15:06:45 <sayan> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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15:06:52 <sayan> #topic Roll Call
15:06:56 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
15:06:58 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
15:07:22 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: meeting time
15:07:34 <mizmo> .hello duffy
15:07:35 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
15:08:35 <sayan> #chair mizmo
15:08:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: mizmo sayan
15:08:47 <sayan> #chair abompard
15:08:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard mizmo sayan
15:08:53 <sayan> #topic IRC Widget
15:09:04 <abompard> .hello abompard
15:09:13 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
15:10:14 <sayan> last week I was working on the IRC widget turn on/off feature
15:10:29 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/290
15:11:05 <sayan> here is the mockup for the widget https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/284
15:11:43 <mizmo> nice! any luck so far?
15:11:46 <sayan> The basic widget is complete
15:11:52 <mizmo> \o/
15:12:05 <sayan> the things that are left is the FAS avatars that I need to see from the list of users online
15:12:22 <sayan> and "Hide this notification"
15:12:44 <abompard> cool
15:12:50 <sayan> mizmo: can you explain what "Hide this notification" mean here -https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/raw/files/21560aaa4f66e397249bcfadb220822eb3b42867eabd32403933918eefb065b9-irc-empty-state.png
15:13:41 <mizmo> sayan: it would just shade the widget - e.g., if the user doesn't want to enable the irc widget, it lets them hide it
15:14:48 <sayan> mizmo: so the complete complete irc widget will be gone?
15:14:58 <mizmo> sayan: no it'll just be shaded
15:15:22 <mizmo> sayan: i think only an admin could remove it completely
15:15:34 <sayan> mizmo: kind of an overlay which would denote it's inactive state
15:15:44 <sayan> mizmo: yes, that's right, only admin can remove it
15:16:06 <mizmo> sayan: i think you could just show the title bar, and see the arrow pointing up? you could clikc on that to do the same thing, to shade / minimize it. when it's shaded, the arrow will point down (so they could re open it)
15:16:27 <sayan> ^^ that makes sense
15:17:14 <sayan> I'll just go an update the ticket
15:17:43 <mizmo> cool!
15:20:20 <sayan> Also, I started working on this ticket's backend: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/283#comment-71771
15:21:08 <mizmo> eek pagure is crawling
15:21:11 <sayan> did pagure went down?
15:21:12 * mizmo still waiting for it to laod
15:21:18 <mizmo> could be :-/
15:21:53 <sayan> Okay, so this ticket is the wizard step for choosing the nickname
15:22:18 <mizmo> ah ok
15:23:14 <mizmo> are you doing it thru matrix?
15:23:40 <sayan> mizmo: nope
15:24:07 <sayan> that's what I wanted to discuss, I could not find something to query the irc through the matrix sdk
15:24:23 <sayan> so I was wondering if I should do raw query to IRC
15:24:41 <sayan> mizmo: do you know the matrix folks, if we can contact them?
15:24:48 <mizmo> if you can do irc raw, that should be ok (and perhaps more reliable) to do the nickserv registration step
15:25:29 <sayan> mizmo: I am worried about the abuse, of check availability
15:25:35 <mizmo> they are in the Matrix HQ room on matrix (do you use it?) Matthew is in here this channel too
15:26:04 <sayan> no, i don't
15:26:32 <mizmo> what is the abuse concern?
15:27:01 <sayan> mizmo: if we are doing a raw query, the concern is if we are doing too many of them
15:27:13 <sayan> it could be possible that Freenode blocks us
15:27:35 <sayan> I really don't know, but I am just taking that as a worst-case scenario
15:27:47 <mizmo> i did talk to the freenode opers about it and showed them mockups
15:27:49 <mizmo> this was a few weeks ago
15:27:54 <mizmo> they didnt seem to think it'd be problematic
15:28:10 <mizmo> but it would be worth talking to them specifically about the abuse concern - i didnt bring that up to them
15:28:10 <sayan> I am totally +1 on doing raw query
15:28:28 <mizmo> i was more concerned about their 24 hour email verification thing
15:28:37 <sayan> ah ok
15:28:57 * Matthew[m] waves
15:29:27 <Matthew[m]> you can send raw commands through the matrix->freenode IRC bridge via the admin room
15:30:11 <Matthew[m]> e.g. https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/pull/133
15:30:37 <Matthew[m]> i'm not sure why freenode would object to that as abuse
15:30:50 <Matthew[m]> (we currently have 14K odd connections to freenode, so a few raw messages here and there should be not a big deal ;)
15:31:05 <Matthew[m]> plus all messages are obviously raw at some level :) what commands are you doing? a custom auth sequence?
15:31:31 <mizmo> Matthew: we're querying to see what nicks area available for registration - the front end is for walking users through the nick registration process
15:31:37 <sayan> Matthew[m]: right, no, we would just check if a irc nick name exists
15:32:00 <Matthew[m]> ah, okay - that should be fine
15:32:09 <sayan> Matthew[m]: can we send the raw commands through the matrix python sdk?
15:32:18 <Matthew[m]> although the raw interface the bridge provides currently doesn't have any way of receiving responses
15:32:21 <Matthew[m]> afaik
15:32:41 <Matthew[m]> you could use its !nick API to try to set your nick until you find one that works, though?
15:33:12 <Matthew[m]> as per https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-appservice-irc/blob/master/HOWTO.md#changing-nicks
15:33:22 <sayan> yeah, I can try that
15:33:28 <Matthew[m]> i'm not sure why you'd be doing that via python SDK though (and i'm just stepping into a meeting)
15:33:36 <Matthew[m]> can try to scrollback later though
15:33:39 <Matthew[m]> or come ask about it in #matrix-dev:matrix.org
15:33:43 <Matthew[m]> (or #matrix-dev on FN)
15:33:50 <Matthew[m]> where more folks will be able to help in my absence
15:34:26 <sayan> Matthew[m]: setting the context, we would be having this interface: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/raw/files/84a3001e2fb94a4be30c8520d56933924b09dd25c2501ccb08043cc1a631aeb8-irc-alt-nick-selection-1.png
15:35:26 <sayan> where the user can check for the availability of the nick, if it's available the user sets it their irc nick
15:38:33 <sayan> mizmo: I will then check out the possibilities and build
15:38:48 <mizmo> Ok cool
15:39:13 <mizmo> Thanks Matthew!
15:39:18 * sayan joins #matrix-dev channel
15:39:26 <sayan> thanks Matthew[m]
15:39:37 <sayan> That's the update from my side
15:40:04 <sayan> Another thing is hubs-dev.fic.org is moved to a persistent system
15:40:11 <sayan> I did the setup last week
15:41:16 <sayan> right now there is some config issues with oidc, so it's been throwing errors :)
15:41:18 <sayan> will fix them
15:41:32 <sayan> #topic Feed & Stream Widget
15:41:49 <sayan> abompard: can you update on the widget?
15:42:07 <abompard> sayan: yeah
15:42:33 <abompard> So, last week I got the auto-update working
15:42:35 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/346
15:42:49 <abompard> it required some changes in the backend files too of course
15:42:58 <abompard> And this morning I just finished the SSE server
15:43:37 <abompard> it's based on Twisted and sends to web browser the instruction to reload a widget when its content has changed because of a message recieved on the bus
15:43:42 <abompard> so I'm currently testing all that
15:44:00 <abompard> It seems to work :-)
15:44:21 <abompard> Then I'll add some unit tests, and rework the commits to make them understandable
15:44:22 <mizmo> woohoo!
15:44:51 <sayan> awesome :)
15:45:05 <abompard> I'd like to briefly discuss this issue: I think we're lacking manpower on the reviewing side
15:45:16 <sayan> abompard: rework the commits?
15:45:37 <abompard> sayan: yeah, split them and merge them so the reviewer has something clean to review
15:45:53 <sayan> abompard: yeah! I scheduled the PR to test this week
15:46:22 <abompard> Cool, thanks! The thing is, I have a pretty big pile of things to review next...
15:46:30 <sayan> I am not getting much time to do review
15:46:56 <abompard> sayan: I totally understand that, that's why I think we need some more people to do reviews
15:47:37 <abompard> this week it's Infrastructure hackfest on CI, so other folks won't be available either
15:48:18 <abompard> to give you an idea, my branch is currently 38 commits ahead of devel...
15:48:59 <abompard> I'll merge more commits than I'll split before pushing, but it probably won't go down much
15:49:14 <sayan> abompard: in that case, I guess we should ping other folks in #fedora-apps to help us with the review
15:49:28 <abompard> sayan: yeah, will do.
15:49:45 <abompard> I'll try to make the PR as readable as I can
15:50:00 <abompard> but it's about 3 weeks of work
15:50:07 <abompard> so it can't really be a one-liner :)
15:50:39 <sayan> abompard: your PRs are quite understandable, given the description you put in, along with the comments :)
15:50:48 <abompard> sayan: cool :)
15:51:20 <sayan> abompard: I will move on the open floor then to talk more one this
15:51:24 <sayan> #topic Open Floor
15:51:25 <abompard> that's one of the things I learned working on Mailman: if your PR aren't clear, you just won't be reviewed :)
15:51:48 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: we need to start planning for the Flock
15:51:58 <abompard> yes
15:51:59 <mizmo> yeh
15:52:17 <mizmo> flock's focus this year is more on working sessions
15:52:22 <mizmo> than presentations
15:52:25 <sayan> so, it would be good if we start maintaining the hubs-devel instance, update the ansible scripts for deployemnts
15:52:47 <sayan> so that it's easy to deploy, and quickly review and push PRs
15:53:38 <sayan> mizmo: yes, we need to start updating the documentation, so that it's easier to get started
15:54:04 <sayan> for people to build widgets quickly
15:54:26 <abompard> agreed
15:54:40 <abompard> we could prepare a "template" to create a widget
15:54:48 <sayan> abompard wrote the documentation for the Widget, WidgetParameters which is easy to understand
15:55:16 <sayan> abompard: yes, that's what I was going to say next, on writing a template for a widget
15:55:22 <abompard> :)
15:55:43 <abompard> it should be pretty simple since we have a lot of simple widgets to look at
15:56:06 <abompard> the good thing is also that it doesn't need to be in the hubs source anymore
15:56:22 <abompard> so people can make their own repos
15:57:46 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: so we will be doing one big workshop for Hubs?
15:57:59 <mizmo> workshop + hackfest?
15:58:12 <mizmo> maybe a workshop first then a hackfest following so ppl who attended the workshop can work on it?
15:58:53 <sayan> Okay, that's a good idea
15:59:11 <abompard> yeah
15:59:17 <sayan> I was planning on mostly a hackfest and helping during the hackfest itself
16:00:05 <sayan> In that case, should we start on a mailing list thread on what do we do during the hackfest?
16:00:20 <mizmo> yeh definitely
16:00:30 <abompard> it's a good thing if there's more than one person helping for the hackfest because people will have questions
16:00:31 <mizmo> workshop could be write your first widget or something like that
16:00:33 <sayan> or have another meeting to discuss?
16:00:35 <abompard> I'll be happy to help
16:00:36 <mizmo> during the hackfest we could have people pick up widgets
16:00:45 <mizmo> sort of how we do the badge artwork workshops
16:01:04 <abompard> let's start a ML thread
16:01:52 <sayan> mizmo: can you drop the mail to ML?
16:01:57 <mizmo> sure
16:02:18 <sayan> mizmo: abompard: btw, I will be away for PyCon US from next week
16:02:36 <abompard> sayan: OK. Say hello to the Mailman team for me please :)
16:02:43 <sayan> abompard: sure :)
16:02:45 <abompard> sayan: and to Kushal of course :)
16:03:03 <sayan> abompard: the Mailman team was here at PyCon Pune too :)
16:03:12 <abompard> that's right! :)
16:03:36 <mizmo> sweet enjoy sayan, where is it this year
16:03:37 <sayan> so somebody needs to chair for next two weeks
16:03:47 <sayan> Portland
16:04:03 <mizmo> i can chair
16:04:04 <abompard> ah, Portland )
16:04:05 <abompard> :)
16:04:18 <sayan> mizmo: hopefully I can attend next week, but seems like the meeting starts at 7:00 AM Portland time
16:04:30 <mizmo> we could keep it at this time, it'd be easier, if you want
16:04:44 <mizmo> would be 8 (still early in my opinion lol)
16:05:40 <abompard> This time works for me too
16:05:58 <sayan> mizmo: I would be doing a 45 hrs journey, and reaching Portland at post-midnight on Tuesday
16:06:06 <sayan> so I don't know what state I would be in
16:06:10 <abompard> omg
16:06:23 <mizmo> lol likely exhausted, no mind!
16:06:32 <mizmo> let's do 1400 UTC as planned
16:06:50 <mizmo> (can someone with ops change the topic for me)
16:07:03 <sayan> sure
16:07:14 <mizmo> its a pain in matrix lol
16:08:31 <sayan> oops, I cannot go op in this channel :(
16:10:27 <mizmo> !op sayan
16:10:30 <mizmo> grr
16:10:46 <mizmo> do i have ops now?
16:10:50 <sayan> mizmo: yes
16:10:58 <mizmo> chanserv doesn't tell you
16:10:59 <mizmo> ok
16:11:38 <mizmo> do you have ops now sayan?
16:11:46 <sayan> mizmo: yes, I have now
16:11:50 <sayan> thanks
16:12:39 <mizmo> i dont know how to add you permanently, i might not be able to. it says pingou is the owner
16:12:56 <abompard> should we end the meeding?
16:12:58 <abompard> meeting?
16:13:23 <abompard> (I'm eager to see if my dev Feed page updates when you end it ;-) )
16:13:31 <sayan> abompard: sure
16:13:37 <sayan> Ending the meeting in
16:13:39 <sayan> 3.
16:13:41 <sayan> 2.
16:13:43 <sayan> 1
16:13:45 <sayan> #endmeeting