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16:31:18 <miabbott> #topic roll call
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16:35:01 <miabbott> did i miss anyone?
16:35:23 <miabbott> i'll just assume i nailed it
16:35:29 <dustymabe> #chair ashcrow
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16:35:34 <miabbott> #topic previous meeting action items
16:35:48 <miabbott> - dustymabe to create new ticket for evaluating podman in a few months
16:35:55 <miabbott> - sanja to create ticket in atomic-wg pagure for coordinating devconf.us talks
16:36:03 <miabbott> dustymabe: you first
16:36:08 <dustymabe> #info dusty created ticket for evaluating podman in a few months
16:36:11 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/422
16:36:24 <miabbott> fantastic
16:36:32 <miabbott> sanja: how about your action?
16:37:02 <sanja> The creating ticket thing?
16:37:06 <sanja> Done during last meeting.
16:37:08 <dustymabe> yep
16:37:11 <sanja> I think we linked it...?
16:37:23 <miabbott> found it
16:37:24 <dustymabe> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/421
16:37:27 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/421
16:37:29 <dustymabe> :)
16:37:39 <miabbott> lots of links
16:37:47 <ashcrow> :-)
16:37:53 <miabbott> ok, i think that is all the action items from last meeting
16:38:03 <sanja> I'll follow up on that next week when people add what they wanna talk about in case there's some missing. @mclasen maybe?
16:38:15 <lorbus> .hello2
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16:38:18 * mclasen looks
16:38:22 * lorbus is sorry for being late
16:38:23 <miabbott> sounds good to me
16:38:30 <miabbott> #chair lorbus
16:38:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow dustymabe gscrivano jbrooks jlebon ksinny lorbus miabbott rubao sanja smilner strigazi walters
16:38:44 <miabbott> onward to topics
16:38:55 <miabbott> #topic Design Meetings over Video
16:39:16 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/418
16:39:19 <mclasen> sanja: this was re: devconf.us ?
16:39:28 <miabbott> dustymabe: it's assigned to you...any update?
16:39:38 <dustymabe> i don't have any update on this right now
16:40:07 <dustymabe> i need to get it on the calendar and take topics
16:40:14 <davdunc> .hello2 davdunc
16:40:15 <zodbot> davdunc: davdunc 'David Duncan' <davdunc@amazon.com>
16:40:25 <ashcrow> I have a feeling when we have the first item that needs discussing in that way then updates will happen pretty quickly.
16:40:31 <dustymabe> #action dustymabe to schedule february VFAD a CFP for proposed topics
16:40:32 <ashcrow> welcome davdunc!
16:40:36 <sanja> mclasen yes
16:40:37 <jdoss> .hello2 jdoss
16:40:38 <zodbot> jdoss: jdoss 'Joe Doss' <joe@solidadmin.com>
16:40:45 <miabbott> i'll keep the meeting tag on the issue and we can discuss at the next meeting perhaps?
16:40:48 <davdunc> :-) thnaks @ashcrow
16:40:50 <miabbott> #chair davdunc
16:40:50 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow davdunc dustymabe gscrivano jbrooks jlebon ksinny lorbus miabbott rubao sanja smilner strigazi walters
16:40:51 <ashcrow> miabbott: +1
16:41:09 <dustymabe> #chiar imcleod
16:41:12 <dustymabe> foo
16:41:12 <mclasen> sanja: will think about it
16:41:14 <dustymabe> #chair imcleod
16:41:14 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow davdunc dustymabe gscrivano imcleod jbrooks jlebon ksinny lorbus miabbott rubao sanja smilner strigazi walters
16:41:21 <miabbott> good enough for me
16:41:33 <miabbott> #topic Identify users for docker hub auto builds for system containers
16:41:34 <imcleod> Not the first time I've been called a chiar....
16:41:40 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/379
16:41:45 <miabbott> #chair jdoss
16:41:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow davdunc dustymabe gscrivano imcleod jbrooks jdoss jlebon ksinny lorbus miabbott rubao sanja smilner strigazi walters
16:41:49 <ashcrow> I can talk to this one ...
16:42:08 <ashcrow> A bit ago we agreed to start getting automatic builds happening in dockerhub ...
16:42:11 <miabbott> ashcrow: you opened this issue...not assigned to anyone, but it looks like there is still discussion/work to be done
16:42:41 <sanja> Lol imcleod
16:42:59 <ashcrow> but before we are able to do this a few things need to happen. The first is what user should be used to handle the access. Since this was set up before I joined the team I don't really know if one was already created, or if a new one is needed, etc...
16:43:14 <sanja> Thanks for confirming I'm a weirdo by making me laugh out loud in a cafe
16:43:25 <ashcrow> that issue is asking @jberkus @dustymabe @jasonbrooks @giuseppep @walters (and anyone really) if they know of one.
16:43:51 <jbrooks> ashcrow, this is a user on dockerhub, right?
16:43:58 <jbrooks> I don't know, but the atomicapp ppl must
16:44:05 <jbrooks> They were using the namespace
16:44:22 <dustymabe> yeah I have some vague memory of an account we used
16:44:24 <ashcrow> jbrooks: it's a user on dockerhub and on github as they have to have a 1:1 for autobuilding
16:44:46 <giuseppe> will we use the docker hub autobuild?
16:44:49 <ashcrow> we don't have to have the answer in the room, I just wanted to get this in front of people as the ticket was starting to fade
16:45:05 <giuseppe> or do we build the images somewhere else and just push them to docker.io?
16:45:17 <miabbott> it would be nice if FLIBS did this
16:45:27 <ashcrow> giuseppe: we could do either, but the original work to look into it for the wg was about using dockerhub build. But we don't have to do that.
16:45:50 <jbrooks> ashcrow, my desire for these images has not faded, though ;)
16:46:02 <ashcrow> jbrooks: neither has mine
16:46:16 <ashcrow> and since we had a blog post about the change go out late last year I would like to make some progress :-)
16:46:26 <jbrooks> agreed
16:46:36 <giuseppe> dockerhub will probably be easier, we will need only to setup the webhooks in github
16:47:07 <dustymabe> there is a projectatomic org on docker hub
16:47:45 <miabbott> sanja: do you have the keys to the projectatomic org on docker hub?
16:47:49 <miabbott> or know who does?
16:47:55 <dustymabe> I can see the list of people who are in it
16:47:57 <ashcrow> dustymabe: true, but the org and the user would be different
16:48:01 <dustymabe> looks like I should be able to add people
16:48:09 <sanja> Nope so guessing jberkus or someone else
16:48:13 <ashcrow> I'd assume we would have a bot account, but if we don't then we can create one
16:48:18 <dustymabe> *cough* or me
16:48:26 * dustymabe staring at web interface right now
16:48:29 <sanja> Exactly.
16:48:49 <jbrooks> hook us up, dustymabe
16:49:02 <ashcrow> :-)
16:49:33 <dustymabe> I'd like to weed out this list a bit. I'm going to send an email to current members and see who doesn't need it.
16:49:43 <dustymabe> who from here would like to request access?
16:50:12 <dustymabe> for this work
16:50:22 <ashcrow> dustymabe: I would like access stevemilnerrh
16:50:22 <giuseppe> I'd like
16:50:33 <giuseppe> gscrivano
16:50:37 <walters> if we're doing "arbitrary containers" as distinct from the "must be RPMs" FLIBS, has any thought been given to CentOS Container Pipeline?
16:50:44 <jbrooks> dustymabe, I can help jasonbrooks
16:51:15 <jbrooks> walters, that could work, I don't know if they build immediately or if it's nightly
16:51:48 <dustymabe> #action dusty to send email to existing members of PA docker hub org and proposed new members to solidify membership
16:52:28 <miabbott> thanks dusty
16:52:47 <miabbott> i think that is a good first step.  do we want to sign up for anything else on this ticket?
16:52:55 <ashcrow> walters: the intial work is to remove all unused / unupdated container images from our namespace in dockerhub, and then populate development builds to that namespace
16:52:59 <giuseppe> jbrooks, I think they check the git repository quite often, I added docker and crio there and when something is changed in git I get a notification of a new build almost immediately
16:53:33 <walters> ashcrow: right, definitely agree with the goal
16:53:38 <jbrooks> giuseppe, I have no complaints with using them, I've got kube containers there already, it works reliably
16:54:22 <ashcrow> miabbott: I think that's it
16:54:39 <ashcrow> thanks everyone for jumping in, looking, and discussing it!
16:54:57 <miabbott> ok, those are the only two issues with the 'meeting' label
16:55:28 <miabbott> #topic open floor
16:57:00 <miabbott> anyone got something to discuss?
16:57:04 <davdunc> update on AWS Marketplace: FAH 27.72 is making the way through preliminary scans.
16:57:12 <jdoss> I pinged dustymabe about this but Azure has no official or unofficial Fedora Cloud or Fedora Atomic images.
16:57:31 <sanja> Uuuh neat
16:57:32 <walters> davdunc: nice
16:57:53 <miabbott> #info update on AWS Marketplace: FAH 27.72 is making the way through preliminary scans.
16:57:54 <walters> jdoss: a problem there is WALinuxAgent...
16:57:55 <jdoss> I he said that that is because Azure requires support for images. Is there any way we could get a community image up that comes from a trusted source?
16:57:57 <walters> i.e. https://github.com/Azure/WALinuxAgent
16:58:19 <jdoss> walters: it looks like cloud-init is starting to be a thing.
16:58:21 <walters> it's a beast
16:58:38 <jdoss> https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/linux/using-cloud-init
16:58:38 <dustymabe> walters: yeah. WALinuxAgent is a hard requirement any longer for Azure
16:58:55 <dustymabe> we actually did work to get the new cloud-init into f27 before release
16:58:58 <walters> yeah there's some stub cloud-init for Azure support
16:58:58 <dustymabe> specifically for that
16:59:16 <walters> which, don't get me wrong, there's a lot of things to dislike about cloud-init but at least  it's a known standard-ish quantity
16:59:29 <dustymabe> yeah. that's my general sentiment towards it
16:59:39 <jdoss> I can build images on my end, but I was bummed that there was no Fedora Cloud/Atomic from an end user standpoint.
16:59:45 <dustymabe> davdunc: what kind of 'scans' do images have to go through?
17:00:19 <davdunc> dustymabe: they look for ssh keys, logs, specific CVE's
17:00:35 <dustymabe> k
17:00:46 <dustymabe> any chance that scan pipeline could be public?
17:00:52 <dustymabe> or at least the test results from it?
17:01:00 <dustymabe> would be nice to run every compose through it
17:01:21 <jdoss> It sounds like there is a lot of redtape for any kind of official image. I am not sure if there is much that can be done.
17:01:23 <davdunc> there is a seller's guide for the process. The results are not public b/c they only disclose the guidelines.
17:01:51 <dustymabe> kk, yeah I was looking more for a pass/fail type of thing
17:02:01 <dustymabe> we don't want to do a release and then find out later it failed the scans
17:02:07 <davdunc> but the AWS MP expectations are public and "pass" is a hard requirement for publication.
17:02:08 <walters> davdunc: is that scan pipeline actually aware of ostree?  I wonder if it e.g. just looks for `rpm -q bash` without realizing the OS actually lives in `/ostree/deploy/...`
17:02:10 <dustymabe> but we'll probably have to go with that for now
17:02:25 <walters> davdunc: related https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1102241
17:02:26 <dustymabe> walters: won't rpm -q bash work though?
17:02:43 <dustymabe> ahh, you mean in a non-booted image
17:02:51 <misc> dustymabe: worst case, people would start with a older version until we fix it, and upgrade it
17:02:51 <walters> dustymabe: it depends on whether the pipeline *boots* the system or just mounts the filesystem using something like libguestfs
17:03:07 <dustymabe> misc: right
17:03:16 <davdunc> walters: there will be an opportunity for me to fine tune their scanning process.
17:03:28 <misc> now, we also need to know that the pipeline failed
17:03:37 <walters> hmm, thinking about it i'd guess they use cloud-init to inject a scan agent
17:03:40 <walters> anything else would be a huge maintenance pain
17:03:48 <davdunc> I'll let everyone know the results.
17:04:09 <sanja> Thanks davdunc
17:04:09 <davdunc> and we can make a decision on how to respond or update as needed.
17:04:14 <dustymabe> davdunc: +1. the only other thing to note is that we did release 27.81 yesterday
17:04:30 <dustymabe> so :) - might have another one to run through when they get done with that one
17:04:37 <davdunc> once I have the steps in the process documented, I'll work with Sayan to make it a part of the automation.
17:04:48 <miabbott> #action davdunc to inform WG about AWS scan results of Fedora Atomic Host 27.72
17:05:05 <dustymabe> I have another item for open floor
17:05:33 <miabbott> dustymabe: before you start, are we finished discussing Azure?
17:05:45 <dustymabe> we've been getting a lot of interest lately in the channel. probably related to the workstation buzz and also the aquisition red hat made recently
17:05:49 <dustymabe> oops
17:05:57 <miabbott> anything we can do to inch closer to getting Fedora images there?
17:06:05 <dustymabe> miabbott: it's mostly legal
17:06:19 <dustymabe> i pretty much have to wait for any input from mattdm on it
17:06:35 <dustymabe> we do have a proposed blog post showing people how to create their own images
17:06:39 <dustymabe> that we never got published
17:06:45 <dustymabe> but is pretty much completely written
17:07:03 <miabbott> #info waiting on input from mattdm about publishing Fedora images to Azure
17:07:07 <dustymabe> see https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/364
17:07:19 <sanja> Where is the blog post Dusty?
17:07:22 <sanja> Kk
17:07:23 <miabbott> is it this? - https://gist.github.com/baude/03ddc7198a43fe1a007b10a1fecd268f
17:07:48 <dustymabe> yeah
17:08:17 <miabbott> ok, since we are in a holding pattern there, let's proceed with other items...go ahead dusty
17:08:22 <dustymabe> :)
17:08:27 <dustymabe> we've been getting a lot of interest lately in the channel. probably related to the workstation buzz and also the aquisition red hat made recently
17:08:38 <dustymabe> which also means we get a lot of users hitting common problems
17:09:03 <dustymabe> hopefully we'll get them cleaned up soon, but until then I wrote up an email detailing some of the common ones we see
17:09:08 <dustymabe> https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-February/msg00029.html
17:09:10 <sanja> Dusty - what you wrote in the email recently is seeping into an FAQ on the website.
17:09:15 <dustymabe> we might make this part of an FAQ
17:09:18 <dustymabe> or something
17:09:24 <dustymabe> sanja: ahh. perfect
17:09:52 <sanja> See above.
17:10:00 <dustymabe> #info a list of common problems affecting users: https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-February/msg00029.html
17:10:10 <miabbott> #info common problems users are hitting with Atomic Host/Workstation
17:10:11 <miabbott> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-February/msg00029.html
17:10:12 <jlebon> nice list, dusty!
17:10:14 <dustymabe> sanja: +1
17:10:33 <dustymabe> thanks jlebon
17:10:41 <sanja> Tomorrow around 2pm UTC or earlier I expect the website switch - assuming everything works smoothly. Depends on misc and my code  and OpenShift. And cosmic rays.
17:10:56 <misc> cosmisc ray ?
17:11:10 <dustymabe> sanja: maybe we can put the docs site payload on a falcon heavy and send it into the cloud that way
17:11:18 <ashcrow> sanja: \o/
17:11:21 <lorbus> ^^
17:11:27 <sanja> Then you'll see what you wrote as part of an FAQ and I'd encourage everyone who has answers to these common questions to put that in the ideas folder on the new repo or send an email to atomic-devel mailing list like dustymabe did
17:11:42 <sanja> Lol dustymabe
17:11:56 <ashcrow> dustymabe: you know those launches are not THAT far from me ... :-D
17:11:59 <misc> (not gonna do a /nick elon_misc)
17:12:03 <ashcrow> misc: HA!
17:12:05 <sanja> dustymabe +1 for the composition of the q&a mail
17:12:25 <dustymabe> that's it from me
17:12:44 <miabbott> #info submit ideas for docs/guides/faqs on projectatomic site
17:12:46 <miabbott> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-February/msg00029.html
17:12:48 <miabbott> #unlink
17:12:48 <misc> sanja: when you say "website switch", you mean change the DNS ? (cause that might take a bit more time)
17:12:54 <miabbott> #link https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-site-new/tree/master/ideas
17:12:57 <miabbott> i don't even know if unlink is a thing...
17:13:05 <dustymabe> miabbott: I know #undo is
17:13:09 <dustymabe> don't know about #unlink
17:13:15 <miabbott> oh well, i tried
17:13:22 <dustymabe> A for effort
17:13:30 <ashcrow> :-)
17:13:37 <dustymabe> ooh ooh
17:13:41 <dustymabe> I have another Item
17:13:48 <sanja> I mean change the website from new to original domain and RIP old one. Unless we can't make that work for tomorrow then I'll link the new one and we do a redirect later
17:14:05 <dustymabe> #info the first Atomic Workstation SIG meeting will be on Monday 02/19
17:14:12 <dustymabe> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Workstation/AtomicWorkstation/SIG/Agenda
17:14:14 <sanja> I have another topic after that
17:14:29 * misc will discuss on website change outside of the meeting
17:14:29 <mclasen> additions to the agenda more than welcome
17:14:58 <dustymabe> mclasen: yep. unfortunately I'm going to be AFK that day, but I'll plan to make the next one
17:15:09 <dustymabe> and I'll read the notes if any are taken
17:15:22 <ashcrow> I'll try to make it for some of the meeting. It conflicts with another meeting which I can't drop.
17:15:25 <mclasen> long weekends are the best. I'll make sure we take notes
17:15:49 <sanja> So in essence, we started the SIG and you see that the momentum is really good right now. If you're interested in metrics it doesn't only feel like we gained more people, we've gained significantly more people (on IRC, Twitter, etc - we just have to make use of it and push further)
17:16:03 <dustymabe> mclasen++ sanja++ thanks for helping bootstrap that WG
17:16:25 <sanja> Huge thanks mclasen for your blog postd
17:16:25 <sanja> *s
17:16:25 <miabbott> hat tip to otaylor too
17:16:37 <sanja> mclasen++
17:16:37 <zodbot> sanja: Karma for mclasen changed to 2 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:16:39 <sanja> dustymabe++
17:16:50 <walters> we also have a whole new interesting problem set in the crossover/relationship between FA{H,W} and Fedora {Server,Workstation} and Modularity
17:16:52 <dustymabe> sanja: :) you already gave me a cookie
17:17:08 <dustymabe> walters: indeed
17:17:13 <ashcrow> walters: *nods*
17:17:14 <sanja> You deserve ALL THE COOKIES
17:17:29 <dustymabe> walters: do you think there is enough content their to discuss during a VFAD?
17:17:35 <dustymabe> sigh
17:17:37 <dustymabe> there*
17:17:38 <walters> it's a good problem to have though! 😄
17:17:49 <sanja> Ok we should probably talk about that problem ...not today though
17:17:59 <dustymabe> once I start mixing up their/there/they're then it's time for me to call it a day
17:18:16 <dustymabe> didn't even make it to lunch
17:18:31 <miabbott> it's only noon
17:18:36 <miabbott> (eastern)
17:18:38 <sanja> Ok so my topic fits right in
17:18:53 <sanja> Can we please delete the redundant mailing lists and rename fedora-atomic channel
17:19:17 <miabbott> sounds like this is going to require some debating
17:19:28 <walters> dustymabe: content in the docs ideas?  Probably?
17:19:29 <misc> we can create a list to debate on the lists
17:19:29 <miabbott> sanja: want to make a ticket?
17:19:43 <miabbott> yes, more lists
17:19:44 <sanja> I'm working on really streamlining our contribution process and making it all clear and reduce confusion
17:19:44 <ashcrow> yeah I'd like a ticket. I think it will make the outcome smoother.
17:19:57 <ashcrow> sanja: +1
17:20:07 <misc> +1 for ticket, so we document which is going, to avoid issue :)
17:20:21 <miabbott> #action sanja to create ticket on eliminating redundant mailing lists + irc channels
17:20:48 <dustymabe> yeah. although we just recently did this: https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/295
17:21:30 <sanja> Good. Another thing is that misc and I discussed at length whether to move away from IRC.
17:21:31 <sanja> Behold, this is the decision: we will stick with IRC unless there are objections.
17:21:32 <sanja> I will create a tutorial on IRC and using it with Riot or having a bouncer so that newcomers to IRC have a smooth transition from Slack & Co which both misc and I decidedly didn't want
17:21:58 <ashcrow> sanja: sounds good
17:22:15 <lorbus> sanja: that'd be awesome!
17:22:23 <dustymabe> yeah. those of us who donate money to open source projects should consider matrix/riot as a candidate if we don't want to see slack take over the world
17:22:23 <rubao> :o, nice!
17:22:37 <sanja> Mattermost is yet another app and thing to use etc so we are doing it this way
17:23:00 <miabbott> #action sanja to create irc tutorial to onboard newcomers from slack, etc
17:23:12 <lorbus> sanja++
17:23:25 <miabbott> sanja: you are signing up for a lot of work  ;)
17:23:39 <ashcrow> She's probably in 3 meetings right now too
17:23:42 <ashcrow> :-D
17:23:44 <sanja> So we're sticking with IRC and making it easier on newcomers, BUT I'd really appreciate a vote on the channel and ML now. Because it's the same as the ticket dustymabe just linked before
17:23:48 <sanja> Hahaha
17:23:55 <sanja> No I'm super dedicated and just in the bus right now
17:23:56 <sanja> 😂
17:24:05 <ashcrow> +1 to IRC
17:24:07 <misc> the fedmsg bus ?
17:24:10 <dustymabe> the *crazy bus*
17:24:17 <sanja> Rofl
17:24:18 <dustymabe> we're all in it, look around
17:24:24 <miabbott> we've got 7 minutes left in this meeting and i feel like the vote on channel/ML is going to take longer than that
17:24:37 <sanja> The bus that brings me out of my cave to the tennis club
17:24:39 <miabbott> vote + debate
17:24:51 <dustymabe> yeah. +1 for ticket
17:25:01 <sanja> Ok next time then but no new ticket link Dusty's old one
17:25:08 <dustymabe> but please consider the discussion that already happened before we add new judgements
17:25:11 <sanja> -1 for MOAR tickets and lists
17:25:23 <miabbott> ok ok
17:25:52 <sanja> Aren't you glad you got a deletist amongst you now?
17:25:55 <miabbott> i'm not going to try to re-action for that...i'll just let sanja sort it out
17:26:02 <sanja> Lol
17:26:07 <ashcrow> Can we clarify what we are voting on then in the old ticket before we start voting there?
17:26:09 <jbrooks> so, we're going to reopen that ticket?
17:26:10 <sanja> Good
17:26:18 <dustymabe> prefer not to re-open it
17:26:21 <sanja> Yes
17:26:21 <sanja> Ok
17:26:25 <sanja> Then fine I'll make a new one
17:26:28 <dustymabe> :)
17:26:30 <sanja> Buuut read old one
17:26:34 <dustymabe> sorry. this happens when I get hangry
17:26:35 <ashcrow> ok
17:26:43 <sanja> So we don't re-enact the same discussions
17:26:47 <miabbott> cannot be avoided
17:26:47 <misc> !feed dustymabe
17:26:54 <sanja> Hahaha
17:26:58 * misc is gonna open a ticket on the irc bot
17:27:22 <miabbott> #action misc to open ticket on the irc bot
17:27:24 <miabbott> now it is official
17:27:28 <ashcrow> ha
17:27:54 <miabbott> are we good on those items?
17:27:54 <sanja> Good meeting
17:27:55 <misc> ah ah
17:28:01 <miabbott> any more for open floor?
17:28:05 <ashcrow> None here
17:28:06 * jbrooks is curious about the web site
17:28:15 <misc> I have a talk accepted for FAW next month
17:28:20 <dustymabe> misc: nice
17:28:28 <misc> but I will wait for the date to tell it again in meeting
17:28:41 <misc> (also in french, so I could link anything and say "that's it")
17:28:48 <sanja> Yep cool
17:28:49 <dustymabe> real quick. there was a fedmag article that went out with a few videos from devconf
17:28:53 <sanja> Hehe
17:28:54 <dustymabe> jlebon's FAW talk made it in there
17:29:08 <sanja> jbrooks http://new.projectatomic.io
17:29:09 <dustymabe> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/3-fedora-videos-devconf-cz-2018/
17:29:13 <sanja> But it's only interim state
17:29:19 <jlebon> dustymabe: oh yeah, noticed that yesterday!
17:29:21 <jbrooks> sanja, are we ditching the blog?
17:29:22 <miabbott> #info new Project Atomic site
17:29:24 <jlebon> was pleasantly surprised :)
17:29:27 <miabbott> #link http://new.projectatomic.io/
17:29:32 <sanja> Do not come now with all the change suggestions, wait for tomorrow I'm migrating and changing content
17:29:52 <rubao> jlebon++
17:29:52 <zodbot> rubao: Karma for jlebon changed to 4 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:30:05 <sanja> Oh how cool @ jlebon talk
17:30:24 <sanja> jbrooks I didn't intend to ditch the blog, should we?
17:30:51 <sanja> I think it's pretty useful but actually most content goes to docs
17:31:01 <jbrooks> sanja, the existing site code generates the blog posts and such -- is this just about new content, or a new everything
17:31:34 <miabbott> blog is good for hype....can link to the posts on social media, etc
17:32:04 <sanja> Rehaul entirely.
17:32:16 <jbrooks> we can talk about it in #atomic
17:32:45 <sanja> Yep
17:32:47 <misc> yup
17:32:48 <sanja> Thanks everyone for the meeting
17:32:54 <miabbott> alrighty...ending meeting in 60s
17:33:00 <misc> we set the fuse
17:33:06 <misc> and mission impossible music
17:33:28 <lorbus> thanks everyone!
17:33:30 <sanja> This suspense.
17:33:47 <miabbott> #endmeeting