14:03:58 <sayan> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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14:04:04 <mizmo> sayan: isnt it in an hour
14:04:13 <jcline> sayan, I'm at the hackfest so I won't be able to make it
14:05:01 <sayan> mizmo: last meeting we discussed to follow the 1400 UTC time irrespective of the DST
14:05:18 <mizmo> ah ok. i have another meeting in this slot now :/
14:05:23 <mizmo> just for today tho
14:06:08 <mizmo> i also thought in an hour meant it was irrespective of DST.... if we followed DST it would be now
14:06:09 <mizmo> i thought...
14:06:28 <sayan> abompard: should we then continue, or start at the next hour?
14:06:38 <abompard> sayan: I don't mind doing it in an hour
14:07:03 <sayan> abompard: mizmo we start at the next hour i.e 1500 UTC
14:07:17 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: but from next week we follow the 1400 UTC
14:08:02 <sayan> I am going over and ending the meeting now
14:08:04 <sayan> #endmeeting