14:07:47 <mizmo> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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14:07:57 <mizmo> abompard: around?
14:08:02 <mizmo> jcline: anything to report for the week?
14:08:13 <mizmo> (we can keep this short if needed. i know i'm working on flock reg)
14:08:29 <jcline> No, I was at the hackfest all last week
14:08:56 <jcline> So was Randy so he still hasn't reviewed synapse, but I'll continue to poke him
14:09:22 <mizmo> okay cool
14:09:41 <mizmo> so the main hub things you have on your plate, is getting synapse packaged, anything else?
14:10:10 <jcline> Nothing else at the moment
14:10:59 <mizmo> ok cool. do you want to work on anything else?
14:11:53 <yudocaa[m]> hey, I am still sleeping so replying from Riot but I tested abompard PR last week but its failing due to invalid DB
14:12:44 <yudocaa[m]> .hello sayanchowdhury
14:12:45 <zodbot> yudocaa[m]: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
14:13:20 <mizmo> yudocaa: hey! :)
14:13:37 <mizmo> yudocaa: some kind of environmental issue?
14:13:57 <yudocaa[m]> mizmo: hey
14:14:07 <yudocaa[m]> yes, environmental issue
14:14:16 <yudocaa[m]> but rest looks fine
14:14:54 <mizmo> ok cool
14:15:01 <mizmo> anything else to report yudocaa?
14:16:23 <yudocaa[m]> I did not make much progress with the IRC widget for nick registration
14:17:12 <mizmo> ok, and the plan there was to do raw irc or use riot?
14:17:32 <yudocaa[m]> l am going forward with raw irc
14:18:13 <mizmo> ok cool
14:18:22 <mizmo> all right
14:18:27 <mizmo> anything anyone can do to help?
14:18:45 <mizmo> (with anything, generally)
14:19:47 <yudocaa[m]> yes, IRC widget that would be
14:21:14 <yudocaa[m]> seems like pagure is slow
14:22:16 <mizmo> i could maybe work on html / css for the widget that could be templatized?
14:23:05 <sayan> jcline: are you free to pickup an issue?
14:24:21 <jcline> Not really. I do have some fmn stuff to do for hubs, but I also just have a lot of bodhi work.
14:24:45 <sayan> jcline: okay
14:26:02 <sayan> mizmo: in that case, probably wait for some time and then you can start build the UI for the IRC widget
14:26:17 <mizmo> okay cool keep me posted sayan
14:26:23 <sayan> I am just writin the html so that it's enough to test things
14:26:24 <mizmo> ok anything else or should we close out?
14:26:26 <sayan> not the CSS
14:26:42 <mizmo> cool keep the html as barebones as you need and i can build it out to match mockups
14:27:00 <sayan> mizmo: you need to drop the mail regarding the dicussion for the flock
14:27:40 <mizmo> sayan: sent it last week, got no response :( https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/hubs-devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/BNH2TQH7YQUHVNXJUSWMAHQQX2V7S3YU/
14:27:47 <sayan> mizmo: oh
14:28:54 <sayan> this email did not enter my mailbox
14:30:17 <mizmo> are you on the list?
14:30:50 <sayan> mizmo: yes, I am on the list but I unsubscribed from a bunch of lists
14:31:05 <sayan> I need to check if I unsubscribed from this also by mistake
14:31:16 <sayan> I will reply to the email
14:31:34 <mizmo> it looks like your gmail account is subscribed, i dont see your redhat account
14:31:56 <sayan> I use the gmail account
14:32:10 <mizmo> delivery enable/disabled isn't filled in. i can explicitly enable delivery for you
14:32:49 <sayan> this is strange, I used to get emails from hubs-devel
14:32:52 <sayan> anyways, thanks
14:33:13 <mizmo> sure
14:33:16 <mizmo> hopefully it'll work now
14:33:19 <sayan> if nothing else we can close this meeting
14:33:22 <jcline> Me too, but the last one looks like it's from October. I flipped all my buttons on since they were blank.
14:33:44 <mizmo> huh
14:33:49 <mizmo> that's weird
14:33:59 <mizmo> i definitely got a copy of it in my inbox after i set it
14:34:03 <mizmo> s/set/sent
14:35:00 <mizmo> jcline: i see your cline.org email subscribed
14:35:26 <jcline> Yeah, it said I was subscribed, but all my little radio buttons about delivery were blank
14:35:35 <mizmo> did we have an outage or something
14:36:17 <sayan> jcline: yeah, they are blank but irrespective of that I used to get emails
14:36:33 <mizmo> ill open an infra ticket?
14:37:08 <sayan> mizmo: can you send out a test email now?
14:37:18 <mizmo> just did a couple min ago, haven't gotten it yet
14:37:20 <sayan> jcline: have you delivery enabled now?
14:37:26 <mizmo> oh just got it
14:37:30 <sayan> got it
14:37:31 <jcline> Yeah I turned it on
14:37:38 <mizmo> subject [Hubs-devel] Re: Plan for Flock
14:37:46 <mizmo> from duffy at redhat
14:37:48 <sayan> yes, got the email now
14:37:56 <sayan> jcline: did you
14:38:33 <jcline> yeah
14:39:05 <mizmo> ok cool!
14:39:07 <mizmo> we good then
14:39:10 <mizmo> close meeting out?
14:39:16 <sayan> mizmo: okay
14:39:18 <jcline> +1
14:39:25 <mizmo> #endmeeting