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16:31:02 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
16:31:04 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:31:08 <jlebon> .hello jlebon
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16:31:27 <jlebon> maybe i should change my name to jnone
16:31:32 <ashcrow> .hello smilner
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16:31:41 <dustymabe> jlebon: haha
16:31:45 <rubao> .hello rubao
16:31:46 <ashcrow> jlebon: :-D
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16:33:52 <dustymabe> #chair jbrooks jlebon ashcrow rubao ksinny walters sanja
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16:34:08 <maxamillion> .hello2
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16:34:23 <dustymabe> #chair maxamillion
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16:34:33 <dustymabe> ok let's get started :)
16:34:40 <dustymabe> #topic previous meeting action items
16:34:50 <dustymabe> * ashcrow to send email to atomic-devel/announce to let people know
16:35:01 <dustymabe> ashcrow: i'm struggling to remember what this one was about
16:35:17 * dustymabe should write better action items
16:35:23 <jlebon> gotta let the people know, man
16:35:24 <dustymabe> assuming it was me that wrote it
16:35:39 <ashcrow> lol
16:35:48 <ashcrow> The meeting cancel
16:35:52 <ashcrow> due to travel
16:36:00 <dustymabe> cool so we're good on that
16:36:36 <dustymabe> #topic devconfcz
16:36:47 <dustymabe> so we had devconfcz this past weekend in brno
16:37:07 <dustymabe> we had a lot of interest and talk about atomic host/workstation and the other projects in the atomic ecosystem
16:37:13 <walters> i started https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/devconf-atomic-talks to collect talks and am just realizing just how many container/atomic ones there were that I missed
16:37:41 <ashcrow> walters++
16:37:46 <ksinny> good idea
16:37:48 <dustymabe> #info devconfcz this past weekend in brno; we had a lot of interest and talk about atomic host/workstation and the other projects in the atomic ecosystem. colin started a document to link to related talks: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/devconf-atomic-talks
16:38:20 <dustymabe> we should be able to take that doc and get sanja to put a post up on pa.io
16:38:51 <dustymabe> I'll create a ticket for that
16:39:00 <ashcrow> good idea
16:39:11 <dustymabe> anybody with any other takeaways from devconf?
16:39:26 * maxamillion wishes he could have been there
16:39:27 <walters> i wonder if this would actually be easier for the organizers to do, we're just basically adding youtube/slide links to the schedule or so
16:39:28 <dustymabe> I know there was some discussion of spinning up a focus group for atomic workstation
16:39:57 <dustymabe> maxamillion: you were missed!
16:40:05 <dustymabe> walters: this == "write the blog post" ?
16:40:12 * walters is wondering if he should script it
16:40:36 <walters> extracting youtube videos with "container" or "atomic" in their title
16:41:08 <dustymabe> ahh, haha i'm sure there are ones that pertain directly to our projects and others that are somewhat related
16:41:14 <ashcrow> The biggest take away I had was that there was a good amount of interest in Atomic related projects. I expected some, but more folks showed up to talks than I thought.
16:41:42 <jlebon> owen started a thread about an atomic workstation sig here: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/desktop@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/PYHBTBRLP5RRLXRG4AZW7U3IZDVZDV4Q/
16:41:46 <ashcrow> that plus there were more questions on iot and atomic too
16:42:37 <dustymabe> cool cool
16:42:47 <maxamillion> dustymabe: I heard the conference plague was bad this year, so I'm trying to stay positive that I didn't get that :)
16:43:08 <ashcrow> maxamillion: I'm still sick :-(
16:43:10 <dustymabe> maxamillion: indeeed, strickster was stricken
16:43:49 <dustymabe> ok moving on to another topic
16:43:54 <dustymabe> #this weeks container release
16:44:04 <dustymabe> #topic this weeks container release
16:44:04 <kushal> Too many meetings at the same time :(
16:44:29 <dustymabe> still planning to do a release this week. Travel monday/tuesday, so I'm hopping back on the wagon today
16:44:32 <maxamillion> ashcrow: :(
16:44:46 <dustymabe> any questions surrounding this weeks release?
16:46:03 <jlebon> silly question: where does one go to track that? bodhi?
16:46:05 <walters> we still need to script the bodhi scraping =/
16:46:19 <dustymabe> jlebon: tracking the release?
16:46:29 <jlebon> dustymabe: right, containers updates
16:46:39 <jlebon> i'm guessing there's a web UI somewhere?
16:46:40 <dustymabe> ooh containers updates are a different story
16:46:52 * dustymabe referring to atomic host
16:47:24 <jlebon> gotcha
16:47:32 <ashcrow> On a side note the outcome of a spike I did pre-devconf wrote up stories for helping automate some of the atomic host release process. We should be able to use that for status as well ... but that's in the near future term, not today.
16:47:33 * rubao wonders if there is info/link for the container update, interested in knowing
16:47:46 <dustymabe> for the atomic host release it mostly lies with me right now, no web ui as of yet, but ashcrow and I have discussed something to give us a birds eye view of how releaseable 'today's artifacts' are
16:48:07 <dustymabe> does that make sense?
16:48:56 <jlebon> yup. i just got confused by "container release"
16:49:16 <dustymabe> jlebon: wow. fail on my part
16:49:26 <dustymabe> meant to say atomic host release
16:49:32 <dustymabe> #faile
16:49:50 <dustymabe> ok moving on to open floor
16:49:53 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
16:49:59 <lorbus> !
16:50:03 <dustymabe> anybody with any agenda items for the week?
16:50:04 * lorbus wants to say hi
16:50:11 * ashcrow waves at lorbus
16:50:12 <dustymabe> hi lorbus :)
16:50:16 <dustymabe> lorbus: introduce yourself
16:50:30 <lorbus> hi all =)
16:50:40 <rubao> hii
16:50:52 <ksinny> Hi lorbus
16:51:08 <lorbus> I met some of you at devconf and had a total blast!
16:51:28 <lorbus> Last week I posted my self intro to the devel list: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/C4SJKIQCIG64D5XFOCERISJYFNNMBX43/
16:51:52 <ashcrow> lorbus: :-D
16:52:27 <ksinny> #info prepared a self-contained change proposal which includes having FAH on s390x in Fedora 28. This should help to get requried changes done in F28 timeframe
16:52:29 <ksinny> #Link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Atomic_Cloud_and_Docker_images_for_s390x
16:52:37 <dustymabe> ksinny: nice
16:52:38 <maxamillion> should we talk about the CoreOS+RedHat topic and what that may or may not mean for Project Atomic and Fedora Atomic WG?
16:52:55 <dustymabe> maxamillion: sure
16:52:59 <lorbus> It was great meeting you! I've done some tinkering with atomic/ostree over the last year or so. Have put this meeting in my calendar and will hopefully be here more often than not from now on :)
16:53:01 <jbrooks> Probably too early to know much
16:53:07 <jbrooks> We know that we work on Fedora
16:53:18 <jbrooks> And I can't imagine that changing
16:53:19 <dustymabe> lorbus: great meeting you f2f too
16:53:25 <ashcrow> jbrooks: agreed, I think it's a bit early
16:54:03 <maxamillion> jbrooks: right, but if upstream Project Atomic is going to drastically change by taking on architectural components from Container Linux's update mechanism, it'd be good to have an idea of where that's going and what we might need to be prepared for as a downstream
16:54:07 <dustymabe> yeah, honestly it was a surprise to me, but I'm certainly excited about what is to come
16:54:41 <jbrooks> maxamillion, We're upstream ;)
16:54:42 <jbrooks> heh
16:54:43 <maxamillion> agreed, I'm excited about the whole thing (especially quay.io, but that's a whole different thing)
16:54:47 <jbrooks> Yeah, totally
16:54:59 <maxamillion> jbrooks: we're upstream to ostree and rpm-ostree?
16:55:08 <maxamillion> that's mostly what I was referring to
16:55:11 <dustymabe> maxamillion: yeah, i think it will take some time to figure out what atomic does best and what container linux does best
16:55:50 * dustymabe knows he is certainly going to play around with it in the next week and see what new features they've added
16:56:00 <lorbus> dustymabe: dito! and jlebon and ashcrow! feel like I met all the right people from my fav projects =)
16:56:04 <dustymabe> plus, they have pretty good docs, which is awesome
16:56:22 <ashcrow> Yeah their docs are quite good
16:56:55 <dustymabe> maxamillion: sorry we don't have any more info on that front right now
16:57:46 <dustymabe> if you've used both and have an opinion then we'd certainly like to have that input too
16:58:34 <dustymabe> anyone else with any items for open floor?
16:58:46 <dustymabe> sayan: around? /me is wondering if we have made any progress on the fedimg update
16:59:46 <dustymabe> ok i'll close out meeting in a few minutes if no one has anything else
17:01:09 <dustymabe> #endmeeting