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14:03:55 <mizmo> hey
14:04:27 <sayan> mizmo: hey
14:04:36 <stickster> o/ <-- lurking
14:04:53 <sayan> hey stickster
14:04:57 <sayan> should be wait for abompard a bit?
14:05:45 <sayan> mizmo: at Flock, are we down to 1 talk & 1 workshop+hackfest?
14:05:57 <mizmo> sayan: yep i believe so
14:06:03 <sayan> Ok
14:06:28 <mizmo> let me check
14:06:46 <sayan> is it of 3 hours of 2 hours?
14:07:08 <mizmo> we have demo + roadmap for 30 min
14:07:19 <mizmo> and 3 hrs for workshop+hackfest
14:07:24 <mizmo> i think thats pretty good right?
14:08:49 <sayan> Yes
14:09:07 <mizmo> cool
14:09:14 <sayan> So, In that case, the workshop abompard can start with explaining widgets
14:09:45 <mizmo> i see in abompards status report he's made progress on the ansible playbook for vagrant - and it can work in fedora infra cloud too -
14:09:46 <sayan> ^^ probably for an hour
14:09:58 <mizmo> probably part of the workshop would explain how to set up the vagrant for people to get to work during the hackfest
14:11:01 <sayan> mizmo: yes, the code is merged. I will send out a PR tomorrow based on his playbook
14:11:31 <mizmo> how soon can we get a fedora infra cloud server up to show off hubs?
14:11:34 <sayan> mizmo: I could not work much last week, as fedimg had release blocking issues so had to dedicate all the time to it
14:11:48 <sayan> mizmo: the server was up in the morning
14:11:59 <mizmo> this morning?
14:12:09 <mizmo> whats the url? :)?
14:12:09 <sayan> s/the/this
14:12:13 <sayan> yeah this morning
14:12:17 <sayan> https://hubs-dev.fedorainfracloud.org/
14:12:23 <sayan> I will check, what's wrong
14:12:25 * mizmo excited
14:12:34 <mizmo> awbummer 404 here
14:13:10 <sayan> mizmo: yeah, found out just an hour back during 1x1 with stickster
14:13:14 <sayan> I will see what' the issue
14:13:20 <sayan> mizmo: but things were working fine
14:13:26 <stickster> it was up yesterday or the day before when I looked
14:13:44 <mizmo> ok cool
14:13:53 <stickster> whatever happened is recent... maybe something didn't deploy right after the fedorainfracloud.org outage last night?
14:14:01 <stickster> like it didn't start up correctly or something
14:14:11 <stickster> just a thought, may be just a coincidence
14:14:14 <sayan> Could be, I will look into it.
14:15:03 <sayan> mizmo: btw, an update from my side, I wrote all templates for the irc widget registration flow, as well as the backned
14:15:13 <sayan> well the backend was done long ago
14:15:20 <mizmo> i dont have anything new to share but this week i am going to start digging more into the patternlab stuff so we can set something up like the patternfly library, maryshak and i will both be working on it
14:15:23 <mizmo> sayan: oh awesome
14:15:32 <mizmo> sayan: that is great news!
14:16:05 <sayan> I will start integrating stuffs, to see if things work
14:16:39 <sayan> After a talk with abompard, I probaly need to built a modal renderer
14:17:14 <mizmo> sayan: does bootstrap have anything built in you can use for that? or is this deper into the stack it's needed?
14:17:46 <sayan> mizmo: the problem is the template would be rendered on the server side, and then the html would send
14:18:20 <sayan> I plan to do ajax calls, when the calls are successful the html would be rendered (which here would be different steps)
14:18:26 <mizmo> ah ok
14:18:37 <sayan> steps = nick registration, nick suggestion, etc
14:19:08 <sayan> mizmo: also is there already a loader somewhere used in hubs that you recall?
14:19:34 <sayan> or bootstrap 4 has loader?
14:19:41 * abompard is here, sorry for the delay
14:19:57 <sayan> hey abompard: no issues
14:20:17 <mizmo> sayan: i am not sure :(
14:20:42 <sayan> hmm
14:21:00 <sayan> I need to look then, I could not find one in bootstrap 4
14:21:19 <sayan> mizmo: that's all from my side
14:21:47 <sayan> the fedimg fire has almost calmed down so I can work on the irc widget this week
14:22:23 <mizmo> ok cool :)
14:22:37 <abompard> just caught up :-) Yeah for Flock I can make a 1 hour workshop so people are ready for the hackfest afterwards
14:23:08 <abompard> Also, I can try and fix the hubs-dev instance, so sayan can focus on IRC (if that's fine by you)
14:23:14 <sayan> abompard: you are going on leave on Thursday right?
14:23:21 <sayan> abompard: yeah! totally
14:23:33 <abompard> yes, on Thursday I'll be unavailable
14:23:56 <abompard> sayan: ok cool. I'll check out what's wrong with hubs-dev
14:24:04 <mizmo> abompard: hope you have fun, sounds like a wild time :)
14:24:10 <abompard> sayan: and try to use the ansible role
14:24:25 <abompard> mizmo: yeah, it's pretty hardcore. But it'll be fun :)
14:24:27 <sayan> abompard: will you be free tomorrow sometimes for 15-20 mins to give me a demo on Widget, WidgetView?
14:24:33 <sayan> so that I don't miss anything
14:24:36 <abompard> sayan: yeah I can do that
14:25:10 <sayan> abompard: cool, I have the OpenShift traning in the morning. I will ping you once it's over
14:25:26 <abompard> sayan: right, I need to do that too one day.
14:26:02 <sayan> abompard: I can then discuss the modal thing too, on generalizing it
14:26:15 <abompard> sayan: yup!
14:26:28 <abompard> I'm all for having useful apis ;-)
14:27:08 <sayan> abompard: updates from your side?
14:27:40 <abompard> nothing more than the ansible role/playbook used for Vagrant, and rebasing my fix-feed branch on it
14:28:01 <sayan> I had a terrible week after the last hubs meeting I attended because of the toothache :(
14:28:09 <abompard> by the way I also fixed a bug with our handling of the session, which was plain wrong, and caused a lot of slowdown
14:28:10 <sayan> cool
14:28:59 <abompard> it's a commit in the branch, I didn't make a separate PR but I can if you really want to (but it's going to be bothersome to keep in sync)
14:29:10 <sayan> abompard: nope
14:29:42 <sayan> btw, does the hubs/migrations/env.py work for you?
14:29:44 <abompard> ("session" as in "HTTP session", not "DB session")
14:29:47 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/blob/develop/f/hubs/migrations/env.py#_10
14:30:13 <sayan> seems like hubs.app needs to be explicitly imported here
14:30:35 <abompard> yeah it is down the file, I had a problem when working with the ansible thing
14:30:46 <abompard> 10 lines down
14:31:02 <sayan> got it
14:31:24 <abompard> it looks like it's necessary for Py2 but not Py3
14:31:33 <sayan> ah ok
14:31:58 <abompard> I'm trying to keep it compatible with both versions
14:32:21 <sayan> abompard++
14:32:32 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/c/1b2a4d01f25e92496287645d579fc797fcfd7391
14:32:35 <sayan> The commit message says so
14:32:38 <sayan> :)
14:33:03 <sayan> mizmo: abompard: any thing else? I think we can go ahead and end the meeting now?
14:33:04 <abompard> hahaha sometimes I'm a bit terse ;-)
14:33:14 <mizmo> nothing else from me
14:33:44 <sayan> cool, ending the meeting in
14:33:46 <sayan> 3.
14:33:48 <sayan> 2.
14:33:50 <sayan> 1.
14:33:52 <sayan> #endmeeting