16:30:04 <miabbott> #startmeeting fedora_atomic_wg
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16:30:15 <miabbott> #topic roll call
16:30:18 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
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16:30:23 <dustymabe> .hello2
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16:30:41 <kushal> .hellomynameis kushal
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16:31:14 <miabbott> #chair sayan dustymabe kushal
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16:31:21 <ksinny> .hello sinnykumari
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16:31:49 <walters> .hello walters
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16:32:01 <miabbott> #chair ksinny walters
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16:32:05 <miabbott> .hello miabbott
16:32:10 <zodbot> miabbott: miabbott 'Micah Abbott' <miabbott@redhat.com>
16:34:23 <miabbott> pretty quiet around here...
16:34:25 <walters> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issues?status=Open&tags=meeting
16:34:41 <dustymabe> were we waiting on something?
16:34:51 <dustymabe> previous meeting action items
16:34:52 <miabbott> just giving some time for people to arrive
16:34:56 <dustymabe> +1
16:35:00 <miabbott> #topic previous meeting action items
16:35:10 <miabbott> cverna to open additional tickets for implementing container release changes
16:35:18 <miabbott> dustymabe to coordinate with x3mboy about talking points for f28 final
16:35:22 <miabbott> sanja1 ksinny to make sure we community f28 test day to pa.io and fedora communities
16:35:34 <jlebon> .hello jlebon
16:35:36 <zodbot> jlebon: jlebon 'None' <jonathan@jlebon.com>
16:35:39 <dustymabe> welcome jlebon :)
16:35:42 <miabbott> #chair jlebon
16:35:42 <zodbot> Current chairs: dustymabe jlebon ksinny kushal miabbott sayan walters
16:35:48 <jlebon> hi! :)
16:36:02 <miabbott> cverna: you around to comment on your action item above?
16:36:12 <dustymabe> so I talked with x3mboy and we'll re-use that same ticket for f28 final talking points
16:37:05 <miabbott> #info will reuse existing ticket (445) for f28 final talking points
16:37:09 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/445
16:37:37 <dustymabe> I think sanja_ and ksinny got blog posts out to announce the test day
16:37:41 <miabbott> agreed
16:37:49 <dustymabe> nice work ksinny!!
16:37:59 <dustymabe> thanks to everyone who reviewed
16:38:08 <ksinny> #info Blogpost has been published to both pa.io and Fedora Magazine https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/449#comment-505351
16:38:32 <miabbott> #action cverna to open additional tickets for implementing container release changes
16:38:50 <miabbott> onward to the 'meeting' tag
16:39:01 <dustymabe> so since we have fewer people here today should we abbreviate the meeting a bit?
16:39:09 <dustymabe> I have a proposal
16:39:19 <miabbott> should we skip the 'meeting' tag items?
16:40:05 <dustymabe> is there any 'meeting' tag item that someone really wants to discuss?
16:40:25 * sanja_ shakes head.
16:40:36 <dustymabe> actually it looks like two new things were added
16:40:46 <dustymabe> miabbott: yes please carry on with meeting items
16:40:47 <miabbott> i tagged those ahead of the meeting
16:40:50 <dustymabe> i'm sorry
16:40:55 <dustymabe> let's go through them
16:41:07 <miabbott> we'll make it quick
16:41:19 <miabbott> #topic  coordinate Project Atomic-related talks for devconf.in (447)
16:41:22 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/447
16:41:41 <miabbott> this seems like an ongoing task until the CfP closes
16:42:05 <dustymabe> yes
16:42:14 <miabbott> moving on, then
16:42:30 <miabbott> #topic investigate coreos ignition for use in Fedora (450)
16:42:33 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/450
16:42:50 <dustymabe> miabbott: :) I removed the meeting tag after you loaded the page I think
16:42:56 <miabbott> sweet
16:42:58 <dustymabe> I have some updates but I'll put them in the ticket
16:43:03 <miabbott> dustymabe: do you want to be assigned to that ticket?
16:43:07 <dustymabe> miabbott: yes
16:43:13 <miabbott> cool
16:43:16 <walters> sounds good to me
16:43:17 <jbrooks> .fas jasonbrooks
16:43:17 <zodbot> jbrooks: jasonbrooks 'Jason Brooks' <jbrooks@redhat.com>
16:43:28 <miabbott> #chair jbrooks
16:43:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: dustymabe jbrooks jlebon ksinny kushal miabbott sayan walters
16:43:38 <miabbott> #topic F28 Atomic Beta and Openshift Origin 3.9 results in nodes NotReady (452)
16:43:41 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/452
16:44:03 <miabbott> this is a bug report affecting F28; prevents kube/openshift from being used on the host
16:44:14 <miabbott> jbrooks has a workaround for it
16:44:30 <dustymabe> miabbott++
16:44:33 <miabbott> and the BZ (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1558425) has been proposed as an FE
16:44:44 <dustymabe> we really need to get this fixed before next week so we can get it in to f28 final
16:44:53 <dustymabe> we've been talking with lsm5
16:45:35 <dustymabe> we can move on
16:45:42 <miabbott> okey dokey
16:45:45 <dustymabe> unless anyone has any other suggestions?
16:45:53 <dustymabe> i really wish the scratch build he gave us worked
16:45:56 <dustymabe> but :(
16:46:12 <miabbott> #topic Consider turning on automatic updates (453)
16:46:15 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/453
16:46:29 <miabbott> jlebon proposes enabling automatic updates by default
16:47:07 <miabbott> i'd say interested parties should weigh in on the ticket
16:47:18 <dustymabe> jlebon: hmm
16:47:31 <dustymabe> so are you proposing we enable auto updates via the code you already did on ostree
16:47:36 <misc> does autoupdate mean automated reboot ?
16:47:41 <misc> or just applying them ?
16:47:46 <dustymabe> or are you referring to the operator code work?>
16:47:49 <jlebon> right, in this context, it means full automation
16:47:51 <jbrooks> For now will it just automatically check?
16:47:54 <jlebon> i.e. including reboot
16:48:08 <jlebon> so there is still work that needs to be done on the rpm-ostree/ostree side
16:48:10 <misc> we need to make sure this doesn't leak to FAW :)
16:48:16 <dustymabe> i think if we're going to do that it *needs* to happen at a major fedora version boundary
16:48:22 <jlebon> misc: right of course :)
16:48:36 <jlebon> dustymabe: that's fair, i agree
16:48:39 <misc> (but I think applying should be safe)
16:48:53 <dustymabe> jlebon: there is still work left to do to in rpm-ostree/ostree ?
16:49:41 <misc> could we make it backported as opt-in, so people can test before ?
16:49:51 <dustymabe> misc: of course
16:50:03 <dustymabe> i think from what I'm hearing we make it a goal for f29
16:50:06 <jlebon> dustymabe: yes.  we want to leverage the staging work in libostree
16:50:23 <dustymabe> and that will give time for us to get the 'auto rollback on failure' work from GSOC in as well
16:50:24 <jlebon> that sounds reasonable
16:50:45 <dustymabe> so full auto update && auto rollback on failure for f29
16:50:47 <jbrooks> It'd be nice to have it opt-in asap
16:50:58 <dustymabe> jbrooks: yes. opt in will land as soon as it's stable
16:51:00 <misc> I wonder if automated update would have a impact for people using VM, and a 3g modem :/
16:51:02 <jbrooks> right
16:51:02 <miabbott> dustymabe or jlebon:  could you note the goal for f29 in the ticket?
16:51:16 <misc> (but that's likely very specific case)
16:51:20 <dustymabe> jlebon: would you please update the ticket :) and also mention auto rollback
16:51:27 <jlebon> sure
16:51:49 <miabbott> misc: it would still be configurable.  you can opt out completely from checking or applying
16:51:56 <dustymabe> yes
16:52:11 <miabbott> that's all the tickets
16:52:16 <miabbott> #topic open floor
16:52:29 <misc> miabbott: yeah, but I assume that people might be taken by surprise somehow :/
16:52:35 <dustymabe> so I have one thing I want to talk about
16:52:51 <dustymabe> https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/422
16:53:03 <dustymabe> podman in atomic host
16:53:10 <dustymabe> if we want that for f28 it needs to happen this week
16:53:23 <jbrooks> I'm +1
16:53:32 <sanja_> +1 as well
16:54:20 <sanja_> I also have one thing after we're done with this
16:54:27 <sayan> an updates from my side, a new release for autocloud & fedimg were pushed to prod last week.
16:54:58 <dustymabe> jbrooks: sanja_ - can you respond to https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/422#comment-505358
16:55:06 <dustymabe> sayan++
16:55:20 <dustymabe> also anyone else that has input please comment on the ticket
16:55:56 <miabbott> #info weigh in on including podman in f28 in ticekt 422
16:55:59 <miabbott> @link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/422
16:56:02 <miabbott> #link https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/422
16:56:15 <dustymabe> thanks miabbott - did just rpm-ostree install podman and it pulled in buildah
16:56:17 <dustymabe> :(
16:56:56 <ksinny> free buildah
16:57:13 <miabbott> lol
16:57:18 <jbrooks> does buildah being there hurt?
16:57:18 <sanja_> I don't see an issue with it pulling in buildah personally as it's cool - but not sure it's what we want? is it? I'm +1 still for including both podman and buildah
16:57:21 <bowlofeggs> dustymabe said he has to leave now and that ksinny has to leave too
16:57:38 <jbrooks> #vivaunderweardog
16:57:44 <sanja_> bowlofeggs is definitely one of my fav nicknames evah
16:58:04 <bowlofeggs> haha thanks :)
16:58:11 <dustymabe> does buildah being there hurt?? - i don't know but we had been against it in the past
16:58:28 <dustymabe> we'll discuss in the ticket
16:58:31 <dustymabe> I have to leave now
16:58:40 <dustymabe> also annoucnement.. fedora test day going on
16:58:54 <jberkus> IIRC, the opposition w as that originally it required +150MB of files
16:58:56 <dustymabe> sorry I haven't been able to be more involved - thanks to those who have been pulling all the weight
16:58:58 <jberkus> not anymore?
16:59:11 <dustymabe> jberkus: i'll try to look at how large each file is now
16:59:20 <sanja_> dustymabe and others who are attending devconf.us:
16:59:31 <sanja_> jberkus is preparing for the Summit as I'm not there - we need demos
16:59:35 * jlebon has to leave as well
16:59:37 * ksinny leaves
16:59:41 <dustymabe> bye all
17:00:00 <sanja_> if you want to present anything from project atomic including podman, buildah, atomic host, atomic workstation, skopeo etc, let me know and i'll include you in the email
17:00:36 <miabbott> present at summit?
17:00:41 <sanja_> demo at summit
17:00:44 <miabbott> right
17:01:02 <miabbott> #info contact sanja if you want to demo something related to project atomic at summit
17:01:11 <jberkus> basically, we unexpectedly have a pod
17:01:17 <jberkus> so now we want to use it for demos
17:01:22 <sanja_> yep, which is ideal
17:01:35 <sanja_> one cool thing if we could do it would be demo container linux and atomic host side by side
17:02:25 <miabbott> sanja_: would your budget cover getting folks into summit and tickets etc?
17:02:30 <walters> jberkus: we'll definitely need to add some containers to that pod
17:02:39 * miabbott groans
17:03:04 <jberkus> walters: so can I add you to the schedule then ;-)
17:03:32 <jberkus> sanja_: we should talk to Kelly Tenn/Benjamin about that.
17:03:42 <sanja_> about the budget or about containers/coreos?
17:03:53 <sanja_> well, i was about to send the email to them as well
17:03:54 <jberkus> about CL|AH
17:04:02 <sanja_> I think it'd be something people would welcome
17:04:09 <jberkus> sanja_: there's a CoreOS booth as well
17:04:11 <jberkus> er, pod
17:04:15 <jberkus> next to ours
17:04:16 <walters> i am not yet confirmed to go to summit
17:04:48 <sanja_> yeah but we don't have to be this is this and this is that
17:04:59 <sanja_> I'd like the pods to be somewhat inclusive and show we're in it together
17:05:22 <sanja_> it makes no sense if people have to go to both to get a glimpse when one person could demo the both, or two who can then be asked questions together
17:05:23 <sanja_> no?
17:05:29 <jberkus> right
17:05:32 <jberkus> hmmm
17:05:40 <jberkus> can I get any of the CoreOS tooling on FAW?
17:05:59 <sanja_> well, as long as it's an rpm or flatpak or you wanna build it from source, yes why not?
17:06:17 <sanja_> can someone who's admin here kick sanja
17:06:40 <jberkus> sanja_: you need ghost command
17:07:49 <miabbott> i'm going to assume enough has been said about summit + demos
17:07:54 <miabbott> anything else from anyone?
17:07:57 <sanja_> well actually that oculd work on web freenode and the maybe matrix works again
17:08:02 <sanja_> nothing from me
17:08:57 <miabbott> adios muchachos
17:09:00 <miabbott> #endmeeting