21:05:38 <micadeyeye> #startmeeting
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21:06:16 <micadeyeye> I was going to talk about the event we just ended here - POSSE SA.
21:06:24 <ckayome> ok. let's go
21:06:41 <micadeyeye> I was thinking of doing the same in Nigeria.
21:07:00 <ckayome> ok
21:07:15 <micadeyeye> And I think Covenant University is a good instutition to use.
21:07:26 <ckayome> you right
21:08:00 <micadeyeye> I was there so I can say one or two things about it.
21:08:16 <ckayome> k
21:08:45 <micadeyeye> Before we start, let me introduce you to the community.
21:08:54 <ckayome> ok
21:09:17 <micadeyeye> You are in a public chatroom, so to speak.
21:10:26 <micadeyeye> It's called the teachingopensource chatroom, and we have got other academics here.
21:10:57 <micadeyeye> There are from various institutions around the globe.
21:11:15 <micadeyeye> And I am sure they will be popping in later on.
21:11:33 <ckayome> go ahead
21:11:39 <micadeyeye> I will introduce to them later on.
21:12:06 <micadeyeye> Okay, POSSE stands for Professors' Open Source Summer Experience.
21:14:03 <micadeyeye> It's a week-long workshop with the goal of teaching instructors (and few undergraduate/graduate students) tools/technologies, practices and methodologies found in Open Source Software development environments.
21:14:54 <micadeyeye> The idea is to teach you how you could teach your students Open Source Software (OSS) development.
21:15:35 <micadeyeye> You will get exposed to various tools used in the software industry.
21:20:04 <micadeyeye> on the phone with ckayome
21:20:13 <micadeyeye> #endmeeting