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Meeting summary

  1. Regional Hubs Feature Prioritization (mizmo, 19:34:13)
    1. AGREED: while budget tracking features are important to many, we decided it's out of scope for this regional hubs but we'll design with budget concerns in mind (eg providing fields in events to store budgetary data - allocation, actual cost, investment returns (measurable outcomes) etc) (mizmo, 19:35:35)
    2. AGREED: Making local resources (events, people, groups) visible, findable, and scalable is a primary goal for Regional hubs (mizmo, 19:36:23)
    3. ACTION: mock up a master list of regional hubs, filterable (mizmo, 19:37:37)
    4. ACTION: mockup a master list of regional hubs members, filterable (shillman) (mizmo, 19:37:53)
    5. ACTION: mock up a master list of regional hubs events, filterable (shillman) (mizmo, 19:38:10)
    6. AGREED: our goal is that regional hubs provides a canonical list of local resources - events and people (mizmo, 19:38:20)
    7. Note #2: "It would be useful for us to tie Hubs into social media so that people can access the types of social media that is popular in their countries if they want to do so (not everyone uses IRC natively). Eg Twitter, facebook, telegram, Eventbrite, instagram" (mizmo, 19:39:57)
    8. IDEA: we'd like to provide a better replacement interface for what http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events does (mizmo, 19:45:57)
    9. ACTION: compile a list of regions and their social media prefs (mizmo, 19:49:39)
    10. note #3: "Many ambassadors are local resources for their local Fedora community. It may be useful to make as many of those resources easily available without having to go through an overworked ambassador." (mizmo, 19:56:42)
    11. IDEA: a FAQ per each regional hub, where the local ambassadors can list the questions/answers they get asked over and over to point to (would it save them time / burnout?) (mizmo, 19:58:17)
    12. IDEA: each regional hub could have a library widget with commonly asked-for resources (forms, design assets, etc) (mizmo, 19:59:01)
    13. IDEA: a widget that points to release-specific assets of interest to regional folks (release party posters, media art, etc) (mizmo, 20:00:29)
    14. IDEA: event widget that creates an event on fedocal and also gets added to the master events list to enable regional people to create local events (mizmo, 20:02:07)
    15. IDEA: volunteer recruitment / sign up / tracking built into local events (mizmo, 20:04:11)
    16. IDEA: work with commops to develop general best practices / training for regional ambassadors, and enable local organizers to fork their own version of those guidelines with local details (?) (mizmo, 20:05:48)
    17. IDEA: some kind of way to store a list of local external resources: local vendors + venues (mizmo, 20:07:33)
    18. note #4: It is difficult to find Fedora members who are in a specific location, especially if they are not ambassadors. (mizmo, 20:11:06)
    19. AGREED: finding fedora members in a specific location is covered by the master filterable list of regional hubs members (mizmo, 20:12:53)
    20. IDEA: cobweb people who haven't been active in fedora (mizmo, 20:14:27)
    21. AGREED: part of findability of people is also suggesting to them to join local regional hubs, and suggesting to the local regional hubs to invite them (mizmo, 20:15:10)
    22. AGREED: ensure that the people you find are actually active by cobwebbing inactive people / moving to bottom of lists / etc (mizmo, 20:15:35)
    23. note #5: It is not easy to identify events by proximity to one’s self in time or space. This makes attendance, and prioritization, difficult. (mizmo, 20:16:16)
    24. IDEA: for events, let users indicate yes / no / maybe if they plan to go or not (mizmo, 20:17:42)
    25. IDEA: allow people to sign up as volunteers or organizers for events (mizmo, 20:18:04)
    26. AGREED: global events like flock will show up for everybody by defualt (mizmo, 20:20:46)
    27. AGREED: region wide events like a fudcon apac would show up for everybody in that region (mizmo, 20:21:01)
    28. AGREED: when filters are applied to list, needs to be super obvious filters are at play (mizmo, 20:27:54)
    29. IDEA: map-based display of events + calendar-based display of events to showlocation vs time (mizmo, 20:28:10)
    30. AGREED: we should store event generated materials post event - blogs, photos, social media posts (mizmo, 20:34:57)
    31. AGREED: when event is created official hash tag should be set o we can grab materials from it later (mizmo, 20:35:21)
    32. IDEA: suggest to contrbutors events coming up they could go to nearby, events friends are going to (mizmo, 20:35:56)
    33. AGREED: suggest events to people in notifications only if no RSVP on record (mizmo, 20:37:46)
    34. AGREED: notify hubs if a number of members are going to be colocated at an event together (mizmo, 20:40:34)
    35. AGREED: notify friends who aren't located near each other normally (based on FAS location) when they will be colocated at an upcoming event (make sure doesn't spam during flock) (mizmo, 20:42:30)
    36. IDEA: provide tooling to create impromptu meetup at event where team mates are colocated (mizmo, 20:44:09)
    37. https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/MLKkhtsftBzPeXJMqvefdDKq - mizmo_2017-01-04_20:46:54.txt (mizmo, 20:47:02)
    38. IDEA: need a 'fedora-specific" data field for events. some events are linux wide or open wide, some are fedora only (mizmo, 20:47:25)
    39. note #6 It is difficult to learn (shillman, 20:47:58)
    40. note #6 It is difficult to learn about local meetups, whether or not they are Fedora-specific, and identify if they are active. This can make Fedora outreach (hackfest/workshop, table/booth, speaking/presenting) difficult to do. (mizmo, 20:48:54)
    41. AGREED: we show notifications about local meetups to everyone (regional hubs members or not) based on their location data in their main feed by default. they can opt out using notifcation contextual filters (mizmo, 20:51:24)
    42. AGREED: have data field for fedora-specificness for events (fedora specific event vs general technology event fedora is attending) (mizmo, 20:52:22)
    43. IDEA: need to differentiatebetween meetups (regular recurring events, eg monthly) vs events (happen on an annual basis or are one shot deals) (mizmo, 20:53:54)
    44. AGREED: need series of notifications around event management - for cancellations, for organizers, etc (mizmo, 20:57:37)
    45. IDEA: provide a way for guest speakers toevents can be contacted in event details (mizmo, 21:07:44)

Meeting ended at 21:15:13 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. mock up a master list of regional hubs, filterable
  2. mockup a master list of regional hubs members, filterable (shillman)
  3. mock up a master list of regional hubs events, filterable (shillman)
  4. compile a list of regions and their social media prefs

Action items, by person

  1. shillman
    1. mockup a master list of regional hubs members, filterable (shillman)
    2. mock up a master list of regional hubs events, filterable (shillman)
    1. mock up a master list of regional hubs, filterable
    2. compile a list of regions and their social media prefs

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