19:03:52 <mizmo> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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19:04:25 <mizmo> #topic mockup feedback
19:04:30 <shillman> Can I have meeting privileges?
19:04:39 <shillman> Oh, that's not what I was thinking. :L)
19:04:43 <shillman> But sure!
19:04:44 <mizmo> so i did a mad dash last week trying to go thru all your mockups in the repo to get you feedback on them - is that a useful format?
19:04:48 <mizmo> #chair shillman
19:04:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: mizmo shillman
19:04:48 <mizmo> yes i always forget
19:04:49 <mizmo> lol
19:05:26 <shillman> Sure! THat works fine. It does make the events one a bit... daunting, simply beacuse it's a bunch of different mockups all at once.
19:05:49 <shillman> (I thought we were talking about my info about social media things, but this also works)
19:06:42 <mizmo> oh we can talk about that too just wanted to make sure the feedback format i was using was useful
19:06:49 <shillman> Ah!
19:07:05 <shillman> Yeah, it's fine. I think it'd be better if you can make a smaller set of mockups at once, if there are many.
19:07:41 <shillman> Oh, and I wanted to ask: when should I be getting feedback from our interviewees about mockups? After I finish getting thoughts from you?
19:08:03 <mizmo> where there were multiple mockup files i stuck them all in one (dont know if you saw that)
19:08:14 <mizmo> shillman: follow ups with interviewees are a good idea
19:08:15 <shillman> (prototype usability testing)
19:08:22 <shillman> I did see that. That's why it was overwhelming. :)
19:09:52 <mizmo> oh, im confused, i thought a smaller set was more useful? what do you mean by smaller set then?
19:10:27 <shillman> The event mockup feedback seems to be all event mockups being reviewed in one large file.
19:11:28 <mizmo> i did it based on the ticket so if the ticket's scope was large the feedback was large
19:12:20 <shillman> I think it'd be easier if you  didn't eview all of the mockups in a ticket at once? Or maybe I should be breaking it down into smaller pieces/tickets?
19:12:37 <mizmo> how could i make it better?
19:12:44 <mizmo> how should i be reviewing them then?
19:12:53 <mizmo> they interact with each other
19:12:56 <mizmo> its a bit hard to review each mockup in isolation
19:13:54 <mizmo> i could do them as separate files? but then you could just as easily crop the large files?
19:13:55 <shillman> True. Maybe the way that I listed them into two comments? I'm not sure. I mean, I _can_ use what you gave, it's just overwhelming. :)
19:14:03 <shillman> True, I coudl crop them.
19:14:09 <mizmo> i guess - i dont understand how the size of the file is overwhelming? is ithard to pan or something?
19:14:28 <mizmo> i can do 1:1 with the mockups for the remaining ones
19:14:46 <shillman> Yes; it's hard to see all of what's in it while also being able to read your comments.
19:14:59 <mizmo> oh, i think i get it, if you open them from the ticket depending on your browser it's more or less readable
19:15:03 <shillman> *shrug*
19:15:06 <shillman> Yes.
19:15:08 <mizmo> but i was thinking, i them them in the sparkleshare repo too
19:15:26 <mizmo> youd probably have an easier time reading them from the sparkleshare repo because you can open with an image editor which is way easier to pan/zoom/read in
19:15:46 <mizmo> but from here on out i'll do them as atomic mockups rather than a large one
19:15:54 <shillman> Hmm! I don't think I noticed that they were in sparkleshare. Will try that.
19:16:08 <mizmo> yeh for some reason i was assuming you were reading them from there lol
19:16:12 <shillman> :)
19:16:32 <shillman> Confusing things are confusing! ;)
19:16:39 <mizmo> lol
19:16:45 <mizmo> ok so lets talk social media
19:16:57 <mizmo> #agreed mizmo will make mockup feedbacks smaller (one feedback per mockup)
19:17:09 <mizmo> #info mockup feedback is also in sparkleshare repo
19:17:09 <mizmo> #topic social media
19:17:12 <shillman> OK. So, I sent you what I have, both my initial iea of what was relevant and the feedback I got from people.
19:17:24 <mizmo> so this social media spreadsheet looks awesome
19:18:23 <shillman> I'm having a bit of trouble knowing what to add from teh info I was given;  are we more worried about individual use patterns or official use patterns?
19:18:44 <shillman> I mean, twitter is a clear winner: we need integration for it.
19:19:53 <shillman> But some places have social media specific to them (china, possibly czech...)
19:20:54 <mizmo> i think if people use something we should try to support it, probably need to show a minimum level of usage for each we support tho and prioritize based on how large the user base is
19:21:05 <mizmo> maybe a fedora-wide survey would be a good idea, using what you learned from the interviewees to populate the survey
19:21:29 <shillman> Mmm! Yes, I like that idea. How do we propogate such a survey?
19:22:03 <mizmo> community blog, mailing lists i think
19:22:21 <shillman> A
19:22:39 <shillman> Ok. I can make that with the same thing I used for the previous survey; have you look at it before sent out?
19:23:00 <mizmo> sure sounds good
19:23:04 <mizmo> what does the message sent column mean?
19:23:07 <shillman> Maybe the same idea with a photo storage location?
19:23:17 <mizmo> yeh, you could combine them into one survey
19:23:19 <shillman> That was me sending messages to interviewees to ask followup questions. :)
19:23:27 <mizmo> ah ok
19:23:56 <mizmo> id put some things out into the photo storage survey, flickr, smugmug, imgur, facebook, twitter, g+, [ add your own ]
19:23:58 <shillman> #agreed shillman will make surveys for social media and photo storage locations
19:24:18 <shillman> Smugmug!@! That's a great name
19:24:20 <mizmo> oh dropbox and google drive too
19:24:28 <shillman> Yes
19:25:22 <shillman> So... prototype testing...
19:25:43 <mizmo> #topic prototype testing
19:26:24 <mizmo> so i dont know if i'd rely on screen sharing for this, i think i'd send them the link to a given mockup and ask for comments
19:26:43 <mizmo> maybe do in IRC with meetbot so you have a log
19:26:44 <shillman> I suspect that I want to fix things you mentioned in reviews. And that we may want to treat them as paper prototypes.
19:27:05 <shillman> Ah! I was thinking that I'd want to figure out tasks for them to try to do, but maybe not?
19:27:09 <mizmo> how would you treat them differently as paper prototypes?
19:27:13 <mizmo> oh
19:27:31 <mizmo> yeh definitely have tasks in mind, that'll guide the feedback
19:27:41 <mizmo> you know, hey if you wanted to join this meetup what would you do
19:27:41 <shillman> I think that asking for comments may not be especiaally useful without also giving them tasks to try to complete.
19:27:44 <shillman> Ok, then yeah.
19:27:58 <mizmo> it'd be useful to have a list of tasks written out before running it
19:27:59 <shillman> And yeah, I'm fine with IRC-based testing.
19:28:11 <mizmo> and you could note the task in the meetbot log with #topic
19:28:16 <mizmo> to make it easier to read the notes later
19:28:21 <shillman> Yeah, I figured I'd take a look at what I have mocked up and come up with a list of tasks, then check with you on what you think.
19:28:24 <shillman> *nnodnod*
19:29:25 <shillman> Have you any thoughts on how much to try to have asomeone do?
19:29:50 <shillman> I have no goog sense of how long prototype testing should take. Maybe up to 4 tasks, but more in the wings if somehow they are ready for moew? ANd an hour-ish?
19:30:06 <shillman> ... weird typos!
19:30:46 <mizmo> an hourish is pretty good, and yeh 4-5 tasks is typical depending on how meaty they are but i'd have 10 prepped to go
19:31:07 <shillman> k, cool.
19:31:28 <shillman> I'll work on the events mockups, and start coming up with tasks while I do that. I'll also work on the survey.
19:31:36 <mizmo> okay cool
19:31:45 <mizmo> #action shillman to update events mockups
19:31:52 <mizmo> #action shillman to come up with prototype testing tasks
19:31:54 <mizmo> #action shillman to work on survey
19:31:59 <mizmo> #action mizmo to finish reviewing mockups
19:32:03 <mizmo> anything else?
19:32:10 <shillman> I don't... think so?
19:32:19 <shillman> I was just trying to remember the hashtag for that, so thanks. :)
19:32:30 <mizmo> lol
19:32:32 <mizmo> cool
19:32:37 <mizmo> i'll end meeting os you have the notes!
19:32:40 <mizmo> #endmeeting