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16:31:36 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
16:31:38 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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16:31:43 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:32:00 <kushal> Happy new year everyone :)
16:32:25 <sanja> .hello2
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16:32:29 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
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16:32:48 <sanja> Hi everyone and happy new year indeed.
16:33:02 <ksinny> Happy New Year!
16:33:51 <dustymabe> 2018!
16:35:02 <dustymabe> do we have jbrooks or jberkus today?
16:35:11 <jbrooks> I'm here
16:35:25 <dustymabe> is jberkus still vacationing?
16:35:56 <jbrooks> Yeah, cal says PTO
16:35:58 <davdunc> .hello2
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16:36:05 <dustymabe> cool
16:36:20 <dustymabe> .chair kushal sanja ksinny jbrooks davdunc
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16:36:27 <jbrooks> .hello jasonbrooks
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16:36:38 <miabbott> .hello2
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16:37:32 <dustymabe> weird I got booted by a spam bot
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16:37:34 <dustymabe> anti-spam bot
16:37:42 <dustymabe> #chair kushal sanja ksinny jbrooks davdunc
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16:39:14 <dustymabe> back, sigh
16:39:16 <dustymabe> one moment while I try to deal with this
16:39:48 <miabbott> dustymabe: i see you
16:40:08 <dustymabe> i'm talking with patrick now to try to figure out why
16:40:43 <dustymabe> #chair kushal
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16:40:48 <dustymabe> #chair sanja
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16:40:56 <dustymabe> #chair ksinny
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16:41:02 <dustymabe> #chair jbrooks
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16:41:07 <dustymabe> #chair davdunc
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16:41:30 <dustymabe> ok I was mentioning too many people when I tried to '#chair kushal sanja ksinny jbrooks davdunc' all at the same time
16:41:32 <puiterwijk> (background info: Dusty was mentioning too many people, and the spam bots don't like that... We are going to boot the spambot)
16:42:01 <jbrooks> interesting
16:42:05 <jbrooks> what's the limit?
16:42:11 <puiterwijk> Not published
16:42:27 <puiterwijk> None of the settings on it are published, to prevent the spammers from learning them and working around them
16:43:03 <jbrooks> cool
16:43:27 <puiterwijk> I wonder if Dusty will be allowed back in... I wouldn't be surprised if he got k-lined....
16:43:35 <puiterwijk> Ah, he is back. Good
16:43:46 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: I just explained why you keep getting kicked.
16:43:47 <misc> mhh, being k-lined would kick just the user, or the whole IP ?
16:43:56 <dustymabe> j
16:43:57 <puiterwijk> misc: k-lined is a ban
16:43:58 <dustymabe> \o/
16:44:00 <dustymabe> ok we can move forward
16:44:21 <puiterwijk> misc: however, he won't get k-lined actually due to the fact that he has a claok
16:44:24 <puiterwijk> cloak
16:44:24 <dustymabe> am I on some terrorist list now?
16:44:32 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: no, because you're cloaked, you aren't.
16:44:48 * dustymabe wonders if I'm cloaked on purpose
16:44:54 <puiterwijk> If you have a cloak you are exempt from Sigyn, unless it's a nat/ (like you) or gateway/, then you get kicked but not banned
16:45:07 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: no, but you get the nat/redhat/ cloak from the office
16:45:12 * dustymabe knows just enough about IRC to know he knows not very much about IRC
16:45:18 <dustymabe> ahh cool
16:45:29 <markllama> .hello markllama
16:45:30 <zodbot> markllama: markllama 'Mark Lamourine' <markllama@gmail.com>
16:45:30 <puiterwijk> dustymabe (dustymabe@nat/redhat/x-eslvfolevlrsplxg) has joined #fedora-meeting-1
16:45:33 <dustymabe> ok we'll go forward with the meeting then and I'll try not to get banned again
16:45:41 <nirik> it's gone now
16:45:52 <dustymabe> #topic previous meeting action items
16:45:56 <sanja> good resolution
16:46:05 <dustymabe> * jberkus to add proposal to pagure ticket and link atomic-devel mail
16:46:07 <dustymabe> thread to proposal for potential discussion
16:46:16 <dustymabe> jberkus is not here soo...
16:46:44 <dustymabe> I think this was related to the different container runtimes ticket
16:48:00 <dustymabe> I'll re-action for now
16:48:10 <dustymabe> I know he added the proposal to the pagure ticket
16:48:23 <dustymabe> i'll actually do the linking today. so he won't need to
16:48:28 <dustymabe> so we can scratch that AI
16:49:03 <dustymabe> #topic Decide strategy for including container runtimes in Atomic Host
16:49:10 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/360
16:49:37 <dustymabe> this one is mostly decided I believe. josh has a proposal in the ticket. please comment if you have any more information you want to add.
16:49:47 <dustymabe> will move on to next ticket in 20s
16:51:09 <dustymabe> #topic Overhaul list of members, Quorum Rules
16:51:16 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/363
16:51:27 <dustymabe> Josh has a proposal in this ticket too
16:51:47 <dustymabe> Please +1 or -1 in the ticket
16:52:32 <dustymabe> I'll give some time to read the proposal
16:52:42 <dustymabe> https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/363#comment-485567
16:53:14 <dustymabe> ^^ that was the membership proposal
16:53:28 <dustymabe> and there was a voting/quorum proposal too: https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/363#comment-485561
16:53:37 <dustymabe> so essentially two different proposals
16:54:30 <sanja> I see I'm not in the WG list.
16:54:44 <sanja> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Atomic_WG
16:54:52 <dustymabe> sanja: i think we can handle that two ways
16:54:55 <masta> I'm not in the WG either, but I gave it a +1 for being a good idea.
16:55:03 <dustymabe> we need to update the list
16:55:31 <dustymabe> we either need to wholesale add/remove (a one time thing) or individuals can open tickets for getting added
16:55:58 <davdunc> i like the idea of opening a ticket.
16:56:09 <dustymabe> sounds good
16:56:21 <dustymabe> feel free to open a ticket if you want to be added to the WG
16:56:45 <masta> dustymabe, do the wholesale change in 3 months (of inactivity), and the rest with tickets in the meantime.
16:56:57 <sanja> Yeah for this one time maybe let's just add the people who requested adding - e.g. ashcrow, me, who else?
16:56:57 <dustymabe> sure
16:57:44 <dustymabe> ok moving on to next ticket
16:57:58 <dustymabe> #topic  Using buildah in Atomic Host
16:58:04 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/402
16:58:59 <dustymabe> ashcrow opened this ticket. I don't have anything to add to it right now. my preference is that we don't add it to the base compose since it is a large go binary
16:59:21 <dustymabe> well.. it is a go binary. i'm not sure exactly how large it is
16:59:29 <dustymabe> if someone wants to add that to the ticket it might be useful info
16:59:56 <dustymabe> thoughts?
17:00:12 <jbrooks> I'm +1 to not adding
17:00:29 <masta> does it impact bodhi2 workflow?
17:00:38 <dustymabe> i'll add my comment to the ticket
17:00:41 <dustymabe> masta: what do you mean?
17:02:41 <masta> in terms of the fedora update system, I'm wondering if anything would change for buildah
17:03:13 <dustymabe> masta: not that I can think of
17:03:19 <dustymabe> it's just an rpm that would be included in atomic host
17:03:27 <dustymabe> if we were to go that route
17:05:10 <dustymabe> masta: does that make sense?
17:05:16 <dustymabe> anyone else with any comments on this one?
17:05:27 <dustymabe> otherwise we'll wait for ashcrow and jberkus to return
17:06:21 <dustymabe> ok moving on to open floor
17:06:24 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
17:06:31 <dustymabe> I have a few items for open floor
17:06:34 <dustymabe> anyone else?
17:06:45 <jbrooks> An item: flibs release?
17:07:12 <dustymabe> i think cverna and puiterwijk were talking about it earlier, puiterwijk mboddu - any updates on FLIBS release?
17:09:09 <dustymabe> jbrooks: i guess we'll have to ping them in #atomic in a bit
17:09:14 <jbrooks> aight
17:09:25 * dustymabe might go back and read the scrollback in #atomic
17:09:39 <dustymabe> any other open floor items?
17:10:19 <deuscapturus_> For open floor.  Is the project working on a website for searching the repository of system containers?
17:10:59 <walters> there's a url that links to all containers...
17:11:34 <deuscapturus_> walters: could you post that url?
17:11:39 <dustymabe> walters: the wiki page?
17:11:46 <dustymabe> i think jberkus created it
17:11:48 <walters> https://src.fedoraproject.org/projects/container/%2A
17:11:52 <dustymabe> ahh, that
17:12:11 <walters> not exactly what you want but...maybe we should define some process that scrapes that data?
17:12:47 <deuscapturus_> that mostly works.  I'm looking for the dockerhub version of fedora system containers
17:13:09 <dustymabe> deuscapturus_: maxamillion or puiterwijk might know the answer to the 'Is the project working on a website' question
17:13:20 <dustymabe> ask over in #atomic or on the atomic devel list
17:13:25 <dustymabe> I think the answer is probably no, though
17:13:35 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: the answer is yes.
17:13:42 <dustymabe> oh, that's great
17:13:48 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: is there a ticket for that work?
17:13:50 <puiterwijk> https://registry.fedoraproject.org/
17:13:59 <dustymabe> what????
17:14:02 <dustymabe> when did that happen?
17:14:08 <puiterwijk> About a year ago?
17:14:18 <deuscapturus_> puiterwijk: excellent.  that's exactly what I'm looking for
17:14:23 <dustymabe> omg, really?
17:14:24 <puiterwijk> (Note that clicking on a tag doesn't work yet. I'm about to fix that.)
17:14:29 <puiterwijk> That's also the reason it wasn't announced yet
17:14:42 <dustymabe> wow. i had no idea
17:14:47 <jbrooks> me neither
17:14:47 <davdunc> wasn't that something that scollier was working on dustymabe?
17:14:49 <walters> hah i didn't know either
17:15:03 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: well that's great news
17:15:33 <miabbott> yay puiterwijk
17:15:46 <walters> indeed! 🙌
17:15:47 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: where is the code for that app?
17:15:56 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: link is on the bottom
17:16:00 <puiterwijk> https://github.com/jessfraz/reg/tree/master/server
17:16:10 <dustymabe> and... is there any way to get a candidate-registry.fedoraproject.org ?
17:16:36 <puiterwijk> If that's something people are interested in, yes, that's possible.
17:16:57 <dustymabe> jbrooks: would that be useful?
17:17:07 * dustymabe admittedly hasn't built any containers in fedora infra yet
17:17:12 <jbrooks> dustymabe, I'd prefer prompt releases
17:17:25 <jbrooks> it only matters because it's been so long since a release
17:17:29 <dustymabe> jbrooks: of course, I'm just talking about a web interface though
17:18:02 <puiterwijk> (note that in our setup, we currently do not have the vuln scanning of reg-server enabled. That's going to take a bit more time to get working)
17:18:17 <dustymabe> yeah. i'm not too worried about that
17:18:35 <dustymabe> it also uses CoreOS Claire and I think we have a vuln scanning techology too
17:18:35 <puiterwijk> Right. I just figured I'd say it as that is somewhere on my todo list :)
17:18:36 <jbrooks> I don't think what's in candidate-  ought to matter to the general public
17:18:43 <dustymabe> jbrooks: +1 ok
17:18:57 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: ok, since you're here we had another question for you earlier
17:19:15 <dustymabe> 12:07:12      dustymabe | i think cverna and puiterwijk were talking about it earlier, puiterwijk mboddu - any updates on FLIBS release?
17:19:28 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: yes, I just read that back.  (had been eating dinner). I just finished the changes and am going to commit and push the ansible stuff in a few minutes
17:19:43 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: ok, so automation will be in prod at that point?
17:19:47 <puiterwijk> Yes
17:19:56 <puiterwijk> And then comes the fun buildcycle
17:20:01 <dustymabe> and then we will kick off a fully automated release?
17:20:12 <puiterwijk> Yes*
17:20:33 <dustymabe> and, reading into your tone, i'm guessing that takes a long time?
17:20:46 <puiterwijk> I don't know :)
17:20:49 <dustymabe> or is otherwise problematic :)
17:20:57 <puiterwijk> Basically, it needs to rebuild every container we have.
17:21:06 <puiterwijk> I do not know how long that takes, or whether stuff is broken :)
17:21:18 <dustymabe> ok, well it would be great if once you kick that off you can ping me and jbrooks, even better if there is a way for us to monitor its progress
17:21:36 <puiterwijk> You should be able to see all the builds going through koji/osbs as normal
17:21:45 <puiterwijk> Just all submitted by the releng user
17:21:49 <dustymabe> ahh, ok
17:22:06 <dustymabe> sure, so just ping us and we'll check them out
17:22:08 <dustymabe> thanks puiterwijk
17:22:08 <puiterwijk> (or compose. I'm not 100% sure what it is displayed as in koji)
17:22:26 <dustymabe> ok other open floor topics?
17:22:30 <dustymabe> I have a few
17:22:47 <dustymabe> - we are doing a FAH release today (emails should be going out soon)
17:23:00 <ksinny> \o/
17:23:24 <dustymabe> - the cloud-utils growpart aarch64 issue is getting closer to being fixed, should be in next release
17:23:33 <dustymabe> #info we are doing a FAH release today (emails should be going out soon)
17:23:41 <dustymabe> #info the cloud-utils growpart aarch64 issue is getting closer to being fixed, should be in next release
17:23:45 <dustymabe> thanks to ksinny for that
17:23:55 <ksinny> dustymabe: np :)
17:24:01 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: not sure whether it's been discussed here before or if it's on your list, http2?
17:24:15 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: i was actually just going to say something about it
17:24:20 <puiterwijk> Hah
17:24:22 * puiterwijk shuts up
17:24:27 <dustymabe> but mostly as a user awareness thing
17:24:50 <dustymabe> so. we've noticed some issues when people try to upgrade getting errors/timeouts
17:25:01 <dustymabe> this is related to http2 and a bug in libcurl
17:25:19 <dustymabe> the version of atomic host that will be released today has http2 disabled temporarily
17:25:42 <walters> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/405
17:25:56 <dustymabe> IOW http2 is disabled for ostree pulls from the remote
17:26:09 <puiterwijk> I am going to disable http2 on the Fedora servers from today for the next two weeks to give users a chance to update to this tree
17:26:18 <dustymabe> puiterwijk++
17:26:22 <dustymabe> that would probably be helpful
17:26:43 <walters> also on a somewhat related note @jlebon is going to be working on automatic updates in https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/247 which will help close a longstanding gap vs the competition and would also help with issues like this in terms of helping ensure more people have updated
17:26:46 <puiterwijk> Especially since, as of yesterday, every one of our proxies supports http/2
17:26:53 <dustymabe> i've heard reports from people. mostly they are able to work around it by just continuing to retry the upgrade
17:27:09 <dustymabe> so you disabling it for two weeks will be great
17:27:32 <puiterwijk> dustymabe: right. For fun detail: it will work longer if they start it at 1 minute past the hour
17:27:33 <dustymabe> after that anyone having trouble can either retry til it downloads all bits, or can ask us and we;ll help them through it
17:27:45 <walters> i'll post instructions for doing a temp hotfix
17:27:47 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: fun
17:27:47 <puiterwijk> (the server reloads which trigger the libcurl bug happen every hour around :00)
17:27:50 <dustymabe> walters++
17:28:20 <dustymabe> puiterwijk: ahh, so it only happens if you have an open download stream running that crosses the hour boundary?
17:28:26 <puiterwijk> Correct
17:28:32 <dustymabe> wow
17:28:43 <dustymabe> fun
17:28:49 <dustymabe> thanks for that detail
17:29:00 <walters> yeah it's evil =(
17:29:02 <puiterwijk> Basically, at :00, our servers get reloaded, on which Apache gracefully terminates http/2 connections, asking clients to reconnect. Only, libcurl doesn't handle that request gracefully
17:29:12 <dustymabe> good info
17:29:13 <dustymabe> thanks!
17:29:17 <dustymabe> ok that's it from me
17:29:19 <walters> pretty easy integration testing bug for people doing clients and servers to miss
17:29:19 <puiterwijk> And no, disabling the hourly reload is not an option. That is being done for security reasons
17:29:35 <dustymabe> i'll close out meeting in a minute unless anyone has anything else
17:29:57 <walters> puiterwijk: though i'd guess it could be made to do only-reload-if-changed?
17:30:05 <puiterwijk> walters: it is changed
17:30:41 <dustymabe> #endmeeting