14:01:47 <sayan> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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14:01:53 <sayan> #topic Roll Call
14:02:00 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
14:02:01 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
14:02:04 <shaily> .hello shaily
14:02:05 <zodbot> shaily: shaily 'None' <shaily15297@yahoo.com>
14:02:25 <abompard> .hello2
14:02:26 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
14:02:31 <anar> .hello anar
14:02:32 <zodbot> anar: anar 'Anar Adilova' <anaradilovab@gmail.com>
14:03:01 <abompard> mizmo, are you around?
14:03:09 <mizmo> .hello duffy
14:03:10 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
14:04:50 <sayan> #chair abompard mizmo anar shaily
14:04:50 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard anar mizmo sayan shaily
14:04:57 <sayan> #topic Action items from last meeting
14:05:47 <sayan> * mizmo working on search designs for outreachy project
14:05:49 <sayan> * mizmo working on hubs devel bounties, to be posted after outreachy
14:05:51 <sayan> application period closes
14:05:53 <sayan> * sayan to check out on how to create rooms and bridge IRC in matrix
14:05:55 <sayan> automatically
14:06:04 <mizmo> has nothing to report on her action items yet :(
14:06:34 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- abompard commented on PR #419 on fedora-hubs https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/419#comment-38118
14:07:20 <sayan> mizmo: I will re-action them
14:07:28 <sayan> #action mizmo working on search designs for outreachy project
14:07:33 <mizmo> thanks sayan
14:07:41 <sayan> #action mizmo working on hubs devel bounties, to be posted after outreachy application period closes
14:08:15 <sayan> I tried out last week the idea of have a plumbed room, where we add the integration of irc and keep listening to the messages
14:08:54 <sayan> there are two types of room in matrix, plumbed and portal. the plumbed being the native matrix rooms
14:09:07 <sayan> and the portal being the rooms like irc rooms
14:11:16 <sayan> so, the view.matrix.org that we were looking for the matrix channel is basically a plumbed room with added address of #freenode_#matrix:matrix.org
14:11:25 <sayan> due to which the logs are public
14:11:38 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: there is an API endpoint to create rooms
14:11:59 <sayan> (which was easily searchable)
14:12:09 <mizmo> oh good
14:12:11 <sayan> but could not find anything to manage the integrations
14:12:27 <sayan> abompard: probably need to see how riot does that?
14:13:11 <abompard> sayan: yeah, it's probably using an API somewhere, but I don't know which one
14:13:27 <sayan> mizmo: for the time being did you see the MVP irc widget (embedding a irc iframe) which abompard made?
14:14:04 <abompard> sayan, mizmo: I was about to deploy it to hubs-dev so we could test it but I need to pass a PR first
14:14:31 <abompard> but it'll land in hubs-dev soon, I'm sure
14:14:34 <mizmo> sayan: i didnt
14:14:44 <sayan> abompard: can you show a screenshot now?
14:16:02 <abompard> sayan, mizmo: I'm just using https://kiwiirc.com/ in embedded mode
14:16:07 <abompard> with the channel pre-set
14:16:31 <sayan> yeah
14:17:57 <sayan> what are the other items from the MVP that are left?
14:18:01 <abompard> So I have a couple PRs to get through and then I'll update hubs-devel
14:18:10 <abompard> and we can focus on the other MVP items
14:18:30 <abompard> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/roadmap?status=Open&no_stones=&milestone=Production
14:19:35 <sayan> abompard: yes, I saw the PRs I will review them tomorrow
14:19:38 <abompard> #action abompard to ask jcline about FMN sending notifications back on the bus
14:19:51 <abompard> ^ that's necessary to get the Streams page working
14:19:57 <sayan> abompard: yes
14:20:49 <jcline> abompard, oh, now that I finished re-writing the backend, that should be easy now
14:21:06 <abompard> jcline: great! :-)
14:21:11 <sayan> jcline: awesome
14:21:20 <jcline> The only question really is formatting
14:21:32 <abompard> jcline: I don't suppose you'll turn that on before the next Fedora release right?
14:22:09 * sayan brb, goes for some water
14:22:13 <jcline> abompard, the next release being 28 or 27?
14:22:17 <abompard> jcline: we can discuss formatting later if you need some input
14:22:22 <abompard> f27
14:22:32 <jcline> Oh yeah, definitely not
14:22:36 <abompard> thought so :)
14:22:43 <jcline> I still don't have it in staging, waiting on a infra ticket
14:22:48 <abompard> okay
14:22:58 <jcline> I'll knock up a PR and we can talk formatting on that
14:23:08 <abompard> if I can help you with that in any way please chime in
14:23:10 * sayan back
14:23:38 <jcline> abompard, will do. It should be a small patch :)
14:23:45 <abompard> fantastic
14:24:25 <abompard> jcline: when you've just completed a rewrite, everything looks like a small patch ;-)
14:24:37 <sayan> haha
14:24:39 <jcline> Haha, yeah
14:24:59 <jcline> Although the re-write got rid of a lot of code so that also helps
14:25:17 <abompard> :+1:
14:25:30 * sayan checks the other tasks left for MVP
14:26:42 <sayan> abompard: okay, then going forward let's fix these issues
14:26:52 <sayan> the ones in https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/roadmap?status=Open&no_stones=&milestone=Production
14:26:55 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.comment.added -- abompard commented on ticket fedora-hubs#388: "The Feed widget should not store data in Redis" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/388#comment-476127
14:27:08 <sayan> and then we can come back to the IRC widget implementation with the Matix
14:27:11 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.edit -- abompard edited the close_status and status fields of ticket fedora-hubs#388 https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/388
14:27:12 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.assigned.added -- abompard assigned ticket fedora-hubs#388 to abompard https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/388
14:27:29 <abompard> sayan: agreed.
14:27:41 * abompard is sorry for spamming the channel
14:28:05 <sayan> abompard: search widget we plan to build during outreachy?
14:28:27 <abompard> sayan: yeah, so I think that we should get rid of the search box for the MVP
14:28:57 <sayan> abompard: yes, I was thinking something as a feature parity
14:29:04 <sayan> but that might be too much work
14:29:19 <sayan> basically to turn on and off
14:29:22 <abompard> sayan: feature parity with what?
14:29:43 <sayan> abompard: so right now we have maintain a list of widgets in the config
14:30:15 <sayan> rather something like a management command to turn off or on a widget
14:31:11 <abompard> sayan: wouldn't that just be commenting out the widget line in the config?
14:31:20 <abompard> are you thinking of something different?
14:32:09 <sayan> abompard: so, after you comment, you have to deploy it
14:32:19 <sayan> rather we can have something on fly to remove/ add widgets
14:33:03 <sayan> just an idea, we can skip it.
14:33:12 <abompard> sayan: deploy it? oh you mean deploy the config and restart the server?
14:33:32 <sayan> abompard: yes
14:33:36 <abompard> Do you think it's something that will happen often when hubs is in prod?
14:35:37 <sayan> still not sure on that
14:36:21 <sayan> but I don't think the idea is worth investing time right now in
14:36:28 <abompard> OK.
14:37:01 <abompard> If you think of other important issues for the MVP, please feel free to open a ticket and we can discuss it there
14:37:11 <sayan> Anyways, we will remove the search widget from the UI for the MVP
14:37:19 <sayan> I will create the issue for the same and fix it
14:37:29 <abompard> :+1:
14:38:32 <sayan> abompard: I am taking up this issue then
14:38:35 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/387
14:38:52 <sayan> abompard: do you want to take up #390?
14:38:55 <sayan> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/390
14:39:09 <abompard> yep!
14:39:14 <abompard> But that needs discussion
14:39:24 <sayan> abompard: yeah
14:39:37 <abompard> and mizmo is probably the best person for that
14:39:51 <mizmo> i can take a look
14:40:09 <sayan> I think anything that will have data using the FAS details could be kept as default?
14:40:14 <abompard> mizmo: great, thanks :)
14:41:08 <mizmo> i dont think thats a good basis to decide to keep a widget
14:41:14 <mizmo> we should have a minimal set of only the most useful info imho
14:42:34 <sayan> the thought behind it was we should have a empty widget displayed to the user
14:42:49 <abompard> mizmo: agreed
14:43:37 <sayan> mizmo: can you draft a list of minimal default widgets?
14:43:45 <sayan> and comment to that issue
14:43:53 <mizmo> sayan: sure that was what i was planning to do for 390
14:44:10 <mizmo> #action mizmo to draft a list of minimal default widgets for 390
14:44:11 <abompard> :+1:
14:44:14 <mizmo> im pretty sure ive written such a list before, though
14:44:21 <sayan> thanks
14:44:26 <mizmo> maybe lost in the ticket queue
14:44:41 <sayan> I think we move to Open Floor now
14:44:46 <sayan> #topic Open Floor
14:44:53 <mizmo> will make it easier to write again anyway :) im not concerned
14:45:04 <shaily> i've been working on a TODO, and i need a second opinion on something. should i discuss it now, or after the meeting?
14:45:10 <sayan> mizmo: abompard: shaily anar: you have something to share for open floor
14:45:16 <abompard> mizmo: unfortunately it looks like pagure only searches in issue titles
14:45:22 <sayan> shaily: you can do it now
14:45:58 <mizmo> im wondering if the outreachy accpetance process is complete
14:45:59 <mizmo> i think the deadline was today or tomm
14:46:31 <abompard> mizmo: deadline is today
14:46:55 <mizmo> did you make a decision and send it in?
14:47:03 <anar> I wanted to ask a quick question about issue (https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/391)
14:47:26 <anar> do you think we should have 1 generic widget for all of them, or separate for each?
14:48:03 <anar> I am thinking about creating new widget(s), btw
14:48:11 * mizmo looks
14:48:23 <mizmo> anar: yeh it's much better to have 1 generic widget for all of them i think
14:48:25 <sayan> anar: I would be in for a single generic widget rather n-numbers
14:48:35 <mizmo> and in the config the user can specify which
14:48:47 <mizmo> actually the person might even want to see all issues they filed across multiple queues
14:48:47 <mizmo> that would be very useful
14:49:37 <anar> sounds reasonable
14:49:46 <abompard> mizmo: yeah that'd be cool
14:50:11 <sayan> the widget could have a dropdown to filter within different issue trackers
14:50:54 <sayan> abompard: mizmo: btw, I will be on PTO next week on Tuesday
14:51:11 <anar> cool, i think i can handle it :)
14:51:16 <sayan> Monday and Tuesday, I will be on PTO
14:51:21 <mizmo> anar: i can do a mockup for you
14:51:33 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.comment.added -- duffy commented on ticket fedora-hubs#391: "Widget suggestion: bugs filed by someone" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/391#comment-476132
14:51:40 <anar> mizmo: would appreciate it :)
14:52:04 <abompard> sayan: OK I'll do the meeting
14:52:23 <shaily> so there's a utility that returns a list of packages owned by a given username
14:52:26 <shaily> (hubs.utils.packages.get_user_packages)
14:52:28 <shaily> this list is cached for 5 minutes if caching is enabled
14:52:31 <shaily> the TODO suggests changing this cache invalidation trigger to the appropriate messages from the fedmsg bus
14:52:34 <shaily> i have the list of messages from fedmsg's docs
14:52:36 <shaily> i'm trying to figure out how to get them to trigger the cache invalidation since there's no CachedFunction instance here yet
14:52:39 <shaily> should i add a separate check for the appropriate messages in the triage daemon?
14:52:42 <shaily> right now, the daemon yields tasks for two things - user notifications and widget CachedFunction checks
14:52:49 * shaily is sorry for multiple messages :|
14:53:11 <sayan> abompard: add in your name in here https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/hubs-meeting
14:53:57 <abompard> shaily: yeah that makes sense to me
14:54:09 <shaily> abompard: cool, i'll go ahead with it
14:54:32 <sayan> anybody has anything else to share or we can go over and end the meeting
14:54:45 <anar> yep, 1 more thing
14:54:56 <sayan> anar: go ahead
14:55:34 <anar> i've noticed that not all widgets' cached functions have unit tests (like pagure_pr)
14:56:03 <abompard> indeed, we're pretty low on the unit tests side
14:56:10 <anar> do you think it makes sense to implement tests for them?
14:56:17 <abompard> anar: yep!
14:56:21 <sayan> anar: always
14:56:22 <sayan> :)
14:57:09 <anar> alright then :D, i'll probably start implementing tests for some of them one by one
14:57:14 <sayan> anar: +1
14:57:29 <abompard> thanks
14:57:30 <sayan> going over and ending the meeting in
14:57:32 <sayan> 3.
14:57:35 <sayan> 2
14:57:38 <sayan> 1.
14:57:39 <sayan> #endmeeting