13:05:43 <abompard> #startmeeting hubs-devel
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13:05:49 <abompard> #topic Roll Call (Wait for 2 minutes for the Roll Call)
13:06:36 <mizmo> .hello duffy
13:06:37 <zodbot> mizmo: duffy 'Máirín Duffy' <fedora@linuxgrrl.com>
13:06:48 <shaily> .hello2
13:06:49 <zodbot> shaily: shaily 'None' <shaily15297@yahoo.com>
13:06:52 <abompard> .hello2
13:06:53 <zodbot> abompard: abompard 'Aurelien Bompard' <aurelien@bompard.org>
13:07:19 <abompard> #chair duffy shaily
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13:07:45 <abompard> #chair mizmo
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13:08:48 <abompard> I think ryanlerch is off for the holidays
13:09:00 <abompard> so I guess that's all of us.
13:09:12 <abompard> #topic Action items from last meeting
13:09:30 <abompard> no actions from last meeting
13:09:39 <abompard> #topic Status Updates
13:09:43 <abompard> who wants to start?
13:10:04 * mizmo doesn't have any updates
13:10:28 <abompard> shaily?
13:10:34 <shaily> yeah sure
13:10:49 <shaily> i'll just give you guys a link of the user issues widget i made
13:10:51 <shaily> so we can talk about it
13:11:47 <shaily> https://i.imgur.com/MMk8QwW.png
13:12:03 <shaily> i picked up the UI from the PR widget
13:12:28 <shaily> any changes i should make in it?
13:12:42 <shaily> also, what do we do about issues created / issues assigned
13:13:01 <shaily> do we want tabs in the widget, or like a checkbox
13:14:11 <mizmo> shaily: what is the sorting order here
13:14:33 <shaily> umm last updated
13:14:42 <shaily> there's an option in the github API
13:14:59 <shaily> for the rest, i'll check once or sort using the data returned
13:15:03 <abompard> #link shaily's user issues widget: https://i.imgur.com/MMk8QwW.png
13:15:48 <mizmo> just for some context because i dont have it - is this the bugs widget, or something new?
13:15:57 <shaily> yes, the bugs widget
13:16:08 <mizmo> ah ok, let me explain the design, not saying it has to go that way -
13:17:15 <mizmo> so rather than have tabs (which may be a good idea), the design idea was to have a config in the widget, where it's either "tickets waiting on me" or "tickets i filed"
13:17:49 <mizmo> tickets waiting on me, is tickets assigned to me, or needinfo to me (I dont know if pagure / github / etc have a needinfo concept tho)
13:18:01 <shaily> ohhh, from anar's PR i had the idea that we want the user to be able to look at issues filed by anybody
13:18:07 <mizmo> sort order would be last updated
13:18:09 <shaily> because it has three inputs
13:18:19 <mizmo> shaily: is this the individual version of the widget or the team version
13:18:27 <shaily> okay, i didn't there were two versions
13:18:40 <shaily> didn't know*
13:18:47 <mizmo> yeh a lot of widgets have two versions, team vs person
13:18:59 <mizmo> the three inputs - pagure, github, bugzilla?
13:19:09 <shaily> usernames you want to monitor
13:19:17 <shaily> like i used abompard's here
13:19:18 <mizmo> oh hm
13:19:42 <mizmo> there isnt a design for that concept
13:20:09 <shaily> abompard: on the backend, the two versions are two different widgets right
13:20:12 <mizmo> but, honestly, it could be a config box in the widget config and still the exsting designs for individual bugs would work
13:21:14 <shaily> okay so one widget
13:21:40 <shaily> wait we dont have their github/pagure/bugzilla in FAS right
13:21:44 <shaily> so they would have to input it either way
13:22:36 <abompard> shaily: we're not sure about that yet. Probably.
13:23:06 <mizmo> they could be fields in the config portion of the widget although probably better to centralize?
13:23:39 <shaily> yeah i guess we should put it in the user hub config (if there isn't one yet)
13:23:45 <ryanlerch> .hello ryanlerch
13:23:46 <zodbot> ryanlerch: ryanlerch 'Ryan Lerch' <rlerch@redhat.com>
13:23:47 <shaily> since we need them for the PRs widget too
13:23:51 * ryanlerch is sorry for being late!
13:23:59 <abompard> mizmo: I was thinking about that too.
13:24:53 <mizmo> needing that means following another user is a bit more difficult too, i would stay to start maybe just cover the individual's data and not worry about other users to follow yet
13:25:12 <mizmo> i mean the concept of hubs higher level is you can follow other users via their hubs, rather than via individual widgets
13:25:28 <shaily> mizmo: makes sense
13:26:45 <shaily> abompard: is there a provision for a "hub-wide" config?
13:27:05 <abompard> shaily: yeah, this has just been merged yesterday IIRC
13:27:09 <shaily> i remember something of that sort being discussed for team hubs in the last meeting
13:27:37 <ryanlerch> on a user hub, you probably only want to ever show your own issues, right?
13:28:10 <ryanlerch> but on a your stream "hub" you might want to show from other users?
13:30:03 <mizmo> ryanlerch: honestly i dont see a huge case for that beyond a mentor checking in on a mentee's progress?
13:30:33 <mizmo> one thing i want to be conscious of is not enabling stalkers.... so if you follow someone via their hub page, that person controls what shows up on their hub page, so you can't follow what they havent put out there
13:30:55 <mizmo> (and obviously all this data is public via fedmsg but aggregation of data in a super usable format can be bad)
13:31:01 <ryanlerch> mizmo: sounds good to me!
13:31:16 <ryanlerch> not enabling stalking that is
13:31:26 <ryanlerch> not stalking
13:31:32 <ryanlerch> :)
13:31:37 <mizmo> but i think mentor/mentee is a special relationship, although we now have designs for a mentor to track a mentee is a specialized widget so we probably dont need to account for that across every widget
13:33:37 <ryanlerch> this makes this widget easier to implement too, from a config UI point of view too -- so +1 frome!
13:33:43 <ryanlerch> *from me
13:35:40 <abompard> OK!
13:35:40 <mizmo> shaily: ^^ does this make sense then? the suggestion moving forward would be to drop the follow anyone feature
13:36:09 <mizmo> shaily: the way id mocked up this widget too - i sorted the tickets by latest update, across systems. so they weren't segmented by pagure vs github vs bz
13:36:16 <mizmo> lemme see if i can pull up the mockup for you, sec
13:36:47 <mizmo> shaily: https://pagure.io/fedora-hubs/issue/1#comment-2046
13:37:24 <shaily> oh that's cool
13:37:31 <shaily> those icons to indicate what platform the ticket is on
13:37:48 <shaily> so i'll look into the hub config system
13:37:57 <shaily> and get this up asap
13:38:14 <shaily> one question, where does View More take you?
13:38:17 <shaily> from the mockup
13:39:05 <mizmo> shaily: ideally a query page on the ticket system itself showing the full set of tickets assigned to you or tickets you opened
13:39:29 <shaily> there are three ticket systems here, right
13:39:36 <mizmo> i guess if we have three ticket systems mixed in we'd have to have a link per system which is a bummer
13:39:36 <mizmo> yeh
13:40:18 <mizmo> i mean for a while i had the idea that each widget could have a page on hubs that had fuller info but we always had this argument against storing data in hubs which would mean that wouldn't work
13:40:47 <mizmo> we could just leave out the 'view more' and let users configure in the config screen how many tickets to see
13:41:03 <mizmo> or, clicking view more could retrieve more to display in the widget
13:41:06 <mizmo> in chunks of 5 or something
13:41:25 <shaily> okay
13:41:36 <shaily> "tickets waiting on me" and "tickets i filed"
13:41:39 <mizmo> the main user context the 'view more' tries to address is, ok i saw those, are there more i need to worry about beyond these {5}
13:42:01 <shaily> are those two configurations of the same widget, two different widgets or one widget with two tabs
13:42:03 <abompard> mizmo: maybe just something like "42 other tickets"
13:42:35 <mizmo> abompard: maybe but its kind of a tease to say, "and there's 42 more! but i won't show them to you, and you can't see them, nyah!"
13:42:45 <mizmo> hehe
13:42:54 <mizmo> having an idea of the full number though, if we can get that == very good
13:43:07 <abompard> maybe the view more button could show a dropdown with links to the different TS
13:44:03 <abompard> I think the ticket systems APIs gives you the total count when you make a query anyway. I kind of remember seing that in the bugzilla API at least
13:44:37 <mizmo> ah i like the dropdown idea!
13:44:41 <mizmo> if we could list per system too in the dropdown
13:44:42 <mizmo> eg
13:45:02 <mizmo> "View more on Pagure (24)" "View more on Bugzilla (15)" etc etc
13:45:07 <abompard> yep
13:45:28 <shaily> that's a cool idea
13:45:36 <ryanlerch> great idea!
13:46:17 <shaily> also, assigned vs authored - how are we dealing with that
13:47:21 <mizmo> assigned tickets go in the 'waiting on me' version, authored goes in the 'tickets i filed' version
13:47:31 <mizmo> (unless i'm misunderstanding)
13:47:39 <shaily> okay, so two different widgets
13:47:48 <shaily> or two different configurations?
13:47:55 <shaily> of the same widget
13:49:17 <mizmo> two different configs of the same widget i think
13:49:28 <shaily> although i think configuration is not really the best idea here since doing that requires editing Hub layout
13:49:48 <shaily> and waiting on me / i filed are something you would want to switch between frequently
13:50:07 <mizmo> im not sure about that -
13:50:18 <ryanlerch> shaily: you can have more than one of the same widget in a hub
13:50:48 <ryanlerch> i.e. you could set up 2 different configs of the issues widget, one with assigned, one with filed
13:50:55 <mizmo> but maybe my experience is a weird case, many of my 'i filed' tickets are against projects / systems that aren't waht i actually worked on. so tickets 'i filed' are maybe 80% my curiosity / checking up on things i asked for rather than part of my usual workflow
13:51:15 <mizmo> yeh exactly, you'd just configure 2x of the widget to get both on screen if thats what you wanted
13:51:23 <shaily> okay, that sounds cool
13:54:49 <shaily> so that's the issues widget
13:54:52 <shaily> about search now
13:55:37 <mizmo> shaily: so far, then, to recap - i would say drop the follow others feature, have a drop down in the config widget to choose between tickets i filed adn tickets waiting on me, have the 'view more' pop up a drop down with links for each ticket system and a count per system, and do a flat sort across ticket systems like in the mockup rather than segregating htem by system
13:55:43 <mizmo> cool lets move on to search
13:56:56 <shaily> okay so in the cache, we have key value pairs
13:57:10 <shaily> the keys being widget IDs
13:57:20 <shaily> widget instance IDs*
13:57:48 <shaily> and the value is the data that is being cached
13:58:00 <shaily> so we could gather all the data across all widgets
13:58:09 <shaily> search through that for the query
13:58:21 <shaily> and return the appropriate widget's URL in the results
13:58:52 <shaily> across all widgets - respecting the scope of the search of course
13:59:49 <shaily> if that sounds good, i'll implement it in vanilla python first and then see how to bring in the search engine libraries i've been trying out
13:59:58 <abompard> yeah that sounds good
14:00:12 <abompard> you can use Whoosh in Python
14:00:14 <abompard> if you want
14:00:19 <abompard> it's very basic
14:00:37 <abompard> but it's closer to the bigger libraries in spirit
14:01:15 <shaily> yes, that's the first task (trying whoosh) i had in my timeline :D
14:01:42 <shaily> cool then, i'll complete the issues widget and implement search in whoosh
14:02:30 <abompard> cool!
14:02:59 <abompard> any other questions or reports shaily?
14:03:21 <abompard> I realize we're over
14:03:35 <abompard> overtime
14:03:38 <shaily> nope that's all :) my first blog post is up, i'll write a second one this week
14:04:21 <abompard> ryanlerch: if you have time and want to report your status quickly, you may do so now, but if anyone must go now then feel free to
14:04:32 <abompard> sorry for letting the meeting slip
14:04:50 <ryanlerch> abompard: nothing super-pressing to report for me TBH!
14:04:52 * mizmo has time to stay however long
14:05:03 * ryanlerch is happy to wrap!
14:05:04 <abompard> alright!
14:05:14 <abompard> closing then.
14:05:29 <abompard> if you want my status report then go to Pagure and look at the PRs ;-)
14:05:34 <shaily> :)
14:05:48 <abompard> #endmeeting