14:01:53 <abompard> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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14:01:55 * mizmo waves at abompard
14:02:05 <mizmo> oh hey daylight savings means i can make the full meeting
14:02:08 <abompard> #topic Roll Call
14:02:14 <mizmo> do you switch soon abompard ?
14:02:16 <shaily> .hello2
14:02:18 <zodbot> shaily: shaily 'None' <shaily15297@yahoo.com>
14:02:22 <abompard> mizmo: we did 2 weeks ago
14:02:27 <anar> .hello anar
14:02:28 <abompard> .hello2
14:02:28 <zodbot> anar: anar 'Anar Adilova' <anaradilovab@gmail.com>
14:02:31 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
14:02:50 <mizmo> .hello duffy
14:02:52 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
14:02:53 <abompard> #chair mizmo anar shaily
14:02:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: abompard anar mizmo shaily
14:03:56 <abompard> We're not expecting anybody else, so I'll start. Anybody is free to join this meeting anytime.
14:04:01 <abompard> #topic Action items from last meeting
14:04:32 <abompard> * mizmo working on search designs for outreachy project
14:04:32 <abompard> * mizmo working on hubs devel bounties, to be posted after outreachy
14:04:32 <abompard> application period closes
14:04:32 <abompard> * abompard to ask jcline about FMN sending notifications back on the bus
14:04:33 <abompard> * mizmo to draft a list of minimal default widgets for 390
14:04:50 <abompard> I'll start with mine since jcline replied last week in the meeting
14:04:51 * mizmo is still slacking off on first two, but i did do the last one :)
14:05:03 <mizmo> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/390
14:05:07 <abompard> yeah I saw that, it's great :-)
14:05:43 <abompard> BTW I'd like to test the Halp widget right now by making a dummy request
14:05:54 <fm-hubs> pagure.pull-request.comment.added -- shaily commented on PR #2752 on pagure https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/2752#comment-38723
14:06:08 <abompard> #halp We need people to work on hubs, see https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/390
14:06:38 <abompard> (is it the right format? I don't even know)
14:06:50 <mizmo> i think so
14:06:53 <mizmo> let me check
14:07:37 <mizmo> i dont understand why i search for fedora meetbot and i get dora the explorer...
14:07:47 <abompard> hahaha
14:08:09 <abompard> You search engine knows better what you actually want
14:09:00 <mizmo> clearly my children have used my laptop recently
14:09:11 <mizmo> i cant find the meetbot faq on the wiki o_O
14:10:07 <mizmo> debians docs say #help not #halp
14:10:08 <mizmo> https://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
14:10:22 <mizmo> #help We need people to work on hubs, see https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/390
14:10:42 <mizmo> it doesnt seem like the bot is acknowledging it
14:11:00 <mizmo> #idea test help on meetbot
14:11:10 <mizmo> #info add an info point to see if bot acknowledges it
14:11:19 <mizmo> ....
14:11:26 * mizmo stares at zodbot
14:11:27 <abompard> hmm
14:11:44 <mizmo> #topic testing meetbot
14:11:53 * mizmo knows meetbot should have done something then
14:11:58 <shaily> do we normally get a response from the bot?
14:12:00 * mizmo taps foot and frowns
14:12:16 <shaily> in the beginning of the meeting, there wasn't one for the #topic message either
14:12:33 <mizmo> yeh it definitely acknowledges the topic changes
14:12:34 <mizmo> it repeats links too
14:12:46 <mizmo> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/390
14:13:07 <mizmo> zodbot: you alive dude
14:13:11 <abompard> mizmo: zodbot did not reply to topic changes last week either
14:13:30 <mizmo> well maybe thats why the halp widget isnt working
14:13:36 <mizmo> zodbot is catatonic :(
14:13:48 <abompard> alright, I'll test it another time
14:14:37 <abompard> if you don't have anyting else to add on the action items mizmo, let's move to status updates
14:14:46 <mizmo> sounds good
14:14:49 <abompard> #topic Status Updates
14:15:02 <abompard> who wants to start?
14:15:41 <shaily> i made a PR at pagure
14:15:52 <shaily> the Hubs part of it is ready
14:16:03 <shaily> once the PR there is merged, i'll make a PR here
14:16:14 <shaily> this is regarding the TODO i mentioned in the last meeting
14:16:52 <shaily> about the utility that fetches the list of packages owned by a username on pagure
14:17:14 <shaily> specifically, invalidting the data on appropriate messages emitted by pagure on fedmsg
14:17:45 <shaily> abompard: how does it look to you
14:17:49 <shaily> https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/2752
14:18:00 <abompard> shaily: I haven't looked at it yet
14:18:46 <abompard> but I'm not a Pagure dev.
14:18:54 <abompard> I can have a look nonetheless :)
14:19:38 <shaily> okay, thanks
14:20:18 <abompard> sure.
14:20:32 <anar> During the prevoius week I worked on the Tickets I filed widget and a couple of unit tests for widgets.
14:20:59 <anar> And submitted a pull request https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/427
14:21:11 <anar> I have several questions
14:21:58 <anar> First is about configuring the widget. I have created a standard window which has three text boxes.
14:22:19 <anar> Bugzilla email, github and pagure usernames
14:22:33 <anar> https://ibb.co/e3Aahb
14:23:00 <anar> So, this widget allows users to look at tickets filed by someone else too
14:23:33 <anar> Is it ok, to have such a window or should it be a react based widget with checkboxes
14:24:41 <abompard> I'm not sure we can have a usable config for this widget without using React
14:25:07 <abompard> mizmo: do you have a mockup of the config UI for this widget?
14:25:25 <abompard> you were mentioning a select box I think?
14:25:33 <mizmo> let me look. i have a generic config ui design but not sure if i have one for this specific widget
14:25:34 * mizmo checks
14:26:30 <mizmo> ok i do, one sec and ill link
14:27:36 <mizmo> https://i.imgur.com/p4LaywN.png
14:28:20 <mizmo> this design is with the thought it'd list tickets across systems in one widget, not sure its architected that way right now in the code
14:28:45 <abompard> mizmo: IIRC it's not but it can be
14:29:51 <mizmo> i think that would be ideal :) for MVP im not sure whats possible but certainly at some point
14:30:06 <abompard> mizmo: it's not much more complex I think
14:30:42 <anar> mizmo: could you attach the mockup to the comments https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/391? For some reason imgur is not working with my network
14:31:11 <mizmo> anar: absolutely, one sec
14:31:15 <anar> thanks
14:31:16 <abompard> multiple CachedFunctions to get tickets from each system, transforming them into a common dict format, merging them in the main widget code and sorting by date.
14:31:57 <fm-hubs> pagure.issue.comment.added -- duffy commented on ticket fedora-hubs#391: "Widget suggestion: bugs filed by someone" https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/391#comment-477618
14:32:39 <anar> okay, then I will use react for the config window
14:33:08 <abompard> mizmo: also, I've created sub tickets for the issues you mentioned. I've all set them as required for the MVP but maybe that's not what you thought in your comment?
14:33:33 <mizmo> abompard: yes, thats absolutely right, my thinking was for MVP
14:33:41 <abompard> mizmo: OK cool
14:34:01 <anar> Also, pagure API doesn't have a feature to search for an issue opened by a user through all the repos
14:34:25 <abompard> anar: Ah, yeah, did you open an issue at Pagure?
14:34:27 <anar> I have submitted a pull request https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/2748
14:34:31 <abompard> OK cool
14:34:53 <anar> And now I'm working on the suggestions by pingou
14:35:14 <abompard> cool. He's the Pagure lead dev so he's probably right in his suggestions ;-)
14:35:26 <anar> So should we wait until the new version of pagure will be released?
14:35:43 <abompard> probably, but they happen frequently
14:35:52 <anar> Ok, then
14:36:34 <anar> So, the widget should only show tickets filed by a user himself?
14:36:35 <abompard> As for me I'll be working on #428, integrating the content of the "stats" widget into the Hub header.
14:37:27 <mizmo> anar: yeh just the tickets that person filed / created
14:37:39 <mizmo> abompard: do you have what you need from the mockups i did on that one?
14:38:08 <abompard> mizmo: I think so, for now, otherwise I'll ask in the ticket again ;-)
14:38:18 <mizmo> okie doke :)
14:38:45 <abompard> mizmo, anar: for the tickets widget, the config dialog title is misleading, it's not "Tickets waiting on me"
14:39:07 <mizmo> abompard: yeh i noted that when i posted it to the ticket, needs to be updated to match
14:39:27 <abompard> mizmo: alright, no need to re-make the mockup just for that :-)
14:39:46 <mizmo> that was my thinking
14:40:05 <mizmo> we can start with that anyhow, if in practice with real data it seems we need more config opts we can always add them later
14:40:10 <mizmo> but that seems like the core config needed
14:40:59 <anar> Maybe we could add number of issues to display
14:43:03 <mizmo> i think by default we should probably only list maybe 10 - 15, then have a 'view more' link that gives you a dropdown to view them on the originating site (if it exists?)
14:43:03 <mizmo> eg i know bugzilla has an all bugs filed by you link
14:43:18 <mizmo> but thats the general approach we've taken with the widgets, is provide a reasonable default # then link out to the originating app to get more
14:44:38 <anar> yes, sounds good. I was thinking of a github newest open tickets widget where user can specify how much he can see at first
14:45:24 <anar> But, yeah, in initial version of Tickets I Filed I used 10 issues to display
14:46:34 <mizmo> ok cool
14:47:52 <abompard> Alright, let's move to open floor
14:47:57 <abompard> #topic Open Floor
14:48:06 <abompard> Anything you want to say.
14:48:52 <mizmo> i cant wait until we get to MVP  :)
14:48:57 <mizmo> very excited for that
14:49:14 <mizmo> oh! what should i use for the bounties when i write them up
14:49:28 <mizmo> should some of these sub tickets for widgets be used?
14:49:42 <mizmo> the ones you made yesterday abompard?
14:49:54 <abompard> why not!
14:50:18 <mizmo> cool
14:50:29 <mizmo> ill pull in any that aren't assigned so if anybody is working on one make sure you assign it to yourself :)
14:50:53 <abompard> Yeah, that's a good habit to take
14:52:56 <abompard> Alright, if there's nothing else, let's close the meeting
14:53:20 <abompard> ending in 5 seconds, speak now or for a week hold your peace.
14:53:35 <abompard> #endmeeting