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13:05:33 <abompard> #topic Roll Call
13:05:38 <abompard> .hello2
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13:05:43 <shaily> .hello2
13:05:44 <zodbot> shaily: shaily 'None' <shaily15297@yahoo.com>
13:05:46 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
13:05:51 <zodbot> ryanlerch: ryanlerch 'Ryan Lerch' <rlerch@redhat.com>
13:06:27 <mizmo> .hello duffy
13:06:28 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
13:06:55 <sayan> sorry, was running late
13:06:59 <sayan> .hello sayanchowdhury
13:07:00 <zodbot> sayan: sayanchowdhury 'Sayan Chowdhury' <sayan.chowdhury2012@gmail.com>
13:07:12 <abompard> alright, feel free to take over sayan :-)
13:07:25 * ryanlerch would just like to say that the "user's current time" feature on a user hub is *so* useful
13:07:34 <abompard> :)
13:08:00 <abompard> #chair ryanlerch shaily mizmo sayan
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13:08:07 <sayan> abompard: you can continue
13:08:10 <abompard> okay
13:08:13 <sayan> I am in between a release
13:08:27 <abompard> np
13:08:36 <abompard> #topic Action items from last meeting
13:09:05 <abompard> no action items in the last meeting apparently
13:09:30 <abompard> #topic Status Updates
13:09:35 <abompard> who wants to start?
13:09:50 <abompard> (I can if no one else wants)
13:09:57 <ryanlerch> abompard: go for it!
13:10:02 <abompard> alright.
13:10:22 <abompard> Summary: I've been working on a couple tickets and reviewing ryanlerch's PRs
13:10:46 <abompard> I still have tickets assigned to me, and I'm currently working on the FAS integration we discussed
13:10:55 <ryanlerch> abompard: awesome!
13:11:06 <abompard> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/389
13:11:35 <abompard> I've pushed a non-feature PR recently to reorganize the way the database session is created and shared
13:11:37 <ryanlerch> the FAS stuff will be a big step towards MVP
13:12:14 <mizmo> abompard: im not 100% sure, if joe has applied to a FAS group but isn't sponsored, if he's considered a member from the FAS side
13:12:15 <abompard> and make it more in line with what SQLAlchemy recommends. It's needed for the FAS integration because I don't want to add to the mess :-)
13:12:49 <abompard> mizmo: that's what is currently in the code, I'm open to different perspectives on sponsorship
13:13:01 <abompard> maybe put joe in the "pending" state?
13:13:15 <abompard> as if he just requested membership?
13:13:43 <ryanlerch> abompard: have we got anyone to review the DB PR?
13:13:51 <ryanlerch> that one is a little over my head
13:13:53 <abompard> That's a discussion to have, but it won't make a lot of difference in the code. I can adapt when we decide
13:13:55 <mizmo> abompard: well from the hubs side, it's more of a hassle to consider him pending, because you have to visit FAS UI twice if you're the admin, once to add, twice to sponsor
13:14:04 <mizmo> abompard: so im wondering if FAS itself, considers him a member in that scenario
13:14:20 <abompard> mizmo: good question, I dunno
13:14:23 <mizmo> ok cool, ill do a little more research to see what FAS does, if FAS consides him a member even unsponsored i think we should go with that
13:14:31 <abompard> yeah
13:14:41 <ryanlerch> +1 on that from me
13:15:29 <abompard> When I'm done with that (including testing) I plan on work to bring the contacts & rules widgets into the hubs header
13:15:44 <abompard> but I don't think the FAS integration will be a quick thing
13:16:21 <abompard> I don't have an estimation yet but I'll probably need this whole week.
13:16:30 <mizmo> it looks like FAS considers an unsponsored member a member, they are shown in members list
13:16:33 <abompard> so more news on that next meeting :-)
13:16:50 <abompard> OK, then what is sponsorship for?
13:17:56 <abompard> Anyway, that's all for me wrt status.
13:18:15 <shaily> i wanted to discuss a couple of things
13:18:20 <ryanlerch> okies, i can go next!
13:18:23 <mizmo> i think you need to be sponsored to qualify for email alias?
13:18:40 <abompard> OK, shaily first and then ryanlerch, is that OK ?
13:18:53 <ryanlerch> :thumbsup:
13:19:24 <abompard> #action mizmo to research what FAS does with sponsorship
13:19:26 <shaily> ticket 391, i guess anar isn't working on it now since there has been no communication from her side
13:19:45 <shaily> her PR in pagure has been merged so we can go ahead with the work here
13:19:51 <abompard> shaily: that's likely
13:20:15 <shaily> so for pagure, we get issues_assigned and issues_created
13:20:24 <abompard> OK, so this ticket needs to be taken over by someone
13:20:30 <shaily> we want to see both in the  widget, right?
13:20:35 <shaily> i'll take it up!
13:20:47 <abompard> ok
13:21:19 <shaily> we need some more modifications in pagure (it returns a list of issues but no mention of what repository they're from and no issue URL)
13:21:22 <shaily> i'll do that first
13:21:22 <abompard> #action shaily starts takes up #391
13:21:34 <abompard> alright
13:21:38 <shaily> just confirming - we want both issues assigned and issues created, right?
13:21:55 <shaily> assigned to and created by, i mean
13:21:58 <ryanlerch> shaily: i recently did a similar API for PRs in pagure
13:22:05 <abompard> shaily: we want to be able to query both. Not sure we want to display both at the same time
13:22:52 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/2755
13:23:10 <ryanlerch> kinda only sorta related
13:23:47 <shaily> ryanlerch: yes, anar did make an initial PR (2748). i'll add to that
13:24:01 <ryanlerch> shaily: awesome!
13:24:26 <shaily> abompard: so do we want a checkbox in the widget configuration or that
13:24:30 <shaily> should we discuss this on the issue
13:24:47 <abompard> exactly
13:25:18 <shaily> cool, i'll drop a comment with an initial set up (checkbox) and we'll discuss that further there
13:25:25 <shaily> a screenshot of that, i meant
13:25:39 <shaily> i was also looking at the search PR that was merged a while back
13:25:48 <shaily> and my task for this week is to test whoosh - a search engine library
13:25:59 <shaily> so i was wondering what data in hubs would we want to index
13:26:12 <shaily> should we start a ticket to discuss that too?
13:26:22 <abompard> shaily: yeah, let's discuss it in a ticket
13:26:25 <shaily> i can test search engine libraries without exact data but i guess this will take some time
13:26:31 <shaily> to finalize
13:26:41 <shaily> cool, i'll make a ticket for that then
13:27:38 <shaily> apart from that, i'm waiting on some changes in pagure and  fedmsgto be merged  for another change that i've been waiting to commit to hubs for a couple of weeks now
13:27:47 <shaily> (package utility)
13:27:52 <shaily> that's all
13:28:06 <abompard> cool!
13:28:11 <abompard> thanks.
13:28:51 <abompard> ryanlerch?
13:29:03 <ryanlerch> abompard: sure!
13:29:14 <ryanlerch> first up, thanks to abompard for the awesome reviewing!
13:29:18 <ryanlerch> of PRs
13:29:21 * abompard blushes
13:29:31 <ryanlerch> okies, stuff we merged this week:
13:29:48 <ryanlerch> the basic search: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/466
13:30:07 <ryanlerch> nothing fancy, just searchers user and group hubs.
13:30:36 <ryanlerch> next, as discussed last week, hubs now requires login bascially everywhere:
13:30:38 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/477
13:31:24 <ryanlerch> the last ome mergedthis past week was all the avatar work:
13:31:26 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/479
13:32:03 <ryanlerch> group hubs have avatars now, and everywhere uses the default monogram style that mizmo had in the mockups
13:32:18 <abompard> ryanlerch++
13:32:18 <zodbot> abompard: Karma for ryanlerch changed to 7 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
13:32:32 <ryanlerch> unless you set a url for an avatar in the group hub config
13:33:10 <ryanlerch> mizmo: i had to move the location of the star -- i didnt really think about it too much, so comments on the new placment are welcomed!
13:33:41 <ryanlerch> also got two more PRs ready for review:
13:34:09 <ryanlerch> actually making the stars work to add to the bookmarks bar:
13:34:11 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/482
13:34:44 <ryanlerch> and a cleanup of the config dialog, primarily for users -- removing a bunch of options that dont really apply to user hubs:
13:34:54 <ryanlerch> https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/pull-request/486
13:35:35 <ryanlerch> now the avatar stuff and the bookmarks are pretty much done, i can loop back on the all groups page -- i was kinda blokcing on that
13:36:11 <ryanlerch> thats it from me for done this week
13:36:20 <abompard> okay!
13:36:28 <abompard> sounds great
13:36:29 <ryanlerch> i have a few questions thogh!
13:36:46 <abompard> sure
13:37:35 <ryanlerch> the two big items (other than FAS) that i see as biggies for MVP are IRC and stream/feeds
13:37:54 <ryanlerch> just wondering what the status on the IRC stuff is
13:38:21 <ryanlerch> is that a sayan question?
13:38:26 <abompard> IIRC we decided to keep embedding kiviirc for MVP
13:38:37 <abompard> but I may have misunderstood
13:38:57 <ryanlerch> abompard: should that work on hubs-dev?
13:39:07 <mizmo> no that sounds right to me
13:39:11 * ryanlerch tried to get it wokring
13:39:17 <abompard> ryanlerch: yeah it should work
13:39:23 <mizmo> although im not sure how it will handle PMs, i forgot if id checked or not
13:39:32 <shaily> the kiwi irc widget was working last i checked
13:39:43 <ryanlerch> okeis, i will try harder
13:39:48 <ryanlerch> :)
13:40:00 <ryanlerch> so that one is not really a big item then...
13:40:13 <ryanlerch> the other item is stream / feed
13:40:29 <mizmo> i have a question about stream / feed for group hubs
13:40:35 <abompard> yeah
13:40:59 <ryanlerch> yeah -- at the moment, it is just all the messages from all the members
13:41:05 <abompard> yes
13:41:11 <mizmo> exactly
13:41:17 <ryanlerch> and, its not really useful, IMHO
13:41:17 <mizmo> it should probably be the messages that deal with that group specifically
13:41:45 <abompard> mizmo: yeah. Any idea how we can filter that?
13:41:51 <ryanlerch> mizmo: the problem is identifying what deals with wth group IIRC
13:41:57 <abompard> yeah
13:41:58 <ryanlerch> lol, sory i type slow
13:42:07 <mizmo> well the hub widget config collects a lot of the data you'd need to filter by right
13:42:20 <mizmo> eg chat config asks for the IRC channel, the pagure widget config asks for the pagure repo
13:42:23 <abompard> I don't think there's that info in the fedmesgs
13:42:42 <mizmo> should be -
13:42:51 <mizmo> eg "ryanlerch interacted with issue #483 of project "fedora-hubs" 5 times"
13:42:57 <mizmo> "fedora-hubs" is the pagure project name right
13:43:09 <abompard> Oh, I see what you mean
13:43:12 <mizmo> "abompard gave ryanlerch(75) a karma cookie in #fedora-hubs. "ryanlerch++""   #fedora-hubs
13:43:47 <abompard> interesting.
13:44:00 <mizmo> i think package builds shouldn't show up in the feed widget for groups at all, maybe opt-in
13:44:41 <ryanlerch> yeah, i kinda like hte idea of a group admin setting up the sources for a group feed
13:44:58 <mizmo> +1
13:45:01 <ryanlerch> i.e. these 3 pagure repos, this github repo, this channel
13:45:20 <mizmo> mailing list too
13:46:44 <ryanlerch> maybe even a wiki namespace
13:47:15 <abompard> but all that info is currently in widget configs, right, not in the main hubs config. Or do you want to move it there?
13:47:36 <abompard> I can find a way to make it work in both cases I think
13:47:40 <mizmo> is it a pain? if it was in the main hubs config then the values could be used to prefill the widgets
13:47:50 <mizmo> ideally the user would only have to fill out each thing once
13:48:16 <shaily> but only hub admins can add / modify hub widgets, right
13:48:16 <ryanlerch> mizmo: and a hub might not want widgets for every thing as a source too
13:48:19 <abompard> yeah but then your main config would contain things that are not necessarily relevant, like a github / pagure repo
13:48:26 <abompard> for hubs that don't use them
13:48:42 <abompard> ryanlerch: yeah there's that
13:49:28 <mizmo> sure but they can leave it blank, right? i cant actually think of a single team right now that im involved with that doesn't use github or pagure, at least for tickets
13:49:47 <abompard> yeah but you'll have both in the config
13:49:53 <abompard> they can totally leave it blank
13:50:09 <mizmo> abompard: what do you mean by both?
13:50:13 <ryanlerch> maybe it can be part of the feed widget's config?
13:50:38 <abompard> there'll be an entry for pagure and an entry for github
13:50:43 <abompard> mizmo: ^^
13:50:46 <ryanlerch> or does what appears in the feed widget affect the stream?
13:51:01 <mizmo> abompard: couldn't it just be one entry with a dropdown to indicate which?
13:51:03 * ryanlerch is still a little confused about the stream, and where it is at
13:51:07 <abompard> ryanlerch: yeah but we'll want to share the irc info with the irc widget too
13:51:14 <mizmo> abompard: kind of how you did the irc config with a dropdown for network?
13:51:25 <abompard> mizmo: yeah well we can do what we want in the UI :)
13:52:03 <abompard> so, what config would you want moved to main: irc, mailing-list, pagure, github, something else?
13:52:16 <mizmo> abompard: oh ok, does having both github/pagure as possibilities in the config cause issues other than the UI being potentially cluttered?
13:52:30 <abompard> mizmo: I don't think so.
13:52:34 <mizmo> irc, mailing list, pagure/github, maybe meetings / meeting calendar?
13:53:09 <ryanlerch> also 0..n of some of these things too
13:53:10 <abompard> right, meetings. That'll make my job easier bringing the rules & contact widgets to the hub header anyway
13:53:14 <mizmo> so the config for calendar would be the teams fedocal name
13:53:20 <ryanlerch> like pagure repos
13:53:45 <abompard> That sounds cool, but I'll need mockups :-)
13:53:59 <mizmo> ryanlerch: are there teams that use more than one?
13:54:21 <ryanlerch> mizmo: design :)
13:54:48 <mizmo> ryanlerch: oh i suppose so!
13:55:01 <mizmo> outside of the pagure issues queue though i wouldnt call it crticial
13:55:03 <ryanlerch> mizmo: infra
13:55:10 <abompard> I'll probably have to reorganize how the hub config is stored in the DB. But better do it early than late
13:55:14 <mizmo> oh i guess, maybe not, we have the design assets stuff
13:57:24 <abompard> could you guys open a ticket on that?
13:57:55 <ryanlerch> abompard: we are probably going to have to try to figure out how hard this is going to be to implmenet too
13:58:22 <mizmo> ticket for centralizing hub config from widgets?
13:58:41 <abompard> yeah, and another one to filter the group feeds with that info
13:59:42 <abompard> ryanlerch: the config change is better done before MVP I think, because I'm not sure I can easily migrate the config
14:00:06 <mizmo> cool ill make the tix
14:00:16 <ryanlerch> so, the main config is where you aould set up the connections -- like this pagure repo, this pagure repo, this IRC, etc
14:00:32 <shaily> why are we centralizing hub config though, isn't it exactly like a user hub except that multiple users (hub admins) can modify the widgets' configurations
14:00:40 <ryanlerch> then the widget config, you choose one or more of those items.
14:00:48 <ryanlerch> e.g. for a pagure repo
14:01:33 <abompard> shaily: I don't understand the question, could you explain?
14:01:49 <shaily> why not keep the configurations in the widgets themselves
14:02:02 <shaily> that'll be simpler, right
14:02:25 <abompard> shaily: because there's some info we want to share between widgets
14:02:49 <ryanlerch> shaily: if you have a widget for PR's and a widget for Issues, you are duplicating that data between widgets
14:03:12 <abompard> also folks, we are going over, so let's discuss this in the ticket
14:03:18 <ryanlerch> abompard: +1
14:03:35 <abompard> and I think we didn't do mizmo's status
14:03:51 <abompard> so if you want to say something quick, please do now :-)
14:03:57 <ryanlerch> abompard: if you get a chance, can you update the stream ticket with the current status (if you know it)
14:03:58 <abompard> (sorry for letting this slip)
14:04:05 <mizmo> i dont have anything to report :) ive just been trying to keep up with the issues getting filed / worked on and chime in when needed
14:04:09 <abompard> ryanlerch: I don't but I can ask
14:04:16 <abompard> okay
14:04:23 <mizmo> im going to make those 2 tix now for the config / filter stuff
14:04:33 <abompard> great, thanks
14:04:49 <abompard> OK, quick open floor just out of principle ;-)
14:04:59 * ryanlerch dances
14:05:04 <abompard> #topic Open Floor
14:05:23 * abompard will remember that next Flock
14:05:35 <abompard> Alright, thanks for coming!
14:05:38 <abompard> #endmeeting