14:03:37 <sayan> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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14:03:45 <sayan> #topic Roll Call
14:03:46 * sayak is here
14:03:55 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
14:03:56 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
14:03:58 <abompard> .hello abompard
14:04:02 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
14:04:07 <sayak> .hello sayaksarkar
14:04:08 <zodbot> sayak: sayaksarkar 'Sayak Sarkar' <sayak.bugsmith@gmail.com>
14:04:25 <mizmo> sayan: i'm here
14:04:33 <sayan> mizmo: hi
14:05:03 <sayan> #chair abompard sayak mizmo
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14:05:08 <mizmo> .hello duffy
14:05:08 <sayan> #topic Status Updates
14:05:09 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
14:05:44 <sayan> abompard: do you want to go first?
14:05:49 <abompard> sure
14:06:00 <abompard> I've been working on the Hubs workshop for Flock
14:06:08 <abompard> I've made good progress
14:06:30 <abompard> I'm almost to a point where I *could* ask you to test it if you have time ;-)
14:07:11 <abompard> It's longer than 30 minutes, but since the script is on a webpage, folks can choose to keep going if they have time or want to
14:07:24 <abompard> And hopefully we can reuse it outside of Flock
14:07:35 <mizmo> \o/
14:07:54 <abompard> If anybody wants to test it when it's ready, feel free.
14:08:01 <abompard> It should be testable in a couple days
14:08:37 <abompard> On another note
14:08:49 <abompard> I've noticed a couple calls to pkgwat.api in the code
14:09:01 <abompard> and that is dependant on the Fedora Packages webapp
14:09:08 <abompard> that will be replaced by Pagure soon
14:09:16 <abompard> so we'll have to replace those calls too
14:09:34 <abompard> I haven't opened a bug about it yet
14:09:39 <abompard> will do it after the meeting
14:09:52 <abompard> OK, that's about it for my status.
14:10:15 <sayan> abompard: thanks
14:11:10 <sayan> let me go over through my update
14:11:35 <mizmo> im happy to test the workshop
14:12:14 <abompard> mizmo: yay! thanks
14:12:34 <sayan> so, last week I worked on the modal, and it's ready now
14:13:15 <sayan> I created reusable modal classes like ajax-get, ajax-hubs-modal to render a modal, ajax-post to post form data
14:14:18 <sayan> I have hit an issue which I have been trying to solve is that after I create the IRC server
14:14:56 <sayan> as in like create connection with the irc server, I am having trouble returning data/ exiting the IRC server
14:15:49 <sayan> if issue is the last thing left after that the irc wizard creation will be done
14:16:21 <abompard> sayan: would you like me to have a look?
14:16:31 <sayan> abompard: it would be great, I can push the code
14:16:38 <abompard> maybe just explaining to me will help you find the answer :-)
14:16:50 <abompard> (rubber duck programming, right ;-) )
14:17:54 <sayan> abompard: so, there is event-loop that keeps running
14:18:12 <sayan> and checks and parses the irc messages
14:18:20 <sayan> This is the class
14:18:22 <sayan> http://python-irc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/irc.html#irc.client.Reactor
14:18:47 <abompard> sayan: should we do that after the meeting?
14:19:11 <sayan> abompard: yes, I just gave a few lines
14:19:42 <sayan> Last week I was mostly busy with this could not do much on the slides, but I will push the slide changes
14:19:58 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: btw, I use slidedeck for creating slides?
14:20:10 <sayan> is that okay? Or should we use the Fedora Presentation template
14:20:26 <sayan> slidedeck creates HTML5 templates
14:20:36 <sayan> using Markdown
14:20:50 <sayan> so we can collaborate using that
14:22:14 <sayan> abompard: mizmo ^^
14:22:35 <abompard> sayan: I don't know it but I'm not opposed to using it
14:22:55 <abompard> is it in Fedora yet?
14:23:33 <sayan> I am not sure
14:23:38 <sayan> I guess not, I install it via pip
14:23:56 <sayan> ^^ I do that inside an virtualenv
14:24:00 <abompard> okay
14:24:07 <mizmo> sayan, abompard - markdown sounds good to me
14:24:08 <abompard> (not a requirement, just asking)
14:24:59 <sayan> ok, I will push the changes and we all can collaborate
14:25:14 <sayan> sayak: what are you working on?
14:25:40 <sayak> so i worked on a couple of issues last week
14:25:56 <sayan> Yeah
14:26:06 <sayak> removed the FedoraHosted widget
14:26:57 <sayak> and also added python-tox to Ansible's dependency link to avoid the tox not found issue on bootstrapping the project
14:27:42 <sayak> apart from these I'm still trying to come to terms with the codebase and am trying to figure out how the test cases work
14:27:57 <sayan> sayak: going forward do you want to change the widgets to React?
14:28:09 <sayak> sayan, sure, that would be great
14:28:26 <sayak> sayan, though I'm not quite sure where to start from
14:28:40 <sayan> sayak: probably start migrating a widget?
14:28:43 <sayak> i know how the basics of how the widgets work at the moment
14:29:18 <sayak> sayan, where can I find widgets which haven't been migrated yet?
14:29:40 <sayan> sayak: only Halp is now in React which abompard wrote
14:29:53 <sayak> sayan, ahh okk
14:30:14 <sayan> rest of them are in Jinja templates
14:30:26 <sayak> sayan, i do see that all of the rest are in Python at the moment with Jinja i guess
14:30:27 <sayan> in hubs/widgets/<widgetname>/root.html
14:30:37 <sayan> Yes
14:31:06 <sayan> sayak: so you can start migrating them one by one, and create a generic widget layout
14:31:28 <sayan> "the generic widget layout" could be over-time
14:31:33 <sayak> sayan, sounds awesome! will work on that this week then! :-)
14:31:37 <sayan> cool
14:31:55 <sayan> anything else to discuss?
14:32:18 <sayak> yup! I can only work on the generic widget layout once i understand the basic common features behind each widget
14:32:25 <sayak> sayan, nothing else from me
14:32:32 <mizmo> sayan: are you hosting the markdown for the slides somewhere?
14:32:40 <mizmo> or same as etherpad?
14:32:43 <sayan> mizmo: I will push it to my github repo
14:33:10 <sayan> mizmo: add you all as collaborators
14:33:35 <abompard> sayak: feel free to ask me if you have questions about usage of React in Hubs
14:34:10 <sayan> mizmo: I would ping you for the classes or probably sit down over a span of time to fix the IRC modals
14:34:35 <sayan> by classes I mean the CSS classes for the modals
14:34:47 <sayan> I am going over and ending this meeting
14:34:58 <sayan> #endmeeting