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15:07:04 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
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15:08:41 <sayan> so I talked with rtnpro regarding the issues and the hover issue too
15:09:28 <sayan> and if we could move the away from iframe and directly render in the widget
15:09:52 <sayan> and he told that's possible. So I'm thinking that's the best way to go forward
15:10:09 <sayan> now this simplies a few things
15:10:25 <sayan> waartaa removes as the dependency for us
15:10:42 <sayan> so our widget would act as the client
15:11:00 <jcline> And talks directly to ircb?
15:11:01 <sayan> by client I mean IRC client
15:11:10 <sayan> and talk with ircb
15:11:12 <sayan> jcline: yes
15:12:14 <shillman> That does sound less complicated. Is the work involved in making a client on Hubs especially complicated?
15:12:15 <sayan> now, the things that we need to see how we can make things realtime through the widget
15:12:58 <sayan> shillman: it's fairly less complicated
15:13:58 <shillman> Cool
15:14:26 <sayan> jcline: I did not draw a architecture diagram as the problem now is reduced and we don't have waartaa in between
15:14:28 <sayan> is that okay?
15:14:39 <jcline> Yeah
15:16:54 <sayan> jcline: I guess the earlier decision to use waartaa was that they can use the website independently
15:17:43 <jcline> Yeah... So how does Waartaa do this realtime? WebSockets or something?
15:18:20 <jcline> (I don't know much about the browser world, 99% of my HTTP work has stopped at REST interfaces, so I'm making wild guesses here)
15:18:36 <sayan> jcline: yeah websockets
15:18:49 <sayan> and we do this for hubs also
15:19:08 <sayan> and we would try to setup if people can connect to the ircb through other clients
15:19:32 <sayan> and it's just another bouncer so that should be easy and possible
15:19:48 <jcline> Okay
15:21:51 <jcline> Can waartaa be (re)factored in such a way that we could use the javascripty bits in our own web framework?
15:22:27 <sayan> jcline: though
15:22:33 <sayan> s/though/tough
15:23:04 <jcline> Hmm okay. It just seems we'll need to do a lot of the same things it's supposed to do
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15:24:58 <sayan> jcline: yeah right
15:25:11 <sayan> but then there would be less work in hubs
15:26:15 <sayan> as the templates are simple to implement that the only stuff we implement, there would be bunch of backend code replicated
15:26:28 <sayan> but can't do anything I guess
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15:27:35 * jcline thinks
15:28:48 <sayan> another thing to consider is that waartaa is Python3.5
15:30:55 <jcline> Hubs doesn't say in its setup.py what it is. Is it Python 2.7 only?
15:31:27 <sayan> jcline: yes
15:31:41 <jcline> :(
15:33:15 <jcline> Okay, well I want to poke around waartaa and see what it's doing just so I understand things better. I might do that tomorrow
15:33:17 <sayan> Right now the major thing is communicating from ircb to hubs
15:33:32 <sayan> jcline: sure
15:33:51 <sayan> jcline: waartaa is at a very initial state
15:34:08 <sayan> we did built it on top of MeteorJS but then had to switch
15:34:50 <jcline> sayan, I think you mentioned yesterday that you were going to start writing up those tasks we identified yesterday in an etherpad or something, right?
15:35:43 <sayan> jcline: no, I wanted to say that I will write a writeup about ircb and connection with hubs
15:36:21 <sayan> as yes, about the tasks and how to approach it
15:36:31 <jcline> Oh okay, cool. How about I start writing up those tasks as issues in hubs?
15:37:00 <sayan> jcline: yes, etherpad would just be a place we all collaborate if we are missing something
15:37:15 <sayan> and when done we copy it to hubs IRC widget issue
15:37:18 <sayan> jcline: https://archive.fosdem.org/2016/schedule/event/irc_bouncer/
15:37:37 <sayan> jcline: https://github.com/waartaa/ircb/wiki/Design-docs
15:37:44 <sayan> jcline: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5og81c20ojtoi7/irc%20-%20IRC%20Bouncer.pdf?dl=0
15:38:05 <jcline> Okay
15:40:38 <jcline> How about I do that then before the Tuesday meeting?
15:41:00 <sayan> jcline: we will have meeting tomorrow?
15:41:04 <sayan> shillman: ^^
15:41:54 <sayan> I'll share that over the list before the Tuesday meeting if there is no meeting tomorrow
15:41:56 <jcline> I think I need to time think and document. I also need to finish releasing and packaging the fmn stuff this week
15:42:36 <sayan> Okay
15:43:36 <sayan> Anything else to discuss or else we can go over and end the meeting?
15:43:53 <jcline> I haven't got anything
15:44:26 <sayan> going over and ending the meeting then
15:44:29 <sayan> #endmeeting