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13:01:00 <cverna> #Topic Roll Call
13:01:03 <jcajka> .hello2
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13:01:08 <lorbus> .hello2
13:01:08 <cverna> Hello everyone o/
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13:01:14 <bhavin192> .hello2
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13:01:15 <cverna> #chair jcajka lorbus
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13:01:16 <lorbus> o/
13:01:23 <cverna> #chair bhavin192
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13:02:39 <cverna> Waiting a minute or two for people to join
13:04:21 <lorbus> .fas Eliska Slobodova
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13:04:40 <eslobodo> .hello2
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13:05:34 <cverna> #chair eslobodo
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13:05:38 <cverna> hello :)
13:05:55 <cverna> ok let's move to the updates
13:06:07 <cverna> #Topic General Updates
13:06:13 <lorbus> o/ eslobodo :)
13:07:08 <cverna> So on my side I have been mostly busy with OSBS multi arch and we can now build containers on aarch64 in stg
13:07:39 <cverna> I hope that we will have soon the hardware in prod so we can start make aarch64 build in prod too
13:08:36 <cverna> We have some couple of good first tickets for people who are interested https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issues?status=Open&tags=good+first+issue
13:09:04 <jcajka> cverna: awesome, I haven't yet tested it as I bit struggle with the STG infra, notably kerberos...
13:10:04 <cverna> yes I hope it that it will not take too long for the prod cluster to be available ( before the end of the year)
13:10:52 <cverna> I don't have much more, I saw that we start to have some container updates in bodhi which is great :)
13:10:53 <cverna> https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/releases/F29C
13:11:47 <cverna> Ah yes there is a new Product in bugzilla for Fedora container images that can be used now
13:12:00 <cverna> for example --> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1655068
13:12:32 <lorbus> cverna++ very cool!
13:12:32 <zodbot> lorbus: Karma for cverna changed to 12 (for the current release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
13:13:24 <cverna> I think that's all on my side for updates, does anybody else have something to share ?
13:14:41 <cverna> Ok lets move to tickets then :)
13:14:46 <cverna> #topic Tickets
13:14:46 <jcajka> still working through all of the OpenShift Origin images for f29/3.11, just created updated for origin-base
13:14:51 <cverna> oops :P
13:15:36 <cverna> #link https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issues?status=Open&tags=meeting
13:16:12 <cverna> #topic Request ownership of projectatomic/container-best-practices - https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/21
13:16:40 <lorbus> So, what you think?
13:16:50 <lorbus> this was discussed a bit in https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/85
13:17:09 * cverna reads all the comments in github :)
13:17:16 <lorbus> eslobodo is here, because she has been mainting some of the info
13:18:19 <lorbus> I think we should clearly separate the Fedora Container Packaging instructions (how to manage dist-git) from the best-practices
13:18:39 <cverna> so do we want to add a Container SIG team here --> https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/engineering/
13:18:49 <cverna> and move these under ?
13:19:11 <lorbus> this is why I propose to move all info re building containers from the wiki (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Container:Guidelines#Container_Guidelines) to the best-practices
13:19:54 <cverna> yes we can link the best practices in the guidelines
13:20:04 <lorbus> I do not know whether this is necessary (the Packaging Committee isn't listed there either)
13:20:52 <lorbus> but it might be a good thing to ask FESCo for an official mission to maintain it
13:20:59 <lorbus> cverna, that was my idea
13:21:17 <eslobodo> just one thing to note - although we've given CBP a refresh a few months ago, it hasn't really been activelly maintained and might need someone to review it again
13:21:47 <lorbus> also, I"d like to move the repo from the GH org to either pagure or a different GH org owned by this SIG
13:22:04 <lorbus> eslobodo: I would like to take this on
13:22:22 <eslobodo> lorbus: lovely, that'd be great!
13:22:36 <lorbus> now just want to pave the path to have one canonical place for all of this, were other people can reliably find this in the future
13:23:09 <cverna> so I think we need a new repo that works with how the docs.fp.o is generated and we can move the content there
13:23:28 <lorbus> the ex-Atomic/now-CoreOS teams at RedHat (where I intern currently) is looking at dissolving the projectatomic GH org
13:23:33 <cverna> that way when we move content we can review it also
13:23:47 <lorbus> so there might be a few other project that are tangential to Containers
13:24:27 <lorbus> cverna, I'd be fine with that where would that live?
13:26:10 <cverna> I think it can still live under the container SIG, but the repo requires a particular setup
13:26:29 <cverna> it might be good to ask in #fedora-docs or to asamalik
13:27:22 <cverna> oh it seems that there is --> https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/containers/tree/master
13:27:34 <cverna> maybe we can add to that
13:28:12 <cverna> we should ask sanja what she has in mind for this
13:28:14 <lorbus> #action lorbus to setup a container-best-practices repo at pagure/ContainerSIG
13:29:24 <lorbus> I met sanja on Friday in Scotland actually, I don't think she was opposed
13:29:53 <lorbus> but yea, if she has a specific plan, let's get her feedback, too!
13:30:27 <cverna> yes, but it might be good to have all the containers related stuff at one place :)
13:30:50 <cverna> ok anything else on this ticket ?
13:31:20 <lorbus> so do we all agree on moving this to pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-best/practices ?
13:31:29 <lorbus> yes I do have something else
13:31:40 <cverna> I am +1
13:31:57 <lorbus> but this is more a "dissolving projectatomic GH org" thing
13:32:07 <eslobodo> yep +1
13:32:19 <cverna> lorbus: go ahead
13:32:26 <jcajka> yup +1, or some collected docs repo
13:32:28 <bhavin192> yes
13:32:36 <lorbus> What is the future of OSBS and atomic-reactor?
13:33:25 <lorbus> there is a proposal and a lot of talk to re-work the Fedora Build Infra, and I think these tools will need to be looked at, too
13:33:57 <lorbus> architecturally moving from Docker to Buildah/Podman maybe
13:34:18 <lorbus> and they will also need a new place to live, with projectatomic going away
13:34:39 * jcajka is too interested what will happen next(in Fedora (CoreOS) with it)
13:34:55 <cverna> so OSBS/atomic-reactor etc is managed and developed by a Red Hat team , I am not sure what is there plan regarding the GH organization
13:35:24 <cverna> I am not even sure someone told them that we want to delete the projectatomic org
13:36:18 <lorbus> so in Fedora CoreOS there is no plan to use neither OSBS nor atomic-reactor
13:37:04 <cverna> lorbus: ok but if I understood correctly Fedora CoreOS will not release containers ?
13:37:34 * cverna did not follow too much Fedora CoreOS lately
13:37:45 <lorbus> they might deliver the ostree update in a container, but this is build differently
13:37:56 <lorbus> (using rpm-ostree)
13:38:42 <cverna> ok I think these are different use cases, OSBS is really dedicated to building layered images (ie applications)
13:38:56 <lorbus> so I want to have a look at all repos in the GH org and see whether they can be moved to a meaningful new place, or depreceted
13:39:33 <lorbus> but OSBS could certainly use buildah for that as a backend?
13:39:35 <cverna> I ll ask the OSBS team if they have any plans or even heard about that
13:40:12 <cverna> so OSBS supports docker and imagebuilder (https://github.com/openshift/imagebuilder) currently
13:40:44 <lorbus> they might not have heard about that. this isn't an order from above, but rather a topic FCOS people like me want to talk about, bevause we are moving out of there, too, with our repos
13:40:47 <cverna> In fedora we should be able to use imagebuilder but I have not tried it yet. I am not sure buildah is on the roadmap currently
13:42:17 <lorbus> do you know what team that is so I can reach out to them>
13:42:18 <lorbus> ?
13:43:26 <cverna> Yes there are only on internal irc, on the containerbuildsystem channel
13:43:47 <lorbus> ok I'll ping them there, thanks cverna!
13:44:05 <cverna> np
13:44:36 <cverna> ok good to move on ?
13:44:57 <lorbus> yes, thanks :)
13:45:29 <cverna> #topic Bodhi Update policy - https://pagure.io/ContainerSIG/container-sig/issue/19
13:46:07 <cverna> so jcajka added a proposal there, which I am +1 with
13:46:40 <cverna> please have a look at it, and if we agree with it, I ll open a fesco ticket for it
13:47:42 <lorbus> yup +1, and for putting (batched) gating on the roadmap
13:49:19 <jcajka> I would add that we should also  eventually support multi-image(some base image and all images that depend on it) updates
13:50:13 <cverna> jcajka: can explain what that would do ?
13:50:20 <cverna> you*
13:50:46 <jcajka> just release all the images at the same time(and clearly show that they are depended)
13:51:17 <jcajka> it also might make sense for automatic rebuilds
13:51:26 <cverna> ok so that's might be worth an RFE for bodhi
13:51:27 <lorbus> I think he means once the base image is updates, all images that use it are rebuilt, too
13:52:09 <jcajka> lorbus: yup, IIRC that is something that is worked on, right?
13:52:10 <cverna> jcajka: automatic rebuilds are available currently in OSBS, it needs to be configured in you dist-git repo
13:52:31 <cverna> jcajka: we can try to make it work together if you want
13:53:16 <jcajka> cverna: great I will definitively try that out/help with that as I will be working through the origin images
13:53:27 <cverna> once we have something working we need some docs :)
13:53:45 <cverna> jcajka: https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-reactor/blob/master/atomic_reactor/schemas/container.json#L20
13:53:48 <jcajka> :)
13:54:03 <cverna> jcajka: ^^ we need to define this in the container.yaml in dist-git
13:54:11 <jcajka> ack
13:54:38 <cverna> I ll try to send a PR to the origin's dist-git
13:55:07 <cverna> ok approaching the end of the meeting let's move to open floor
13:55:15 <cverna> #Topic Open Floor
13:56:21 <jcajka> cverna: fell free to play with the f28 branch of the origin-* images(not that you are only interested in ones that have it ;))
13:56:36 <jcajka> s/not/note....
13:57:05 <cverna> sure
13:58:26 <cverna> ok then closing the meeting in 5s
13:58:39 <cverna> thanks all for coming :)
13:58:44 <lorbus> thanks all for joining! thanks cverna for hosting!
13:58:51 <cverna> #endmeeting