15:00:54 <mizmo> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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15:01:14 <mythcat_> hi
15:01:14 <mizmo> #chair stickster sayan pingou abompard_ wispfox
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15:01:28 <abompard> .hello abompard
15:01:30 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
15:01:31 <shillman> .hello wispfox
15:01:32 <zodbot> shillman: wispfox 'Suzanne Hillman' <wispfox@gmail.com>
15:01:43 <mizmo> .hello duffy
15:01:44 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
15:02:07 <mythcat_> .hello mythcat
15:02:08 <zodbot> mythcat_: mythcat 'Cătălin George Feștilă' <catalinfest@gmail.com>
15:02:35 <mizmo> devyani7_, chhavi_, a2batic, vivek__, we're doing the weekly hubs meeting now if you've got time
15:02:35 * mizmo grabs last week's minutes to see what we need to follow up on
15:03:16 <chhavi_[m]> .hello chhavi_
15:03:17 <zodbot> chhavi_[m]: Sorry, but you don't exist
15:03:27 <mizmo> x3mboy: we're doing the weekly hubs meeting now if you are around
15:03:50 <mizmo> note x3mboy sent an intro to the mailing list because he'd like to help; he volunteered to do a prototype test with shillman (https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/UYZG7NYFIDCNK7QZSGROB7KDGGHPA2W7/)
15:04:14 <mizmo> here's last week's meeting summary:
15:04:20 <mizmo> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/ZRZRPZBZOIHBNEJ4UILKU6DWN3RWH464/
15:04:32 <mizmo> so waht i'm going to do first is a #topic for followups from last meeting
15:04:34 <mizmo> #topic followups from last meeting
15:05:06 <mizmo> first, for me, i've been bad, so i'm going to action the things i didn't yet do :(
15:05:18 <mizmo> #action mizmo to mock up config UI for halp widget
15:05:29 <mizmo> #action mizmo to mock up config UI for setting hub IRC channel
15:05:30 <mizmo> #action mizmo to start working on updating / iterating irc chat / user list widget mockups
15:05:34 * mizmo very bad!
15:05:37 <mizmo> lol
15:05:44 <chhavi_> .hello chhavi_
15:05:45 <zodbot> chhavi_: Sorry, but you don't exist
15:05:56 <shillman> I doubt you have an underscore in FAS. :)
15:05:57 <chhavi_> lol why don't I exist
15:06:00 <mizmo> shillman: i hvae here " shillman to complete two more prototype tests for regional hubs + document"
15:06:10 <mizmo> shillman: and i think you were able to do that right?
15:06:27 <mizmo> .hello chhavi
15:06:28 <zodbot> mizmo: chhavi 'chhavi shrivastava' <chhavi.justme@gmail.com>
15:06:32 <shillman> I did more prototype tests. I've started the transscriptions, finally, but have been sick.
15:06:33 <mizmo> there you go :)
15:06:36 <shillman> So sort of?
15:06:46 <mizmo> awesome
15:06:54 <chhavi_> aah thanks :)
15:07:16 <stickster> .hello pfrields
15:07:16 <zodbot> stickster: pfrields 'Paul W. Frields' <stickster@gmail.com>
15:07:20 * stickster lurks late
15:07:41 <mizmo> so your action from that i guess would be to finish up the transcriptions and then we should do a get together to do analysis (maybe using that post it tool again? or theres another one mleonova_ found, called milanote
15:07:51 <shillman> Yeah. I
15:08:16 <shillman> 'm planning to finish transcriptions. Finally recovering from that darned cold (flu?) that I had.
15:08:25 <shillman> And yeah, analysis would be good!
15:08:31 <mizmo> #action shillman to finish transcriptions from prototype tests
15:08:49 <mizmo> #action shillmand and mizmo to get together to do prototype test analysis
15:08:53 <mizmo> jcline: eek i forgot to ping you around?
15:08:57 <mizmo> #chair jcline
15:08:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard_ jcline mizmo pingou sayan stickster wispfox
15:09:00 <mizmo> for jcline i have "jcline catch up on irc design and make sure we can communicate with the irc network
15:09:01 <mizmo> during the registration wizard"
15:09:21 <stickster> nobody puts jcline in a corner :-D
15:10:21 * mizmo has an irc client that crops the user list behind a lazy load so i miss people a lot :(
15:10:45 <mizmo> abompard: for you i have "abompard to investigate custom template for config UI; autocomplete and 'shopping
15:10:46 <mizmo> list' for hubs"
15:10:50 <mizmo> and that is all the actions we had from last meeting
15:11:16 <abompard> mizmo: yep
15:12:08 <jcline> Ahh
15:12:18 <jcline> .hello jcline
15:12:19 <zodbot> jcline: jcline 'Jeremy Cline' <jeremy@jcline.org>
15:12:21 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on pull-request#324 of project "fedora-hubs" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/324#comment-19358
15:12:22 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.closed -- abompard merged pull-request#324 of project "fedora-hubs" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/324
15:13:38 <jcline> So I did read that meeting log, but I did not make it further than that :\
15:15:52 <mizmo> jcline: totally fine, want me to #action you on that again for next week?
15:16:42 <jcline> I suppose so, yes
15:16:47 <shillman> Heh.
15:16:54 <shillman> Thrilled sounding, you are. ;)
15:17:17 <mizmo> #action jcline catch up on irc design and make sure we can communicate with the irc network during the registration wizard
15:17:41 <mizmo> abompard: did you have a chance to look at custom templating for the config UI
15:18:07 <abompard> mizmo: yeah!
15:18:15 <mizmo> \o/
15:18:20 <mizmo> does it look doable?
15:18:21 <abompard> it was depending on a PR that got merged minutes ago
15:18:27 <abompard> but I think I can do it
15:18:36 <abompard> I have code that /should/ work
15:18:51 <abompard> now I'll write a custom config page for the halp widget to test it out
15:19:06 <mizmo> ok awesome! and i will work on the mockups for that today
15:19:09 <abompard> and for that, it'd be useful to have a mockup
15:19:13 <abompard> yeah :)
15:19:26 <abompard> I can to it without the mockup to prove it's working
15:19:39 <mizmo> #action abompard to work on custom config page for halp widget (dependant on mizmo mockup)
15:19:41 <abompard> but if I had the mockup, that proof could prove useful in itself
15:20:35 <mizmo> abompard: ill work on getting it done today so you should have it by tomorrow
15:20:40 <abompard> mizmo: that's perfect
15:20:46 <abompard> thanks
15:20:46 <mizmo> so you can just start from the mockup
15:20:52 <abompard> exactly
15:20:54 <mizmo> that is all the action items i had from the last meeting
15:21:12 <mizmo> chhavi_: did i send you follow up on the research you were doing for the hubs EDU outreach tickets?
15:21:18 <mizmo> chhavi_: i did read through it last week and was very impressed
15:22:06 <mizmo> #topic general discussion
15:22:13 <mizmo> i think the main thing we've been working on / talking about lately is the IRC feature
15:22:21 <mizmo> we also have the halp feature for comm ops
15:22:44 <mizmo> iirc the teams we're working to support for our initial release are comm ops and design
15:22:59 <mizmo> for beyond that we have the regional hubs feature design which shillman has been doing a great job on,
15:23:02 <chhavi_> Thank you :) as discussed I was thinking of interviewing someone just starting out with fedora as an ambassador
15:23:12 <mizmo> and chhavi has been doing some research on supporting EDU outreach
15:23:45 <mizmo> i think ambassador support (using shillman's and chhavi's work) would be the natural next step beyond the design/commops focus we currently have
15:23:49 <mizmo> so that's just a little high level thinking
15:24:17 <mizmo> are we on the right path to getting IRC done? i finished a boatload of mockups for the IRC feature, and i am wondering if anybody had a chance to review them (or should we do that now?) for sanity, etc
15:25:08 <mizmo> i think the two blog posts i did cover almost everything so if you read those you dont need to go thru the tickets to grok what they're all about
15:27:01 <shillman> I commented on one of the posts, but nothing else came to mind when reading them
15:28:55 <mizmo> shillman: ah yep i saw that, thank you :)
15:29:06 <mizmo> beyond that im not sure what else we should discuss today :)
15:29:33 <mizmo> chhavi_: you know what to do to get the next interview scheduled, or do you need help finding someone?
15:30:52 <chhavi_> Will the person shillman recently interviewed be good for it?
15:31:17 <shillman> I can't recall how long he's been an ambassador.
15:31:33 <shillman> I've not yet transcribed his prototyping session, so can't check.
15:31:42 <shillman> But I think it's worth asking him!
15:31:59 <chhavi_> I was planning to add some of my own experiences of onboarding too to it.  Like how I am using mostly Facebook to connect to people for interviews
15:32:52 <shillman> chhavi_: x3mboy@fedoraproject.org
15:32:54 <shillman> FYI
15:33:00 <sayan> we are having holiday today, thus late
15:33:17 <chhavi_> Also. I was hoping to start updating tickets. How do I do that. Like i will add the progress i made on user interviews to the initial ticket mizmo alloted me. For comparative study,  do i make a new one?
15:33:42 <mizmo> sayan: you should go enjoy your holiday lol (but of course you're welcome to stick around if you want!)
15:33:59 <mizmo> chhavi_: i think you can put it all in the same ticket as the info is all related. you can attach the files to the ticket itself
15:34:40 <chhavi_> Okay and maybe write a blog giving a detailed thing? That works?
15:35:18 <sayan> I was preparing food at Kushal's place for a small feast
15:35:33 <sayan> btw, Last week we had PyCon Pune here
15:35:40 <sayan> Not much work
15:36:00 <sayan> But this week I started working on mockups for disabled state
15:36:21 <sayan> of the IRC widget
15:36:37 <mizmo> chhavi_: sounds like a plan!
15:36:45 <mizmo> sayan: awesome
15:36:48 <mizmo> sayan: how did pycon go? i saw a lot of pictures
15:36:55 <sayan> Also, I plan to up the hubs-devel.fic
15:37:27 <sayan> mizmo: pycon was awesome.
15:37:51 <mizmo> sayan: do you want me to #action anything for you for next week in the minutes here
15:38:12 <sayan> Another good thing is rtnpro is in Pune for gophercon this week. So working together to have the intial widget done
15:38:36 <sayan> #action sayan to work to fix hubs-dev.fic
15:40:01 <sayan> Before pycon, the turned off the server because the box was out of memory
15:40:08 <sayan> blame redis
15:40:15 <jcline> sayan, how are the ircb docs coming along? http://ircb.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ is not showing much at the moment.
15:40:15 <sayan> s/the/I
15:40:35 <sayan> jcline: http://ircb.readthedocs.io/en/api_fixes/
15:41:17 <sayan> jcline: can you work on setting up alembic for the project?
15:41:18 <jcline> sayan, ah. Is that the only endpoint ircb provides at the moment, or the only one documented?
15:41:27 <stickster> ha, was about to ask the same
15:41:30 <sayan> jcline: no
15:41:50 <sayan> jcline: I haven't pushed yet
15:42:16 <jcline> Okay
15:42:35 <sayan> jcline: I am primarily waiting for fhackdroid to setup the Vagrant. don't want to break the current setup.
15:42:36 <sayan> :)
15:42:41 <mizmo> #chair sayan
15:42:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard_ jcline mizmo pingou sayan stickster wispfox
15:42:57 <stickster> Vagrant for...?
15:43:01 <mizmo> #action sayan to work to fix hubs-dev.fic
15:43:17 <fhackdroid> .fas fhackdroid
15:43:18 <zodbot> fhackdroid: farhaan 'Farhaan Bukhsh' <farhaan.bukhsh@gmail.com>
15:43:30 <sayan> stickster: vagrant for ircb
15:43:47 <sayan> stickster: so that more people to start working
15:43:48 <stickster> Oh, just to make it easier to do a dev-environment setup. I get it, thanks
15:44:16 <sayan> stickster: I and Farhaan had a meeting on #waartaa to setup the project from scratch
15:45:05 <mizmo> sayan, jcline - should alembic setup be an #action?
15:45:08 <stickster> sayan: are you and rtnpro going to finish out API docs as well while together in Pune?  Or are you already done and just needing to push what you've completed?
15:45:36 <jcline> sayan, did you mean alembic for hubs or ircb? I assume hubs, but I just want to be clear
15:45:43 <sayan> jcline: alembic for hubs
15:46:00 <sayan> mizmo: yes, you can create an #action
15:46:29 <mizmo> #action jcline to set up alembic for hubs
15:46:41 <sayan> stickster: the work is continuous because we keep creating endpoints.
15:47:06 <sayan> stickster: but I will push the one I have done till date after fhackdroid sets up Vagrant
15:47:13 <stickster> OK, understood... recommend each commit for an endpoint include the docs :-)
15:47:28 <sayan> stickster: Ok will do that
15:50:01 <mizmo> #action sayan to push endpoint docs after fhackdroid sets up vagrant
15:50:22 <mizmo> #action fhackdroid to set up vagrant for ircb
15:50:45 <fhackdroid> Will do that by tonight  mizmo sayan
15:50:57 <mizmo> fhackdroid++
15:50:57 <zodbot> mizmo: Karma for farhaan changed to 1 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
15:51:09 <mizmo> anything else we should cover peeps?
15:51:44 <sayan> fhackdroid: yeah, #waartaa channel we will be coordinating
15:51:45 <shillman> Nothing comes to mind?
15:52:39 <sayan> mizmo: no
15:54:23 <mizmo> okay cool let's break a little early then?
15:54:33 <mizmo> speak now or forever hold your peace......
15:54:38 <mizmo> :)
15:54:45 <sayan> :)
15:55:18 <mizmo> #endmeeting