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14:02:15 <sayan> #Topic Roll Call
14:02:18 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
14:02:19 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
14:02:22 <abompard> .hello abompard
14:02:24 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
14:02:39 <sayak> .hello sayak
14:02:40 <zodbot> sayak: sayak 'Sayak Mukherjee' <sayakmukherjee1987@rediffmail.com>
14:02:48 <sayak> wrong details
14:02:50 <sayan> sayak: welcome :)
14:03:08 <sayan> sayak: you need to use your FAS details
14:03:09 <sayak> someone else is registered as sayak
14:03:19 <sayak> .hello sayak-sarkar
14:03:20 <zodbot> sayak: Sorry, but you don't exist
14:03:26 <sayak> .hello sayaksarkar
14:03:27 <zodbot> sayak: sayaksarkar 'Sayak Sarkar' <sayak.bugsmith@gmail.com>
14:03:32 <sayak> aah finally
14:03:34 <sayan> ^^ here it is :)
14:03:57 <sayak> :)
14:03:59 <sayan> I will wait for a few minutes to see if mizmo is around
14:04:50 <mizmo> hey sayan im around but have a new intern im setting up\
14:05:04 <mizmo> he has no acct / wifi / etc access so i need to do that first
14:05:09 <sayan> mizmo: sure
14:05:43 <sayan> #topic Hubs status
14:06:07 <sayan> #chair mizmo abompard sayak
14:06:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard mizmo sayak sayan
14:06:22 <sayan> Today, I was mostly planning to start your preparation for the slides
14:06:30 <sayan> and the demo for the flock
14:07:00 <sayan> But before that lets have a quick update
14:07:05 <sayan> abompard: anything to update from your side?
14:07:17 <abompard> more or less
14:07:25 <abompard> I just got back from a long offline vacation
14:07:36 <abompard> I checked that the hubs server is properly running
14:07:42 <sayan> Yeah
14:07:53 <abompard> I had to tweak something in the nginx config to allow OIDC auth
14:07:57 <abompard> but now it works fine
14:08:18 <abompard> (buffer size had to be increased because of the very large HTTP headers used in OIDC)
14:08:33 <abompard> I added this change to my fix-feed branch
14:08:48 <abompard> to it'll get merged with the rest
14:08:53 <abompard> s/to/so
14:09:23 <abompard> I haven't pushed it to the ansible repo on fedora infra though, will do now
14:09:37 <abompard> that's all for me
14:09:52 <sayan> abompard: you can merge the fix-feed branch
14:10:00 <sayan> I tested it over the weekend
14:10:25 <sayan> Also, I was helping out sayak with setting up the instance
14:10:30 <abompard> yay !
14:10:32 <abompard> Thanks sayan
14:11:34 <sayan> We stumble upon two errors, one of which was because the VT was disabled from BIOS
14:12:16 <sayan> Another one, the issue was created but later resolved
14:12:25 <abompard> okay
14:12:33 <sayan> which was mostly because sayak did the setup with sudo
14:13:00 <sayan> due to which vagrant ssh gave that error, he had to do sudo vagrant ssh
14:13:15 <sayan> I should put in a comment to the issue and close
14:13:20 <abompard> ah, right
14:13:40 <sayan> let me give an update from my side
14:14:22 <sayan> before abompard went on vacation, we had a detail discussion where abompard explained on creating widgets
14:15:38 <sayan> After discussion, I started working on moving the code I wrote to standalone functions (kind of like API endpoints)
14:16:44 <sayan> But, right now the issue I am facing that generics modal code is not working
14:17:07 <sayan> and it is very diffult to debug the code as most of the JS is embedded in the HTML
14:17:47 <abompard> sayan: I can help you with that (hopefully)
14:18:09 <sayan> abompard: I was planning to move the JS code to seperate files
14:18:21 <abompard> sayan: 100% agreeed
14:18:30 <abompard> sayan: I had that plan too a while back
14:18:56 <sayan> abompard: I just started that work to test the modal
14:19:14 <sayan> I will send a PR with just that working modal
14:19:36 <sayan> Also, I could not spend much time with pre-f26 release because of the fedimg issues
14:20:28 <sayan> I started parrallel working on listening to matrix server
14:20:32 <abompard> sayan: I'll review that PR, please add me or notify me
14:20:37 <sayan> abompard: sure
14:21:14 <sayan> So, I wrote a small chunk of code to get the data from IRC channels I am logged in
14:21:18 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on PR #348 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/348#comment-30046
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14:21:51 <sayan> abompard: I am using the matrix js client to interact and get the data
14:22:25 <sayan> I hoped for Python, but I could not find a way to listen to events
14:22:29 <sayan> https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-js-sdk
14:22:37 <sayan> ^^ so I started using this one
14:23:41 <sayan> Sadly, I had setup my matrix client in the wrong way and the code was silently failing
14:23:50 <sayan> ^^ this took a long time to debug :(
14:24:06 <sayan> Finally, I got it working.
14:24:39 <sayan> Today, I installed the matrix-synapse package which jcline packaged on my F26 AWS box and the code works perfectly
14:25:08 <sayan> I am thinking to write a blog post on setting up matrix using letsencrypt and nginx
14:25:37 <jcline> \o/
14:25:39 <sayan> So, once I have the modal code working, I will start working on building the IRC client
14:26:02 <sayan> That's all from my side
14:26:54 <sayan> abompard: btw, sayak works on javascript and looking to contribute on the React side of things
14:27:02 <abompard> ah, great
14:27:22 <abompard> First thing that comes to my mind, we lack unit tests
14:27:25 <abompard> like, a lot :-)
14:27:46 <sayak> I'm looking into getting started with react and python at the moment
14:27:55 <abompard> sayak: alright!
14:27:58 <sayak> i can help with those as well
14:28:44 <sayak> i primarily work on the angular/node/express stack so might take a few days to get around the hubs repository
14:28:44 <sayan> but you have worked on angular so react should not be an issue
14:28:58 <sayak> sayan, yup! hopefully! :)
14:29:00 <sayan> Yes
14:29:00 <abompard> great
14:30:02 <sayak> abompard, do you have a preference on unit test platforms?
14:30:30 <abompard> sayak: We are currently using Jest and it seems to be the recommended library for React, so it's fine by me
14:31:11 <sayak> abompard, ok, i can look into that as well
14:31:12 <sayan> sayak: you can find the react code here: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/blob/develop/f/hubs/static/client/app/widgets
14:31:56 <sayan> the react code starts from client/ but you can start having look at the widgets
14:32:14 <sayan> primarily halp widget
14:32:27 <sayak> from the react documentation, jest seems to be pretty straightforward i suppose
14:32:39 <sayak> sayan, okk
14:32:58 <sayan> sayak: yes
14:33:18 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: moving ahead to the demo at Flock
14:33:26 <sayan> before that the presentation
14:33:53 <sayan> should I start working on a presentation? layout the content first?
14:34:18 <sayan> and then you can add points which we can then converet in to the presentation
14:34:22 <sayan> How does that sound?
14:36:06 <abompard> sayan: fine by me!
14:36:39 <sayan> abompard: ok, I will do that then and share the content tomorrow
14:36:48 <abompard> sayan: perfect
14:38:25 <sayan> I would be following what we added in the etherpad: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/hubs-flock-workshop
14:38:43 <sayan> under the Hubs Talk section
14:39:13 <sayan> abompard: will you be giving a demo for the widgets or a talk + demo?
14:39:33 <abompard> sayan: I had planned for the demo only
14:39:46 <abompard> or rather, a training workshop to learn how to write widgets
14:40:47 <sayan> yes, from demo I meant somethings kind of a hands-on
14:41:32 <sayan> it will be tough until people actual type things out and build a sample widget
14:42:21 <sayan> If not anything can we close the meeting?
14:42:39 <abompard> I kinda heard that the workshop would be 30 min only?
14:42:46 <sayan> oh
14:42:47 <abompard> do you confirm?
14:42:59 <abompard> I don't remember where I heard that
14:43:44 <sayan> I did not see anything on the mail I received
14:44:00 <sayan> mizmo: can you tell the timing of the two sessions?
14:46:00 <sayan> mizmo is probably busy with here intern, I am ending this meeting and pinging bexelbie
14:46:26 <sayan> Ending the meeting in
14:46:29 <sayan> 3.
14:46:31 <sayan> 2.
14:46:33 <sayan> 1
14:46:34 <sayan> #endmeeting