14:55:00 <jcapitao> oh yes, we can only display the lastest one
14:55:02 <amoralej> that could be improved too
14:55:20 <rdogerrit> User vakwetu proposed rdoinfo master: Unpin novajoin-tempest-plugin  https://review.rdoproject.org/r/29119
14:55:23 <jcapitao> yeah i noticed this issue as well
14:55:25 <amoralej> spotz, it's just even and odd iiuc, but some lines are removed
14:55:45 <amoralej> so, it doesn't follow any patter
14:55:48 <amoralej> pattern
14:55:49 <jcapitao> i think it's caused by the filter we put
14:56:02 <amoralej> which can be missleading
14:56:09 <jcapitao> yeap
14:56:10 <spotz> Ahh ok cause it wasn't every other one, it wasn't status, or source:)
14:56:34 <spotz> It's the ops in me I look for logic:)
14:56:59 <amoralej> i had the same and that's how i discovered it
14:57:17 <amoralej> ok, so we are almost out of time
14:57:24 <amoralej> let's move to open floor
14:57:29 <amoralej> #topic open floor
14:57:36 <amoralej> anything else you'd like to share?
14:57:46 <spotz> I'm good:)
14:58:07 <jcapitao> good too
14:58:12 <ykarel> me too
14:59:00 <amoralej> volunteer to chair next meeting?
14:59:35 <jcapitao> i can take it
14:59:51 <amoralej> #action jcapitao to chair next week
14:59:55 <amoralej> i'm closing the meeting
15:00:01 <amoralej> thanks all for joining!
15:00:12 <amoralej> #endmeeting