16:30:25 <miabbott> #startmeeting fedora_atomic_wg
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16:30:39 <lorbus> .hello2
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16:30:45 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:30:50 <dustymabe> lorbus: \o/
16:30:59 <ashcrow> .hello smilner
16:30:59 <dustymabe> sanja: you were a little early
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16:31:01 <lorbus> hey Dusty! =)
16:31:25 <lorbus> and hey everybody else also :)
16:31:26 <miabbott> waiting for the bot to listen to me...
16:31:44 <miabbott> #topic roll call
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16:31:47 <davdunc> .hello2 davdunc
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16:32:10 <miabbott> #chair sanja dustymabe lorbus giuseppe
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16:32:45 <sanja> .hello2
16:32:46 <miabbott> #chair ashcrow davdunc
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16:32:53 <sanja> sometimes riot is really slow
16:32:59 <sanja> had to refresh
16:33:00 <jlebon> .hello jlebon
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16:33:03 * miabbott also notices the matrix lag
16:33:14 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
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16:33:33 <miabbott> #chair jlebon sayan
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16:34:56 <sanja> oh, I missed an action item I think with all the meetings and "urgent" tasks and somehow next week came around, let's see
16:35:14 <miabbott> low turnout today, but oh well
16:35:17 <miabbott> #topic previous meeting action items
16:35:30 <miabbott> * dustymabe to schedule february VFAD a CFP for proposed topics
16:35:35 <miabbott> * dustymabe to send email to existing members of PA docker hub org and
16:35:35 <miabbott> proposed new members to solidify membership
16:35:55 <miabbott> * davdunc to inform WG about AWS scan results of Fedora Atomic Host
16:35:55 <miabbott> 27.72
16:35:57 <miabbott> * sanja to create ticket on eliminating redundant mailing lists + irc
16:35:58 <miabbott> channels
16:36:02 <miabbott> * sanja to create irc tutorial to onboard newcomers from slack, etc
16:36:03 <miabbott> * misc to open ticket on the irc bot
16:36:04 <walters> .hello walters
16:36:05 <zodbot> walters: walters 'Colin Walters' <walters@redhat.com>
16:36:14 <miabbott> dustymabe: what can you tell us about your items?
16:36:19 <miabbott> #chair walters
16:36:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow davdunc dustymabe giuseppe jlebon lorbus miabbott sanja sayan walters
16:36:25 <dustymabe> #action dustymabe to schedule february VFAD a CFP for proposed topics
16:36:34 <dustymabe> didn't do that one. will try to do it today
16:36:53 <dustymabe> #info working with dockerhub members and new members and will give/revoke access
16:37:08 <dustymabe> an interested topic came up in that email thread.. should we start using quay.io instead?
16:37:13 <dustymabe> we can discuss later
16:37:51 <miabbott> good topic for open floor
16:38:17 <miabbott> davdunc: any updates on the AWS scans?
16:38:49 <davdunc> still pending completion. In the meantime, I have found some housekeeping needs.
16:39:26 <davdunc> artwork is not displaying properly. I am trying to determine if that is an issue I can resolve or if I need design's help.
16:39:48 <miabbott> #info AWS scans of Fedora Atomic Host still pending completion
16:40:01 <miabbott> i'm going to reaction the same item so we don't lose track
16:40:05 <davdunc> thanks.
16:40:19 <miabbott> #action davdunc to inform WG about AWS scan results of Fedora Atomic Host
16:40:20 <miabbott> 27.72
16:40:28 <miabbott> sanja: your turn for updates
16:41:46 <sanja> decided to delay the deletion ticket for when i have a more comprehensive list including github repos but had no time to make a list on which ones can be archived - as I don't know this and have no opinion, i need the team to tell me which repos can be archived
16:41:49 <sanja> saying archiving because i'm assuming we don't want any of that deleted
16:42:03 <sanja> but it'd be nice if not all the repos show up on projectatomic github if they're unused now
16:42:10 <sanja> so waiting with that ticket action
16:42:23 <dustymabe> sanja: is there a discussion somewhere about what repos to archive?
16:42:28 <sanja> because it needs some time to wade through that
16:43:06 <sanja> the riot tutorial is written and will be shown when the new website is announced, still gotta push it
16:43:11 <sanja> dustymabe - no that discussion will happen on the ticket
16:43:13 <sanja> and in a shared doc
16:43:17 <miabbott> #info riot/irc tutorial is written, will be published when new web site is announced
16:43:42 <sanja> it'll just be a list of repo names and links - then if just one person says nay, strike through and it won't be archived i'd say?
16:44:07 <sanja> the repos are your turf and you know what you need
16:44:09 <dustymabe> sure. i was just wondering if there was an existing ticket or not
16:44:35 <sanja> i just know that we are not using some of them and i'd like to make a cleanup via archiving the unused ones
16:44:36 <miabbott> sanja: im gonna just re-action you to create a ticket for the redundancy discussion, ok?
16:45:10 <sanja> no, but as you're saying it, i think it's best to have 2 tickets
16:45:27 <sanja> one for github repo archival the other for mailing list and irc channel rehaul
16:45:29 <sanja> yes, reaction
16:45:40 <sanja> next week should work
16:45:41 <miabbott> ok, you asked for it
16:45:41 <miabbott> two actions
16:45:46 <sanja> ouch but that's ok
16:45:49 <miabbott> #action sanja to create ticket about elminating redundancy in mailing lists + irc channels
16:45:53 <sanja> k that's it from me then
16:46:01 <sanja> at least regarding previous action items
16:46:09 <miabbott> #action sanja to create ticket about archiving unused projectatomic github repos
16:46:29 <miabbott> is misc around?  he's got an action about an irc bot
16:46:53 <miabbott> but i can't remember if that was in jest or not...
16:47:48 <ashcrow> I don't remember either
16:48:55 <miabbott> well...i guess i'll just re-action that one too
16:49:00 <miabbott> #action misc to open ticket on the irc bot
16:49:03 <miabbott> #topic Design Meetings over Video
16:49:05 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/418
16:49:19 <miabbott> dustymabe: this assigned to you but it doesn't look like there has been a lot of activity
16:49:25 <miabbott> toward resolution, at least
16:49:50 <dustymabe> miabbott: yeah that's my action item
16:50:06 <dustymabe> the one we reactioned from earlier
16:50:53 * jbrooks totally spaced on this mtg
16:51:06 <miabbott> oh ok
16:51:11 <miabbott> does it still need the meeting tag?
16:51:47 <dustymabe> probably not
16:52:09 <miabbott> #chair jbrooks
16:52:09 <zodbot> Current chairs: ashcrow davdunc dustymabe giuseppe jbrooks jlebon lorbus miabbott sanja sayan walters
16:52:28 <miabbott> ok, i'll remove that tag after this meeting
16:52:54 <miabbott> #topic Identify users for docker hub auto builds for system containers
16:52:56 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/379
16:53:02 <miabbott> dustymabe: i think this is another action of yours
16:53:08 <miabbott> it's unassigned though and is sporting the meeting tag
16:53:50 <dustymabe> yeah that was part of my first #action item
16:54:02 <dustymabe> which should be done now. I'll update the ticket
16:54:33 <miabbott> thanks!
16:54:44 <miabbott> that's all the 'meeting' tagged items, so on to open floor
16:54:46 <miabbott> #topic open floor
16:55:28 <lorbus> it's not really a topic but a question
16:55:59 <ashcrow> lorbus: go for it
16:55:59 <dustymabe> I have one, regarding quay/dockerhub
16:56:03 <dustymabe> lorbus: go for it
16:56:04 <lorbus> I've been doing rpm packaging lately. Is there a containerized rpmbuild ?
16:56:15 <lorbus> that one can use as builder
16:56:19 <miabbott> go for it
16:56:35 <dustymabe> lorbus: like a container with rpm-build binary installed?
16:56:42 <lorbus> exactly that
16:57:04 <dustymabe> so.. I think this is an interesting topic
16:57:15 <ashcrow> Off the top of my head I don't know of one specific to rpmbuild
16:57:21 <dustymabe> i think we have a 'tools' container
16:57:24 <ashcrow> But we've talked about tools container(s) before
16:57:29 <dustymabe> which probably includes rpm-build
16:57:48 <dustymabe> but I don't know if we need a container for every command that we would run
16:57:55 <ashcrow> dustymabe: Do you know where it lives? I don't mind taking a look.
16:58:26 <lorbus> I really just want to use the container as build root, so I dont have to install BuildRequires on my laptop
16:58:28 <dustymabe> or maybe we just create a thin layer with ENTRYPOINT /usr/bin/rpm-build
16:58:30 <dustymabe> for each command
16:59:33 <ashcrow> A feature we've talked about in system containers is the ability to add in stubs which do that kind of thing. It still needs a bit more work ...
16:59:41 <ashcrow> but based on giuseppe's recent merge it could be doable as well
17:00:02 <ashcrow> dustymabe: I found f26/tools in flibs, is that the tools container you are referencing?
17:00:10 <dustymabe> ashcrow: yeah
17:00:10 <miabbott> i think this is it - https://src.fedoraproject.org/container/tools/blob/master/f/Dockerfile
17:00:29 <giuseppe> ashcrow, yes, that would be very easy, but the difficult part is how to install additional packages in a system container
17:00:47 <giuseppe> as that is the main goal for lorbus as I understand
17:01:08 <ashcrow> giuseppe: I think that's overthinking it :-) I just mean the ability to be able to run $COMMAND and have the run in the system container for whatever commands it supports
17:01:09 <walters> at the same time it'd probably make sense to change the teams to basically be per-repo
17:01:42 <walters> maybe the simplest is to just delete all teams and have it be collaborators on the repo
17:01:43 * ashcrow pulls and checks the tools container for rpm-build while we are here
17:01:46 <dustymabe> ashcrow: yeah that's something a little different
17:01:52 <dustymabe> but I like that better TBH
17:02:05 <walters> with one or two identified repo owners?
17:02:14 <lorbus> ashcrow, miabbott, giuseppe: Cool! Thanks for the info already!
17:02:19 <walters> anyways we don't need to solve this now, just noting that in passing
17:02:28 <ashcrow> lorbus: rpmbuild is not in the tools container as of today
17:02:34 <lorbus> ok.
17:02:39 <dustymabe> lorbus: we need to ping tomas to get him to make one for f27
17:02:50 <dustymabe> ok next topic
17:02:56 <ashcrow> action that?
17:03:02 <lorbus> dustymabe: that'd be awesome!
17:03:18 <lorbus> I will see what I can do myself too :)
17:03:48 <dustymabe> the next topic is related to quay/dockerhub
17:03:55 <walters1> open floor now?  (sorry, riot.im/matrix kept disconnecting)
17:04:07 <miabbott> ashcrow: can i action you to ping tomas?
17:04:09 <dustymabe> now that we have friends on the quay side, should we considering having our projectatomic organization there instead
17:04:14 <ashcrow> miabbott: sure
17:04:24 <miabbott> walters1: yeah, open floor
17:04:32 <ashcrow> I'm ok with either. We originally said dockerhub in the blog post but if quay ends up being easier I'm all for it and will happily make an updated post.
17:04:41 <miabbott> #action ashcrow to ping tomas about building f27/tools container
17:04:53 <dustymabe> ashcrow: i'm not sure about `easier`, but maybe more `where we want to be longer term`
17:05:00 <lorbus> ashcrow++
17:05:22 <sanja> I'm +1 for quay.
17:05:22 <dustymabe> especially if we are at a poing of flux with dockerhub, i'd rather not invest there if we have a preferrable target
17:05:29 <dustymabe> point*
17:06:06 <miabbott> agree with dustymabe about long term
17:06:07 <dustymabe> sanja: one thing to note is that quay does require a small monthly fee (not unless we can get them to waive it)
17:06:08 <giuseppe> and less risk of someone noticing these containers don't run with Docker :-)
17:06:12 <walters1> IMO something to sprint to is having gpg-signed container images, and ideally built reliably from FOSS sources; dockerhub is not a friendly place for it, maybe quay.io will be, and obviously ideally registry.fedoraproject.org etc.
17:06:49 <dustymabe> walters1: i almost wonder if registry.fedoraproject.org should use quay in the long term too
17:07:36 <dustymabe> ok so obviously this will warrant discussion from others outside of this meeting
17:07:44 <walters> lorbus: I personally just use a "dev/pet" container
17:08:03 <dustymabe> I'll start a ticket for it and point atomic-devel at the ticket
17:08:14 <dustymabe> #action dusty to open ticket to start discussion about quay.io
17:08:22 <ashcrow> awesome
17:08:48 <dustymabe> miabbott: i return the meeting to you :)
17:09:29 <miabbott> any other topics/questions?
17:09:38 <lorbus> walters: I thought someone must've done already :D
17:09:49 <dustymabe> sanja: want to give us an update from the atomic workstation SIG meeting?
17:09:51 <walters1> i just have a few quick links; i was working over the weekend on FAW
17:09:53 <sanja> any comments on logo?
17:09:55 <walters1> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-comps/pull-request/220
17:10:01 <sanja> new website will be announced for beta for a week this week
17:10:03 <walters1> #link https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/pull-request/70
17:10:04 <miabbott> sanja: i'm not clear where the actual voting is going to take place
17:10:07 <sanja> it's gonna be on mailing list and twitter so plenty of time to give comments
17:10:15 <ashcrow> sanja: I voted via twitter
17:10:25 <walters1> i doubt many people follow either comps or workstation-ostree-config; so just FYI ^
17:10:38 <walters1> also did:
17:10:38 <ashcrow> walters1: thanks!
17:10:39 <walters1> #link https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/pull-request/64
17:10:53 <sanja> twitter voting miabbott
17:10:55 <walters1> so rawhide is going to change a lot, and I'd like to backport this all to f27 at some point
17:11:14 <dustymabe> walters1: hmm
17:11:35 <dustymabe> would be nice just to get rawhide right and move forward
17:11:37 <miabbott> #info vote on new project atomic logo on mailing list or twitter
17:11:40 <sanja> since jbrooks commented that this isn't something for the atomic-wg but for the bigger community or something if i remember correctly
17:11:41 <miabbott> #link https://twitter.com/projectatomic/status/965689983490195456
17:11:42 <sanja> so it's not a formal voting process
17:11:46 <miabbott> #link https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2018-February/msg00053.html
17:11:55 <sanja> usually it shouldn't even require voting, it's a style change - and obviously fedora and centos got their own logos for atomic host
17:11:58 <sanja> so we can't decide much there
17:12:09 <walters1> dustymabe, the problem is rawhide can't be the *only* development target until it's not always on fire...
17:12:23 <dustymabe> walters1: well there's f28 now too
17:13:19 <miabbott> #info recent changes affecting fedora atomic workstation
17:13:22 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-comps/pull-request/220
17:13:22 <sanja> hence it's just about the project atomic logo - i just wanna say that it's really not growth-friendly to have x logos for x projects with all projects having differnt kinds of docs in different places -> but that's a discussion for another time. baby steps for now. let's see into walters and dusty discussion
17:13:25 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/pull-request/70
17:13:32 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/workstation-ostree-config/pull-request/64
17:13:45 <jbrooks> sanja, right, the PA logo would be a matter of project atomic governance -- I'm not sure what exactly that is, though ;)
17:13:46 <miabbott> (sorry, just trying to be orderly...)
17:14:06 <lorbus> walters: Do you have a dev container for the purpose of rpm building in a repo to compare?
17:14:11 <sanja> and dustymabe regarding atomic workstation SIG: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Workstation/AtomicWorkstation/SIG the meeting notes are at the bottom, no specific update for now but i'll update next time if there's more in our biweekly meetings.
17:14:11 <sanja> we will eventually have to have a bigger delta from atomic host as colin once noted on twitter
17:14:21 <walters1> lorbus, https://github.com/cgwalters/dockerfiles/tree/master/fdev
17:14:39 <lorbus> I'd like to get automation into that, maybe have Buildah build the container per dep requirements and then run the build
17:14:50 <lorbus> walters: thanks!
17:15:02 <miabbott> #info first Fedora Atomic Workstation SIG meeting was held on Monday Feb 19
17:15:03 <miabbott> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Workstation/AtomicWorkstation/SIG/Notes
17:15:14 <jbrooks> I think that fedora atomic and centos atomic are simply different ways to consume those distros, so no separate logos, really
17:15:35 <sanja> also dustymabe retweeted something jessie is doing now that might collide with buildah - should we talk about that?
17:16:03 <sanja> jbrooks but we got a different logo for fedora atomic which is a problem
17:16:08 <sanja> since it does't say atomic host
17:16:18 <sanja> and we got fedora atomic workstation now
17:16:28 <sanja> and it's entirely different to project atomic brand as well
17:16:29 <jbrooks> sanja, where does that logo appear?
17:16:35 <dustymabe> sanja: i asked giusseppe about it
17:16:53 <dustymabe> seems to have some overlap. I'm not sure if she's interested in working on a tool we built though
17:17:04 <miabbott> #info jessfraz working on something that could overlap with buildah
17:17:09 <miabbott> #link https://twitter.com/jessfraz/status/966057711552094209
17:17:10 <sanja> i know all these topics sound like blah but it's important if we want contributors and growth
17:17:13 <jbrooks> I don't think it's really like a branding logo, it's more like a piece of art or something
17:17:30 <jbrooks> like: https://getfedora.org/en/
17:17:32 <sanja> jbrooks - the fedora atomic host logo you mean?
17:17:40 <miabbott> it should be noted that cyphar has been working towards something like buildah too
17:17:53 <ashcrow> hold on everyone, let's focus on one topic at a time
17:17:57 <ashcrow> I'm getting a bit confused :-)
17:17:58 <giuseppe> jbrooks, dustymabe there are already some discussion upstream for running buildah as non root user
17:18:07 <miabbott> #link https://github.com/cyphar/orca-build
17:18:27 <dustymabe> giuseppe: right, but we should probably make a decent effort to consolidate if there are multiple tools trying to do the same thing
17:18:32 <jbrooks> sanja, I don't think there's really a fedora atomic host logo, is there?
17:18:39 <dustymabe> giuseppe: do you mind responding to jessie's tweet directly?
17:18:42 <jbrooks> sorry
17:19:09 <giuseppe> instead of another implementation, Alex Larsson suggested we use ostree rofiles-fuse for the user case
17:19:20 <sanja> https://getfedora.org/en/atomic/ this looks like a logo to me.
17:19:26 <miabbott> sorry ashcrow these folks are hard to corral  :)
17:19:38 <dustymabe> right, i'm just saying let's have a discussion about it
17:19:51 <sanja> and yes giuseppe or dustymabe please respond to her tweet directly for visibility and possible subsequent discussion
17:19:56 <ashcrow> miabbott: :-)
17:19:59 <dustymabe> miabbott: you're doing a great job
17:20:09 <dustymabe> giuseppe: do you mind?
17:20:10 <giuseppe> dustymabe, sanja, sure
17:20:13 <dustymabe> giuseppe++
17:20:13 <zodbot> dustymabe: Karma for giuseppe changed to 2 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:20:28 <jbrooks> sanja, is that a logo https://getfedora.org/en/server/
17:21:02 <sanja> giuseppe++
17:21:02 <zodbot> sanja: Karma for giuseppe changed to 3 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:21:02 <jbrooks> I guess? I don't think these images are really used in like logos -- do they appear anywhere other than the download page
17:21:05 * dustymabe going for food soon
17:21:29 <miabbott> jbrooks: i think they show up in the install media
17:21:29 <jbrooks> There's definitely no centos atomic logo, it's just centos
17:21:37 <lorbus> ashcrow++
17:21:51 <lorbus> zodbot's not always listening, is it?
17:21:57 * ashcrow chuckles
17:22:15 <ashcrow> Let's take a step back ... what's the question we are discussing bout the logos right now?
17:23:07 <sanja> :)
17:23:15 * dustymabe steps out. thanks for running micah
17:23:21 <sanja> ok so giuseppe will reply to jessie, check
17:23:21 <sanja> SIG meeting notes linked, check
17:23:22 <sanja> logo time
17:23:42 <miabbott> to be fair, this meeting is about the Fedora Atomic WG...the logo for Project Atomic can be discussed at another time if we like
17:23:48 <sanja> forget the FAH/FAW logos in the mailing list, it'll be just project atomic until we've figured out how to go about creating fah/faw/cah without annoying (a larger chunk of) people
17:23:54 <lorbus> my 2 cents: I think the atomic brand should have a logo that comes in different flavours, FAH, FAW, CentOS...
17:23:55 <miabbott> (since we only have about 6 mins left)
17:24:12 <sanja> yes that's what jbrooks said basically initially in the mail
17:24:40 <sanja> yes let's be done with that, i'll just see what twitter says in the end
17:24:43 <sanja> few more days left
17:24:55 <lorbus> sanja: +1 :)
17:25:02 <miabbott> sanja: you are the community manager so you do hold all the power over the logo  :)
17:25:03 <sanja> and website already has 2 contributors that aren't me, thanks mclasen and Colin, an external guy who might end up doing more
17:25:04 <ashcrow> sounds good to me
17:25:14 <sanja> thanks lorbus - i think so too
17:25:21 <jbrooks> sanja, are you going to post about that to the list?
17:25:43 <lorbus> its Marketing 101 really, have something the people recognize elsewhere as well
17:26:08 <miabbott> #info please contribute content to the new web site
17:26:09 <sanja> post about what?
17:26:10 <miabbott> #link https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-site-new
17:26:13 <sanja> i already posted everything to the list
17:26:17 <sanja> oh the new website stuff?
17:26:18 <sanja> yes
17:26:20 <jbrooks> Changing the site
17:26:24 <sanja> that'll be in the announcement i mentioned previously this meeting
17:27:05 <jbrooks> My #1 question is, why change from middleman in the first place, but the more work that goes into the new custom thing, the worse I feel about asking the question
17:27:29 <sanja> it'll be a beta for a week via new.projectatomic.io before any changing takes place
17:27:30 <sanja> so yes
17:27:31 <sanja> definitely
17:28:16 <sanja> after that week, if everything is alright, misc will make a redirect so new traffic that comes in via new is redirected to the root url - assuming everything works out
17:28:35 <ashcrow> sounds good
17:29:11 <ashcrow> #info tools container PR from action item
17:29:23 <ashcrow> #link https://src.fedoraproject.org/container/tools/pull-request/2
17:29:24 <lorbus> ashcrow++
17:29:29 <lorbus> one last try^^
17:29:32 <ashcrow> haha
17:29:43 <lorbus> don't I have any more cookies to give? :(
17:29:54 <sanja> don't feel bad about asking questions, of course - because josh told me we wanna go away from middleman and because the process right now is cumbersome for me to introduce new docs - it's just not a structure i work well with but the bulk of the work is on me. and middleman isn't maintained anymore.
17:30:24 <sanja> also my riot is slow so if i miss anything...i gotta reload
17:30:35 <sanja> and some people send me docs in doc format
17:30:45 <ashcrow> I think a few folks are having issues with riot atm :-/
17:30:50 <sanja> so i gotta make an md out of them anyway
17:30:57 <ashcrow> No other open floor items from me.
17:31:08 <rubao|laptop> question: is the old content from the old pa.io also migrated to the new atomic website?( sorry if I missed convo earlier)
17:31:12 <sanja> and i'd rather go html directly and have more freedom - plus this way enables new contributors easier
17:31:13 <jbrooks> I was thinking a switch to something like jekyll or hugo
17:31:17 <sanja> as proven
17:31:52 * rubao|laptop s/convo/conversation
17:31:54 <jbrooks> And personally, the idea of sending PRs in html, and writing in html w/o knowing how it'll be converted or how it'll look, seems... bad
17:32:01 <miabbott> ok folks we are at time
17:32:04 <miabbott> ok to wrap it up?
17:32:04 <jbrooks> OK
17:32:16 <sanja> jbrooks wanna discuss more via DM or #atomic?
17:32:16 <sanja> and yes for wrapping it up
17:32:17 <jbrooks> Anyway, I'll comment once the commenting time happens
17:32:17 <sanja> lorbus thanks for commenting
17:32:20 <sanja> about the marketing stuff :D you're very right
17:32:21 <ashcrow> rubao|laptop: some of it will be, some is out of date
17:32:23 <sanja> yes rubao, all is migrated already
17:32:23 <miabbott> everyone can bother sanja about the new web site in #atomic
17:32:25 <miabbott> time to end this one
17:32:25 <sanja> http://new.projectatomic.io/
17:32:26 <jbrooks> ok
17:32:29 <ashcrow> miabbott: haha +1
17:32:31 <lorbus> sanja =)
17:32:36 <miabbott> #endmeeting