17:00:58 <trishnag> #startmeeting fedora_atomic_wg
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17:01:12 <trishnag> #topic Roll Call
17:01:16 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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17:01:19 <trishnag> .hello trishnag
17:01:20 <jbrooks> .fas jasonbrooks
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17:01:24 <zodbot> jbrooks: jasonbrooks 'Jason Brooks' <JBROOKS@REDHAT.COM>
17:01:52 <smdeep> .hello smdeep
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17:02:25 <trishnag> #chair kushal jbrooks smdeep
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17:02:31 <dustymabe> .hello dustymabe
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17:02:33 <rmartinelli> .hello rimolive
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17:02:40 <jdoss> .hello jdoss
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17:02:56 <trishnag> #chair dustymabe rmartinelli jdoss
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17:03:03 <dustymabe> welcome jdoss
17:03:05 <jdoss> Guess I need to fix that somehow hah.
17:03:08 <trishnag> Looks like some new folks here :)
17:03:15 <jdoss> Thanks dustymabe :)
17:03:53 <trishnag> Let's wait for another couple of minutes.
17:03:56 <dustymabe> trishnag: hoping jberkus would join
17:04:06 <trishnag> dustymabe: same here.
17:05:15 <trishnag> #chair jberkus
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17:05:21 <jberkus> .hello jberkus
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17:05:23 <trishnag> #chair bowlofeggs
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17:06:22 <trishnag> #topic Action items from last meeting
17:06:50 <trishnag> * kushal to create the change wiki page for 26 for collection of ideas (kushal, 17:11:40)
17:07:40 <trishnag> I am wondering what is the time at the end there?
17:07:48 <bowlofeggs> .hello bowlofeggs
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17:07:52 <bowlofeggs> bowloflurkingeggs
17:08:03 <trishnag> bowlofeggs: heh
17:08:06 <tflink> .hello tflink
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17:08:10 <maxamillion> .hello maxamillion
17:08:11 <zodbot> maxamillion: maxamillion 'Adam Miller' <maxamillion@gmail.com>
17:08:14 <maxamillion> sorry I'm late
17:08:16 <trishnag> #chair tflink maxamillion
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17:08:33 <trishnag> maxamillion: It's alright. we just started.
17:08:45 <trishnag> * kushal to reopen the ticket for marking the non-gating tests to gating (change was made during F25 cycle).
17:08:54 <trishnag> * dustymabe to try to meet with releng to learn more about ostree composes and ways to change things
17:09:02 <trishnag> * kushal to test https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-fffea4b1c3 after he wakes up
17:09:14 <trishnag> * kushal to send reminder to list about where to send the docs.
17:09:23 <trishnag> * kushal to create wiki page on documentation for atomic WG and send mail to the list
17:09:33 <trishnag> *  Fedora 26 change proposal ideas discussion
17:09:41 <kushal> Did all of those
17:09:43 <trishnag> kushal: so many action items for you :).
17:09:46 <kushal> https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/171 is where you all should vote
17:10:02 <trishnag> kushal++ Awesome
17:10:02 <zodbot> trishnag: Karma for kushal changed to 3 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:10:19 <kushal> There is a mail in the list with the wiki page links
17:10:30 <dustymabe> kushal: that is an old ticket
17:10:37 <trishnag> yeah
17:11:00 <dustymabe> i would think we should have a new ticket that links to the old one
17:11:28 <trishnag> dustymabe: I think kushal is talking about this https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/171#comment-43670
17:11:40 <trishnag> but yes a new ticket would be nice.
17:12:46 <trishnag> Are we planning to mark all the non-gating tests as gating tests for f26?
17:13:00 <dustymabe> trishnag: i think it depends, that is the plan
17:13:12 <trishnag> dustymabe: ack
17:13:16 <dustymabe> I think it would be nice to know what the current state is
17:13:27 <dustymabe> i.e. which non-gating tests are failing?
17:13:38 <trishnag> I am hoping journal logging test to pass for f26 :-).
17:13:44 <trishnag> dustymabe: +1
17:14:26 <trishnag> dustymabe: Any update on your action item?
17:14:37 <dustymabe> kushal: can you open a new ticket and put that relevant information in it?
17:14:55 <dustymabe> trishnag: we scheduled a meeting but then had to push it back because patrick is in PHX this week
17:15:01 <dustymabe> I'll re-action
17:15:11 <trishnag> okay thanks for the update dustymabe
17:15:12 <dustymabe> #action dustymabe to try to meet with releng to learn more about ostree composes and ways to change things
17:15:24 <maxamillion> kushal++
17:15:24 <zodbot> maxamillion: Karma for kushal changed to 4 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:16:10 <maxamillion> sorry, had to catch up on backlog ... multi-tasking badly
17:16:22 <maxamillion> dustymabe: +1
17:16:49 <walters> regarding karma, https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-c0d98e6b8b https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2016-07ceb486c2 needs one more
17:17:06 <trishnag> #chair walters
17:17:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: bowlofeggs dustymabe jberkus jbrooks jdoss kushal maxamillion rmartinelli smdeep tflink trishnag walters
17:17:10 <kushal> dustymabe, Okay, I will do that.
17:17:42 <kushal> #action kushal to open a new ticket and link to #171 for vote
17:18:02 <kushal> dustymabe, I wanted to keep all discussion in one place, that is why reopened the old ticket.
17:19:13 <trishnag> Okay let's move to the meeting items.
17:19:26 <trishnag> #topic Future of Fedora Dockerfiles https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/180
17:20:15 <scollier> .hello scollier
17:20:16 <zodbot> scollier: scollier 'Scott Collier' <emailscottcollier@gmail.com>
17:20:21 <trishnag> scollier: is here :0
17:20:24 <scollier> hiya
17:20:30 <trishnag> s/:0/:)
17:20:33 <trishnag> #chair scollier
17:20:33 <zodbot> Current chairs: bowlofeggs dustymabe jberkus jbrooks jdoss kushal maxamillion rmartinelli scollier smdeep tflink trishnag walters
17:21:01 <trishnag> scollier: we have a meeting item for you: Future of Fedora Dockerfiles https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/180
17:21:07 <scollier> reading
17:21:30 <maxamillion> The new Fedora Docker Layered Image Build Service (Phase 2) which is a multi-node openshift build cluster on the back end is going to production today (I'm literallly deploying it right now) ... so I'll get docs updated tomorrow and announce it to the world, we can then migrate all those Dockerfiles into the docker namespace within distgit
17:21:45 <scollier> trishnag, maxamillion nice.
17:21:52 <jberkus> maxamillion: +1
17:21:59 <dustymabe> +1
17:22:15 <jbrooks> awesome
17:22:17 <trishnag> maxamillion: Awesome
17:22:19 <scollier> trishnag, i think that sums it up
17:22:21 <maxamillion> it has been an absolute journey but we're *finally* getting there
17:22:36 <trishnag> scollier: yes.
17:23:05 <maxamillion> next up will be working on the automation for the docker image releases and mirroring content up on github (I'll need to coordinate with whoever owns the docker hub account at some point)
17:23:24 <scollier> maxamillion, i can show you what i know, there's a couple of us
17:23:34 <maxamillion> scollier: sounds good, thanks
17:24:00 <maxamillion> scollier: there's a lot of stuff to figure out still, but at some point I'll need to sync with you
17:24:19 <scollier> maxamillion, kk, also lokesh
17:24:26 <jberkus> maxamillion: btw, would you be up for doing a presentation at Summit about the Build Service?
17:24:34 <maxamillion> jberkus: absolutely
17:24:46 <jberkus> ok, let's take this off-meeting so you can get a submission in
17:25:01 <maxamillion> jberkus: I'm already planning on being there, we'll chat off-meeting
17:25:42 <trishnag> Cool.
17:25:59 <trishnag> #topic Finish new Fedora Cloud PRD https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/170
17:26:21 <trishnag> jberkus: any update for this ticket?
17:26:34 <trishnag> This was on-hold as per last update.
17:27:27 <jberkus> ah, no, I spent pretty much all of Nov travelling
17:27:36 <jberkus> will get on it this week
17:27:50 <jberkus> sadly, the PRD text we created at Flock is apparently lost
17:28:02 <trishnag> aah!
17:28:14 <kushal> jberkus, we actually did not create anything other than saying we will create
17:28:18 <kushal> Or may be I am wrong.
17:28:25 <jberkus> kushal: no, we did two sections
17:28:28 <jberkus> just not the other two
17:28:36 <jberkus> but apparently nobody actuall wrote it down
17:28:51 <kushal> we starting talking about two sections, yes.
17:29:07 <jberkus> no, really, we did them, because I offered some of the text
17:29:14 <jbrooks> Well, they're lost
17:29:17 <jberkus> but like I said, if nobody took notes, it doesn't matter
17:29:19 <jbrooks> We should start over
17:29:37 <jbrooks> etherpad?
17:29:39 <jbrooks> git?
17:30:39 <jberkus> yeah, I'll put up an etherpad, I think
17:30:45 <jbrooks> +1
17:30:50 <trishnag> maybe etherpad https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/fedora_cloud_PRD
17:30:52 <trishnag> :)
17:31:59 <jberkus> issue updated
17:32:10 <jberkus> I'll plan on having a 1st draft by next week
17:32:16 <trishnag> jberkus: Thanks!
17:32:44 <trishnag> ok next topic.
17:32:46 <trishnag> #topic Spec for IRC bot to notify about blockers https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/169
17:33:58 <trishnag> We haven't come up with any specific solution for this according to last meeting we had.
17:34:16 <jberkus> trishnag: I thought that was on hold, pending deployment of the new releng infra?
17:35:22 <trishnag> jberkus: right. sorry I missed it.
17:36:29 <trishnag> In the last meeting we are talking about who read channel topic, sadly many of us said *no*. you might want to check this comment jberkus https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/169#comment-43666
17:37:39 <trishnag> but anyway it is on-hold pending deployment :).
17:39:10 <trishnag> #topic Ship fedora-motd in F24 atomic image https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/160
17:39:27 <kushal> trishnag, rtnpro is off for few weeks.
17:39:40 <trishnag> kushal: ack
17:39:46 <trishnag> let's skip this for now.
17:39:51 <dustymabe> yep, hold until he is back and we've had time to breath on uprighting the atomic ship
17:41:01 <trishnag> #topic Proposed website changes for Cloud Base → Atomic Host switch https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/158
17:41:58 <dustymabe> trishnag: not much to discuss on this one
17:42:00 <jberkus> so we can close that one since the website has been changed
17:42:10 <dustymabe> tickets are opened with the websites team
17:42:17 <jdoss> Can I add something as a user?
17:42:19 <jberkus> we need to resolve where the Cloud Base download tickets live, but that's a different issue
17:42:19 <dustymabe> just waiting on them to finish the cloud.fp.o page
17:42:26 <dustymabe> jdoss: sure
17:42:27 <jdoss> It was confusing to find the F25 cloud images
17:42:37 <jdoss> when the cloud URL redirected to atomic
17:42:44 <dustymabe> jdoss: yeah, we are planning to fix that
17:42:48 <dustymabe> jdoss: one sec
17:43:19 <dustymabe> jdoss: can you read https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/57 and understand the changes and see if there is anything you don't agree with?
17:43:22 <dustymabe> add input there
17:43:30 <jdoss> Cool. Will do.
17:43:30 <dustymabe> we are waiting for that ticket to be completed
17:43:38 <trishnag> We should keep this open until we get https://getfedora.org/cloud/ redirect to htttp://cloud.fedoraproject.org/
17:43:39 <dustymabe> so "we don't like it the way it is"
17:43:43 * jdoss goes back to lurking :)
17:43:47 <dustymabe> we want it updated :)
17:44:42 <trishnag> #topic make Fedora Atomic download page clearer https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/154
17:45:42 <dustymabe> trishnag: skip, this needs to be reworked since the f25 page is out now
17:45:50 <trishnag> dustymabe: okay
17:46:15 <trishnag> #topic design, deploy and document Fedora OpenShift Playground (FOSP) https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/153
17:46:43 <jberkus> scollier: ^^^
17:47:05 <dustymabe> misc: ^^
17:48:43 <dustymabe> punt
17:49:21 <trishnag> looks like scollier misc are not around
17:49:49 <scollier> trishnag, no updates from my side
17:50:01 <trishnag> scollier: ack. thanks.
17:50:19 <trishnag> I'm moving to the next ticket.
17:50:23 <trishnag> #topic vagrant boxes fixups https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/136
17:50:41 <trishnag> jbrooks: has already opened a PR https://github.com/redhat-imaging/imagefactory/pull/392
17:50:56 <trishnag> but it is still opened :).
17:51:15 <jbrooks> Speaking of vagrant, do we have a game plan for the broken sync dir issue?
17:51:41 <jbrooks> Is that something that must also be fixed in imagefactory?
17:51:58 <kushal> Who all are the vagrant experts here?
17:52:00 <kushal> :)
17:52:07 <kushal> I don't know vagrant that well.
17:52:17 <dustymabe> jbrooks: it's some complicated build thing that me and peter robinson looked at in the past, he "fixed" it we thought but it didn't get fixed for some reason
17:52:22 <dustymabe> so I have to dig in to that again
17:52:34 <dustymabe> and just haven't had a chance
17:52:38 <dustymabe> it's on the list
17:52:43 <trishnag> dustymabe: want to add action?
17:52:54 <jbrooks> The annoying thing about that bug is that provisioning won't happen because things get stopped at that error
17:53:17 <dustymabe> jbrooks: did you put in the workaround ?
17:53:34 <dustymabe> trishnag: not really, not sure if I'm going to get to it in the next week
17:53:37 <jbrooks> Yeah, but that's lame
17:53:52 <jbrooks> Yes, you can just disable it, or change DIY it
17:53:55 <trishnag> dustymabe: okay cool.
17:54:01 <dustymabe> jbrooks: I agree
17:54:11 <dustymabe> not sure what you are saying?
17:54:17 <dustymabe> change DIY it ?
17:54:21 <jbrooks> I'm mainly saying, that's 1000x more annoying than this silly iso issue that we talk about each week
17:54:43 <jberkus> what iso issue?
17:54:46 <dustymabe> jbrooks: then add the "meeting" keyword to that ticket
17:54:51 <jbrooks> The current topic
17:54:58 <dustymabe> and it will get put in the list of things we talk about
17:55:02 <jberkus> ah for vagrant
17:55:35 <jbrooks> Yeah, I guess I'm more thinking we need to remove that tag on this vagrant fixup issue -- it's sort of a wontfix at this point
17:56:25 <dustymabe> you can remove the tag
17:56:44 <dustymabe> i'm thinking we should do ticket grooming like once every two months
17:56:46 <dustymabe> or something
17:57:02 <dustymabe> so.. we can be less afraid to remove the "meeting" tag from items
17:57:12 <jbrooks> done
17:57:39 <trishnag> jbrooks: great
17:57:47 <trishnag> dustymabe: +1
17:58:11 <trishnag> #topic Open Floor
17:58:19 <trishnag> Open floor :)
17:58:26 <dustymabe> so we should have an atomic 2w release today
17:58:34 <maxamillion> +1
17:59:08 <dustymabe> anybody else with anything?
17:59:16 <jbrooks> I did a bit of testing, rpm-ostree installed origin-clients, ran oc cluster up, ran an app
17:59:18 <jbrooks> it worked
17:59:25 <jbrooks> w/ today's image
17:59:32 <jberkus> jbrooks: can you write that up?
17:59:41 <jbrooks> jberkus, sure
18:00:04 <jberkus> so I posted some thoughts on re-organizing and renewing AH docs to the atomic-devel list
18:00:11 <dustymabe> i was planning on writing up 'oc cluster up' for the fedora magazine
18:00:20 <jberkus> not on cloud@ because I need to involve CentOS folks too
18:00:26 <dustymabe> and "link" from there to the pa.io blog on the more complex openshift install blogs
18:00:31 <jbrooks> +1
18:00:55 <jdoss> I am running F24/25 in production and I am a very happy camper as a user. Keep up the good work folks. If you need any feedback or a user to test things out hit me up. :)
18:01:03 <jberkus> please take a look at it; I want to get going on the doc effort asap becuase the docs we have are no completely inaccurate
18:01:16 <jberkus> jdoss: always happy to have feedback
18:01:34 <jbrooks> I'm working on a completely containerized kube install for f25 atomic
18:01:39 <jbrooks> w/ the upstream ansible
18:01:41 <dustymabe> jdoss: for the record, you are running f24/f25 cloud base in prod --> planning to look at Atomic Host sometime in the furure
18:01:46 <dustymabe> right ?
18:01:56 <dustymabe> jdoss: thanks for being around
18:01:59 <jdoss> Yea I want to give OpenShift a try.
18:02:11 <dustymabe> we definitely need you here to give us some perspective
18:02:15 <jberkus> jdoss: we'll have full instructions for that in the next few days
18:02:24 <dustymabe> jdoss: I'll have a blog out very soon about setting up openshift on Fedora
18:02:24 <jdoss> and move my resque / sidekiq workers into Docker
18:02:43 <jdoss> I am very interested in that.
18:02:51 <dustymabe> jdoss: we'll rely on you to tell us how good/bad it is :)
18:03:04 <jdoss> I will try not to cry too much.
18:03:37 <trishnag> let's move to our cloud channel as we are running out of time :).
18:03:41 <dustymabe> trishnag: +1
18:03:42 <trishnag> 5
18:03:43 <trishnag> 4
18:03:44 <trishnag> 3
18:03:44 <dustymabe> and I need food
18:03:45 <trishnag> 2
18:03:46 <trishnag> 1
18:03:50 <trishnag> #endmeeting