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14:00:54 <sayak> sayak, is there a meeting today?
14:01:05 <sayak> nevermind
14:01:20 <sayan> sayak: yes :)
14:01:23 <sayan> #topic Roll Call
14:01:29 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
14:01:32 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
14:01:36 <shillman> .hello shillman
14:01:40 <shillman> .hello wispfox
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14:01:42 <sayak> .hello sayaksarkar
14:01:44 <zodbot> shillman: wispfox 'Suzanne Hillman' <wispfox@gmail.com>
14:01:47 <zodbot> sayak: sayaksarkar 'Sayak Sarkar' <sayak.bugsmith@gmail.com>
14:02:10 <mizmo> .hello duffy
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14:02:13 <abompard> .hello abompard
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14:02:59 <sayan> #topic Status Updates
14:03:13 <sayan> abompard: do you want to update first?
14:03:26 <abompard> sayan: yep, not much to say anyway
14:03:44 <abompard> so, I've sent two PR last week that you guys just reviewed, thanks a lot
14:04:07 <abompard> I'm thinking of the hubs workshop and trying to fix APIs as I go :-)
14:04:13 <abompard> or just make them easier
14:04:34 <abompard> so people in the workshop don't have too much boilerplate to write
14:04:59 <abompard> I'd also like to mention something
14:05:21 <abompard> With the retirement of pkgdb and the move to pagure, we will have a couple REST calls to update in Hubs
14:05:36 <sayan> abompard: yes
14:05:48 <abompard> I don't think it's much, but it also means making sure it actually works, updating unit tests and all  that
14:06:22 <abompard> I've pinpointed some of those places and once the migration is up we shouldn't wait too long to do the switch
14:06:30 <abompard> I can do it if that's OK.
14:06:53 <abompard> as Flock gets closer, we'll need to have a working setup
14:06:58 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.edit -- sayanchowdhury edited the priority fields of ticket fedora-hubs#358 https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/358
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14:07:15 <abompard> Not much else from me at that point.
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14:07:38 <sayan> abompard: I know you created an issue for that
14:07:43 * sayan digs up the link
14:07:46 <abompard> yep
14:09:13 <sayan> abompard: did you create the issue for this or the fedorahosted sunset?
14:09:25 <sayan> We need to deprecate the fedorahosted widget
14:09:27 <abompard> it was about pkgdb I think.
14:09:32 <abompard> yeah, that too
14:09:57 <sayan> could not find the pkgdb issue
14:10:18 <sayan> anyways, sayak do you want to take this as your first issue to solve
14:10:26 <sayan> pretty simple it is
14:10:38 <sayak> sayan, that would be great
14:10:43 <sayak> #358?
14:11:07 <sayak> nope that's the one i created
14:11:15 <sayan> No, not #358, that was the vagrant issue that you created
14:11:26 <sayak> sayan, what's the issue number?
14:11:28 <sayan> If this issue does not exist we need to create
14:11:40 <sayan> abompard: I searched but it's not there
14:12:46 <sayan> abompard: can you check the link and if it's not there create one?
14:13:22 <sayan> Ok, going ahead with my updates
14:14:09 <sayan> I was working on migrating the JS code so that the HTML code is cleaner.
14:14:20 <sayak> sayan, abompard please share the issue number once you create it!
14:14:20 <sayan> I sent the WIP PR
14:14:27 <sayan> sayak: sure
14:15:40 <sayan> This cleanup has made debugging JS code easier with the developer console
14:16:33 <sayan> Now I am working on to see that the ajax-hubs-modal that I built to render the IRC join flow is working or not
14:17:33 <sayan> and on parallel lines, I am also wrote the intial code to connect to matrix
14:17:52 <sayan> and fetch the logs
14:18:52 <sayan> mizmo: abompard btw, should we storing the logs in hubs itself?
14:19:25 * mizmo not sure
14:20:13 <sayan> mizmo: how about we store 7 days of public log?
14:20:24 <mizmo> sayan: seems like a reasonable start
14:21:13 <sayan> okay
14:22:06 <sayan> #topic Flock
14:23:43 <sayan> mizmo: abompard: I could not workon on the content for the slides last week because I was not that well last week
14:24:21 <sayan> I started off this week, but is still in process of drafting the content
14:25:14 <sayan> - What is Fedora Hubs?
14:25:16 <sayan> - Why we are building Fedora Hubs?
14:25:19 <sayan> - What is the goal, Fedora Hubs is trying to achieve?
14:25:20 <sayan> - Architecture of Fedora Hubs
14:25:23 <sayan> - Widgets: How can you build them?
14:25:25 <sayan> - I would like to help build mockups!
14:25:26 <sayan> - When & Where do we meet?
14:25:44 <sayan> mizmo: shillman: abompard ^^ so this was the planned outline of the talk
14:26:28 <sayan> for "Widgets: How can you build them?" & "I would like to help build mockups!"
14:26:37 <mizmo> i would say lets not focus a lot of time on the first 3 items, theres a lot of background available already, i think at a flock most people would know what hubs is
14:26:45 <mizmo> but otherwise looks great
14:27:11 <sayan> mizmo: btw, we have two sessions right?
14:27:22 <sayan> One 30 mins slot and the other 180 mins slot?
14:27:28 <mizmo> sayan: im not sure. i think so.
14:27:34 <mizmo> let me look
14:28:34 <mizmo> okay we have demo+ roadmap for 30 min
14:28:52 <sayan> ^^ that's the talk
14:28:53 <mizmo> we have a hubs hackfest for three hours the next day\
14:29:04 <mizmo> so i dont see any roadmap items in the outline
14:29:18 <mizmo> eg, what have we been working on, what are we planning to work on in the future
14:29:25 <mizmo> when is it going to be available
14:29:25 <mizmo> etc
14:30:19 <sayan> mizmo: - What is the goal, Fedora Hubs is trying to achieve?
14:30:59 <sayan> Possibly merge the first two
14:31:10 <sayan> What is Hubs & why are we building
14:31:22 <mizmo> sayan: yeh i agree maybe merge all of the first 3
14:31:34 <sayan> Okay
14:31:39 <mizmo> the two main points we use for explaining hubs are here: http://blog.linuxgrrl.com/2015/07/01/fedora-hubs-update/
14:31:48 <mizmo> "It’s an ‘intranet’ page for the Fedora Project. You work on all these different projects in Fedora, and it’s a single place you can get information on all of them as a contributor."
14:31:56 <mizmo> "It’s a social network for Fedora contributors. One place to go to keep up with everything across the project in ways that aren’t currently possible. We have a lot of places where teams do things differently, and it’s a way to provide a consistent contributor experience across projects / teams."
14:32:18 <sayan> mizmo: yes, those are the lines I picked up for the introduction
14:32:50 <sayan> We can then discuss the roadmap of Hubs then
14:33:04 <sayan> and how the plan if for the work
14:33:43 <sayan> mizmo: I think we can merge Architecture of Hubs & Widgets: How can we build them
14:34:06 <mizmo> sure
14:34:08 <sayan> mostly because abompard will demo during the hubs hackfest too
14:34:38 <sayan> The last two stays intact
14:35:29 <sayan> let me copy the stuffs I wrote to the etherpad link
14:36:13 <sayan> Added in the end: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/hubs-flock-workshop
14:36:30 * mizmo looks
14:36:57 <mizmo> i think we need a specific roadmap item too
14:36:59 <mizmo> in the outline
14:38:25 <sayan> mizmo: as in meeting widgets, regional hubs widgets etc?
14:38:34 <sayan> discuss them in the roadmap?
14:38:43 <mizmo> yeh just make sure roadmap as a topic is in the outline
14:39:33 <sayan> mizmo: yes, I am editing the etherpad, this was based on the old outline
14:39:42 <mizmo> ohh ok
14:40:27 <sayan> mizmo: added it now
14:43:12 <sayan> mizmo: I noted down the points that I should expand and convert them into bullet poitns
14:44:01 <sayan> #topic Open Floor
14:44:20 <sayan> Does anybody have anything to share?
14:44:31 <mizmo> so mshakshober and i as well as our HS intern etsang are working on a pattern library that could be used for hubs
14:44:37 <mizmo> we have a separate talk for it at flock
14:44:41 <mizmo> but it could be useful for people in the workshop
14:44:59 <mizmo> its basically documenting & expanding fedora bootstrap in the style of the patternfly website
14:45:22 <abompard> About the hackfest/workshop: so some of those 3 hours will be the workshop (learning to write widgets), and the rest will be the hackfest itself? How long should we dedicate to teaching people to write widgets?
14:45:45 <sayan> abompard: 30 mins?
14:45:55 <mizmo> abompard: yeh exactly. its up to us how to split the 3 hrs
14:45:57 <abompard> works for me. I can do with more if we have more
14:46:14 <sayan> It has to be detailed
14:46:20 <abompard> but since the flock focus is on hackfests, let's say 30 min
14:46:45 <sayan> I think 30 mins is enough, but we can go plus a few more minutes
14:46:56 <sayan> if needed
14:47:04 <abompard> agreed
14:47:12 <abompard> Alright I'll design for 30 min.
14:47:27 <sayan> mizmo: I saw discussion #fedora-design, that something needed
14:47:55 <sayan> I usually end up copy pasting code from patternfly website for my personal projects :-)
14:48:33 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on PR #360 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/360#comment-30425
14:49:14 <mizmo> yep :) it's taken a while but we're trying to do something about it
14:49:15 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on PR #360 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/360#comment-30427
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14:49:40 <sayan> Going over and ending this meeting
14:49:50 <sayan> #endmeeting